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Animal Aid provides this public Bulletin Board in recognition that time is critical in the recovery of lost pets – the sooner the word is out and the more people reached the greater the likelihood of a happy ending. Readers of this Board should, however, be aware that we are insufficiently staffed to cross-check each of the entries for accuracy. We rely heavily on the kind hearts and common sense of our visitors.

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Cat LOST 02/20/2016
Location: Oregon City
Description: My black 1 year old cat neutered name Coby is missing. He is all over black shiny silky fur and he has big green !
Posted by:   503-593-2246    at: Sun Feb 21 2016 19:58:15 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 2/3/2016
Location: 172nd and Market in Rockwood
Description: Mostly white, grey markings, green eyes, male, neutered, approx 11 pounds. Ringed tail. Short hair. He is very friendly, answers to Puka. He is loved and missed so much. In and out cat who loves to snuggle at night then go hunt at dawn. Please send him home.
Posted by:   503-317-2905    at: Tue Feb 16 2016 00:23:45 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 02/09/16
Location: SW Watkins Ave & SW Park Ave
Description: Pet's Name: Marble Gender: Female Breed: Maine Coon Cat Long black/brown hair, long tailed, erect ears with tufts. Green eyes, white mouth, quite small (8 lbs), 11 yrs old, not very cuddly, a bit wild.
Posted by:       at: Sun Feb 14 2016 16:13:44 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 2/1/2016
Location: S Gardner Rd Cheney WA 99004
Description: Grey Cat One eye blue the other brown
Posted by:   509-385-9360    at: Sat Feb 13 2016 21:56:37 GMT-0800

Cat LOST 2/1/2016
Location: S Gardner Rd Cheney WA 99004
Description: Grey Cat One eye blue the other brown
Posted by:   509-385-9360    at: Sat Feb 13 2016 21:56:37 GMT-0800

Cat LOST 11-12-15
Location: South Rainbow Drive Dayton, NV
Description: Stacey is 3 years old spayed silver and white tabby she don't have socks on any feet she has green - gray eyes
Posted by:   1-775-291-9613    at: Tue Feb 09 2016 03:27:02 GMT-0700 (US Mountain Standard Time)

Cat LOST 02/06/16
Location: SE 63rd Powell and Foster Area
Description: Calico features. Orange black and yellow
Posted by:   503-957-5729    at: Mon Feb 08 2016 20:26:11 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 01/22/16
Location: Cedar Mill, Oregon
Description: My precious cat Sydney has been missing since 1/22/16. She is wearing a flee collar, no tags, about 3 yrs old. She usually goes out around the neighborhood during the day, but she has never not come home. She is very loved and her family is missing her deperately, So please please if you see her call or text!! Aimie
Posted by:   4062504602    at: Fri Jan 29 2016 14:44:40 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 1/26/16
Location: Se 69th and Burnside
Description: Lost gray short hair tabby with white paws and a spot under his chin. His name is Louie and will come to you when called. He is a very curious cat and likely has wondered off. He is very special to me and a reward will be offered for his safe return!
Posted by:       at: Thu Jan 28 2016 21:54:11 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 01/25/2015
Location: SW Vermont @ SW 65th, Portland
Description: Long-haired grey/smoke neutered male cat. He is very fluffy and friendly and will come up to you. He answers to Piwi, or PPQ, and normally will walk up to anyone for pets. However, he may be terrified. He escaped at night while taking the dog out, because the light at the door burned out and no one saw or heard him go! Please let me know if you see him! I have had him a long time and he is very special to me and very, very beloved by all of us!
Posted by:   5039261355    at: Thu Jan 28 2016 15:38:27 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 01/20/2916
Location: Beaverton/Portland/Tigard
Description: Monty is a brown and black tabby cat that is 7 years old. He's overweight and he's very sweet. Is a very skittish cat and runs away from people he doesn't know. He's very sweet and would never bite anyone. He doesn't like having his back or bottom touched.
Posted by:   9714702919    at: Tue Jan 26 2016 18:47:36 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 1/25/16
Location: Near 71st ave/carlton in mt. scott/woodstock
Description: She is devon rex cat, petite. Mainly white with markings on her face and a beauty mark by her nose. Black tail and brown spots behind legs. She is very important to me and I will be looking far and wide to find her!
Posted by:   9715330750    at: Tue Jan 26 14:17:42 PST 2016

Cat LOST 1/3/2016
Location: SE 181st and SE Division
Description: Our outdoor cat has been missing since just before the ice storm at the start of the month. Male, mostly gray and short hair with a clipped ear. White marking on end of his tail. Goes by the name of Bacon (when he feels like listening). No collar or tags of any kind...he doesn't like them. Long shot but if you know anything about our little Mr. Bacon-man please let me know!
Posted by:   503-752-9673    at: Tue Jan 26 2016 10:41:33 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 1/22/2016
Location: Cedar Mill, OR
Description: My precious cat Sydney has been missing since 1/22/16. She is wearing a flee collar, no tags, about 3 yrs old. She usually goes out around the neighborhood during the day, but she has never not come home. She is very loved and her family is missing her desperately, So please please if you see her call or text!! Aimie (406) 250-4602
Posted by:   4062504602    at: Mon Jan 25 2016 09:09:53 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST January 19, 2016
Location: Aloha- sw 190th ave and Farmington Rd
Description: Lucky is a tuxedo cat with short hair. He is fixed with yellow eyes and a pink nose. He is very sweet and affectionate but is most likely scared at this time. Please help me bring him back home. Any information (sightings, time/day, location, etc.,no matter how trivial it might seem) would be greatly appreciated. We miss him and want him back home.
Posted by:   503-259-2584    at: Sun Jan 24 2016 22:42:01 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 1-21-16
Location: 14800 NW Cornell Rd. 22A, Portland, OR, 97229
Description: Belly is a medium sized, 7 year old grey cat with faint grey stripes and green eyes. She is very social and talkative and will most likely approach you if she has food. I will pay $50.00 to anyone who finds her. She has a red collar with the wrong apartment number, (says 6b but we are in 22A- same apt complex)
Posted by:   (510) 717-8868    at: Fri Jan 22 2016 17:56:13 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 01/20/2016
Location: SE Sherman St. & 43rd Ave.
Description: Winston is a large dark brown neutered 12 year old tabby with gold eyes. He's friendly, but will be very scared, as he's never been outside before. He's not wearing a collar, but is microchipped.
Posted by:   971-212-3291    at: Wed Jan 20 2016 16:14:54 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 1/11/2016
Location: Beaverton, OR (Tile Flat Rd between Clark Hill Rd and Grabhorn Rd)
Description: Diesel or "DD" is a fairly large (about 15 pounds) approximately 8 year old neutered male orange tabby cat with some white around his lips and chin and a small knob at the end of his tail. He won't wear a collar. He tends to hide from people, but loves to hunt field mice and explore (he could be trapped in a shed somewhere). We let Diesel out the night of 1/11/2016 and he hasn't come home yet. Please let us know if you think you've seen him or know where he is. Thank you!
Posted by:   3603564835    at: Wed Jan 20 2016 12:02:40 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 1/15/16
Location: Beaverton
Description: Bangal kitten about 7months not fixed spores on stomach and striped on face and legs.
Posted by:   503-828-4414    at: Mon Jan 18 2016 16:27:42 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 01/07/2016
Location: Lost near Milwaukie Springfield Park. Nearest cross streets are SE Blanton & Roethe Rd.
Description: Spayed, chipped, medium size female with short black hair. Jewel is a timid, docile, sweet natured kitty. She is an indoor/outdoor kitty, although she prefers to be indoors in cold weather. Jewel is a hunter and can survive on her own if necessary. Please check garages and out buildings as she may have sought shelter there from the cold.
Posted by:   5039994270    at: Thu Jan 14 2016 21:53:43 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 1/10/16
Location: Capitol hwy sw Portland
Description: Please help us find our beloved Pud Pud. Aka the Puddy like "I think I saw a Puddy cat? I did, I did see a Puddy cat." Puddy is a solid black, seven years old and super mellow. He's a chubby guy so it's clear he belongs to someone who loves him. He walks slow and with a strut due to slight leg injuries from the past. He was taken to Dove Lewis a few months ago for a leg injury. If you look closely at his front right leg, in the shoulder area, you will see an abscess that is healing up still. Puddy was last seen on 1/10/16 @3 p.m. on sw Capitol hwy near Kesser Israel synagogue. Due to Puddy being an escape artist with any cat collar, unfortunately he doesn't wear a collar. Puddy is probably scared and we miss him terribly.... he is like a child to me! Please help make our family whole again by helping us find our Pud Pud!
Posted by:   5039993692    at: Mon Jan 11 2016 12:47:37 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 10/21/15
Location: Harvest Court, Forest Grove. OR
Description: My reason for living. black and grey short hair tabby with beige tummy and a little white around his mouth. Neutered male, no collar or micro chip. Timid, talkative, 10 years old. If you have seen him, know where he is, or have had any contact, please call or e-mail. I miss him so much, I miss the cuddles kisses and the smell of his fur. Please help bring him home.
Posted by:   503-515-7343 (my son)    at: Fri Jan 08 2016 18:59:44 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)

Cat LOST 12/26/15
Location: NE 50th Pl and NE Going in Portland, OR
Description: Her name is Stue. She is a petite, shorthair, white with grey on head/face and back, and green eyes. We miss her dearly and would love to have her back home! Any help is appreciated.
Posted by:   425-760-6953    at: Tue Jan 05 2016 22:45:46 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat FOUND 12/26/15
Location: 87th and S.E. Yamhill St.
Description: Orange and White cat medium size. Very friendly, very hungry, very frozen. Been under tarp in my backyard for days. He is someone's pet.
Posted by:   5033589128    at: Tue Jan 05 2016 11:14:14 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST roughly the beginning of Dec HAPPY ENDING – (from a 2/25 email) "Our missing kitty came home after 3 months..."
Location: Tigard/Tualatin area, near Exit 290.
Description: Psyris is a grey and white male, unneutered. He has one shrunken disfigured ear on his right side (not a clipped ear)which makes him easily distinguishable from other cats. He came to us as a stray 3 years ago and adopted us as his family, so he is an indoor/outdoor cat. His longest time on his usual wandering off was 2 weeks but now it's been almost over a month since he's been home and we're afraid something bad has happened to him. He's friendly when comfortable but may not let strangers approach him. Please E-mail me if you've seen him or know of his whereabouts, we're terribly worried :(

Cat LOST 12/30/15
Location: SW Beaverton
Description: Nochi- is a black male, domestic short hair with a very small white spot on a lower abdomen., green eyes , 10 years old., big size cat. Might have infected eyes. Very shy, doesn't like to be indoor.
Posted by:   5039268356    at: Sun Jan 03 2016 14:51:20 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND 04/01/2015
Location: Allen Blvd and Lombard, in Beaverton.
Description: Calico, 13lbs. Very very sweet, not microchipped, but chubby with a beautiful coat. Super sweet, cuddles constantly and likes dogs. I got her shots, in case no one stepped up for her, and she is part of my manageri now, I just can't help but think she was too well taken care of to be dumped so I thought I would post her. Email me if she is yours.
Posted by:       at: Sun Jan 03 2016 11:42:49 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat FOUND past week
Location: Hearthwood area Vancouver Wa.
Description: Large grey Russian Blue staying on porch. We have a feral feeding station, but he is not feral but a lost, scared cat. May have been a housecat-crying to get indoors whenever he/she sees us. Either an older cat or may have been injured since he moves slowly. If this may be your cat is missing please contact me.
Posted by:       at: Sat Jan 02 2016 16:18:17 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 12/30/15
Location: NE 16th and Alberta
Description: Black spot on nose, red leather collar with wood tag
Posted by:   3036672526    at: Sat Jan 02 2016 13:23:53 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 12/25/2015
Location: 187th Ave Beaverton/Aloha
Description: All black with small with patch on chest. Male cat, neutered. No collar, but he does have a microchip. He has a habit of climbing trees.
Posted by:   5038905506    at: Tue Dec 29 2015 08:57:40 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 10/22/15
Location: NE 15th and Fremont
Description: Luke - Male Peach Colored Tabby, ~2.5 years of age, slender, 10 lb, neutered, chipped, no collar. Went missing from our home on NE 14th and Fremont Oct 22. Please contact me if you see a cat that might be him!
Posted by:       at: Mon Dec 28 2015 18:52:57 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 12/26/2015
Location: Sw Philadelphia way, Beaverton,OR 97006
Description: White and gray cat short haired wearing a gray jacket with fur on the front of the jacket brown eyes
Posted by:   971-246-1469    at: Mon Dec 28 2015 13:31:52 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 12-18-2015
Location: Falstaff st. Lake Oswego OR. Mountain Park. Cross street Touchstone
Description: Riley is a male long hair orange/white color cat. He is friendly but a little timid. He is about 12 lbs no collar but a microchip. He is 13 yrs old. Thank you in advance for any assistance, we miss him so much!
Posted by:   503-310-0751    at: Sun Dec 27 2015 21:05:50 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat FOUND 12/25/15 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 1/20/16 email) "The kitty was adopted into a new home with loving responsible pet parents.
Location: Central Beaverton SW 6th St between Erickson & Menlo
Description: Very friendly vocal male cat. Blue eyes. Multi colored face. White body with brown spots. Possibly a Siamese mix. Very distinctive markings. Likes to be held and follows people. No collar but has a chip. Registry is trying to contact owner. Found in Central Beaverton on SW 6th St between Erickson and Menlo. Please help him get home. Thanks.

Cat LOST 12/23/15
Location: NE 19th and Weidler in Portland, OR
Description: My indoor cat got out of the house at NE 19th and Weidler on 12/23/15 and hasn't returned. Her name is Ruby, she's micro-chipped but not wearing a collar, and she's a little skittish. She's grey, white, and a little yellow. Her right ear is clipped and the right side of her face/nose is white. PLEASE let me know if you think you see her. Thank you!
Posted by:       at: Sat Dec 26 2015 22:31:11 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)

Cat LOST 12/20/2015
Location: Bethany Neighborhood cross streets NW Mitchell and 152nd
Description: Eevee is a female 1 year old kitty. She is white with black spots, short hair, very friendly, approximately 1 year old. She is microchipped and declawed. The markings on her face has a what appears to be a large white smile around her mouth. Our family is devastated. Please contact me at 503-880-7431 if you see her.
Posted by:   503-880-7431    at: Thu Dec 24 14:14:22 PST 2015

Cat LOST 12/15/15
Location: Cedar Mill
Description: Milo didn't come home the night of the 15th. He is a rather large over weight orange tabby. He has golden eyes and isn't very talkative. He is mainly orange with a white beard, and is fixed and has all his shots.
Posted by:   5033307040    at: Wed Dec 23 2015 18:41:45 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 12/21/15 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 12/24 email) "I'm happy to report that I've found my cat!"
Location: Beaverton, OR near Nike/Villa Sport (Murray and Jenkins)
Description: Large and overweight, mostly Orange, with white paws, chest, and stomach. faded tabby pattern. very vocal and friendly. Answers to Otto (Auto), "Bubba", and/or "Doo-Doo"

Cat LOST Dec 17
Location: Tigard
Description: Very loved and missed. Spayed female. Black and white. Black spot over her mouth. Missing her collar. Talks a lot..
Posted by:   503 270-1332    at: Mon Dec 21 2015 23:30:57 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 12/19/2015
Location: Beaverton, Oregon
Description: Small Black female cat missing. She is 3 years old, green eyes, wearing a silver sequined collar with a pink tag that says “hello my name is Sissy.” Last seen on 12/19/15 in Beaverton, Oregon near SW 99th Ave. If seen please call Angie at (530) 375-7157.
Posted by:   530 375 7157     at: Mon Dec 21 2015 12:14:44 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 12/20/15
Location: SW 6th Ave off of Terwilliger Portland . Closest intersection where Boones Ferry and Terwilliger fork . Collins View Neighborhood
Description: Orange male tabby short hair. Indoor cat.
Posted by:   503 784-6279    at: Mon Dec 21 2015 00:14:02 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 12/16/15
Location: Beaverton Near Hwy 217 / Walker rd
Description: Petey is mostly white, a few dark spots, dark ringed tail. black collar with silver reflective strip, tag has my phone number on it. He is also chipped. He is a bit shy if he doesn't know you.
Posted by:       at: Fri Dec 18 2015 10:15:46 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 12/16/15
Location: Courtney and Laurie in the Oak Grove area of milwaukie
Description: Long haired male orange and white kitty. Approximately a year old, but he is fairly big. His name is Franky and has a very quiet meow.
Posted by:   5034731487    at: Wed Dec 16 2015 21:44:10 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND found over las tweek-end
Location: Archery Summit Road, Dayton
Description: Very friendly, calico cat appears to be young adult
Posted by:   5038643698    at: Tue Dec 15 2015 16:08:28 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 12/11/15
Location: Beaverton, OR ARBOR CREEK APTS
Description: Male, orange tabby, very skidish around humans but is very affectionate when we warms up to you. He has a white chest and blueish/ green eyes.
Posted by:   5035151406    at: Tue Dec 15 2015 15:03:36 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 12/8/2015
Location: SE 36th and Johnson Creek Blvd. Milwaukie
Description: MALE- BLACK AND WHITE (TUXEDO) -neutered. Medium size 7 month old cat. He has a very fluffy tail that he holds straight up. his legs are white and his eyes are green. He is LOVED AND MISSED!!
Posted by:   714 860 -0022 OR 971 344 -6433    at: Mon Dec 14 2015 10:33:36 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 11/27/15 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 12/18 email) "buddy came home!!!found buddy..."
Location: n.e. 34th holman
Description: black and white tuxedo cat.has a shaved arm and belly from surgery.he has white bib and feet.yellow eyes.shiny black coat.answers to "buddy". please help find him.

Cat LOST 11/25/15 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 12/21 email) "the lost cat...has come home after 26 days!"
Location: Royal Woodlands neighborhood of Raleigh Hills
Description: White and gray, long-hair. Gray tail and some gray patches, including one on his back that is almost heart shaped. Has a gray "tear" in the corner of one eye and a gray "mask" over his eyes. Has collar with name "Marley" and our phone number. Also has a chip.

Cat FOUND 12/8/2015
Location: Central Beaverton
Description: Gray tabby tuxedo turned up on our doorstep during a flood advisory and wouldn't leave so we brought her inside. Extremely affectionate with a gravely meow. No collar, no microchip. If she belongs with you, please contact me with a detailed description and/or photos. Thank you!
Posted by:   (570) 503-6837    at: Fri Dec 11 2015 13:11:23 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 12/8/15
Location: Lake Oswego OR
Description: He is a yellow and white neutered male named Isacc. He is an older cat and super friendly, he has green eyes and is missing some teeth. He is a medium/shorthair and his ears have some small tears and scarring.
Posted by:   (210) 638-1937    at: Wed Dec 09 2015 09:05:33 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 12/5/2015
Location: Alberta / NE 47th
Description: Name Witty
Sex Female
Breed Tabby
Color Grey tabby with White bib, paws
Age 8 yrs old
Hair Medium
She is very sweet and somewhat shy. She has no collar but has a microchip. We miss her very much and can provide a reward if found.
Posted by:       at: Wed Dec 09 2015 08:17:11 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 12/03/15
Location: Last seen at Fred Meyers/Petco on SE Division St., Portland near SE 143rd Ave
Description: Brown striped tabby , neutered male, medium size, 8 yrs old, friendly, microchipped. Name: Hermes
Posted by:   518-224-2309    at: Mon Dec 07 2015 14:51:49 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 12/03/2015
Location: Canyon Creek Apartments, Wilsonville, OR
Description: Picabo is an all white female cat about 3 years old. She is very friendly. She did not have her collar on when getting out. She is chipped with her previous owners information. She has one blue eye and one goldish/green eye. Please help bring her home!
Posted by:   712 389 5372    at: Mon Dec 07 2015 10:58:49 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND 12/05/15 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 12/11 email) "I have found his family."
Location: Wilsonville, OR
Description: Friendly male tabby Brown with black stripes
Almost no white markings
Extra toes on his front paws
Leather collar, no tags/chip
Found near Freddie's (SW Boones Ferry Rd at SW 5th Street)
He's searching for his people - do you know him??

Cat LOST 12/04/2015
Location: Se 97th ave & se Harold
Description: Orange tabby DLH . he is thin but fluffy. He has freckles on his nose. He can be skittish of sounds and people.
Posted by:   9712212208    at: Sun Dec 06 2015 11:02:48 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat FOUND 12/5/15
Location: SE 52nd and SE Rural St.
Description: Very fluffy black and white male cat found in our backyard. Mostly black with a small patch of white on his chest. He's a bit shy but very talkative and after putting food out lets us pet him. He has a very thick winter coat so it looks like he's been living outside for a while.
Posted by:   5039565495    at: Sun Dec 06 2015 08:46:25 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat FOUND 12-05-15
Location: SE 82nd near Burnside
Description: Orange tabby, very tame, well fed and good coat, clearly used to living indoors. Seen tonight for first time.
Posted by:   503-866-9956    at: Sat Dec 05 2015 17:24:23 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND 12/04/15
Location: Se 142 abd 212
Description: Grey Maine Coon kitten
Posted by:   971-222-5379    at: Sat Dec 05 2015 15:41:06 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/23/15
Location: West Linn, Oregon
Description: Viggo, gray and white neutered male cat, very thick, fluffy winter coat. Loving and cuddly at home, but shy with strangers. Please call if you see him!
Posted by:   503-550-1026    at: Thu Dec 03 2015 19:50:08 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 11/28/2015
Location: Happy Valley, OR
Description: Female over 10 years, small tortoiseshell color
Posted by:   5038963187    at: Thu Dec 03 2015 11:42:49 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 11/29/15
Location: SE 50th & Division
Description: Our 3 year-old orange/cream tabby male is missing. He is an indoor/outdoor cat, but he's never stayed out like this before. We're worried that he's lost or trapped somewhere. Our 8 year-old son is distraught since Basil is his BFF. Thank you for looking!
Posted by:   5034198025    at: Wed Dec 02 2015 19:31:56 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 11/28/15
Location: Birdsdale (201st) & Powell - Gresham, OR
Description: Black with white on face and paws, has extra toes, 2 year old fixed male. Has microchip .His name is Cole
Posted by:   503-431-0445    at: Tue Dec 01 2015 23:17:43 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/24/2015
Location: 17702 S Fieldstone LN, Oregon city (off Redland Road)
Description: Neutered male cat without collar tag or microchip, short hair. Large grey and black striped tabby with white around face (from nose to chin), white belly and feet. A wart on left ear and very long elongated claw on rear foot.
Posted by:   435-210-1768    at: Tue Dec 1 12:50:11 PST 2015

Cat LOST 11/28/15
Location: Sunrise Lane, Hillsboro, OR
Description: Manx(stubby tail), black with green eyes. Spayed female, 8 years old. No collar but has microchip.
Posted by:   503-214-0449    at: Tue Dec 01 2015 12:56:17 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 11/15/2015
Location: North Portland, near Greeley and Rosa Parks
Description: We moved my mother's cat here in late October and he got out of the house and hasn't been seen since. She arrived late November and is heartbroken, of course. He is a medium to large black and white, 7 year old male. Very sweet. Named Bob.
Posted by:       at: Mon Nov 30 2015 20:17:25 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/27/15
Location: Cedar Hills Blvd and Huntington
Description: Fury cream/brown Ragdoll, looks like longhair Siamese , looks like he has snow shoes on. Please call if you have seen him wondering around, he did not have a collar.
Posted by:   503-367-5976    at: Sun Nov 29 2015 21:18:43 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11-25-2015
Location: Estate dr. Off Jackson school in Hillsboro
Description: Marley is a black & white long haired tuxedo male cat. He was wearing a red collar. He is very friendly, and he loves to talk. Any information would be greatly appreciated, there is a reward if he's returned . Thank you for your time
Posted by:   971-300-2556    at: Fri Nov 27 2015 05:09:35 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/24/2015
Location: 118th brazee st ne portland or
Description: 15 to 20lbs yellow and white long hair Fluffykins or fluffy
Posted by:   5039840253    at: Wed Nov 25 2015 21:25:35 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 09-20-15
Location: Ridgefield
Description: Large black and white neutered male with one blue eye and one gold eye. He has four white paws and was wearing a white collar. He is very talkative with a loud meow. He likes to ride in cars and may have came through an open window. We are visiting from Alaska and wrong want to go back without him if possible.
Posted by:       at: Sun Nov 22 2015 15:53:30 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/18/15
Location: lake oswego
Description: brown, and white long haired maine coon. has 5 toes on his front feet and 6 toes on his back feet. had half of his tail shaved for surgery a few weeks ago.very shy. please bring him home.
Posted by:   5037648179    at: Sun Nov 22 2015 15:37:27 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 11_2_15
Location: 137 sandy
Description: Female spayed long hair gray with white on chest pink collar. Emmy is her name we were hit by gas tanker emmy got out ran lost here at wreck we had her since she was 5weeks old she is missed we lost everything but we want emmy back she family was in hospitals and still hurt.please help with
Posted by:   720 707_7338    at: Thu Nov 19 2015 23:01:10 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 10/29/2015
Location: Rosewood st, Lake Oswego
Description: A small brown tabby (red patched), KOHARU, has been missing for a while now. Neighborhood is located in a wooden area, but there were no sign of animal attack around the house. She usually stays less than 100ft away from home when she goes outside so this is very weird that she went missing... I have been petting her since she was a week old and treated her like my baby. Please help me find my beloved cat, koharu, so she can come back home before the cold weather hits oregon...
Posted by:   5033674334    at: Thu Nov 19 2015 21:38:16 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/17/2015 HAPPY ENDING – (from an 11/20 email)"Update with good news! God is good! I woke from a dream this morning, hearing a cat cry out, and immediately got dressed, got canned cat food and went outside to look for Meow. A neighbor had responded to one of my signs saying he saw her in his back yard 2 days ago. I checked for her there and all around yesterday but she was not there. We did leave some of her smelly wet food on a plate in his back yard, hoping she'd come back and he would immediately call me. Well, with cats, things don't usually go as planned or hoped. She did not go back there yesterday but she did go to the house next door today! I went over and called her and she answered and I turned the corner and there she was. I do believe God led me right to her at the right time! I am so happy and grateful! Don't ever give up on finding your lost pet. Usually they are hiding and scared close by your home. Mine was 4 houses down the street. The flyers really helped, as I would not have been looking exactly over there if the neighbor had not called me. I was looking in the condos' yard behind his house, but the whole time she was probably lost and disoriented on our own street. It helps to talk to your neighbors and have them look, but even better if they let you go back in their yards, because your pet knows your voice and will know it is a safe place and you are looking for them. I googled how to find a lost cat and they had some good tips. Good luck and God Bless everyone who loves animals and has lost one. I pray yours come back to you soon, safe and sound."
Location: SE 168th Ave near Powell Blvd
Description: Small female black cat with pink collar and silver tag with phone number got outside after dark on Tuesday Nov. 17th near SE 168th and Powell Blvd. She rarely goes outside, so may be scared and lost. Her name is Meow and she usually answers to high pitched calls of Meowy or Meow Meow. She is shy at first but then friendly. She does not have microchip and may have lost her collar. She is very loved and we really want her back. Please check garages, sheds, and under cars or buildings in the area. Reward for returning her to us. Call or text even if you just think you have seen her. Thank you.

Cat LOST 10/23/15
Location: NE 17th & Gertz Rd., Portland (East Columbia neighborhood)
Description: Large tabby; medium-long bright orange fur; White tip on tail only; Very vocal; Friendly.
Posted by:   503-928-1454    at: Sun Nov 15 2015 15:06:08 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 11/13/15
Location: SW Montgomery and SW Elm, Portland, Oregon
Description: She is black, with white and brown markings throughout
Posted by:   (503)887-5137    at: Sun Nov 15 2015 10:00:26 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/08/15
Location: NE 21st Ave and Emerson (near Vernon school)
Description: We are missing our dear cat Jack. He has only 3 legs, one hind leg was amputated. He is grey with a white throat and belly, and 3 white paws. He does not stray far, usually not out of our backyard, so he may be trapped somewhere. If you live in the area, please check your garage/basement. Thank you! We love and miss him dearly.
Posted by:   206-293-7009    at: Tue Nov 10 2015 17:41:40 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 11/06/15
Location: NE 88th and Tillamook
Description: Large grey tabby, white chest, feet and chin. Very friendly. NO TAGS. We are moving and my beloved kitty boy has vanished. My heart believes he is alive still and I just need to find hiM!
Posted by:   505-440-9655    at: Sun Nov 08 2015 17:32:32 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/05/2015 HAPPY ENDING – (from an 11/7 email) " I am happy to report that Mr. Darcy came home on his own. Thank you!"
Location: Gladstone, OR
Description: Brown tabby, Domestic Shorthair wearing a blue collar and blue bell, no tags. Neutered and chipped. Exclusively indoor cat and shy around new people.

Cat LOST 10/08/2015
Location: Vancouver WA NE 87th ave/NE 15th st
Description: Pets name: Timber $100 Reward Timber has been missing since October 08 2015. He is missed greatly. Timber is 8 years old he is a orange tabby with a bulls eye marking on his sides and green eyes. Please if you see him call Arlene 971-352-2396 or Nicole 503-327-6700
Posted by:   971-352-2396    at: Fri Nov 06 2015 04:00:15 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/03/15
Location: NE Portland 22nd and dekum
Description: Lost black and white tuxedo cat. Male, neutered 9 months old. Missing his collar but is microchipped. Answers to Lancelot. Is missed terribly!
Posted by:       at: Thu Nov 05 2015 09:40:05 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/3/15
Location: 63rd and Freemont
Description: I just moved and my little red kitten named Simon (about 6 months old) has escaped and is missing. He may be heading toward my old house near MLK and Alberta. Red tabby Short hair fixed male 6 month old kitten micro-chipped, no collar
Posted by:   707-774-1950    at: Wed Nov 04 2015 23:45:20 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/01/15
Location: MT. Tabor, SE Oak street near 57th Avenue
Description: Young gray male, newly neutered, about 2 years old. He has white paws and a distinctive white splotch on his face.
Posted by:   503-209-4621    at: Sun Nov 01 2015 16:01:27 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 10-19-15
Location: Portland- St. John's area around North Columbia Blvd
Description: 10 month old grey/silver/faintly striped, green eyes, spayed female. Jinx has a little white patch on her chest, she's a bit baby chubby around the middle and fairly sweet with people. She went missing about a week ago. Please contact day or night if you've seen a cat matching this description.
Posted by:   5037248978    at: Sun Nov 01 2015 14:39:31 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat FOUND 08/01/15?
Location: Newberg
Description: gray male with white on chest and paws, bad eye, had chip registered to Dave and Dena Peterson, bad phone number, needs a home. Call to take this cat home please
Posted by:       at: Fri Oct 30 16:41:51 PDT 2015

Cat LOST 10/27/2015
Location: Twin Falls neighborhood near Grabhorn and Farmington in Beaverton, OR
Description: Male, black cat, long fur, green eyes, 17 lbs. Name is Diablo, he is neutered and has a microchip.
Posted by:   9703819794    at: Thu Oct 29 2015 13:08:16 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 10/27/15 HAPPY ENDING (from an 11/1 email) "The small female tabby found in Mountain Park of Lake Oswego, Ginger, has been reunited with her family via posters."
Location: Lake Oswego:Mountain Park
Description: Small super-friendly female short-haired tabby with brown and white and orange found last night. In need of some veterinary care, but seems happy.

Cat LOST 10/26/15
Location: Portland (West Moreland)
Description: My black cat Helo (shorthair, black all over, neutered, chipped) has been missing since the afternoon of Monday, 10/26. He has a red leather collar with tags. He's a very friendly cat with a loud voice. Last seen in Yukon/SE 17th area of West Moreland. Please email me if you find him!
Posted by:   3602559953    at: Tue Oct 27 2015 20:35:02 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST october 26, 2015
Location: Beaverton, Eagle Ridge Area off 153rd & Beard
Description: solid black cat, domestic short hair Female, spayed, has claws Name Kallie but she is very timid & scared
Posted by:    H; 503-590-4541 Cell 503-577-3066    at: Tue Oct 27 2015 11:53:48 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 10/24/26
Location: NE 69TH Ave Portland Oregon
Description: LOST BLACK AND WHITE SMALL KITTY. She is half persian and very small female. she has a white mustache, white paws, white belly, and white chest, the wrest of her is black. she has green eyes. she is a long haired. she is very afraid of people and timid but if you see her she is friendly and won't bite so try to grab her if you can.
Posted by:   5035938085    at: Mon Oct 26 2015 20:25:06 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 10/24/2015 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 10/25 email) "Actually, my cat came back home today! "
Location: NE 8th and Ainsworth
Description: Nimbus is a grey male cat with white paws and a white muzzle/whiskers. He's really sweet, but probably scared.

Cat LOST 10/25/2015
Location: 3215 SE 282nd Ave Gresham Or 97080
Description: Male adult cat. Black and White. White paws, white belly and very distinctive white "mustache". Very sweet and loving but scares easily.
Posted by:   5039260076    at: Sun Oct 25 2015 21:21:41 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 10/19/15
Location: 183rd glisan street Portland OR
Description: She is a medium hair calico mix with an orange, quarter sized circle around her mouth. Her belly is completely white and her tail is almost always curled at the end like a question mark.
Posted by:   9715635553    at: Sat Oct 24 2015 13:21:38 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 10/20/15
Location: NE 102nd and Tillamook (Woodland Park)
Description: Small, black, short-haired, female with green-yellow eyes. Spayed, front paws declawed, no collar, European chip that may not be able to be read. Weighs about 7 lbs.
Posted by:   9712211494    at: Fri Oct 23 2015 04:22:43 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 10/22/15 – We regret to report that Tucker was deceased when found
Location: SE 53rd Ave and SE Tibbetts (Outer Tabor)
Description: Please be on the lookout for "Tucker," my missing tabby cat. He's disappeared from the SE 53rd and SE Tibbetts area. TUCKER THE CAT. He's indoor/outdoor and very adventurous. He can be skittish if he doesn't know you, but he warms up quickly. He likes to talk a lot and he's extremely affectionate. He's got the metabolism of a hummingbird, so the fact that he didn't wake me up at 5am to eat worries me. He lost his collar and license a couple of days ago (he was wearing a break-away collar), but he's chipped. He also has a kink in his tail.

Cat FOUND 10/18/15
Location: Oatfield rd and webster in gladstone area
Description: Petite darker tabby female? (Long hair) I need to trim to know for certain. She has one distinguishing physical feature for you to tell. Very soft and sweet. Good with dogs.
Posted by:   503-332-0007    at: Wed Oct 21 2015 19:53:37 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 10.19.2015
Location: Shadowbrook Community 55+
Description: BABY is a 3 year old petite Tabby-Dark mixed marking longer hair.She got out without her collar and tags. She tends to be skittish around unfamiliar people around surroundings.
Posted by:   5034732969    at: Wed Oct 21 2015 05:25:25 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 10/16/15
Location: Milwaukie/Oak Groove - corner of SE Park Ave and SE 22nd Ave
Description: Black long hair female wearing red collar with a red scarf and a bell. Also wearing a purple heart name tag with her name "Cypress" and our phone numbers. She is skittish and most likely hiding. If you see her, please contact me!! I am devastated that I lost one of my fur babies.
Posted by:   541-207-2485    at: Mon Oct 19 2015 12:46:25 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 10/18/2015 HAPPY ENDING! – (from an 11/16 email)"He is an extremely shy indoor-only cat and we were initially thinking that he is just petrified of being outside in rain and cold and is hiding out. After almost a month of searching, leaving food out and setting up humane traps, we were getting quite anxious but did not want to give up the effort just yet. The persistence paid off; late yesterday, driven by extreme hunger, he came into the humane trap that we had put in our yard with food in it. We are very happy to have him home and report that other than being emaciated, he is uninjured. Both kitty and his humans are overjoyed to have him in safety of warm home with food! Picture attached. We want to tell others to not lose hope and think of setting a humane trap, especially if you have a very skittish, displaced indoor cat. Thanks."
Location: SW 84th Ave and Garden Home
Description: Our tabby boy (an exclusive indoor cat) can't be found at home. He ate dinner around 6pm Sunday night. He might have escaped. He is lean, tabby with mackerel spots on his belly. He has a small kink on his tail and is shy. If you see him please let us know.

Cat LOST 10/16/15
Location: Near SW 42nd and Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy
Description: Black and White cat- mostly black with white chest/tummy, white paws and little white mark on mouth. She last had a collar with name tag "Pistachio".
Posted by:   541 510 1053    at: Sun Oct 18 2015 19:02:07 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 10/15/15
Location: SW PDX - SW 52nd Avenue off of Taylor's Ferry
Description: Calico and brown short haired cat, Mimi. Our contractor accidentally let her out. She is indoor only, no collar. 10 years old, white paws and white on belly. Please let me know if you've seen or found her!
Posted by:   503-866-3508    at: Sat Oct 17 2015 22:08:18 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 10/09/15
Location: 15549 SE Eckert Lane, Damascus, Oregon
Description: Slender, male tabby cat. black, grey stripes with tan belly. Talkative, meows a lot. Will respond to his name "Kittycito" Has been an indoor kitty for 10 years, but he slipped outside and is lost.
Posted by:   503-314-5235    at: Fri Oct 16 2015 13:18:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 10/02/15
Location: SE 19th St. and SE Regner Rd., Gresham
Description: Tiny is a small cat - just 8 or 9 pounds - but she's a fighter! Tiny is mostly orange striped with white "eyeliner," white around her mouth and down her neck/chest/stomach and on her paws. She is microchipped (intrascapular). If you think you found her, feel free to take her to the nearest vet to check for the microchip and they'll contact me.
Posted by:   5038050719    at: Sat Oct 10 2015 17:57:54 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 10/5/15
Location: Milwaukie, OR
Description: Cream, Blonde, Chocolate and Beige. Icy-blue eyes with a hint of white. Siamese Tabby mix. Medium fur. Long claws. Paw-pads are brown. Fears: Plastic bags, cars and dogs. Female.
Posted by:   503-933-7824     at: Thu Oct 08 2015 19:12:24 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 9/27/15
Location: Naef & Wallace
Description: White short haired female cat with greenish yellowish eyes
Posted by:   7075489115    at: Tue Oct 06 2015 22:23:06 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 09/18/15
Location: NE 104th-106th Avenues between NE Hancock and NE Weidler, in Portland, Oregon 97220
Description: "Annie" is a 15 year old spayed orange tabby female cat who is underweight, has green eyes and freckles on her nose. She gets scared easily. She has a microchip and a license with Multnomah County Animal Services. If found, contact Lynn at 971-207-1704. Owners have recently moved from the area where Annie was lost. You can take Annie to any vet to check her microchip, or take her directly to Multnomah County Animal Services in Troutdale, Oregon
Posted by:   971-207-1704    at: Fri Oct 02 2015 18:55:31 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 10/1/15 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 10/9 email) "my cat came home!"
Location: slewed by 7th and tualatin
Description: female black cat with white on her chin, under neck and belly and on all 4 paws 16 yo, spade, has claws, no collar or chip friendly, her meow sounds like she is a smoker... kindo a scratchy meow Please call if you see or find her thank you!

Cat LOST 09/19/15
Location: 4407 SE Roethe Rd Milwaukie OR
Description: Male tuxedo cat black with white paws black nose with white stripe
Posted by:       at: Thu Oct 01 2015 19:03:13 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 09/22/15
Location: Douglas and 19th
Description: 10 year old, very timid indoor female cat. Penelope is shorthaired Torby which is tabby mixed with tortoiseshell markings. If found, DO NOT try to pick her up. She may bite.
Posted by:       at: Thu Oct 01 2015 09:12:17 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 09/22/15
Location: Intersection of Murray Hill and Scholls Ferry RD
Description: We are missing our 1.5 yr old male, neutered shorthaired tabby. He has a brownish/dark gray coat, with a lighter brown belly and the typical markings of a tabby. He is an indoor/outdoor cat who usually comes home at night before insisting being let out during the day. He is about medium sized and has a loud voice.
Posted by:       at: Thu Oct 01 2015 05:59:02 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 09/26/2015
Location: Multnoman Village; on SW Carson between 37th and 35th.
Description: Our 14-year-old spayed female brown (chestnut and honey) tabby cat, Nitten, got lost Saturday near Multnomah Village. She's friendly, sweet, and answers eagerly when called. Any information about her whereabouts, day or night, call, e-mail, or text, would be so deeply appreciated. Thank you!
Posted by:   7857646351    at: Tue Sep 29 2015 22:53:30 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 9/25/15
Location: Oatfield road in milwaukie
Description: New to the area. 7 year old orange and white tabby. Named Jeffery... He answers to whistle. If holding him you can see a scar on the left side of his face.
Posted by:   4257365143    at: Tue Sep 29 2015 19:30:58 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 9/29/2015
Location: Cedar Mill Neighborhood
Description: small white and grey kitten. We saw her in the neighborhood about two weeks ago. We did set up a trap to catch her and save her from coyotes. We are feeding her and caring for her until hopefully find the owner or a home for her.
Posted by:       at: Tue Sep 29 2015 10:44:39 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 09/20/15
Location: Sw Laview near macadam ave
Description: Our family cat who is eight year old male is lost. He is a touch skinny and has a black spot on his nose. He looks like a cow kitty. His name is remy. Was lost on LA View in SW portland. He takes insulin so eats like a stray, but he is not one.
Posted by:   4158461375    at: Sun Sep 27 2015 13:14:46 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 09/24/15 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 9/26 email) "FOUND! He was trapped in a neighbor's outbuilding!"
Location: Southeast River Road & Southeast Danna Court
Description: 1 year old with an attitude and balls literally.. He has only been outside a few times This little guy has puffy cheeks and yodels thinking he is talking to you as he walks around. He went missing in the Concord and River Road area toward Vineyard Rd. Please call me if you found him as he might have gone into a shed or garage or house. We have searched for him everywhere and all his four legged family and two leg miss him dearly. He has a bushy tail with the puffy cheeks and doesn't move for much. He loves dogs which is a problem in some ways as dogs may not love him. His family misses every inch of him & his goofiness. My step kids will be devastated as well as his mom & dad especially his dad (sentimental reasons). Please Please contact me with any information good or bad..

Cat LOST 6/19/15
Location: SE Belmont and SE 27th
Description: Medium, long haired brown tabby with white bib and socks. About 15 years old, female, 8lbs and healthy when lost. Spayed.
Posted by:   3609362555    at: Fri Sep 25 2015 12:58:40 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 09/18/2015
Location: Sherwood/Wilsonville
Description: Black and white male Tuxedo , no collar on, neutered.
Posted by:   3602811314    at: Wed Sep 23 2015 16:56:48 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 9/15/15
Location: 4329 crystal springs bld
Description: black and grey chunky TABBY BLUE COLLAR RESPONDS TO BASS
Posted by:   9713341384    at: Mon Sep 21 2015 04:47:04 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 9/18/15
Location: SE Rimrock Dr and SE Rolling Meadows in Happy Valley OR
Description: Domestic med to long hair, Tiger is male, long tail and white chest with black, brown mix all over, has a white spot on his right shoulder
Posted by:   503-703-4292    at: Sun Sep 20 2015 14:52:35 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 9/18/2015
Location: NE 38th/Tillamook
Description: mostly white, some calico markings. thin, about 8 lbs. Pink and gray collar w/pink heart that has name, ph# & address. Lucy was stolen from our yard and she is sick, she has an untreatable thyroid disorder, she cannot take the medication for it, it makes her sicker. She needs special diet and care. Pls help me find her and return her home. Her vet is Mt Tabor 503-200-5555.
Posted by:   503-516-2758    at: Sat Sep 19 2015 09:10:21 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 9/12/15
Location: Meeker Rd, Kalama, WA
Description: White male kitten, approximately 10-12 weeks old. One grey marking. Very friendly.
Posted by:       at: Thu Sep 17 2015 09:51:03 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 09/11/15
Location: Milwaukie Or, Near HWY 224 and Johnson Rd
Description: Our cat Chip has gone missing. He is a grey/blue American shorthair breed. he has green eyes, weighs about 10 lbs and is 7 years old. Please let me know if you see him around we miss him very much!
Posted by:   503-936-7692    at: Wed Sep 16 2015 22:53:59 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 09/162015
Location: N Dekum and Rosa Parks
Description: Sam is a beautiful tabby, kinda skinny, she is very sweet. She has serious medical issues and can only eat her special food
Posted by:   5414181917    at: Wed Sep 16 2015 20:11:36 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 09/09/15 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 9/14 email) "Icarus came home this morning!"
Location: NE 79th Ave & NE Glisan St, Portland OR 97213
Description: Smallish cat (around 10 lbs) with green eyes, a semi-glossy, all black short-hair coat. Black whiskers and toes. Likes to roll around in grass, so often has dust and grass seeds in their fur. Two semi-bald patches where you can see down to their pale skin, located in front of ears, above eyes. Small nick near the outer top edge of one ear. Sometimes answers to their name, Icarus, or to gentle tongue clucking, or swishy finger sounds. They are pretty skittish around new people and in new places, but they love getting pets and food, especially cooked meat. They have a fairly high-pitched, scratchy-sounding, long, persistent meow, especially when they are hungry. Unfortunately they were not wearing a collar or tags and they are not chipped. Please help us bring them home. We're worried sick and missing our little friend so, so much. Thanks for looking at this posting.

Cat LOST 9/12/15
Location: Se 65th and Center (near Holgate)
Description: His name is Wesley. Male, neutered cat. Color: mostly white with orange markings, medium hair. No collar.
Posted by:   9713447380    at: Sat Sep 12 2015 17:28:53 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 08/02/15
Location: Intersection of SW Pendleton St. and SW Iowa St., very close to the Animal Aid location.
Description: Our kitten, Nicca went missing from our home (corner of Pendleton and Iowa St.). She is about 1 year old, and is predominantly black (with a very few small white splotches). She has an extra thumb appendage on her front claws (quite noticeable).
Posted by:   503-504-2686    at: Sat Sep 12 2015 16:35:27 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 9/1/2015
Location: SE 38th Ave and Martins
Description: Male neutered Orange and White tabby. Black splotch on nose. No collar, Chip ID#076517635
Posted by:   5033483172    at: Wed Sep 09 2015 15:01:41 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 08/28/15
Location: Rock Creek/Springville Road area
Description: American shorthair/russian blue w/ white chest and paws
Posted by:   5034847595    at: Wed Sep 09 2015 15:00:57 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 09/07/15
Location: NE Going & Williams Street
Description: Lost my large tabby cat on NE Going & Williams Street. He answers to Leon and is a brown/grey mix. No collar and no microchip.
Posted by:   5102073810    at: Tue Sep 08 2015 07:40:13 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 9/6/15 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 9/10 email) "Mason came home"
Location: Beaverton SW6th st off Murray blvd
Description: 2 yrs old male gray maincoon mix. He is indoor only so may be scared. Hes pretty big with big paws. He has a few small stripes on his head and some other places. Last seen with a red collar on. His name is Mason. I call him maymay a lot. Hes talkative also.

Cat LOST 08/28/15
Location: Beaverton @ Murray/Scholls Ferry
Description: All black medium hair female, spayed, petite. Curly underbelly hair, bushy tail. Lost around Murray Hill Woods apartments.
Posted by:   5036793856    at: Mon Sep 07 2015 20:58:10 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 08/17/15
Location: 162 & Halsey/Sandy
Description: Medium/long hair black and white tuxedo, VERY SHY. White face, neck and tummy. Black ears, back and tail. Desperately missed.
Posted by:   5035935139    at: Sun Sep 06 2015 21:05:54 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 08/03/15
Location: Tigard
Description: Female tuxedo cat, small and friendly
Posted by:       at: Sat Sep 05 2015 23:34:54 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 09/03/15
Location: 136th and holgate in portland oregon
Description: This is Maui a female Persian Munchkin calico, she does have a Chip and is fixed. She is somewhat shy and is very fluffy calico. She only wants attention on her own terms. She will go to you when she wants to be petted. Maui is a companion to my two sons and we miss her very much. We have had her since she was a baby. She was last seen near Holgate, Raymond and 136th in Portland, OR. If you have any information about where she is please let us know. Or contact Hannah Pet Society Thank you.
Posted by:   503-875-2982    at: Sat Sep 05 2015 13:05:32 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 08/30/2015
Location: 67th and harney in se portland
Description: our kitty Delilah. She is missing from 67th and harney. She is 3 years old. Has been fixed (she has a green tattoo on her belly from when they did her operation) and is micro chipped. She is a petite medium hair cat with brown and black fur. She is very sweet. She has been missing since 8/30. We miss her. Our other cat Sammy is in distress without her as we all are.
Posted by:   9712203665    at: Fri Sep 04 2015 19:34:43 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 08/22/15
Location: last seen NE 80th Tillamook St. Portland, Oregon.
Description: My female cat is lost! SHE IS GREY & WHITE FACE, WHITE BODY WITH DARK CREAM COLORED SPLOTCHES AND A DARK LONG TAIL. Her home is around NE 60th between Halsey and Glisan, But she was last found around NE 80th and Tillamook on August 26th- but the person didn't contain her so she is no longer there. She is over 10 years old and has never strayed from home... so we are afraid that she can't find her way back home. Please help her get back home to us!
Posted by:   503-710-5541    at: Wed Sep 02 2015 09:23:57 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 08/28/15
Location: SW 2nd & Birdsdale in Hollybrook, Gresham OR
Description: "Odin", a large orange tabby, was scared by loud noises and ran off. He is missing his right eye and upper right canine, and has a shaved patch on his left front leg. He is a 100% indoor cat so no collar but is licensed in Multnomah County, microchipped, and his status is "missing" with both.
Posted by:   503-320-3142    at: Mon Aug 31 2015 18:06:30 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 8/28/15 HAPPY ENDING (from a 8/31 email) "Shabazz has been found."
Location: Beaverton, OR (around Nike WHQ)
Description: Orange male tabby cat, 3 years old, about 12 pounds, crooked tail, name is Shabazz

Cat LOST 08/30/15
Location: John's Landing, Portland, OR near Macadam and SW Nebraska
Description: Cleo is a 14 y/o blue/grey torte domestic shorthair. She has a white patch over her right eye and a white boot on her right back paw.
Posted by:   (805) 405-2924    at: Sun Aug 30 2015 14:40:55 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 08/21/15
Location: NE Kerns/Laurelhurst Portland 32nd/NE Everett
Description: Medium-haired brown/black/tan/grey tabby/coon mix,male, fixed, chipped but no collar. Lambert. Missing from Foster home so he's not used to the area, and too far from home. Very loved, very worried.
Posted by:       at: Sat Aug 29 2015 22:08:20 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 7/24/2015
Location: Troutdale, OR near SE Sweetbriar Lane
Description: Black and White 14 years old 12 pounds Male neutered cat named D.O.G. with white paws and feet. White on underbelly. We miss him very much.
Posted by:       at: Fri Aug 28 2015 12:42:22 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 08/26/2015
Location: Alta Lane and West Union in Bethany, Portland, zip 97229
Description: orange fluffy cat with some white, long hairs in ears, super cute, friendly, has collar and is chipped, 6 lbs thinnish, has medical condition, needs methimazole for hyperthyroidism, name Simone
Posted by:   5033131216    at: Thu Aug 27 2015 19:38:34 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 5/5/15
Location: 136th S.E.Clinton
Description: Grey/brown striped tabby with some white on chest, 3 LEGS (missing a back leg for many years but still very mobile), right ear is very crumpled. "Christopher" is 12 yrs old, and a MUCH loved service animal, he is microchipped. We are still actively looking and have put up 134 flyers. He disappeared from the sidewalk about 10am May 5th in front of a condo in Copperfield Estates, 136th S.E. Clinton. PLEASE, if you know anything, let us know. We are heartbroken.
Posted by:   503-819-1200    at: Thu Aug 27 2015 01:00:21 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 08/22/15
Location: NE Harewood Place and Jackson School Road
Description: Maka is a gentle 11yo black tabby with 6 toes on each paws. She is a medium hair cat with a little bit of white in her face She has been missing from her home since Saturday night, August 22, 2015. Whoever brings her home will get a reward.
Posted by:   971-276-7036    at: Wed Aug 26 13:36:11 PDT 2015

Cat LOST 08/22/15 HAPPY ENDING – (from an 8/24 email) "We found Luke!"
Location: Birdshill Road near tryon creek and Lake Oswego
Description: Luke is a 9 year old indoor-only black and white tuxedo cat. He's neutered and chipped but unfortunately did not have a collar on when he got out. He weighs about 17 lbs. He was accidentally let out of our house on 8/18/15, but was seen under our neighbors shed on the 22nd.

Cat FOUND 08/22/2015
Location: SW Portland near Tryon Creek
Description: Calico female adult, white chest, no collar, appears to have been on a walkabout for a while (possibly sighted 2-3 weeks ago)
Posted by:   503-683-2492    at: Sat Aug 22 2015 18:09:15 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 08/21/15 HAPPY ENDING – (from an 8/21 email) "There was an Oregon Humane society tag with numbers on it too.. I called and they got a hold of owner, and she came and picked up cat:)"
Location: Aloha,OR
Description: Black and white young cat found . White body with black on head. Found near duck pond at bottom of soccer fields of Buttercreek Elementry. Very friendly, she (or he ) let me pick her up. Has a pink collar, with a rabies tag and blue Avid tag. No name tag

Cat FOUND 08/21/15
Location: SE Bristol Park Drive
Description: 10 days attempting to find lost cat's home. Taken to Mult Co Animal Shelter this morning by neighbor. If you're missing an all black, long-haired, no chip, green-eyed,talkative lap cat who appears to be declawed, please check there asap. It's the sweetest cat. Could not tell if M or F. There are coyotes in this area.
Posted by:       at: Fri Aug 21 2015 11:27:57 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat SIGHTED 8/19/15
Location: Mt Park Lake Oswego area
Description: Cat has been seen around Mt Park Lake Oswego area condo complex. Siamese coloring and no collar.
Posted by:       at: Wed Aug 19 2015 18:53:40 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 08/14/15
Location: Lake Oswego
Description: 3 yo neutered male Siamese cat. A little chubby, very sweet and friendly, but easily startled. Usually goes out and comes back as he pleases, but I haven't seem him since Friday Aug 14, 2015. Lake Oswego, Eagle Crest Drive, McNary, Mountain Park area.
Posted by:   +1 503-806-6967    at: Tue Aug 18 2015 08:58:59 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND 7/10/15
Location: Gold hill
Description: Found female tortoise shell 2 years oldish already spayed.
Posted by:       at: Mon Aug 17 2015 10:51:49 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 08/10/15
Location: 19th and marion st, sellwood (portland,or)
Description: Cream cat, shorter fur, not "the dude".
Posted by:    at: Mon Aug 10 2015 22:38:12 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/12/15
Location: 185th and Baseline
Description: Talullah is a long grey haired female cat that is about 6 years old. She went outside the night of July 12th and hasn't returned. This isn't her normal behavior. When she walks, her tail is straight up and the tip wags back and forth. She has a soft meow. She is a little shy with strangers, but will go to people when she is encouraged. She is loved and dearly missed. If you have seen her or know where she is, please contact me.
Posted by:       at: Mon Aug 10 2015 09:06:26 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/09/15
Location: NE 52nd/Irving
Description: Alvarez is a 1-year-old large, medium to long-haired black and white tuxedo cat (with white starting below his chin and going down his belly) with four white paws and green eyes; he was wearing a collar but may not be now; he is microchipped; he is dearly loved and missed
Posted by:   5032498861    at: Sun Aug 09 2015 19:24:07 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 8/1/2015
Location: 105 NE Thompson
Description: Sweet independent white and orange male. He has blue eyes, orange on his ears and nose, with light coloring on back. We had moved in a week before he went missing, but he had been in and out of the house and coming and going as usual. We thought he had adjusted, but now are worried he is lost and scared somewhere. If you have spotted him please call or email. Thank you. We miss our Pearl!
Posted by:   9713376175    at: Sun Aug 09 2015 10:32:45 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 08/05/15 HAPPY ENDING – (from an 8/15 email) "Our cat was found yesterday! We got a call from neighbor a block down the street saying she spotted our cat. She saw one of our fliers posted in the neighborhood. We greatly appreciate everyones help in finding him."
Location: SE 71st Ave and SE Foster in Portland
Description: white and gray Siamese, skinny, blue eyes, no collar, male

Cat LOST 08/01/15
Location: SE Woodstock and 36th, Portland, OR
Description: Female (spayed) Tortoiseshell named Maddie. Maddie is 11 years-old and was last seen wearing a blue collar with a name tag. Half of her nose is tan and half is black and she is a medium-sized cat. She has a microchip 982009101182406.
Posted by:   6072295347    at: Wed Aug 05 2015 10:09:25 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 7-28th 29th -2015
Location: 11645 sw 64th ave
Description: small black female cat spayed very sweet an freindly
Posted by: amber   (503)867-9779    at: Wed Aug 05 2015 01:18:31 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/29/2015
Location: Boundry St. Near Beaverton Hillsdale Highway (neighborhood behind the Taco Bell)
Description: Gandalf (or Gandy Pants) is a Russian Blue Indoor cat who is about 11 years old. He is front declawed and was wearing a light grey flea collar. Gandalf is NOT micro-chipped yet. I love him very dearly and a $100 Reward will be given to whoever finds him. He is timid but curious and may not come when his name is called. PLEASE LOOK UNDER YOUR DECKS OR ANY POTENTIAL HIDING SPOTS. Thank you!
Posted by:   702-506-4173    at: Tue Aug 04 2015 15:43:34 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 07/26/15 HAPPY ENDING – (from an 8/8 email) "I found my missing cat named Tiny."
Location: Vale and Ash Meadows in Wilsonville, OR
Description: Orange and white tabby. His name is Tiny. He has no collar but he does have a microchip. He has a white stripe or "tear" going from his nose out under his left eye. See photo.

Cat LOST 07/28/2015
Location: Se 64th ave and Rhone, Portland, or, 97206
Description: Black medium size fixed male cat with a white patch on his chest. He injured his back left leg last year so he walks with a limp. He has yellow/green eyes and goes by the name Kobra Kai.
Posted by:   7192140329    at: Sat Aug 01 2015 12:02:39 GMT-0600 (MDT)

Cat LOST 07/25/15 – HAPPY ENDING (from a 7/29 email) "...he was found!"
Location: SW 62 and Garden Home Rd.
Description: Modelo is a beautiful boy who is black with a white chest and white paws. When last seen, he was wearing a red collar.

Cat LOST 07/16/15
Location: Sellwood, Portland
Description: "The Dude": Solid cream fur, green eyes, no collar, gentle-spirited. Please call or text if you've seen him!
Posted by:   209-712-6767    at: Mon Jul 27 2015 20:36:32 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/18/15
Location: Custer Park/Capitol Hill Rd
Description: Sully is a Bengel/Siamese mix 1 and half year old, about 9 lbs. He has beautiful markings, blue eyes and is a little skittish at first. He prances when he runs. He is chipped but no collar. Thank you for keeping an eye out for him.
Posted by:   5032747051    at: Sun Jul 26 2015 21:21:09 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 7/24/15
Location: Sw waterfront
Description: Black short hair domestic male cat. No collar, but responds to his name - "Set". He's naturally very timid and may need some coaxing if found. Thanks for your help:)
Posted by:       at: Sat Jul 25 2015 12:28:06 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/14/15
Location: s.e.oatfield&hill rd milw 97267
Description: 8 1/2 yr. old red cat, white belly,neck&chin. He is tall & long with freckles on his nose & left eye His name is Hawkeye, he is a nice guy but not overly friendly with strangers.
Posted by:   5039080089    at: Fri Jul 24 2015 19:36:27 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 7//21/15
Location: N. Borthwick Ave. and N. Morgan St.
Description: 16-yr-old, medium-longhaired, champagne-colored male cat, gold-colored eyes, limps slightly due to arthritis, missing upper left canine tooth. Collar with blue tag, including name—Rune—and phone number—503 287-3731.
Posted by:   503 287-3731    at: Fri Jul 24 2015 10:19:02 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 07/18/15
Location: Wilsonville, OR
Description: White and black female cat with pink collar found near the Target Store in Wilsonville. Took cat to PAWS animal shelter in West Linn to hold until owner can be located.
Posted by:       at: Thu Jul 23 2015 09:19:53 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat SIGHTED 7/22/2015
Location: SW Beard Rd. on the power line trail.
Description: Cat with a white belly, white hind legs, and white paws. Primarily brown back and sides with some black mixed in, top of the head is brown, white chin. The tail is similar in color and color pattern to a raccoon tail.
Posted by:       at: Wed Jul 22 2015 09:36:46 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 7/21/15
Location: Near NE Going and Prescott between 33 and 42nd
Description: sweet young siamese mix appearing. Cream colored, tiger tail, blue eyes, female. Reported to be hanging around a neighbors house since 11/14 and originally had a collar but no collar now. Please contact if you are missing a cat that fits this description
Posted by:   5039570028    at: Mon Jul 20 2015 22:02:50 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/18/15
Location: Egan Way near Country Club Rd., Lake Oswego
Description: Tuffy is a domestic medium hair striped tabby (mackarel pattern) with mostly black and tan fur. He is not wearing a collar or microchipped. He is neutered, about 10 pounds and 13 years old.
Posted by:   503-313-4646    at: Mon Jul 20 2015 12:22:49 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND July 18,2015
Location: Multnomah Village area
Description: Seal Point Siamese, neutered male cat. Looks to be 2-3 years. Took him to the vet to scan for a chip and none found.
Posted by:   503-381-8281    at: Sun Jul 19 2015 16:11:40 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 7/16/15
Location: 3507 NE Peerless Pl. Portland, Or. (Laurelhust neighborhood)
Description: I am missing my calico cat "Baby". Hasn't been seen since Friday 7/16. Small, muti-colored, beautiful big eyes and face. (see photos) Super friendly but has never left property or gone missing for 10 yrs. Not like her to leave. Totally hearbroken. REWARD OFFERED FOR RETURN!
Posted by:   5037585143    at: Sun Jul 19 2015 15:51:57 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 7/16/2015
Location: Canyon ln and 71st, SW Portland
Description:Longhair tabby Maine Coon mix - Missing since 7/16. Last seen near SW 71st and Canyon Ln. Zeus is not wearing a collar but is microchipped. Please contact if you see him. We are very worried and he is greatly missed.
Posted by:       at: Sat Jul 18 2015 15:22:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 07/17/2015
Location: 5045 SW Normandy Pl, Beaverton,OR 97005 (in Westbrook HOA neighborhood near Murray and Farmington)
Description: Mostly white/some gray long-haired Siamese male with big blue eyes, age 11 years, wearing collar with tags including yellow microchip tag. Microchipped and neutered. Affectionate. Goes by "Judas" or "Judie."
Posted by:   5412145502    at: Sat Jul 18 01:38:40 PDT 2015

Cat LOST 5/21/2015
Location: SW Baird St
Description: My longhair furry girl has white paws, chest and stomach with a fluffy grey tail. She is primarily orange/red and multicolored often confused with brown. She has green eyes.
Posted by:       at: Thu Jul 16 2015 12:28:46 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 6/22/15
Location: Beaverton, Allen, Denney
Description: Siamese seal point lynx, White, tan, grey, Blue eyes, 12lbs, thick medium short fur, very affectionate, loves his chest rubbed. Very friendly with other cats. MALE, Intact, no collar, no micro chip, has shots.
Posted by:       at: Thu Jul 16 2015 10:09:07 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/11/2015
Location: NE 61st Way and NE Lois, Hillsboro
Description: white longhair with black spots, spayed female, 3 years old
Posted by:   5037295748    at: Wed Jul 15 2015 22:20:24 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 06/27/2015 HAPPY ENDING – (from an 8/17 email) "Mud Cat been found! Kept updating my post on Craigslist and it was finally seen by the people that found him, almost two months after he was lost. He is now at home getting so much love and treats!"
Location: 150th and SE Powell Portland, OR
Description: Siamese Mix. Snow shoe type facial markings. Neutered male. No collar unfortunately. Please let us know if you have any information about him...good or otherwise. His name is Mud and we miss him so much!

Cat LOST 07/10/15
Location: SE 24th and E Burnside
Description: 11yo Tabby cat named Tofu. No collar. Easily scared.
Posted by:       at: Sun Jul 12 2015 18:46:27 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 06/22/15
Location: Woodburn
Description: His name is Bitten and he is about 7 yrs old and fixed. He is gray calico on top and white front and legs. He has a black mark on the back of one front paw and 2 big white spots on his back. he has a pink nose. He weighed 10 pounds when lost.
Posted by:   503 982 5306    at: Sun Jul 12 15:36:21 PDT 2015

Cat LOST 07/12/15
Location: Milwaukie Oregon, Concord rd.
Description: My Gracie cat is missing. She is a 2 year old domestic medium hair cat. She is white and gray with yellow eyes and a fluffy tail. She has a black spot on her nose which makes her nose look like a heart. She is chipped. She is my companion pet and I will search for her for however long it takes.
Posted by:   5038943751    at: Sun Jul 12 2015 13:48:37 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 03/15/2015
Location: Oak Grove, OR near Oatfield rd.
Description: Female tortoise shell/tabby/Maine Coon looking cat. Very sweet and obviously used to being an indoor cat...likes to lap sit and be brushed.
Posted by:       at: Sun Jul 12 2015 08:16:11 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 07/01/2015
Location: SE 37th and Salmon St. 97214
Description: "Soske" Identifiable markings: ear tattoos. He is a long hair norweigen forest cat and has white and grey colors. We found his collar at 37th and Salmon street on a rock wall, so he does not have it on.
Posted by:   8083462480    at: Sat Jul 11 2015 14:46:39 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/07/2015
Location: Humphrey Blvd SW
Description: Handsome four-year old seal-point Tonkinese (looks like Siamese) neutered male cat went missing from our garden. He is sociable and trusting. He is a member of our family, and we miss him dearly. Deep blue eyes, dark brown and beige. "Skippy". Reward, if found.
Posted by:   503-688-8264    at: Sat Jul 11 2015 07:40:35 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/09/15
Location: Clackamas - 13490 SE Hubbard Rd - Stone Ridge Apartments
Description: China Blue was being fostered in an apartment and escaped through the window. He is far from home and in unfamiliar territory. He is a short-hair, with Siamese-like coloring, with a black tail, black mask, and blue eyes. He is partly feral, doesn't like to be held and has a strong flight reflex. He is chipped and neutered.
Posted by:   503-621-7141    at: Fri Jul 10 2015 12:27:39 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 07/09/15
Location: Clackamas - 13490 SE Hubbard Rd, Stone Ridge Apartments
Description: Dashaleena was being fostered in an apartment and escaped through a window. She is far from home and in unfamiliar territory. She is a white long-hair with black and copper spots. She is a little skittish but friendly and loves pets when she feels safe. She likes to hide in cars, garages, cupboards and small spaces, and will not meow when she is trapped. She is chipped and spayed.
Posted by:   503-621-7141    at: Fri Jul 10 2015 12:22:11 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST July 9
Location: Se 140th and bush st.
Description: Large, white, fixed, male cat. Colored markings on his ears, back, and tail. Reward offered! Responds to Jamie.
Posted by:   5037526777    at: Fri Jul 10 2015 09:21:30 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 7/6/2015
Location: SE 20th & Pine, Inner SE Portland
Description: Beautiful 5-6 yr old female calico. no chip located. Big black nose, beautiful green eyes, cream/white chest/legs, black and red on her upper back with white stomach. Very friendly, very loud.
Posted by:   503-490-5037    at: Thu Jul 09 2015 21:48:49 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 7/09/15
Location: SE Stanley and Firwood
Description: Lost tan male cat. Small patch of hair returning on his back. He is neutered. Very friendly. He may have followed someone.His name is Zeuss
Posted by:   503--850-4801    at: Thu Jul 09 2015 20:51:45 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 7/5/15
Location: Near 132nd and Sunnyside in Clackamas,OR
Description: Orange neutered/male cat names Skittles. Around 7mo old. Super friendly and loving. No collar as his had become frayed and we had just gotten him a new one.
Posted by:   2532291459    at: Thu Jul 09 2015 14:48:30 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/01/2015
Location: 37th and Salmon St. Portland OR 97214
Description: Identifiable markings: ear tattoos. "Soske" - is a long hair norweigen forest cat and has white and grey colors. We found his collar at 37th and Salmon street on a rock wall, so he does not have it on.
Posted by:   (619) 786-4734    at: Wed Jul 08 2015 17:01:12 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 06/29/15
Location: Lake Oswego/Lake Grove
Description: Black female tortoiseshell, approx. 9 pounds. Close to home cat, likes crawlspaces...
Posted by:   503-545-0432    at: Wed Jul 08 2015 16:04:07 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 07/04/2015
Location: Highway 26 near weigh station
Description: her name is Tipsy she is black with just the tip of her tail slightly white. She also has a slight bit of white on her chest not really very noticeable unless you are close to her. Her eyes are yellow.
Posted by:   (360)773-0524    at: Wed Jul 08 2015 08:28:45 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 07/04/15
Location: SW 45th and SW Multnomah Blvd.
Description: Bruce is a neutered solid grey male wearing about 12 lbs. He was not wearing a collar but is microchipped. He is friendly typically and quite vocal. He snuck out on the July 4th and never returned. We're thinking he bolted outside his comfort zone due to fireworks. If you have seen him at all, please contact us. We miss him!
Posted by:   4802360507    at: Tue Jul 07 2015 15:21:15 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 07/05/15
Location: Mississippi Neighborhood: Intersection of N. Mississippi and N. Beech Streets.
Description: NAME: Pickles the Cat DESCRIPTION: Predominately Gray with Tortoiseshell markings; colors: gray (dominant color), tan & light orange; three-year-old female; indoor-only cat. No collar, has microchip implant. Responds to name; shy, sweet personality around people (likes to head-butt and “talk” with people like other torties). Unsure, semi-frightened around other cats/dogs. MISSING SINCE: Night of 4th of July (Fireworks freakout, bolted out the door when I came home that night. Closest intersection is N. Beech & Michigan in the Mississippi neighborhood. IF SPOTTED/FOUND, PLEASE EMAIL or CALL!
Posted by:   503-851-7473    at: Tue Jul 07 2015 12:30:57 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/05/2015
Location: Wilsonville, OR
Description: Orange Tabby Cat, Female about 1 year old. aprox 8 pounds. Very sweet she likes to talk a lot. Her name is Bella and we miss her so much.
Posted by:   5035011885    at: Tue Jul 07 2015 10:25:22 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat SIGHTED 07/08/15
Location: Oregon City
Description: White siamese with lite tan rings on tail and ear tips, with light blue crossed eyes. In tact male about 5 or 6 months old. He has been coming to my house every morning and evening this week and is very loving.
Posted by:       at: Tue Jul 07 2015 07:51:33 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST July 5, 2015
Location: Lombard and Interstate
Description: He is a very fluffly black cat with a nipped ear. He is not very friendly to most people and will only come around if very hungry. He has large yellow "surprise eyes".
Posted by:   9313092202    at: Tue Jul 07 2015 00:35:35 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/02/15
Location: SW 28th and SW troy st
Description: Small adult short to short-medium hair black female cat with "cape" of oxidized auburn fur around shoulders, yellow-green eyes, sweet little face with pug nose. Skittish, but not feral, outdoor kitty. Looks kinda of skinny and scruffy this time every year, but much loved and well fed for past nine years - is likely about ten.
Posted by:       at: Mon Jul 06 2015 12:49:08 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 6/14/2015
Location: Homestead dr. Oregon city or.
Description: Splash is 11 years old, is a Himalayan and Siamese mix so he is a long hair. color, he has a chocolate over white body, white belly, black and white tiger strip face, and a black tail.
Posted by:   6036790702    at: Thu Jul 02 2015 19:17:30 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 06/22/2015
Location: GLADSTONE: West Clarendon St and Bellevue Ave
Description: Domestic short haired calico mix. 7 months old, female. Not spayed or chipped. No collar. Mostly white with black, tan/orange and white patches on her face and back.
Posted by:   503-816-4341    at: Wed Jul 01 2015 16:47:50 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 06/28/15
Location: SW Pointer Rd and SW Camelot Ct
Description: His name is Oliver. He has a black and pink nose, and black chin. Mostly white cat with black tail, butt, and hood. Black spots on legs, one black spot on belly one on back and one on side. All his big pads on his feet are black, the small ones are pink and black, he has green eyes, and a super long tail. He likes other cats and people so he may approach you. He drools when he purrs, and he likes to knead.
Posted by:   5037240676    at: Wed Jul 01 2015 11:44:59 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 06/27/2015
Location: Hollywood District
Description: Grey and white longhair male cat. Very shy.
Posted by:   847-207-8509    at: Sun Jun 28 2015 19:20:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 06/12/2015
Location: Lake Forest, Lake Oswego
Description: 1 year old Siamese Male, Neutered and chipped. Shy! Was a rescue cat and is my best friend and terribly missed!
Posted by:   503-268-7772    at: Sat Jun 27 2015 19:37:18 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 6/15/2016
Location: Beaverton (near Murray & Allen)
Description: LOST CAT IN BEAVERTON! Peter is a chunky gray (Russian Blue) male, short haired, adult. No collar but has microchip. Last seen 6-15-2015. PLEASE CALL OR TEXT IF SEEN - even if you're not sure it's him: KELLY AT (312) 909-0925 Peter's very gentle, has all shots, can be kept safely inside until we get to him, if you can lure him in. His family is worried sick & looking for him everywhere. Thank you!
Posted by: KELLY   312-909-0925    at: Fri Jun 26 2015 12:26:05 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 06/23/15
Location: 28th Ave between Stanton & Siskyou
Description: Found! Very sweet, friendly young black & white cat. He (I think) has a clipped right ear. He's black with white back legs, white front socks, white chest and half of his face is black and other half is white.. Bright yellow eyes. He was very hungry.
Posted by:   9173702670    at: Tue Jun 23 2015 20:08:35 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 6/22/15
Location: NW Shelsam Terrace in the Bethany/Kaiser Woods area, in a neighborhood right off of Bethany Blvd
Description: Missing indoor-only cat, may be hiding somewhere in the area. His name is Basho, and he's a little over a year old. He's all black w/ some white hairs (most of which are visible on his belly) and green eyes. He was wearing a turquoise collar with no tags when he went missing. He is also microchipped. PLEASE call, text, or e-mail if you see him! He's very friendly with people, but may require coaxing if he's in unfamiliar territory.
Posted by:   2059941668    at: Mon Jun 22 2015 21:48:42 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 06/19/2015
Location: Cornell woods apts. Cornell Rd, between science parkway and hwy 26.
Description: 3 year old loveable grey and white male cat named Louie. He has a grey body, white under belly, white socks and a white mark on his forehead. He is very loveable and friendly. He is wearing a silver collar with a purple heart tag that says his name and number. We miss him dearly.
Posted by:   503-449-0748    at: Mon Jun 22 2015 12:08:49 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND 06/14/15
Location: Cedar Hills Blvd
Description: Brown tabby female. She is very sweet, and seems to be abandoned or lost. This female was sighted in our Apt complexes lot about 5 days before I took her inside. She is very loving, vocal and wants to go back outside. She doesn't like my other three cats at all. Very good with all people and my kids.
Posted by:   5032701783    at: Sun Jun 21 2015 14:44:39 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 06/11/2015
Location: Mt hood oregon. Lolo pass rd
Description: Tuxedo cat black and white fur, diamond white patch on face and chest, white on tummy, white stock patterns on paws.
Posted by:   9718014854    at: Sat Jun 20 2015 14:33:49 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 6/19/15
Location: SE 27 and SE Yamhill St. Portland, OR
Description: She is a longhaired, black, tan, and orange cat, with a white bib and adorable white socks. She’s small, about 7-1/2 lbs but probably looks a little bigger due to her fluffy coat. She’s a little skittish but if you get some good pets in she wont leave you alone. She’s also very vocal and loves to talk back. She responds to “Poe” or “PoPo”
Posted by:   3609362555    at: Sat Jun 20 2015 11:53:26 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 6/18/2015
Location: Scholls Ferry and 135th ave
Description: White and tan Siamese with beautiful light blue eyes. Has a collar mark in his fur so he was wearing a collar at one point... Very sweet and wants to find his way home!
Posted by:   503-608-9741    at: Fri Jun 19 2015 08:54:25 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 06/17/2015
Location: West Linn Oregon...cross street oak tree cat. and hidden springs
Description: Tito a black cat with a small white shaped heart on his chest is missing. He is an indoor cat that left our premises through a back door into a back yard. He was last seen at 3:30 AM 6/181/15. He is very shy and timid and commonly hides when scared. If you find him, please call me...he is much loved..
Posted by:   503-351-0338    at: Thu Jun 18 2015 15:01:39 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat SIGHTED 06/17/2015
Location: corner of NW Murray & NW Cornell
Description: small young male medium/long hair mostly grey, with flea collar (and oil on back?). Very fluffy tail. Very sweet & friendly. Has been hanging around my yard since last night.
Posted by:   509-951-6651    at: Wed Jun 17 2015 11:16:38 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 6/11/15
Location: Scholls Ferry Rd and Seymour St - 97225
Description: White with some light brown patches. Is a Flamepoint Siamese named Prince. He is an outdoor kitty who has never strayed far from the yard. Miss him immensely.
Posted by:   5038752684    at: Tue Jun 16 2015 14:02:31 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 06/10/2015
Location: Santa Anita Rd. West Linn, Oregon
Description: Female short hair tabby. Mix of grey, brown and black and white fur. Shy and skittish. Her name is "Ruby" about 8 years old. We love her and miss her so much.
Posted by:   503-530-9534    at: Mon Jun 15 2015 21:51:24 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 6/14/15
Location: Clackamas
Description: My cat is LOST. He is slender, white with gray stripes and blue eyes. He is very sweet and answers to the name "Kee Kee". He is about 10 years old but does not look it.
Posted by:   9716783042    at: Mon Jun 15 2015 21:49:55 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 06/10/15
Location: SE Bell & Overland 97222 Milwaukie Area
Description: We really want him home!! Gray black & white tabby short hair. He is very old ( 18 ) & sick ,but NOT contagious. He has breathing issues, and is not afraid of anything. He had a very distinct meow when you open a refrigerator. Would love to bring him home in any condition. Thanks for your compassion
Posted by:   5037547968    at: Mon Jun 15 2015 19:19:39 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat SIGHTED 06/14/15
Location: West Linn, Oregon
Description: White cat with large multi colored patches, green eyes.
Posted by:   5034101149    at: Mon Jun 15 2015 12:41:36 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 6/13/2015
Location: N Willis Blvd, btwn Emerald and Peninsular
Description: 1 year old female Siamese mix, with snipped right ear, but not feral. Cream colored with gray face and blue eyes. No collar and no chip. Friendly and healthy looking.
Posted by:   5034128558    at: Sun Jun 14 2015 14:04:49 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 6/9/15
Location: Courtside Dr. Wilsonville
Description: Small tuxedo kitty "Luna" with 4 white paws and chest, white whiskers. Green eyes. Missing fur on hindquarters and tail. Wearing a cone due to severe allergic scratching. Microchipped.
Posted by:   5034732975    at: Sat Jun 13 2015 05:35:05 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 6/11/2015
Location: 7627 SW Elmwood St. Portland, OR 97223
Description: Rozzi is a three year old orange tabby. approx 16lbs. wearing a bell collar. Very shy and timid. Most likely scared and just wants to reunited at home. We adopted from the Oregon Humane Society when he was just 8 weeks old. If you could kindly provide information that would help us to located him we would be so grateful.
Posted by:   5037059021    at: Thu Jun 11 2015 22:58:27 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 06-06 15
Location: Between columbia gorge and newport oregon
Description: 2 year old calico mainly white with large brown and black spots was feral cat was spayed with one ear top cut off to show feral. We kept mother and sister please help !
Posted by:   541-962-5785    at: Thu Jun 11 2015 15:51:24 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 06/08/2014
Location: Louden Rd, Corbett
Description: All black, medium hair, only has right eye (one eye). Very sweet, will be timid. Name is Poe. He is microchipped
Posted by:   503-593-5734    at: Mon Jun 08 2015 16:58:16 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 06/04/15
Location: West Linn, Or. Debok and Summerlinn Dr
Description: White Male cat 6 yrs old,approx. 10 lbs. chipped, no collar. Very friendly, passive, non agressive. Not a fighter. Sweet natured.Most loving cat in the world.Terribly missed.
Posted by:   503-201-4300    at: Mon Jun 8 15:20:39 PDT 2015

Cat LOST 06/03/15
Location: 3906 se Llewellyn st. Milwuakie, OR 97222
Description: He's mostly brown with faded black stripes. Tan in color on his belly, and white under his chin - He looks (almost identical!) to Finn posted under adoptable here (please see photo), only difference is he is 6 years old. He's 14-15 lbs., been fixed but wasn't wearing his collar. Please call anytime, 503-875-1847, Sandra.
Posted by:   503-875-1847    at: Mon Jun 08 2015 11:34:39 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 5/21/15
Location: SW Baird St, 97219
Description: Long hair, torti, mostly red body, grey tail, white paws, chest and stomach. Female, spayed with microchip
Posted by:       at: Mon Jun 08 2015 11:22:40 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 6/7/15
Location: Ne 178th Avenue & NE Oregon ST.
Description: She's a beautiful medium hair length tuxedo cat. She's not even a year old yet, no collar on. Very shy, & skidish at times, but very lovey most of the time. Reward if found. Her name is Delilah. She has a white chin with a speck of black on it. One white front paw with a black speck on it also.
Posted by:   5037521101    at: Sun Jun 07 2015 12:14:41 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST June 2, 2015
Location: Dunthorpe neighborhood, Corbett Hill Circle, Portland, Oregon
Description: Black cat with copper colored eyes and one front snaggletooth.
Posted by:   5037543215    at: Wed Jun 03 2015 20:08:23 GMT-0700 ()

Cat SIGHTED 05/29/2015
Location: Ne killingsworth/ne cleveland
Description: Friendly, social all white cat was on our porch at 1230am. No tags or collar.
Posted by:       at: Fri May 29 2015 00:42:42 GMT-0700 (PDT)

TWO Cats LOST 5/25/2015
Location: Portland
Description: The cat with the half brown half white face is named Baby J, he got loose and managed to ditch his collar. The other one is named Buttercup, and he might still have his collar on, it has a medium sized bone tag on it with his name and my mothers phone number, both are only about a year old, and mean the world to me, last seen yesterday, but they always come home within a few hours whenever they go out on an adventure, especially buttercup. These are mostly indoor cats, and both are very jumpy when outside mostly with new people though. Also, Baby J has a brown tail but there are darker brown rings on it, buttercups tail is orange and fluffy and has barely visible rings of a darker orange on it
Posted by:       at: Thu May 28 2015 16:37:55 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 5/18/2015
Location: West Slope neighborhood of Beaverton. Near 96th & Beaverton Hillsdale Highway
Description: Our cat's name is Friendly. He is 12 years old. He is a domestic long-haired male cat with very thick black fur; most notable trait would be his mane. Has a collar on that listed a phone number with a 360 area code, but there is a strong possibility it could have been removed. Friendly was taken care of by a family friend. He went outdoors to roam around/chill out in his neighborhood for the day, and did not return back. He was last seen on May 18th, 2015. Our cat has a very friendly demeanor towards humans, but does not bode well with other animals. If you spot any resemblance to him, please call out his name to see if he will respond. If you manage to find him, please contact me through my email address so I can verify your findings. The phone number I have listed is mobile, so I am pretty much receptive to a phone call or a text message.
Posted by:   503 929 9947    at: Wed May 27 2015 00:16:03 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 05/22/2015
Location: Tigard, OR. Off of Hall and Sattler, Applewood Park neighborhood.
Description: Small, light orange/tawny tabby male cat. About 9 lbs, golden big eyes. Very sweet, but a little skittish. His name is Ira and recently lost his collar. He's an indoor/outdoor guy who always comes home at night, but didn't on Friday night. I am beside myself because he is my little buddy. He sometimes wanders to Summerfield neighborhood. Please let me know if you have seen him. We miss our little guy! Thank you.
Posted by:   209-505-9910    at: Sun May 24 2015 11:00:58 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 5/20/15
Location: Mather road clackamas or 97015
Description: Grey and white male tabby. 15 years old, white chest . His name is goose.Our family cat disappeared from our yard, may have injuries. Desperate to find him. Please email.
Posted by:       at: Sat May 23 2015 08:03:50 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 05/20/15
Location: 1380 SW 66th Ave. Portland, OR 97225
Description: My beloved cat, Bruce, went missing yesterday (May 20) from my home and I am desperately trying to find him. I live at the apartment complex, the Commons at Sylvan Highlands. If you see him, please contact me day or night. He is very friendly, sweet and curious so if you are able to grab him and take him in to your home for temporary safekeeping please do so and I will come get him immediately. He is updated on all his shots. He is approximately 15 lbs, mostly black but has white markings on his face, belly and feet. Any information, good or bad news, would provide me comfort at this time. Please contact me if you know anything.
Posted by:   510-717-9482    at: Thu May 21 2015 11:50:24 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 5/19/2015
Location: 1 Jefferson Parkway, Lake Oswego
Description: About eight months old, male. No collar, not neutered. All black medium-long hair, green eyes
Posted by:   3073491878    at: Wed May 20 2015 23:57:49 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat SIGHTED 5/19/15
Location: Metzger park area
Description: Gray cat, white paws, has a collar with no name on it, long mouth, when it meows sounds like a cute cornet, short hair, well groomed. I've tried to keep her(I believe is a female, but not sure) in my apartment, but it kept crying so I let it out. She comes outside my apartment every night for the last 3 days and is very friendly.
Posted by:       at: Tue May 19 2015 12:50:34 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 05/19/2015 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 5/20 email)"...he has been found."
Location: NW Island Cir Beaverton, OR
Description: Jerry is a neutered domestic shorthair cat. He is primarily grey with white paws, a white chest, a white spot on his nose, and a white smudge on his forehead. He is pretty friendly. Jerry is not wearing a collar but is microchipped.

Cat FOUND 05/18/15
Location: Wilsonville, Domaine at Villebois Apartments
Description: Male cat found, about 1 year old, not neutered. Blue eyes, brown face and tail, cream colored body, with darker markings above his eyes. Medium to long hair. Please call or come by the Domaine at Villebois leasing office in Wilsonville with proof of ownership.
Posted by:   503-682-2590    at: Mon May 18 15:27:13 PDT 2015

Cat LOST 4/20/15
Location: SW Portland
Description: Name=Buddy. Completely black.
Posted by:   503-819-1580    at: Mon May 18 2015 06:38:56 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 5/13/15
Location: SW Sussex and Hall Blvd area Beaverton Or
Description: Grey, long hair female kind of tabby cat. Very small about 5 lbs. Name Isabella. Please call with any info
Posted by:   5035778072    at: Thu May 14 2015 21:17:45 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 05/11/2015
Location: Sunset Dr, Forest Grove Or
Description: Female long haired orange taby, super friendly.
Posted by:   5039921533    at: Tue May 12 15:23:38 PDT 2015

Cat LOST 04/28/2015
Location: Shakespeare street, king city, Oregon
Description: Black and white tuxedo cat is missing from king city, Oregon. He is a neutered male, 2 yes old. Domestic shorthair with green eyes. He has a really long tail and is very friendly. He belongs to our kids and his name is Domino.
Posted by:   5034071467    at: Sun May 10 2015 16:59:57 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 5/7/15
Location: Tigard off of gaarde st. And 99.
Description: Tiny all black has 4 white hair on her chest. Tail is missing some hair but was started to grow back. She will be two in August. She is not fixed. Nor does not have a micro chip. Please help bring her home. She is our everything.
Posted by:   (503)3726767    at: Fri May 08 2015 17:37:35 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 05/05/2015
Location: SE 136-137-138 and SE Division-Clinton
Description: 3 leg senior cat. Missing since Tuesday, May 5, 2015, around Copperfield Condos in East County Portland. Neutered male named "Christopher," domestic gray-white tabby. Missing one hind leg. Has one crumpled ear. Chipped. Text/phone with any information, good or bad. Thank you!
Posted by:   503-312-4794    at: Thu May 07 2015 17:29:57 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 05/05/2015
Location: Germantown Road
Description: Calico. Collar says Shwigittybooboos
Posted by:   9515414343    at: Wed May 06 2015 20:51:47 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 05/03/2015
Location: near Ball-Mitchel Park in Milwaukie Oregon 97222 off of Stanley Ave and Willow
Description: Keaton is a Snowshoe Siamese he has blue eyes a gray tail, ears, face, legs and he has white paws with gray spots. He is a feral (wild) cat that I trapped and had neutered at the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon hence his right ear being cut at an angle. He is afraid of people (except me) and if he is spotted or found hiding in your yard under a deck or wherever I will need to come and trap him. Thank you very much for your help in bringing my baby back to me he is loved very much and being missed by two humans and one older kitty :(.
Posted by:   503-287-4413    at: Tue May 05 2015 20:11:30 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 4/24/15
Location: McMinnville, OR on the Linfield College campus
Description: Gray and white male tuxedo. About a year old. He's in good condition and is very friendly.
Posted by:   5038832616    at: Tue May 05 2015 14:53:33 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST May 1, 2015
Location: SW Shawnee Trail, Tualatin, OR
Description: Our orange and white medium haired cat went outside sometime after midnight, May 1. She was wearing a green collar. Her name is Rikki, although she does not come to her name. She is micro-chipped and spayed. Rikki is very sweet and friendly. Please call 503-819-9596 if you have any information.
Posted by:   503-819-9596    at: Tue May 05 2015 12:50:04 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 04/25/15
Location: Off of Country Club Road in Lake Oswego, more specifically Uplands drive
Description: Cleo, female, short hair, black and white, green eyes, pink nose Very skittish, likes to hide under things and climb trees Has breathing problems - will wheeze like she is coughing up a hairball, but its actually because she has fluid in her lungs and enlarged heart.
Posted by:   8324926579    at: Mon May 04 2015 15:03:45 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 04/28/15
Location: 136th and San Rafael (near Halsey)
Description: Black and brown Maine coon mix cat. She's been missing for 5 days now. Has green eyes, erect ears, looks really big but she's just a fluff ball. Probably less than 10lbs. Has a white stripe of hair on her chest and a long tail. She's not very social and usually avoids human contact from strangers, so if you see her please let me know! There is a reward!
Posted by:   5037022511    at: Mon May 04 2015 01:03:07 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 4/30/2015 HAPPY ENDING! – (from a 5/3 note) "Uno Henley returned home safe and sound late Saturday night."
Location: NE 13th And Alberta - between Going and Wygant
Description: Classic grey/brown Tabby with white Front. Microchip #985112004595874 Red Stretchy collar Usually friendly, but is nervous. Male - neutered. Approximately 12 lbs. Long fluffy tail.

Cat LOST 04/27/2014
Location: Broadway and Ravensview (SW Hills)
Description: Small female Siamese, 11 years old, spayed, shy and noisy. No collar or chip, she has never been outside or around many other people other than her family. CLICK HERE to see photos on our Craig's List posting.
Posted by:   503-853-2500    at: Sat May 02 2015 18:38:17 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 4/30/15
Location: Hollywood (ne 28th broadway) by the Fred Meyers
Description: Black cat with white blotch on his stomach
Posted by:   9545577497    at: Thu Apr 30 2015 17:55:32 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 04/26/2015
Location: 201 & Halsey st.
Description: Persian white and black cat. Female. Left paw is part white all other are mostly black including her face and tail. She is shaved from back and neck. Blue eyes.
Posted by:   5034823599    at: Thu Apr 30 2015 01:42:20 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 4/23-24
Location: 74th se Tolman St
Description: Orange and white male cat lost on 74th and tolman st he is smallish but thick and has a shortish squinty face. Name is Chester. Really friendly possibly shy
Posted by:   5038695548    at: Mon Apr 27 2015 16:45:26 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 04/25/15
Location: Johnson City, Roots Rd near I-205
Description: My daughter's prescribed companion cat, black and white tuxedo cat named Boots, is always indoors but got out Saturday night and has not returned. He was wearing a green flea collar. He is neutered and was expected at the vet this morning to examine him for blood in his urine. My daughter is very worried.
Posted by:   503-830-0451    at: Sun Apr 26 2015 23:08:23 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 04/25/2015
Location: NE 12th and Alberta, Portland OR 97211
Description: Super sweet tuxedo cat. Goes by Jerry. Is usually an indoor only cat and got out early in the morning on April 25th.
Posted by:   5034309504    at: Sat Apr 25 2015 08:44:16 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 04/05/2015
Location: 84th S.E.Duke
Description: big, black cat with triangle of white from chest up to nose, white paws. not to skidish, will let me pet it. don't know gender, spayed or neutered or age or chip. will continue to try to befriend it enough to take it in for a chip check. very sweet. shows up for breakfast at 5, maybe earlier, i am not awake, then again for lunch, and then dinner, not to be seen again till about 7 or 8. it is on the bigger size, very long black fur
Posted by:   5039808563    at: Fri Apr 24 2015 18:41:22 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 4/22/15
Location: Hillsdale, New York
Description: American short hair. He's a small brown with black stripes all over and some spots around his stomach only about 8months old. Went outside yesterday and never came back in. He's very friendly, and loving, and he gets scared easily and may run when seen. Any information or spotting or if anyone has him. Please contact me through email or call 5183904041 5183255385
Posted by:   5183904041    at: Fri Apr 24 2015 10:20:01 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Cat LOST 4/22/15
Location: Hillsdale, New York
Description: He's a small brown with black stripes all over and some spots around his stomach only about 8months old. Went outside yesterday and never came back in. He's very friendly, and loving, and he gets scared easily and may run when seen. Any information or spotting or if anyone has him. Please contact me through email or call 5183904041 5183255385
Posted by:   5183904041    at: Fri Apr 24 2015 10:20:01 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Cat FOUND 04/01/2015
Location: Damascus
Description: Black & White neutered, approx age between 2 & 5 years.
Posted by:   (503)453-7172    at: Wed Apr 22 2015 11:27:38 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 4/18/15
Location: 117th and SE Harold St.
Description: Stitch is a 1 year old male cat. Medium length hair. Big yellow Eyes. He is a friendly cat, but may be scared. He was last seen on the night of 4/18 on about 117th and SE Harold St.
Posted by:       at: Sun Apr 19 2015 21:33:54 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 04/18/2015
Location: SE 29th Ave. and Morrison St.
Description: 7 year old Maine Coon kitty. Brown and Black fur with white chest and white paws. Has noticeable fangs
Posted by:   5095209229    at: Sat Apr 18 2015 11:04:50 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 4/16/15
Location: Canby at Township/Mulino/Blount
Description: Orange and White, one year old neutered male cat.
Posted by:   503-449-7047    at: Sat Apr 18 2015 09:09:26 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 02/6/15
Location: Glisan Area or Gateway Fred Meyer
Description: Orangy was lost in Feb . We put signs up but they were torn down. We are still looking for him... Orangy is 6 month old male, orange and white moustache and paws. Orangy was wearing a purple collar with a bell. We are offering a $300.00 reward for his return.
Posted by:       at: Sat Apr 18 2015 05:51:03 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 14 April 2015
Location: River Rd/Davis Rd Hillsboro OR
Description: Black male cat, about 2 years old, responds to the name Kasper. He's scared of strangers but will generally approach if offered food. He has a few whites hairs on his chest and his tummy, and has a "split" claw from a bad clip job that I didn't manage to fix before he ran away on one of his front paws. Likes to meow a lot.
Posted by:       at: Fri Apr 17 2015 20:40:19 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 4/14/15
Location: NE Portland, near 15th Ave and Fremont
Description: My neutered male bengal mix, Sir went out in the morning and never came back. Super friendly, INCREDIBLY vocal kitty. He has a little patch of fur shaved out of his tail from a previous adventure that landed him at the vet. He's had a really rough past year and I just adopted him and he was finally getting settled in and making friends with my other cat. I'm devestated! Please contact me if you see him!
Posted by:   503-270-1967    at: Thu Apr 16 16:12:41 PDT 2015

Cat LOST 4/15/15
Location: Lake Oswego, Country Club & Bridge Court
Description: Sammy is a much loved two year old orange tabby cat who went out last night at about 7:30 pm and has not come back. He had yellow eyes.
Posted by:   4154077526    at: Thu Apr 16 2015 12:30:22 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 9/11/14
Location: 97128 sw tamarack McMinnville Oregon
Description: black with all 4 paws white. from nose to chest white. very sweet, goes by the name Charlie. very missed. was sick, might have died:(
Posted by:   971-267-0908    at: Tue Apr 14 2015 18:18:29 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 03/29/2015
Location: NE Prescott & NE 79th
Description: Tuxedo, White Whiskers, missing one eye whisker over right eye. Yellow eyes. Has distinctive markings on its feet and ear. First noticed the cat on March 29th. Cat approached me at night on April 1. Very friendly to me (female with long hair) but skittish of loud noises and others. Has let my children pet. I assumed at first it had a home since it looks plump and taken care of and because it is so lovey to me. It would sit on my back porch and meow and most days would come up to me as I was leaving or returning to the house. I started feeding it once a day on April 6 because it was around and I feel sorry for it. It let me pick it up a few times, once I tried getting it into a carrier to take it the vet to check for microchip but it wouldn't go into the box. I bet it's people miss it very much.
Posted by:   5037406088    at: Mon Apr 13 2015 20:35:10 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 08/14/14
Location: Stayton Oregon
Description: big fluffy snowshoe simease female found. has ring talk sort of like a raccoon. and walks like one too in a way. she had hair missing on her chin due to acne . and sores on her back. she had no chip and no collar but she was already fixed. we started her on shots and got her chipped but still looking for her real family. you must show pictures to my email if she is your baby girl.. her age is adult. very lovable and friendly loves people and likes to talk. again if this is your girl please post a picture of her to my email acct.. we have now had her for a while. and love her dearly but trying too do all we can to find her family...
Posted by:   5037697615    at: Mon Apr 13 2015 15:59:52 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 04/02/2015 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 4/22 email) "This situation is resolved…. Owners wanted us to keep the cat as they had been looking for a home."
Location: SW Canby near Hideaway Park
Description: Friendly black/gray tabby with white chin and tux front, white feet with uneven gray/black patches. Striped tail. Very talkative - low voice. Kohl lined eyes. Proof of ownership (photo, etc.) requested.

Cat LOST 04/10/15
Location: Willamina, Oregon
Description: Solace is an apricot (light) orange tabby about 1yr and 6 months old. Medium length fur dark yellow eye's. His tail is about 6 to 8in's long (it's slightly shorter then normal). He has pink nose and paw pads. last seen with a green collar and tag.
Posted by:   5038763714    at: Sat Apr 11 2015 20:50:59 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 4/10/15
Location: SW Garden Home Road & SW 77th - Scotsboro Square Apartments
Description: Sweet young calico cat.
Posted by:   503-347-1182    at: Fri Apr 10 2015 12:59:01 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND March 30, 2015
Location: SW Capitol Hill Road
Description: Short haired black cat keeps coming to our garage. It has a collar with a bell.
Posted by:   5033842523    at: Thu Apr 09 2015 16:32:06 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 04/07/15
Location: Farragut park
Description: Male Siamese super friendly not nutured
Posted by:       at: Wed Apr 08 2015 22:13:48 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 04/01/2015
Location: SE 45th & Woodstock Portland, OR 97206
Description: 8-year-old bengal cat, male, neutered. Light brown fur with dark spots and liver & black striped tail.
Posted by:   503-530-0223    at: Wed Apr 08 2015 17:10:02 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND 04/03/15
Location: 7th place near SE 202nd/Division Gresham
Description: Large Gray/White Male Cat short hair
Posted by:   503-661-4788    at: Fri Apr 03 2015 18:00:32 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 04/01/2015
Location: SW Thomas St Portland, OR
Description: all black female cat with green eyes. Domestic short hair. Last seen in the SW Thomas St neighborhood.
Posted by:   5035800081    at: Fri Apr 03 2015 13:04:33 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 3/29/15
Location: hocken and electric st Court Yard at Cedar Hills apartments
Description: Mustache is grey on the head back and legs. He has white socks on his feet, chest, and face. He also has a grey patch on his chin and 1/2 a grey mustache under his nose. He has cataracts in both eyes and feline lower urinary track disorder.
Posted by:   8057089531    at: Wed Apr 01 2015 16:33:19 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 3/29/15
Location: SE Pershing Street and 13th, Portland 97202 ( South of Powell Blvd)
Description: Male Blonde colored with apricot medium length hair. Blue eyes, no collar. Blondie needs a special diet for urinary tract. Very sweet and docile, but shy with strangers. He is terrified of children and dogs. Last seen by his family Saturday night 3/28 around 11pm. 12 years old, but very spry.
Posted by:   503-481-4058    at: Tue Mar 31 2015 22:52:07 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 3/13/2015
Location: Just N of SE 164th Stark St. at the Ascot Park Condos
Description: All blk female with gold eyes~ She has declawed front feet. 9 lbs. Has never been outside and we've had her 7 years. She is micro chipped! Please help! She may be hiding underneath a car or in bushes nearby. We're devastated and praying for a miracle. She fled her home when workers didn't close the door behind them well. ***Reward for safe return!
Posted by:   503 256 2305    at: Sat Mar 28 2015 21:25:33 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 3/19/15
Location: NE 45th & Hancock
Description: Grey and brown tabby cat. 8 yrs old, female, no collar or microchip. Indoor cat and very shy and quite. Her name is Lily.
Posted by:       at: Mon Mar 23 2015 10:21:44 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 03/15/15
Location: SE River Road and Meldrum Rd. Bwetween Jennings and Glen Echo
Description: She looks a little like she is Siamese, she has dark feet, nose and ears. She squints her right eye because it is sensitive.
Posted by:   5038048723    at: Sat Mar 21 2015 13:24:57 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 03/12/2015
Location: 2205 SE Umatilla St Portland
Description: Short-haired brightly colored calico. Female, feral spayed via FCCO so right ear tipped. Wary of strangers(feral) could be in someone's shed/garage.
Posted by:   503-360-2798    at: Thu Mar 19 2015 11:39:33 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST March 10 about
Location: Gilman Gateway Fred Meyers
Description: Fluffy Cream Colored Cat lost. 6 months old. Very friendly . Was wearing a red collar with a bell.
Posted by:   503 919 6642    at: Tue Mar 17 2015 06:52:26 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 03/10/2015 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 3/18 email) "...wanted to let you know that I found her."
Location: SE 60th & SE Belmont
Description: Small, black female, domestic medium-hair cat. Spayed with a saggy/pudgy belly and huge ears. Yellow-green eyes and a little voice. Meows/talks a lot. Walks with long tail upright and with a crook in it like a question mark.

Cat LOST 03/10/15
Location: SE 127th & Normandy Drive (South of Sunnyside road) Clackamas
Description: Large, Orange cat (Domestic long hair) very fluffy and friendly to strangers. "Pumpkin" was last seen the evening of March 10th. Please call or email with any information.
Posted by:   5036989326    at: Sun Mar 15 2015 18:42:49 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 3-13-15
Location: Across the street from Clackamas Town Center
Description: She is less than a year old, female, medium hair, calico cat. She is white with grey and orange/light brown patches on her, and a big fluffy grey tail. She is an indoor cat only and is probably terrified. Please call with ANY information!! She is very loved.
Posted by:   503-347-3585    at: Sun Mar 15 2015 17:54:57 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 11/1/2014
Location: Happy Valley
Description: Solid White male. Short to medium hair. Declaw, Neutered. Last seen in Happy Valley Morning of November 1st.
Posted by:   5039565453    at: Sat Mar 14 2015 19:33:56 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 03/09/15
Location: Sellwood, SE Portland, near the Willamette River
Description: Male Manx, about 14 pounds. He is grey with a white belly and has no tail. HIs name is Bob and will occasionally respond to his name. No collars or tags. Was last seen around 9 PM and never came home.
Posted by:   5037203618    at: Wed Mar 11 2015 22:36:00 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 03/03/15
Location: 1520 SE Harvard St in Gladstone, Oregon
Description: Our cat has been missing, he is a Short haired male tabby cat,with white chin, chest, socks, partial stomach. He has wide black stripes going down his back to his tail. We've had him since he could barely walk, we love and miss him dearly.
Posted by:   360-843-3829    at: Wed Mar 11 2015 10:34:56 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 02/19/15
Location: 121 SW Ave & Scholls Ferry Road
Description: "Haley" is Dilute Tortoise Shell, Grey with white underbelly & paws (not sure if all four are white, don't recall), and tan. She is spayed, about 7 or 8 years old, no collar. She is short hair,small-medium in size, sweet and friendly. She is declawed, front paws only. Does not know the area.
Posted by:   503-593-4831    at: Mon Mar 09 2015 09:40:48 GMT-0600 (Mountain Standard Time)

Cat LOST 03/03/2015
Posted by:   503-396-3762    at: Wed Mar 04 2015 19:56:51 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 03/02/2015
Location: Happy Valley, neighborhood behind New Seasons
Description: Gray, female, domestic short-hair named Graysie. She wears a purplish collar with a jingle bell. She usually responds to a whistled tune, but she is skittish with strangers.
Posted by:       at: Tue Mar 03 2015 00:06:23 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 02/25/15
Location: 3024 NW Wilson Street, off NW Thurman and 30th
Description: Kiki is a long hair white with grey facial markings down to her left eye. She has two grey dots on her let side and her tail is grey going down her right leg. We are offering a $1,000 award for her safe return.
Posted by:   503-810-4692    at: Mon Mar 02 2015 17:46:48 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 02/25/15
Location: Raleigh Hills
Description: Lost tortoise shell/calico female cat. She is about 1.5 years old, weighs 9 pounds, and has green eyes. She is very social and friendly. She was wearing a green collar with a silver Oregon Humane Society tag and is microchipped. She is not timid or shy and thinks that every human is her friend.
Posted by:       at: Mon Mar 02 2015 12:59:17 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 02/27/2015
Location: NE Portland
Description: Long hair orange cat with a fluffy tail about 8 months old. Has a silver and white flea collar on.
Posted by:   5039755799    at: Sat Feb 28 2015 15:32:20 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat SIGHTED 02-27
Location: ne portland
Description: Smaller black cat with green eyes.
Posted by:   503-784-7811    at: Sat Feb 28 2015 14:21:10 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 02/16/2005
Location: Breckenridge Apartments 8150 SW Barnes Road, Portland 97225
Description: 8-yr. old male grey short-hair tabby named 'Buddy'. Went outside after dinner and hasn't been seen since. He is an indoor-outdoor cat, but was never allowed to be out all night. He is very friendly.
Posted by:   503-961-5852    at: Sat Feb 28 2015 12:06:18 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 02-21-15
Location: Gaston, Oregon
Description: Orange and white 12-13 years old neutered male, microchipped and wearing a black flea collar. We miss him a lot and just want him to come home!
Posted by:   503-359-9472    at: Fri Feb 27 2015 18:00:20 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 02/23/15
Location: Hillsboro Beaverton area Baseline
Description: Female cat, 8 years old, fixed, tortoise shell coloring, 15-18 pounds.
Posted by:   406-788-7352    at: Fri Feb 27 2015 16:24:07 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 2/25/15
Location: SE 25th and Taylor in Portland
Description: Bitey Biter is a black and white domestic shorthair. He is fixed and was last seen wearing a gray flea collar with 2 reflectors.
Posted by:   215-272-1283    at: Thu Feb 26 2015 14:54:43 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 02/13/2015
Location: SE 138th and Cora
Description: Lost Siamese Cat - 6 months old, white/blond with siamese markings and blue eyes. Wearing a black harness. Her name is Suki.
Posted by:   9712190275    at: Wed Feb 25 2015 14:16:48 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 02/20/15
Location: Hayden Island, behind the Jantzen Beach Red Lion
Description: Small calico cat with a long tail. Please help me find her and bring her home! Her name is Athena. She was wearing a collar with a tag & is microchipped. Please call or text if you see her. She's very friendly, but is an indoor cat and is probably very scared.
Posted by:   619-971-1280    at: Sat Feb 21 2015 04:46:03 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST Thursday 2/12/15
Location: Garden Home 74th and Ashdale 80 and Oleson
Description: Blaze is a short Hair grey tabby adult male with white paws and chest. Neutered, no collar or microchip. Knows his name, will come when called. Will be 2 in May. Please call, text or email if you see him. God bless.
Posted by:   503-268-9884    at: Fri Feb 20 2015 01:15:58 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 02/19/2015
Location: SE Stanley and SE Woodhaven
Description: Russian Blue - shorthaired all gray cat with yellow eyes. Overweight, 14 year old spayed female. Has arthritis in back near tail. Grandkids left door open and we think she walked outside. Her name is Smokey.
Posted by:   503-348-6688    at: Thu Feb 19 2015 18:28:52 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 02/01/2015
Location: Near Murray Blvd. & Hwy. 26 vicinity (Cedar Mill/Hills area)
Description: Marmalade is a male adult cat, about 15 lbs. He is friendly with golden eyes. He has mottled gold and white tabby markings with primarily a white chest and belly. A former feral, he is neutered but not microchipped. Marmalade has a habit of sleeping around/in cars & may have driven off with someone accidentally. We'd like him back, no questions asked.
Posted by:   503-644-5998    at: Mon Feb 16 2015 22:43:59 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 2/14/15
Location: NE Portland, 77th and Prescott
Description: Dark grey cat with white chest and paws. About 1 year old.
Posted by:   330-464-7007    at: Mon Feb 16 2015 07:14:36 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 12/29/2014
Location: Beaverton/Hillsboro
Description: I am still missing my calico cat, Patches, who is an orange/white/black calico with a clipped right ear. She is recently feral, so if you suspect you see her she will act very timid and will most likely run away. She escaped while she was being transported from a home at Murray and Farmington in Beaverton to our condo on Wilkins and Cornelius Pass in Tanasbourne. She most likely got out somewhere between the intersection of Murray and Walker, and Fred Meyer just past 158th on Walker. But it may have been later, as in closer to Tanasbourne area. We fed her while she was feral for more than a year and this was our chance to give her a home, so we're very upset about losing her. Please contact me if you're feeding her or if you think you might see her. Any tips will help!
Posted by:   9717770763    at: Sat Feb 07 2015 09:37:16 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 7/?/14
Location: 92nd street Portland OR, 97216
Description: My cat (Rosie) has been missing sense June or July 2014; she is shy/skittish, long grey fur with green eyes. The last me and my family saw her was about a week before we moved (street we lived on: 92nd street Portland OR, 97216). So if you find or have seen her, please contact me by my email: Thanks!
Posted by:       at: Wed Feb 04 2015 21:25:56 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 2/3/2015
Location: Milwaukie/Oak Grove SE Ash and Pinehurst
Description: Pepper is a spritely 15 year old grey tabby/Abyssinian, who is approx 7 pounds. She is very friendly, but afraid of other cats and dogs.
Posted by:       at: Wed Feb 04 2015 09:53:31 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 01 29 15
Location: Wichita Kansas Rock Rd., North
Description: She is bright white longhair about 10 years old about 25 pounds
Posted by: Daniel MCloy   316-570-4295    at: Tue Feb 03 2015 09:22:24 GMT-0600 (CST)

Cat FOUND 01/2015
Location: s.e. duke
Description: large short haired tabby red collar very friendly and likes to be pet.
Posted by:   5039808563    at: Sun Feb 01 2015 19:23:58 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 01/20/2015
Location: N Olin Ave and N Amhurst
Description: Domestic short hair white with black he is a year and a month old in size he is in between a large and medium size cat his name is patches all four paws and legs are white he is a inside and outside cat I let him out and he has not returned patches has a microchip please if found or seen call me asap I don't care what time please my 3 yr old and I really miss him 5037191702
Posted by:   5037191702    at: Fri Jan 30 2015 00:50:19 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 1/28/15 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 1/30 email) "CHARLIE HAS COME HOME!"
Location: Garden Home/Vista Brook
Description: Male, Tabby, 2-1/2 years old, neutered,very friendly. He is not chipped nor does he have a collar. His name is Charlie and will come when called.

Cat LOST 1/26/15
Location: Se 63rd avenue/Duke near Brentwood
Description: Semi long haired, black and white smallish young female cat, wearing a black and red collar with ladybug pattern. She is shy, has been microchipped. Had a bad cold when she went missing. Her name is Jennie.
Posted by:   503-964-3412    at: Tue Jan 27 2015 22:56:24 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat FOUND 01/10/2015 found
Location: 55th and Carleton in S.E. Portland
Description: very young black and white cat with collar.
Posted by:   503-788-7747    at: Sun Jan 25 2015 16:30:19 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 08/12/14
Location: SE 32nd Ave & SE Grant, Portland, OR
Description: Female "ticked tabby" still missing since last summer. She had a black collar w. bell, name tag, & phone #503-750-0321 on it. Collar may have fallen off, or maybe people just don't realized she's lost. She's got darker markings on face, body is softer orange-brown-mix. Some white on paws. About 10 yrs. old, spayed. She ran off with loud construction noise on SE Division last August, and not sure how far she may have wandered. If you see her please call/e-mail. We miss her dearly. Her name is "Hussy".
Posted by:   503-888-3042/750-0321    at: Sun Jan 25 2015 11:47:35 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat SIGHTED 01/24/15
Location: 97006
Description: Tabby grey/brown cat with big furry tail and white un derneath sighted around our house a few times. No collar. Injury to left ear.
Posted by:       at: Sat Jan 24 2015 11:58:14 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 01/19/2015
Location: Troutdale, Oregon -- SW Kendall Ct & Cherry Park Road - nearest Troutdale Rd
Description: Missing orange & white very loved male cat Named Hank. He has a black breakaway collar with Mult. Co. ID# 67008A. He has a notched ear & a hernia that feels like a small golf ball in the abdomen. He is a little skiddish but very sweet. Hank is up to date on all vaccinations. If you spot him in the Troutdale area please call Kerri 503-380-3687. Thank you.
Posted by:   503-380-3687    at: Fri Jan 23 2015 17:38:41 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 01/20/15 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 1/22 email) " We just found our cat! "
Location: NE 45th Ave and Thompson, Portland, OR
Description: Yesterday, our cat disappeared from our yard. We're heartbroken and want to find her! She is black and was wearing a blue breakaway collar, very sweet but shy.

Cat LOST 01/18/15
Location: NW Miller Hill Rd
Description: Lost our female cat, Gloria. Very petit, she's full grown but only about 8 pounds. Has kidney disease and eats a special diet. tabby cat. Brown and black, small and friendly. Was wearing a collar but it may have come off.
Posted by:   512-351-5132    at: Wed Jan 21 2015 10:29:23 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 01/15/2015
Location: 7th and G St. Hubbard, OR
Description: We lost Hank.. Please help us find him. Aprox 1 year old male short hair. Siamese/ Rag Doll mix. No collar, not neutered. Last seen at home on 7th St. between G and J St. Hubbard, OR 01/14/2015. Please call day or night 503 739-0881 Jamie
Posted by:   5037390881    at: Mon Jan 19 2015 10:32:50 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 01/13/2015
Location: SW Oregon Jade Court neighborhood, cat was let out for play and never came back.
Description: The lost cat is a female, house cat with a primarily black topside on the back, and top of the head, with a black tail, and primarily white underside, with white jaw area, and white legs with a few black spots. Her name is Moo, and we are pretty sure she has a microchip.
Posted by:       at: Sat Jan 17 23:19:30 PST 2015

Cat LOST 1/12/15
Location: se 35th and division
Description: male shorthair orange tabby. he doesn't have a collar but is microchipped. one side of his body had a patch of hair that had recently come out but is growing back. he's very friendly.
Posted by:   9713225087    at: Thu Jan 15 2015 21:29:40 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat FOUND 01/13/2015
Location: Near SE Powell and 169th Ave
Description: Small, long haired cat, fluffy tail, brown tortie coloring. I think it is a female but it will not let me check. Seems to be young, very loving, wants to come inside desperately. Has a strange meow, just a strong, deep, one syllable sound. I will try to take a picture today. I am feeding and keeping in a shed but have gotten complaints and will have to take to a shelter soon. :(
Posted by:       at: Wed Jan 14 2015 14:20:29 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND 1/10/2015
Location: Near SW 92nd, Garden Home neighborhood
Description: Young female short-haired gray tabby with distinctive white patches. Not micorchipped. Please email with details if you think she is yours or if you know who she may belong to. Thanks!
Posted by:       at: Mon Jan 12 2015 16:23:27 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 01/10/15
Location: 223rd and halsey
Description: His name is kitty. He's black ,grey Brown tabby with white belly and front paws. Yes a year and a half years old. Shy but friendly. No collar. His chin has a small scar.
Posted by: Brenda west   9713034095    at: Sun Jan 11 2015 22:56:24 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat FOUND 11/01/14
Location: Woodstock area
Description: Tabby cat seen in Woodstock area since early November. Does not appear to be neighborhood cat. If you lost your tabby around that time please contact me and provide a detailed description of your missing kitty...Thank you.
Posted by:       at: Sun Jan 11 2015 19:33:30 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND 1/10/2015
Location: Wilsonville, OR
Description: fully grown but young, short-hair tortoise shell. not sure about the gender. This kitty is very friendly, uses a litter box, and knows about cat doors. We found the cat in our attic (!); no idea how it got there!
Posted by:   503-679-1262    at: Sun Jan 11 2015 10:34:36 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 12/6/14
Location: Beaverton. Farmington/170th
Description: Niles is Chausie cat. Between 17-20lbs. He has green eyes tan and a white chest. He looks like a mini cougar. He is not chipped and is 11 years old. Sometimes his eyes can look cross eyed.
Posted by:   503-201-6793    at: Sun Jan 04 2015 21:52:22 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 01/03/15 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 1/10 email) " Our cat has been found.
Location: SE Portland Or.
Description: He is a munchkin tabby, he has very very short legs and is sort of a chubby cat, he's a butterfly tabby. He's on a special diet so its really important that we get him back as soon as possible. Thank you.

Cat LOST 12/27/2014
Location: SW Boones Ferry Road near Tryon State Park (approx 11500 SW Boones Ferry Rd. Portland OR 97219)
Description: Taja is a long haired cat with multi-colored brown-ish/black-ish hair and white chest and legs. She has green eyes. She was not wearing a collar and does not have a microchip. She went missing on December 27th while we were out of town.
Posted by:   503-593-2838    at: Thu Jan 01 2015 17:16:18 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 12/30/2014
Location: Hillsdale (Beaverton Hillsdale HWY)
Description: My buddy Lazlo (a two year old grey with black stripes) went out a couple days ago in the freezing cold and hasn't returned. Its been almost 48 hours and he's never been gone this long, and he always comes back within a few hours of leaving the house, especially when cold.He didn't have his collar on when he ran out. He's 2 years old and has a great personality when you get to know him but he may be hiding somewhere. Please, if you find him let me know!
Posted by:   5039700568    at: Thu Jan 01 2015 09:35:26 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 12/28/14
Location: Base Line Rd / 170th area, Beaverton, OR
Description: 3.5 month old male kitten. Orange with white paws. Short hair. Name is Jasper. Reward.
Posted by:   609-453-4914    at: Tue Dec 30 2014 22:46:57 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat FOUND 11/14
Location: SE Portland
Description: Female Siamese, young. Friendly and cuddly. Sleek. Looks well cared for. No chip but something unusual about her. Describe it, she's yours.
Posted by:   503-680-2714    at: Mon Dec 29 2014 17:51:02 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 12/23/14
Location: Milwaukie (Filbert between 32nd and 42nd)
Description: Mixed Siamese breed 11 yo cat named Kitty, indoor/outdoor cat, but always comes in at night (and hasn't for past 3 nights). Gray/black/white stripes. Skittish with strangers, but very loving after feeling safe.
Posted by:   503-807-0626    at: Sat Dec 27 2014 08:30:06 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 12/24/14 HAPPY ENDING! – (from a 12/31 email) "Good news this morning. Titus was found in a neighbor's crawl space last night. Home safe, dirty, and sound."
Location: Lake Oswego, near Botticelli and El Greco streets
Description: 12 year old orange and white shorthair neutered, male in good condition. No claws on front paws. About 12 pounds. No collar but has a microchip.

Cat LOST 12/07/14
Location: 151st & SW Walker Rd Beaverton. Jasper Square Apts. next to Tualatin Park & Rec
Description: Baby is a 7 1/2 yr old spay female cat. She's light grey/gray with light orange markings on her back and sides. She's about 9lbs with yellow green eyes and is microchipped. She's in at night and out during the day with her mother. Her mother is still here but Baby is a wanderer. Please help me find her. Large reward offered. Thank you.
Posted by:   971-645-0006    at: Thu Dec 25 2014 17:06:04 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 12/22/14
Location: 19th and Sherrett--Sellwood PDX
Description: LOST 12/22/14 Male Orange Tabby in Sellwood Area. My name is Hobbes but I am wearing my sister Milly's collar. I am very friendly but somewhat skittish in new situations. I am an indoor/outdoor cat but never spend the night outside. Please return me to my owners! Reward!!
Posted by:   8122194421    at: Tue Dec 23 2014 08:55:57 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 12/19/14
Location: N. Greeley @ Buffalo
Description: Jynx is a super loving 7 yr old black cat with two white hairs just above his left eye, a few white hairs on his lower neck/ chest, and a silver dollar size white patch on his lower belly. He has a very prodominant chin, a small healed tear in the outer middle of his right ear(99.9% sure it's his right ear), missing teeth. Super affectionate. He lost his collar a few days ago so he's collarless. I love him so much.
Posted by:   5038803948    at: Sun Dec 21 2014 22:12:00 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 12/19/14
Location: NE 74th & Glisan
Description: Large male tabby cat w/ white belly and boots, no tags or collar. Has been missing from home near 74th and Glisan since the 19th of December. This was his first time going outdoors since having moved into town. He is otherwise an indoor/outdoor cat. Likes to hide in people's sheds and things. Not used to the rain!! Please let me know if you have him or have seen him. Thanks!
Posted by:   9705569566    at: Sun Dec 21 2014 15:12:20 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 12/18/14
Location: 112th Flavel
Description: Two cats escaped out of the front door after my son left and did not have the door pulled shut all the way. Leroy is a grey tabby neutered male, who is about 12 pounds and 1 year old. He has a blue collar and name tag and microchip. Carly is a spayed female who is an orange tabby and about 11 pounds. She does not have a tag or collar or microchip.
Posted by:   5034813414    at: Fri Dec 19 2014 22:28:02 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 12/11/2014
Location: SE 49th Tibbetts
Description: Missing: one-eye, orange, female cat. Reward if found. Near 50th Powell/Division.
Posted by:   (503)704-9694    at: Sun Dec 14 2014 13:04:48 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat FOUND 12/12/2014
Location: Forest Heights in Portland near NW Miller Rd.
Description: Black and White medium/long hair male.
Posted by:   503-709-5515    at: Sat Dec 13 2014 10:40:08 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 11/19/14
Location: Squire's Court Apartments, 10657 SE Mather Rd. Clackamas, OR 97015
Description: 200$ REWARD! Our cat Pharaoh escaped on November 19th. He is a dark orange red male tabby with white paws, belly, chest and chin. He is big, about 16 pounds. He is afraid of strangers so may be hard to catch, but once he warms up to you he is a lover. We don't know how he will behave in this situation though. He has no collar or chip unfortunately :(
Posted by:   503-855-4423    at: Thu Dec 11 2014 20:39:45 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 12/11/14
Location: South Salem, OR
Description: 500.00 CASH REWARD if you find our Siamese cat. She has a collar with her name (Dancer) and our phone #, which is : 503 371 3814. We think she might be in the area of Fircrest Park, and sought refuge in someone's back yard last night (12/10). We are desperate to find her!
Posted by:   5033713814    at: Thu Dec 11 2014 16:12:58 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/28/14
Description: Male adult, 7 years, neutered, all black with some white on chest and belly, all four feet declawed
Posted by:       at: Wed Dec 10 2014 19:36:17 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 12/8/2014
Location: Woodstock and 74th ave
Description: Maine Coon X Tabby (young and friendly) White Brown Black
Posted by:   3054957903    at: Wed Dec 10 2014 08:33:28 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 12/5/14
Location: SE 39th ave and Grant Ct.
Description: LOST CAT last seen Friday December 5th, 2014 He has long hair, Grey stripes and some matted fur on the back near his tail. He was born feral but now indoor/outdoor cat. Was last seen near grant ct. and 39th ave. Please help me find him!
Posted by:   9177160635    at: Tue Dec 09 2014 11:20:16 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 10/28/14
Location: Bayou Drive, McMinnville, OR
Description: Our beloved family cat disappeared on the 27th of October. He was last seen in our home, on Bayou Drive, near Bayou Golf Course. Leonyrd, "Mr. Chow" is a sweet bottle fed Maine Coone, only about 7 months old, but very large. He has long, soft fur, with tabby markings, a white chest, and golden eyes. He also goes by Leonard. He is not fixed, and may have run off into the nearby fields. This sweet boy was an orphan, and we have raised him almost since birth. He is very friendly and has a constant purr. If you have seen this baby, please contact us right away. We are worried, it's cold outside, and our hearts are missing him. If you cannot reach the first number, please call Jessica at 503-726-9500.Thank you so much.
Posted by:   971-241-8845    at: Tue Dec 09 2014 00:56:39 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 11/9/2014
Location: Oatfield Rd and Jennings Ave, Milwaukie/Jennings Lodge area
Description: His name is Sushi and he's a neutered 10 year-old short-haired Seal-point Siamese/Tabby mix. His colouring is like a siamese with the body of a tabby. He weighs about 13-14 pounds. He has blue eyes with a red spot near the pupil in one of his eyes. He has a dark patch on his left shoulder and a dark patch near the base of his tail. He was recently shaved near the base of his tail/on his tail due to a recent trip to the vet. He also has a habitat of pulling out his hair near the tail when he is nervous or scared. He has no collar or microchip. He's very timid and shy of people outside his usual human family. He doesn't meow but squeaks.
Posted by:   503-786-9479    at: Thu Dec 04 2014 22:54:20 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 11/1/14
Location: Gladstone/ milwaukie
Description: Pure white short hair female 9 years old yellow eyes also she has a birth defect on her left front leg that makes her leg appear to be broken,but its not she was born that way.and her name is T.T.
Posted by:   503 875 5480    at: Tue Dec 02 2014 01:28:20 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat FOUND 11/26/14
Location: Near Clackamas College, Oregon City
Description: Black medium to long haired male. Very soft, well groomed and fed, but doesn't appear to be an outdoor cat. He is loving but skittish of loud noises and fast movement. He appears to be between 1 - 3 years old.
Posted by:   4694498794    at: Wed Nov 26 10:14:36 PST 2014

Cat LOST 11/21/14
Location: Lost in the Damascus area on Borges Rd.
Description: Short haired mostly white with some red on back and red tail. Lost in the Damascus area. Insisted on going out that night and did not come back for breakfast. We have looked everywhere. His name is Patches and we are missing him.
Posted by:   (503) 912-3887    at: Mon Nov 24 2014 18:32:51 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 11/14//14
Location: SW 57th & Florida St., Portland
Description: Black cat named Bu missing from his home 11/14/14. He Has a white patch on his lower belly, close to his back legs. Tip of his tail is kinked. He's been microchiped. Family really misses him.
Posted by:   503-849-1955    at: Sun Nov 23 2014 11:03:36 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11-17-14
Location: SW portland Near Shattuck and Cameran
Description: Orange Tabby clipped right ear Could be mistaken as a stray. He lived a tough life before he came to us. Please contact if found or possible sightings.
Posted by:   503-977-2221    at: Fri Nov 21 2014 11:50:38 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/9/2014
Location: SE Belmont, 69th, Mt Tabor
Description: Grey male with black stripes and 4 white paws, 6 months old, with no collar--lost just before being fixed.
Posted by:   503-252-2102    at: Thu Nov 20 2014 20:25:24 GMT-0900 (AKST)

Cat LOST 08/16/2014
Location: Oregon City, Oregon
Description: Fluffy grey, medium-hair, gold eyes, possible red collar, neutered male, five years old, microchip by Avid #04379411. Named "Justice", nickname "Putty-Putty" like Sylvester the cat says "Putty-Tat". The picture is not him but a similar one that I found online, since my old phone that had pictures was ruined. I believe he may be in someone's home who doesn't know he has a home. Please keep an eye out for him. I miss him so much! No questions asked, $200 reward and I will gladly reimburse his expenses. Please call or text anytime (503) 890-7943. Thank you - please help bring him home!
Posted by:   (503) 890-7943    at: Wed Nov 19 2014 17:12:09 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat SIGHTED 11/10/14
Location: Fulton Street, Newberg
Description: Tango is elderly black and white male domestic short hair. He has had recent surgery for skin cancer on his nose and it's still healing. He is not in pain and vet has been happy with his progress. We were told a woman took him to a shelter because she thought he was injured. Please help us bring him home.
Posted by:   503-899-9848    at: Mon Nov 17 2014 22:23:16 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat FOUND 10/10/14
Location: NE 33rd closee to Dekum in Portland, OR
Description: Older female, short haired, black cat with baggy belly. Some teeth missy. Super friendly and loves sitting on all laps. Does not meow a lot, but when she does it is not loud. She enjoys indoor and outside. There was another black cat with her but we have not seen it lately and it would not come in the house.
Posted by:   503-281-0792    at: Mon Nov 17 2014 21:52:40 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat FOUND 10/12/14
Location: SE Portland - 32nd & Hawthorne Blvd.
Description: We have a very sweet kitty that's posted up on our porch. She/he is mostly white with dark grey markings - two symmetrical grey marks on her head. She's fairly friendly and doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.
Posted by:   5033607020    at: Mon Nov 17 2014 15:23:41 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 10/19/14
Location: Canby
Description: Our boy is a neutered brown and black Tabby cat, white chin, and black spotted brown belly. He went out as usual to play in the neighborhood and has not been seen since. Not the type of cat to go up to random people. He was wearing a blue camo colored collar when he left. Doesn't have any super distinguishing marks but does have a bit of fur missing on ear towards the top which makes his ear looked like it might be clipped but is not and has a missing claw in his back paw.
Posted by:       at: Sun Nov 16 2014 17:34:47 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND 09/20/2014
Location: Washington Square area
Description: Grey and white stripped tabby, I believe female. Very social and sweet. She likes to nuzzle and is very affectionate. Has been around since late summer. Has a very quiet purr. Trying to keep her warm during the cold but I am unable to keep her much longer.
Posted by:   360.624.5570    at: Sun Nov 16 15:26:01 PST 2014

Cat LOST 11/07/2014
Location: SW military road/Riverwood rd/hwy 43
Description: large neutered Siamese male. Microchipped.
Posted by:   5033102003    at: Sat Nov 15 2014 15:35:16 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat FOUND 11/14/2014
Location: SE Portland, Foster Powell neighborhood
Description: Petite black cat, guessing by size maybe 8-9 months old, definitely playful like a young cat. I have no clue how to tell but my experience with cats makes me believe it's a female.
Posted by:       at: Sat Nov 15 2014 14:17:03 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/07/14
Location: NW 28th and NW Upshur
Description: Caesar is missing! 13 year old black neutered male, some white hair scattered through coat due to old age, 15 pounds, large yellow eyes, long tail, erect ears, friendly, microchipped. Arthritic and needs pain meds. Last seen the morning of November 7th.
Posted by:   503-490-0910    at: Fri Nov 14 2014 21:58:55 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat FOUND 10/20/14
Location: SE Portland, Woodstock area
Description: Neutered male. White with brownish grey spots.
Posted by:       at: Fri Nov 14 19:23:15 PST 2014

Cat LOST October 7th, 2014
Location: N. Portland/ Kenton neighborhood
Description: My kitty went missing in early October. She is dark with white feet and belly and brown markings.Pretty green eyes. We would love to know what happened to our sweet girl, Sita.
Posted by:   (971) 227-7567    at: Thu Nov 13 2014 21:59:50 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/07/14
Location: Near Lewis and Clark College
Description: 7 month old, male, buff/white kitten named Oliver. Went missing around November 7th near Lewis and Clark College. He is microchipped and neutered.
Posted by:       at: Thu Nov 13 2014 15:59:30 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/10/14
Location: Newberg
Description: Tango is a 16 yr old black and white male. His nose is scabbed from cryosurgery for cancer. A woman came to my home and accused us of neglecting him, but we explained and our vet says he is doing great. She told a person who works nearby that she was taking him to a shelter and she took him that day. We do not know where/if she dropped him off or how to contact her.
Posted by:       at: Wed Nov 12 2014 22:54:21 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/06/14
Location: Tigard, Bull Mountain
Description: Male Domestic Short haired, grey/white tabby. Tall, skinny but about 13 lbs, neutered. Name is Rascal. He was wearing a turquoise collar with a name tag. He is micro-chipped. He has been receiving medications so it is important to find him to continue his treatments.
Posted by:   5038993889    at: Mon Nov 10 2014 15:31:40 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 11/08/14
Location: Happy Valley, Oregon
Description: Domestic Long Hair Black with white patch on chest Male Neutered has ID chip
Posted by:   971-200-6232    at: Mon Nov 10 2014 08:10:18 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 11/1/14
Location: Near Lewis and Clark; SW Brier Pl. & Palatine Hill Rd.
Description: Luna is a female domestic shorthair, all black, and had on a purple flower collar with humane society tags when she went missing. She is around 8lbs and ~2 years old. Microchip number 985112005698237
Posted by:   5035158524    at: Fri Nov 07 2014 21:32:25 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 10-31-14
Location: Happy Valley 132nd and Lucille
Description: Lost Pure White Cat. Male Short hair wearing blue collar. $200 reward
Posted by:   5039565453    at: Fri Nov 07 2014 16:34:44 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 11/05/14
Location: SE 45th and SE Woodstock
Description: Male, long hair, black and tan, Maine Coon. Very sweet and very missed.
Posted by:   971-570-5724    at: Fri Nov 07 2014 13:21:04 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 10/5/14
Location: SE29th & SE Salmon St.
Description: Gray & white medium haired cay. Has a white face and a gray goatee
Posted by:   503 545-9556    at: Thu Nov 06 2014 20:35:21 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 10/13/14
Location: Keizer Oregon
Description: Missing gray female cat about 10 months old. She is all gray with silver tipped, medium length hair and a fluffy tail. Her eyes are yellow. She's fairly small. Her name is Izzy. She is micro chipped. Please help us find our girl! Thanks.
Posted by:   503-393-05532    at: Thu Nov 06 2014 16:02:03 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 102614
Location: 118th ave & walker rd area beaverton
Description: female calico cat named Peapod. pink nose, white on face which resembles a raccoon, white tuxedo chest white paws. she is friendly but may be standoffish to strangers. she is used to going outdoors so may be reluctant to use a litter box, also may try to get out every time the door opens. she is extremly smart and is used to being talked to like a person. I have treated her like a person since the day she was born & she is more like a person than a cat. she also will come to Peapodsky, paw-pawed or big girl
Posted by:   9717322964    at: Thu Nov 6 03:57:05 PST 2014

Cat LOST 10/3/14
Location: Welches, OR - E. Welches Rd. and Deer Park
Description: Her name is Stellar Blue. She is spayed. Approx. 5 yrs. of age. Grey/Brown Striped. White mostly underneath, face and paws. Greenish/Gold Eyes. Top of nose lined with black, left side broken.
Posted by:   503-622-1211    at: Sun Nov 02 2014 13:46:38 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 10/27/2014
Location: SE 52nd AVE and SE Ogden
Description: Went missing from home the night of the 27th, no collar, no chip, he is mostly white with a black tail, black ears, half of face black, and four black spots on back. He is an 8year old neutered male domestic short hair, with a long tail, and erect ears. He also has pink lips. He is very friendly, loves food, and his name is Meat-Wad.
Posted by:   419 544 2153    at: Thu Oct 30 2014 15:54:11 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 09/23/14
Location: Hazel Dell, Vancouver, WA
Description: Black and white (patches - looks like a cow) medium haired female. Distintive black mark on nose. Microchipped, under 8lbs. Hazel Dell area: 99th Street/28th Place/Gaiser Middle School - she may have wandered and could be in a 2 or 3 mile radius of that area. More info and pictures on Find Sammy the Cat Facebook page.
Posted by:   360-513-2080    at: Thu Oct 30 2014 12:03:54 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 10/22/14
Location: Near Kenton Park
Description: Small, medium haired, mostly black cat with short, fluffy crimped tail and yellow eyes. Found on N. Argyle near Kenton park trying to eat a ketchup packet, she was very skinny, but is quickly recovering her weight.
Posted by:   503-724-4052    at: Tue Oct 28 2014 07:32:14 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 10/4/14
Location: N. Albina and Fremont
Description: Archie is a 4 - 5 month old black kitten with black whiskers and yellow eyes. Last seen wearing a red collar with a Multnomah County License tag. He is fixed and microchipped and very friendly and bold.
Posted by:   503-724-4052    at: Tue Oct 28 2014 07:23:36 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 10/24/14
Location: Sherwood, OR
Description: Found cat, seems skittish but not super skinny or unkept so I'm hoping it's not a stray. It's has a slight lump on the mouth, right side. Tiger stripes.
Posted by:       at: Mon Oct 27 2014 18:02:47 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 10/25/14
Location: NE Portland (Concordia Neighborhood)
Description: Lost Indoor Black Cat! $500 Reward! Friendly, 7.5-year old cat has gone missing from our home on NE 35th Ave. & NE Emerson. He's afraid of the outdoors, and has only been out in our yard (on a harness and leash) a few times. His name is Prometheus, and he's all black with a few white hairs on his neck. Husky build, and a very dog-like personality. Doesn't meow often, but purrs like a jackhammer. If you've seen, or think you've seen him, please contact me! Large reward will be given for his safe return, and any information would be greatly appreciated. His sister Shadow (shown on the left in the photo with 2 black cats), and the rest of us, miss him terribly.
Posted by:   971-221-0475    at: Mon Oct 27 2014 10:22:53 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 10/20/14
Location: SW Portland 3666 SW Tower Way
Description: Winter is a 1.5 year old white long haired kitty with a gray tail. He has blue eyes and a very sweet temperament. He got out of the house on Oct. 20th and never returned home. We miss our little boy
Posted by:   541-521-8282    at: Sat Oct 25 2014 13:45:01 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 10/15/14
Location: Orchard Lake subdivision in Damascus, Or
Description: 18 lb neutered male cat. 8-9 years old. Orange and white with some tabby in orange areas. White belly. Has grey collar with ID tag and bell. Brown/gold eyes that are usually runny. Has claws. Chirps when he purrs. Microchipped.
Posted by:   503-956-4487    at: Fri Oct 24 22:03:09 PDT 2014

Cat LOST 10/23/2014
Location: near Damascuas 97089,
Description: Cooper is less then a year, Hes fixed and is a gray and black and white calaco. hes been missing for a week. Very friendly and happy to be around dogs and childern, please if you find him please bring him or call his owners. we miss him very much. we want our family member back.
Posted by:   503-935-3770    at: Wed Oct 22 2014 14:19:13 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 09/29/14
Location: 158th & Walker rd in beaverton
Description: Black/grey/white striped male neutered cat. Friendly, litter trained, outdoor cat about 1-2 year old. Found near Waterhouse and Hunters Run apartments. Would love to find his home...
Posted by:   5037996810    at: Mon Oct 20 2014 12:56:55 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 10/14/14
Location: Walker rd/ 158th ave Beaverton, OR
Description: 8 month old calico tabby mix got out of our house on Tuesday evening 10/14 and has not been back since. Has a striped fluffy tail and is very vocal and friendly. Any help would be much appreciated. Microchipped with our information REWARD FOR RETURN!!
Posted by:   208-290-7184    at: Mon Oct 20 2014 07:04:18 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 10/01/14
Location: N Willis Blvd & Washburn North Portland Kenton
Description: Lost cat! Reward if found! Last seen near N Willis & Washburn on October 1st. Her name is Kittums, and she is VERY SMALL (5 lbs) but 8 years old. She is all black and has super bright yellow/green eyes. She was wearing a pink sparkly collar with a bell, but has most likely lost it by now. She has a small V-shaped scar at the tip of one ear. She is typically skittish around people and loud noises, and loves dark hiding spots. I wouldn't be surprised if she had slipped into someone's garage or basement. She is notoriously unfriendly to other cats, but is fond of large calm dogs. Her sister is a Great Dane. She is microchipped. Please contact me with any information! Reward if found!
Posted by:   (510) 703-4930    at: Fri Oct 17 2014 21:38:01 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 17 October 2014
Location: Delta Park Center, Portland
Description: Black and white female cat found near the Delta Park Center in North Portland. Very friendly cat with no tags.
Posted by:   7707897707    at: Fri Oct 17 2014 20:54:26 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 10/03/14 HAPPY ENDING – (from an 11/5 email) "FOUND AND HOME"
Location: Molalla
Description: Male tabby, neutered, microchipped. Black, sable white, green eyes About 12 lbs. Last seen Leroy & West Heintz Street in Molalla. Had a collar and tag when last seen on 10/3/14. Medium/ long hair. erect ears, long tail

Cat LOST 10/17/14
Location: West Linn, 6500 Block of Apollo Rd, Rosemont Summit area
Description: Vladimir is a Russian Blue with a small white patch on his chest. He is an indoor only cat, kind of shy, knows his name (may come if you have treats). He has a Microchip, but no collar. Please help us find him, our family missed him.
Posted by:   503-333-7784    at: Fri Oct 17 2014 09:06:53 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 10/13/14 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 10/16 email) "Louie came home! Just as I was about to go to Bonnie Hays to check on a black cat there."
Location: North Willamette Blvd and North Killingsworth
Description: 8-10 year old solid black shorthair male. Neutered, micro chipped, wearing a green collar with my phone number and his name , Louis the third or just Louie. 16 lbs. Very friendly. Comes to a whistle and adores cantaloupe.

Cat LOST 10/13/14
Location: Off of Hwy 212 on School Avenue in front of Naas Elementary School in Boring.
Description: Alex is a male orange tabby cat with white feet and a white belly. Alex is five months old, and has not been neutered yet.
Posted by:   503-663-1732    at: Wed Oct 15 2014 15:41:26 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 10/10/2014
Location: 83rd and Freemont NE Portland
Description: China is about 12 years old, very slender and does not wear a collar. She's been gone since the morning of 10/10 we are very worried. If you've seen her or have any information please let us know!
Posted by:   503-539-2081    at: Tue Oct 14 2014 09:41:42 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 10/11/2014
Location: SW Main St, Tigard
Description: Tortoise shell kitten, about 4months- 9 months old. Female, about 6-8 pounds. Came scampering into my work on Saturday morning. Please contact me if she is yours!
Posted by:   415-497-3025    at: Mon Oct 13 2014 22:00:56 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 10/08/2014
Location: Rock Creek near 172nd and Sunnyside. East side Happy Valley / Clackamas.
Description: Dark grey/brown/black on top, with white tux and belly and white toes. Long hair. Similar to Maine Coon but smaller.
Posted by:   5033678202    at: Sun Oct 12 2014 19:53:09 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 10-09-14
Location: Gresham, Oregon
Description: Torti- short hair Small for a full size cat.
Posted by:   5414973224    at: Sun Oct 12 2014 17:08:35 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 10/05/14
Location: garden home area
Description: Tiger striped male adult cat. Fluffy with one tipped ear (he was a feral kitten). His name is Seymour but will answer to "kitty". New to the area- please help.
Posted by:   617.967.0323    at: Sat Oct 11 2014 17:04:14 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 10/10/14
Location: SE Grant St and 26th
Description: Small, 5lb, black and white cornish rex. Short curly fur, and big ears and yellow eyes.
Posted by:   323-697-4581    at: Sat Oct 11 2014 00:28:25 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 10/10/2014
Location: Happy Valley 152nd & Alta Vista Dr
Description: Cat Found: Siamese or Himalayan mix, Female, approx 2 years or more of age with either green or light brown eyes. Friendly and likes to lick when nervous.
Posted by:   503-816-5276    at: Fri Oct 10 2014 18:04:16 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 10/08/2014
Location: Happy Valley, Oregon. Evening Star Drive
Description: Male, large, 13 pound, Black and Tan circular striped cat - unusual markings. Very sweet, timid. Name is Leo. Collar had name and number but may have come off.
Posted by:   5037013361    at: Thu Oct 09 2014 20:32:07 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 10/05/14
Location: NW Portland, Hillside neighborhood
Description: Spayed female, brown tortie, Maine Coon mix, longish hair, left ear clipped, orange stripe on nose, about 9 years old, maybe wearing pink collar, microchip
Posted by:   503-577-2142    at: Thu Oct 09 2014 20:34:42 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 08/01/14
Location: Clackamas
Description: Very sweet small cat approximately 1 year old. He is a spiral Tabby very unusual markings with a purple flea collar along with a black collar with a bell attached. He doesn't seem to like other cats but very people friendly if he belongs to you please respond winter is coming and I am sure he would like to go home. Thank you
Posted by:   5034198313    at: Thu Oct 09 2014 19:47:04 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 10/08/14 HAPPPY ENDING – (from a 10/11 email) "He has been found and safely returned."
Location: Tigard, Or. 135th ave and Walnut st.
Description: Coco is a large kitty, around 14 lbs. He has green eyes and is a dusty tan colored tabby with black stripes, his tummy is a dirty white color with spots. He's 5 years old and is neutered but you can't really tell by looking. He's skittish at first but then instantly super friendly. He has a unique habit of licking just about everything. When he gets excited or is about to jump, the tip of his tail rattles and when he meows he usually sounds like he has a dry throat.

Cat LOST 10/3/2014
Location: 91st and SW North Dakota in Tigard, OR
Description: Medium sized fluffy light gray female cat. She has a kitten face with a big belly.
Posted by:   5417400095    at: Tue Oct 07 2014 18:59:22 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 10/03/14
Location: near 127th Ave. & SW Karen St., Tigard by Summer Lake area
Description: Beautiful dark tabby cat w/ white face, paws, legs variegated- Long dark tail. Small stature - Declawed, NOT micro-chipped. At first all thought she was 1 yr. old or less, but vet tech says teeth show about 10 yrs. old! No spay scars found. Found emaciated and dehydrated but getting well now. Very gentle and tries to come into house- but she is in jeopardy from racoons and coyotes here. I'm NOT able to assimilate her due to a bully cat with claws living here. Must find home before it gets cold!
Posted by:   707-318-4830    at: Tue Oct 07 2014 00:08:03 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 10/05/14
Location: SW Scholls Ferry and SW Allen
Description: Female Bengal stripes and spots, 8.5 lbs, loud meow, 6 yrs old
Posted by:   9712250725    at: Mon Oct 06 2014 19:02:31 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat SIGHTED 10-02-14
Location: Lakeview Oregon area
Description: Orange and white, short haired striped cat. Pretty young and thin. Green eyes. No collar. Very friendly. I believe it was a male. I had two dogs with me and no further transport, but I believe he was either dumped or lost. I can't stop thinking about him. Awesome personality and I believe he would come to any person in the area since he approached my dog. I will send pics if you email, and I can give you a specific location where I saw him.
Posted by:       at: Sat Oct 04 2014 21:13:19 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 10/2/2014
Location: VooDoo Doughnuts at 3rd & Burnside, Portland, OR 97204
Description: Medium hair tabby, female, spayed with tag that reads "Scrambles".
Posted by:   501-454-8500    at: Thu Oct 02 2014 18:27:09 GMT-0500 (Central Standard Time)

Cat LOST 09/29/14
Location: Hillsdale, OR
Description: Male, large, somewhat plump orange tabby with darker orange striping and whitish face. Orange eyes, similar color to fur. Very high-pitched voice, like a kitten. Fearful when in unknown surroundings. Responds to the name Alphonse. May be injured from a fall.
Posted by:   408-891-1224    at: Mon Sep 29 2014 21:19:18 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 09/27/14
Location: Milwaukie, the bluffs apartments
Description: medium cat that is white with black spots and a raccoon black striped tail. very shy but friendly when approached slowly.
Posted by:   5033416932    at: Sun Sep 28 2014 18:47:07 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 09/25/2014
Location: SE 141st Ave & SE Main ST, Portland OR
Description: Female cat. Short-hair, striped tabby (mostly grey & black with some white 7 tan. She has thin white lines around her eyes and a little white chin). Small, ~7 pounds. She is about 4 1/2 years old. Spayed. Microchipped. Was not wearing a collar. Her name is Baby. She is friendly & cuddly, but will express attitude. She is an indoor/outdoor cat that comes home every day. However she did not come home on Thursday, 9/25, and we haven't seen her since. We would appreciate anyone letting us know if they've seen her!
Posted by:   503.381.8301    at: Sun Sep 28 2014 14:19:11 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

TWO Cats LOST 9/27/14 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 9/28 email) " One of them came home last night and I found the other one tonight."
Location: Kerns Neighborhood, NE Everett & NE 22nd
Description: Two cats. One is a 4 year old male brown tabby with a long tail and green eyes and white chin, weighs about 14 pounds. The other is a small grey 3 year old female with gold eyes who is very vocal and weighs about 8 pounds. They are indoor only cats who are not familiar with the outdoors. They are not wearing collars and not micro chipped. Hopefully they are sticking together but might be separated.

Cat LOST 09/26/14
Location: The Greens in Newberg,OR.
Description: Black and White tuxedo cat. Yellow eyes. short hair. Small in size. Looks like a kitten, but is 6 yrs old
Posted by:   5035377005    at: Fri Sep 26 2014 23:40:41 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND 9/20/14
Location: High Prairie/Lyle, WA
Description: Siamese, female, declawed. Very thin.
Posted by:   509-365-0040    at: Sun Sep 21 2014 10:40:48 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 9/05/2014
Location: tanasbourne by bed bath and beyond in the sunset crossing apartments
Description: orange tabby with white on paws and a white belly. athletic build and very healthy. didn't have a collar when he was lost.
Posted by:   208-409-7506    at: Sat Sep 20 2014 11:59:28 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 9/15/2014
Location: SE 60th Ave and Ash St.
Description: Missing 3 year old female tabby named "Eames". Last seen at SE 60th Ave and Ash St. Not wearing collar. I will offer reward! Cat has white paws, white chest and a medium tail with pointy end.
Posted by:   9497023000    at: Fri Sep 19 2014 15:18:30 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 9/16/14
Location: Cinetopia Progress Ridge Area/Tigard-Beaverton; SW Brianne Way @ SW Rountree/Menlor
Description: Large male orange tabby, 19.2 lbs, neutered, microchipped
Posted by:   5037813746    at: Fri Sep 19 2014 15:22:44 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 12/17/14
Location: Washington/Mult Co border. NW McDaniel/NW Thompson Road. Portland/Cedar Mills
Description: Male neutered cat, no chip or collar. Black tuxedo. White socks, white chin, thin white stripe on nose. Chest and belly white patches are not huge. He has a skin tab/growth on the inside base of his right ear. He is very friendly with both adults and children, loves rubbing, being on laps and head butting.
Posted by:   971-371-2938    at: Fri Sep 19 2014 08:37:56 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 09/2014
Location: N. Portland | Piedmont area
Description: 6 yr old male grey with light grey "swirls" Medium to small. Super friendly, doesn't like to be held much tho. Yellow eyes. Goes by the name Miles or Dr. Pickles. My 10 month old yellow lab puppy is his best friend and he is very loved by his owners.
Posted by:   443.989.5387    at: Thu Sep 18 2014 19:07:44 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 09/13/14
Location: SE Portland (102nd/Burnside)
Description: Name: Amber. Female, approx. 6 yrs old, long hair orange w/ white underside (from chin to tip of tail), fluffy erect 3/4 tail with kink at end, long hairs coming out of ears, and some black skin on gums. She is microchipped.
Posted by:   971-645-9463    at: Wed Sep 17 2014 16:35:25 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 09/11/14
Location: Canby/Molalla
Description: Adult male brown tabby, neutered, 10lbs. He is a very friendly, well mannered, indoor cat. He wandered into my home Thursday evening 9/11 and has not gone back outside. It is very evident he was someones lap buddy.
Posted by:       at: Tue Sep 16 2014 21:19:15 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat SIGHTED 01/08/14-present
Location: Lake Oswego
Description: No collar, bobbed tail, skittish
Posted by:       at: Tue Sep 16 2014 16:50:53 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 9/8/14
Location: Beaverton between Denny, Allen and Lombard
Description: All gray neutered male cat with micro-chip and purple collar at time he was last seen. His most distinctive feature is his comma shaped tail. He is friendly and curious and we really miss him. Dizzy is his name and there is a reward if he is safely returned.
Posted by:   503-939-2726    at: Mon Sep 15 2014 18:19:30 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 8/26/14
Location: Harrison and Hwy224, Milwaukee
Description: Gray and black tiger striped Maine Coon mix, about 6 or 7 years old. Chipped. Male neutered.
Posted by: Melissa Flowerdew   5032608103    at: Mon Sep 15 2014 16:46:57 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 09/10/14
Location: se portland, near 162nd and powell
Description: *Her name is Smokey *Female *senior (about 10 years old) *medium/lrg *no collar *She has a dilute/blue tortie fur pattern -thats light gray/dark gray/cream with light brown and black nose
Posted by:       at: Mon Sep 15 2014 08:23:57 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 09/08/14
Location: Cervantes Circle, Lake Oswego
Description: Her name is Cookie and she had no collar on. She is a very sweet Calico(Orange, Black, White) cat with a 3 inch tail. I'm thinking that someone might have taken her in because they thought she was a stray. If you have any information, please contact me. There is a $100 reward for her safe return. My daughter and I desperately want her home as well as Cookie's brother and sister!!!
Posted by:   5039893470    at: Sat Sep 13 2014 13:25:13 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 09/03/2014
Location: 8140 SE Jennings Avenue Milwaukie, OR x st: Webster Road
Description: Large male black striped tabby with white stomach and feet. Wearing collar and name tag, named Jamison. Last seen in backyard of family home. Very friendly and loves to eat! Please call 503-680-8715 if you see him. Thank you!
Posted by:   503-680-8715    at: Fri Sep 12 15:51:02 PDT 2014

Cat LOST 09/09/14
Location: Raliegh Hills/West Slope
Description: $100 reward!! Lost: Large male Siamese cat, mostly dark brown, neutered, has a tail that curls over his back. He is an indoor cat not used to being outdoors. He is normally very friendly.
Posted by:   503 880 6898    at: Thu Sep 11 2014 09:10:46 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 09/01/14
Location: hazel dell/vancouver wa
Description: Grey "Russian Blue" cat, 7 year old male, fixed, still has his front claws, pink pads, kinda chubby, green eyes, a notch on each ear (especially his right ear near the top), has a very distinct meow sound as if he is calling out "mom". very friendly. did not have his collar on when he got out. misses his mommy. To contact me by email click on my name below.
Posted by:       at: Thu Sep 11 2014 03:04:58 GMT+0900

Cat LOST 09/06/14
Location: Eagle Creek OR
Description: Sage is an adult male, neutered, with long grey hair, white chest and white paws. He was last seen on our 3 acres. He loves to hunt and he frequents fields. He is wearing a leather collar w/name and phone #, a bell, and a Loc8tor. Please help me find him. He's my soulmate.
Posted by:   503-799-3174 503-804-0199    at: Wed Sep 10 2014 10:13:22 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST July 2014
Location: north Las Vegas NV
Description: COLOR: all white cat EYECOLOR: orange(R) and blue(L) AGE: 3yrs old DESCRIPTION: neutered , skittish but friendly. accompanied possibly by a spayed female black cat w/ leopard print collar. had on blue or red collar.
Posted by:   (702)294-3971 (702)475-3875    at: Mon Sep 08 2014 16:05:25 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 06/26/2014
Location: Chemult, Oregon
Description: Female 16 years calico (brown/black/red/white) big for being a female beautiful, wonderful personality Last seen June 26, 2014 Budget Inn Motel Chemult, Oregon
Posted by:   415 515 8749    at: Sun Sep 07 2014 15:11:52 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 9/7/2014
Location: SE Foster Near 76th
Description: Found a Grey cat, with a white spot across its nose. It has flecks of light orange and white on its face/body. Freckeled eyes. Was wearing a shiney purple collar. Very very skinny, looks like it has been lost for some time if not, abandoned. Is this your fur baby?
Posted by:   5035539319    at: Sun Sep 7 13:07:12 PDT 2014

Cat LOST 09/03/14
Location: aloha
Description: 1 year old, neutered male. black and white. green eyes. Tiny kink at the end of his tail. very, very friendly and sweet. he will walk up to strangers. we love him very much. any help appreciated. he is microchipped.
Posted by:       at: Sat Sep 06 2014 13:15:41 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 08/29/14
Location: Eagle Creek
Description: Female Persian, appears to be young adult. Please provide your pictures or description to claim. No microchip. Thank you.
Posted by:       at: Fri Sep 05 2014 19:18:05 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 7/1/14
Location: Vose Elementary School (Beaverton)
Description: In early July our young three-legged tabby disappeared. Lexi is one-and-a-half years old, has three legs and a stubby tail. She is chipped and was wearing a pink collar. Please help us find her.
Posted by:   5038885048    at: Fri Sep 05 2014 18:47:25 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 9-1-14
Location: Se 78th and franklin
Description: He is a long haired tabby mane coon mix. He is super fluffy, pointed ears and a lovely long tail that's super fflufy. He is orange and white, mainly orange with white accents on his throat and belly. He is somewhat chubby, his belly is round. He had an identical brother just he is more slim. I am worried he was trapped somewhere and either can't get out or someone turned him over. He's very loving and loves attention but is wary of strangers.
Posted by:   7073919320    at: Fri Sep 05 2014 15:19:46 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 01/09/14
Location: 11825 SW Turnstone AVE, Beaverton, OR, 97007
Description: Grey and white tabby short hair. Incredibly soft grey fur on top and white fur on underside and legs Microchip number 982009106036626 Yellow eyes Pink nose Has had a cut on her head just inside her left ear
Posted by:   2068162016    at: Thu Sep 04 2014 01:26:53 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 08/04/2014
Location: near downtown Sherwood, OR
Description: adult male, pale colored, flame point Siamese with blue eyes. Unneutered. Have been feeding him, trying to get him to trust me, and he is now extremely affectionate. Was definitely someone's pet.
Posted by:   503-314-6665    at: Wed Sep 03 2014 15:47:11 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 08/30/14
Location: wilsonville behind red robin
Description: fluffy black Tuxedo cat named Tux, black fur, with white paws and a tiny dot on his lip of white. bright green eyes, very friendly comes from our family with 6 kids, and we are all heartbroken!! PLEASE CALL US!
Posted by:   5038585413    at: Tue Sep 02 2014 17:10:01 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 08/30/14
Location: SE Spokane and SE 9th, Sellwood
Description: Gray tabby with green eyes and blue collar. Very skittish, never outside before, probably hiding. Named ARTHUR, contact info on his collar. Microchipped. 971-404-1047
Posted by:   97149041047    at: Sun Aug 31 2014 14:03:35 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND 08/30/2014
Location: Sunnybrook and 93rd ave
Description: Domestic Long Haired Male mostly white with a little peach coloring on face. Very friendly.
Posted by:   9716458319    at: Sun Aug 31 2014 07:51:08 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 8/30/14
Location: Garden Home/Tigard
Description: 5 (?) month old grey male kitten. Very loving and socialized. Tell me the color of his markings and eyes and I'll know you're legit.
Posted by:   4087683693    at: Sat Aug 30 2014 18:17:43 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 07/30/14
Location: Wilsonville (Wilsonville Rd & Ashland Dr)
Description: Adult male orange tabby cat. He is about 10 yrs old & neutered. Responds to name "Leo". He is very friendly but has never been outside. He is slightly on the chubby side. He is not wearing a collar. If found or seen PLEASE call. I am heart broken.
Posted by:   520-631-1419    at: Sat Aug 30 14:56:19 PDT 2014

Cat LOST 08/28/2014
Location: Portland, Oregon (specifically Cedar Mill/Cedar Hills Blvd)
Description: My 4 year old neutered orange tabby, Max, is missing! He escaped on August 28, 2014. We live in Cedar Mill, but he could be anywhere! He can be skittish or loving; depends on the mood and he may not come to his name. Please call me if you think you may have him or seen him!
Posted by:   832-221-7433    at: Sat Aug 30 2014 14:28:06 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 08/16/14 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 11/6/14 email) " Phoebe has been found. She came home on her own this morning (11-6-14)."
Location: Morgan St. and Landover Dr. (near Frog Pond Church)
Description: Phoebe is medium-sized (9 lbs.) with fluffy black fur. She was wearing a pink reflective collar and she is microchipped.

Cat LOST 08/12/14
Location: SE 32nd Place and Grant
Description: Hussy is an orange, brown and black tortoise shell/tabby with a white chin and feet, pink nose and green eyes. She has medium length fur and is about 9lbs. She is spayed and about 10 years old.
Posted by:   5037500321    at: Sat Aug 30 2014 13:44:11 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/19/2014
Location: Henrici/ Oregon City
Description: Lost cat Her name is Cammie and she is 10 years old. She has a tiger strip face and lags and paws with camo body. Medium long hair and is about 10 pounds. She is a tabby mixed with brown, gray, tan, white, and some orange colorings. She was lost 07/19/2014 is a inside outside cat and had a blue id tag on a collar.
Posted by:   503 6790702    at: Sat Aug 30 2014 10:15:39 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 8/24/14
Location: Tualatin
Description: Short haired, grey and white, neutered male, microchipped.
Posted by:   9713447144    at: Fri Aug 29 11:14:27 PDT 2014

Cat LOST 08/25/2014
Location: 17th Avenue and Bybee Blvd.
Description: Siamese-tortie mix with pale blue eyes, ash-color tortie markings on back and tail, dominant color is white. She is a charming little strutter. Her facial markings look like a cat wearing messy mascara, with faint areas of orange. She has a small build and a big personality. She does not generally approach people or cars.
Posted by:   971 200 0745    at: Fri Aug 29 2014 01:13:49 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 08-25-2014
Location: N.Killingsworth and N. Interstate
Description: Maine Coon Mix, blonde with very bushy tail. Friendly indoor/outdoor cat, likes dogs.
Posted by:   (352)262-4009    at: Thu Aug 28 2014 11:26:41 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 8/27/14
Location: Happy Valley around the park
Description: orange and white long haired cat. Has 6 toes and answers the henry
Posted by:   5034755979    at: Thu Aug 28 2014 11:17:36 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 08/24/2014
Location: SE 34th and SE Grant st in Portland
Description: Our cat is missing. Her name is kitay, she is a large, medium haired Calico/Tabby mix (Orange, black, white and grey) with yellow eyes. She was wearing a red collar with a tag. She is licensed and has a chip. Her vet is located at Laurelhurst Veterinarian. She is a very friendly, indoor/outdoor cat that might have crawled into someone's basement to escape the heat. We miss her!
Posted by:   5037999617    at: Wed Aug 27 2014 17:14:01 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 08/25/14
Location: Washington Square area - Tigard
Description: Lulu was being kitty sat by a friend while I went out of town. She ran out his door and has not been seen since. She is six years old, domestic short hair. She is fixed and is a common looking brown/grey striped tabby. She is very sweet and knows her name well. She escaped from an apartment right behind Washington Square Mall in Tigard. Please contact me right away with any info at all.
Posted by:   541-401-9390    at: Wed Aug 27 2014 16:36:40 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 08/25/14
Location: Hillsdale / Hayhurst neighborhood in SW Portland.
Description: Small, bobbed-tail black and white cat named Louie, with medium to long hair. He's been missing for a few days and we're fearing the worst but if you have seen him please let me know.
Posted by:       at: Wed Aug 27 2014 12:48:15 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 8/21/14
Location: Courtney Ave and Laurie, Oak Grove
Description: Salem is all black with a few white hairs on his chest. He is a very friendly cat who likes to give "kisses" and cuddle up to sleep with people. He sleeps A LOT ! often for 10 hours at a time and is a heavy sleeper. If you see Salem; he will be doing one of 2 things. coming over to you to say hi and get some loves, or he will be curled up in a bush sleeping. Our family misses him, please help him get home :)
Posted by:   5033514713    at: Wed Aug 27 2014 07:00:56 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 08/25/2014
Location: 22 & SE Division Portland
Description: Tabby like grey cat with a LEG CAST on back left leg. maybe siamese/tabby mix. possibly male. strong gaunt like face structure. may be due to lost weight. slightly low hung belly. very defined toes like Egyptian furniture feet.
Posted by:   2065793156    at: Tue Aug 26 2014 21:52:15 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 8/22/2014
Location: 185th/TV Hwy
Description: Brown, gold, black. Very friendly. Belly hangs down in back
Posted by:   4142186205    at: Tue Aug 26 2014 12:49:29 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 8/21/14
Location: Happy valley, between Clackamas and Portland
Description: Black cat, approx 2 years old, with small white mustache, off center. Very friendly, likely hanging out with new friends. 503-816-8123
Posted by:   503-816-8123    at: Mon Aug 25 2014 19:47:56 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 8/22/14
Location: Near Columbia park Lombard and Olin Avenue
Description: Grey and White
Posted by:   503-267-4826    at: Mon Aug 25 2014 18:28:21 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 08/19/14
Location: Westhaven
Description: Small black and white female cat, green eyes. Three black dots on the end of her nose look like a heart. Skittish, but friendly. May be hiding in someone's shed or garage. Has microchip, but no collar. She is probably scared due to the construction happening in the neighborhood.
Posted by:   503-577-8217    at: Sat Aug 23 02:12:55 PDT 2014

Cat FOUND december 2013
Location: my trailar park
Description: he is a white cat with black spots he looks about three years old. he is very friendly.
Posted by:       at: Thu Aug 21 08:45:33 EDT 2014

Cat LOST 8/18/2014
Location: Irving Neighborhood, NE 15th and Freemont
Description: Black long haired cat, very shy, 2 distinctive white whiskers on either side of her face. Slight build, weighs less than 10 lbs.
Posted by:   3146028468    at: Tue Aug 19 2014 07:09:00 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/10/14
Location: Franklin, TN
Description: Missing a black male cat with white patch on tummy and random white hairs scattered over his coat. Very muscular, declawed, and friendly. He does not like to be pet on the back very much, but he's pretty easygoing. Please let me know if you've seen him!
Posted by:   615-807-1799    at: Tue Aug 19 2014 01:09:12 GMT-0500 (CDT)

Cat LOST 08/12/14
Location: Cedar Mill near Shadywood Ln
Description: Large, female, black long haired cat with bushy tail. Has longer grayish hair behind legs and small white patch on chest. Spayed. Ten years old. Red collar with tag.
Posted by:   5034774887    at: Mon Aug 18 2014 15:30:51 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 08/14/2014 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 9/9 email) " Tommy was successfully recovered using a live trap, and is now at home resting and recovering safely."
Location: SE 106th Ave., Portland, OR 97216
Description: Tommy is a neutered male domestic shorthair tabby. He has brown/gray/black striped fur with a spotted belly, blue-green eyes, and a brown nose. He is large, and was a little overweight, although his weight may go down depending on how long he is missing. He is an indoor-only cat, and is extremely timid and nervous. In his home environment, he is very affectionate and non-aggressive; I do not know how he will react in his current situation, but I am pretty sure he will flee if approached. If you spot him, please call or text me immediately, no matter what time of day. He does not have a collar but is microchipped. Thank you.

Cat LOST 8/7/14
Location: Murray and cornell, cedar mill, barnes road
Description: Black DHS cat, male neutered, 3 years old, he is small and slender with small head and face. He has green and yellow eyes, dark colored whiskers. He is timid and nervous, but will come for food.
Posted by:   503-334-8170    at: Mon Aug 18 2014 10:07:09 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 8/15/14
Location: John Olsen and overlook drive. Hillsboro oregon. Veranda apartments
Description: Domestic medium hair. 3 yr old male. Brown, black and gold. Very vocal. May be injured as he escaped through a second story window.
Posted by:   503-739-3952    at: Sun Aug 17 2014 09:04:36 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 12/05/2013
Location: Ramsby rd Molalla
Description: Pet sitter lost my kitty, he could be between Molalla and Milwaukie. Orange and white, neutered with a short tail. Grew up outdoors, feral tenancies misty likely won't approach strangers or slow to warm up. He's nine years old but doesn't look it at all. Reward if found.
Posted by:   9712127846    at: Sun Aug 17 2014 07:20:21 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 08/13/2014
Location: 22nd and SE Tacoma st Sellwood area
Description: Siamese mix, large neutered male. Wearing blue nylon collar with tag
Posted by:   503-753-5351    at: Thu Aug 14 19:06:08 PDT 2014

Cat LOST 8/9/2014
Location: clackamas, 122 and Sunnyside
Description: Tortie, female very friendly, likes to lick, outdoor cat, may have been spooked by remodel. Answers to Tammy. Please help
Posted by:       at: Thu Aug 14 2014 18:47:33 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 08/11/14
Location: Happy Valley; Dundee and Idelman
Description: Grey calico with some white. Female. Friendly until she doesn't want to be loved anymore. She was with us Sunday night while we were on the back deck eating dinner but she did not meow to come in like usual Sunday night and haven't seen her since then. She is about 9 years old.
Posted by:   5033589505    at: Tue Aug 12 20:26:23 PDT 2014

Cat LOST 08/11/14
Location: SE Stephens St. x SE 27th St. 97214
Description: Pinx is our 2-3 year old long hair Norwegian Tabby cat. Black/Brown/Sable/White bib, paws & tummy with a very bushy tail and stripes on her legs & face. She has golden eyes. She was last seen on 8.11.14 at 4:30 am wearing a pink collar with gold moon & stars on it with an ID tag.She is licensed but not wearing her license tag. She does not have a chip. She is friendly and may not run away from strangers. Reward for her safe return.
Posted by:   503-522-7002 text only    at: Tue Aug 12 2014 16:09:14 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 08/04/2014
Location: 185th and Sunset Highway
Description: White and orange male kitten around 3 months old. Very friendly and loving. Potty box trained.
Posted by:       at: Tue Aug 12 2014 11:27:42 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 8/10/14
Location: SW Terwillger & SW Westwood Drive
Description: Shorthair Tabby, mostly black along back, black collar with white reflective strip running down middle. Bertie has a distinctive, high-pitched meow. She is an indoor/outdoor cat, but no sign of her for 2 days.
Posted by:   503-347-5540    at: Tue Aug 12 2014 08:24:30 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 08/11/14
Location: SE 106th Ave & Cherry Blossom Drive, Portland (Mill Park neighborhood: next to OCOM and Harmony Montessori; across the street from East Portland Community Center; behind Plaza 205).
Description: Very young kitten. Domestic Short-hair. Pale Orange/Beige Tabby-ish. Too skittish to be handled to determine gender. No collar, no tags. Assuming too young to be fixed or chipped yet. Some kind of wound on the bridge of its nose.
Posted by:   503-719-9990    at: Tue Aug 12 2014 04:29:56 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 08/09/14
Location: SE 23rd and Hawthorne
Description: Little siamese kitty with grey ears, tail and paws-- white body. Erect ears and long tail. Slender build. Bright blue eyes (not cross-eyed)
Posted by:   (503) 984-4205    at: Mon Aug 11 2014 22:22:09 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 8/10/14 HAPPY ENDING – (from an 8/11 email) "We found her!!! Pepper is home and safe :-)"
Location: 185th and Cornell The Lakes apartment complex
Description: Grey and black tabby with a brown undertone named Pepper. She weighs about 6 pounds. She is a indoor cat that is not comfortable outdoors so is likely hiding/scared. She is friendly and will respond to her name. She is not wearing a collar and is not micro chipped. She has asthma and requires medication during an attack.

Cat LOST july 6,2014
Location: S.E.82nd & S.E. Henderson
Description: DSH nuetered very large male, all black, yellow eyes 1 looked like run in pigment, very friendly 8 yrs old, loves dogs, other animals,,"Midnite" REWARD
Posted by:   971-221-6507    at: Sun Aug 10 2014 12:08:16 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 08/07/2014
Location: SW Council Crest area, Portland Oregon 97239
Description: Small female 9 year old cat. Mostly white and gray markings. Very sweet cat, very affectionate.
Posted by:   9196192424    at: Sat Aug 09 2014 18:16:56 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 08/08/14
Location: Hillsboro
Description: Found a SUPER FRIENDLY black cat, about 5-6 months old. Meows A LOT when in contact with people. No collar :(
Posted by:       at: Sat Aug 09 2014 00:26:06 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 08/04/14
Location: Charbonneau
Description: Lost: orange and white long hair male "Barley" was wearing a collar with name and contact info
Posted by:       at: Fri Aug 8 08:23:38 PDT 2014

Cat LOST 8/1/2014
Location: West Slope area, Beaverton
Description: Indoor/outdoor tuxedo black and white cat disappeared West Slope Apartments near 87th and Canyon in Beaverton. White chin and chest, white diamond between eyes. If you're in the area and have her in your house, please just let her out and she will come home.
Posted by:   971-222-5228    at: Tue Aug 05 2014 15:50:55 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/21/14
Location: Tualatin, OR
Description: Black female cat. Has long black tail, green eyes, balding spot on the hind quarters, really long claws. Last seen near Tualatin High School.
Posted by:   541.300.0231    at: Mon Aug 04 2014 17:25:14 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 8/4/14
Location: Se 108th near Holgate
Description: Black Male kitten with white leg and white spot on face/neck. Only 3 months old, no collar
Posted by:   5034492806    at: Mon Aug 04 2014 15:48:10 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 7/31/2014
Location: 16124 SW Kimball St. Lake Oswego Oregon 97035
Description: Female cat named Gizmo last seen at 10pm last night. She ran outside and has not returned which is unlike her. She is a bit skittish. The house is on Kimball st. in Lake Oswego (Lake Grove area) near Washington court. Please let me know if you've seen her. Thank you.
Posted by:   9712353880    at: Fri Aug 01 2014 19:54:29 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 07/26/14
Location: corner of NE Airpark Way and Piper Cub Newberg, OR
Description: Sophie is a female Maine Coon cat. She is striped grey, dark grey with some gold on face and nose, green eyes. She is not wearing a collar.
Posted by:   503 484-3623    at: Mon Jul 28 2014 18:05:05 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 7/26/14
Location: 35th avenue & killingsworth st, portland
Description: our black and white tuxedo cat got out of the house on friday night (7/25/14). we spotted him in our yard on saturday (7/26/14), but he ran away when he saw our dog. his name is Malcolm, but also goes my "Mr. Kitty". he is black with white underneath, white on his chin and additionally the toes of his front paws and half of his back paws. his tail is injured and there is a piece missing. he also has a watery eye.
Posted by:       at: Mon Jul 28 2014 10:35:12 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat SIGHTED 7/16/24
Location: 142nd Ave. Vancouver
Description: Shy black tuxedo Stray? Has been here for weeks under our deck. Shows up each am. and pm. wanting food.
Posted by:       at: Sun Jul 27 2014 19:59:19 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat SIGHTED 7/16/24
Location: 142nd Ave. Vancouver
Description: Shy black tuxedo Stray? Has been here for weeks under our deck. Shows up each am. and pm. wanting food.
Posted by:       at: Sun Jul 27 2014 14:40:48 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/24/2014
Location: Mulino, OR
Description: LOST CAT! She is a Siamese mix, shorthair, has mostly WHITISH FUR, with GRAY FACE, LEGS & TAIL, DARK EARS, and BLUE EYES. Female cat, named "Buster." Unfortunately, she does not have a collar, tags, or microchip. If SEEN, PLEASE call as soon as possible. If no one answers, please, please, please be kind enough to leave a message stating when and where you saw her; please also leave contact info so I can return your call as soon as possible in case I have any questions about the location. Or respond by email, if you prefer. Buster is very advanced in age; her humans are very worried about her. Her home is on South Big Rock Loop, in Mulino, OR 97042 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!
Posted by:   503-632-6300    at: Sun Jul 27 2014 10:34:34 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 6/21/14
Location: Around NW Bethany road
Description: She is a pretty tabby that is mostly a light gray cat and has spots of white, brown, and a tannish color. She is wearing a black, purple, and white rainbow loom collar as well as a yellow flea collar. Her name is Josie and my family extremely misses her.
Posted by:   503-708-4700    at: Mon Jul 28 2014 19:04:44 GMT+0700 (WIB)

Cat LOST 7/22/14
Location: Southwood City Park near Westlake Drive
Description: Cat's name is Manny Black and white Tuxedo 5 years old, Male, 20 lbs, Yellow eyes Possibly hiding and Scared
Posted by:   503-620-2172    at: Sat Jul 26 2014 12:24:14 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 07/23/2014
Location: Happy valley Eagles landing
Description: 2 year old Brown tabby with green tattoo in left ear. Friendly, but may be apprehensive with strangers
Posted by:   971-222-6918    at: Fri Jul 25 2014 22:48:55 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/23/2014
Location: Happy valley Eagles landing
Description: 2 year old Brown tabby with green tattoo in left ear. Friendly, but may be apprehensive with strangers
Posted by:   971-222-6918    at: Fri Jul 25 2014 22:48:55 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 07/25/2014
Location: West Linn (Valley View Dr)
Description: Very sweet mostly gray cat found. Declawed and neutered, middle aged, very affectionate. Cat has an upper respiratory infection and may need immediate care.
Posted by:   5033058048    at: Fri Jul 25 2014 20:47:10 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 7/22/14 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 7/25 email) "Good News! She came back! She's almost all grey now, but home safe."
Location: SW 85th Ave. & Durham Rd. behind Tigard High School
Description: Her name is Kitty, and she is white with large grey spots, and 6 toes! She has a collar with a bell on it. She is friendly and approachable to most people, and fairly vocal. She is not accustomed to being outdoors and is most likely quite scared.

Cat LOST 07/20/14 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 7/25 email) "Harvey was found yesterday down the street!"
Location: 6th & Erickson Beaverton, OR 97005 (by Beaverton High)
Description: Black and White male. Erect ears that are pink interior and white tips, black on backside. Large, 7 years old. Black, long tail. Neutered. Scrotum is half black, half white. High pitched meow. My missing cat's name is HARVEY. He also responds to BUBBIES and the shaking of a treats bag

Cat LOST 7/19/2014
Location: Boring, OR Kelso rd x Amsigger rd
Description: 10 year old neutered male cat named George. He is a grey and black tabby cat, short hair, long tail, 12-14lbs, no collar or chip. He is an indoor/outdoor cat.
Posted by:   503-449-7655    at: Wed Jul 23 2014 16:01:00 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/23/2014
Location: 2855 Southeast 97th Avenue I-205 at Sunnyside Road, Exit # 14 Clackamas OR 97015
Description: Small, female,all white cat with green eyes. She has one clipped ear.
Posted by:   360-773-7174    at: Wed Jul 23 2014 14:31:43 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 07/15/14
Location: Cedar Hills, OR
Description: Female Siamese, has beautiful blue eyes and long tail. Responds to her name (Andromeda) or her brother's name, (Boomer). Also responds to "little girl" and "little pretty." Can't meow; it comes out raspy, but can squeak and chirp. She's wearing a blue/green flea collar but not her ID tag and has a microchip but I don't remember the number and haven't registered it. She was last seen in our apartment complex on Barnes and Saltzman.
Posted by:   971-409-0427    at: Mon Jul 21 2014 10:52:57 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 07/14/14
Location: SW Lombard & 7th Street, Beaverton (near the library)
Description: Black with grey undercoat (smoke); black collar with bell- no tags; not chipped; skin condition on her backside (dermatitis); female, spayed, 13 years old; name is Kiddo, but goes by/answers to "Mama"; last seen around 2 am Monday, July 14th.
Posted by:   360 977-4006    at: Sat Jul 19 2014 13:06:56 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/16/2014
Location: Sandy, Oregon, between Village Blvd and Hwy 211
Description: Lost Siamese Male Cat (Bing) He comes by the name of Bing, ( He knows his name very well), or the call of kitty, kitty. He has Beautiful Blue Eyes, and was wearing a purple flea color; he also is neutered. He became missing on Wednesday 07-16-2014, between Hwy 211 and Village Blvd, Sandy, Oregon. He is a Polydactyl, this means his paws in front have six toes. Or this is called "mitten paws."
Posted by:   503-805-9502    at: Fri Jul 18 2014 15:14:33 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 7-15-2014
Location: 182nd Ave and Heritage Loop in Aloha Oregon
Description: OREO is a fixed male cat black and white in color yellow eyes long white whiskers he has 2 white dots under his nose and also 4 white paws. He has a microchip and he takes medication for his low thyroid. He is 13 years old he weighs 12 pounds and is a big cat with long legs he is really stiff when being held. He tends to be very vocal when talked to
Posted by:   5035220648    at: Thu Jul 17 2014 20:58:56 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/10/14
Location: Jackson Middle School. SW Portland
Description: 3 year old med/long hair buff colored neutered male with subtle tabby markings and golden eyes. Has chip. Very friendly. Reward 503-575-8019
Posted by:   5035758019    at: Tue Jul 15 2014 22:42:24 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 7/15/2014 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 7/15 email) "Thankfully, my kitty came home tonight on her own!"
Location: NE 69th and Multnomah
Description: Small (~7 pound) tricolor cat (white, orange, brown/grey). White bib, splotch of colors on her legs. Name of Canchita. May be skittish. Left home morning of 7/15, usually an entirely indoor cat.

Cat LOST 07/10/2014
Location: Gresham, off 28nd and chase/orient Rd
Description: Long Haired Orange Cat Maine Coon LIke, Very friendly and might just come in your house. His name is Garfield and his family misses him. He likes to hunt and may have got distracted chasing something.
Posted by:   5039705655    at: Tue Jul 15 14:12:13 PDT 2014

Cat LOST 07/12/14
Location: Highland Hills area of Beaverton
Description: Zach is a large male orange tabby cat. He is microchipped, but his collar came off so he wasn't wearing one. He was last seen on 136th Ave, a few blocks south of Hart Rd. He's a little bit shy.
Posted by:   503-515-2957    at: Mon Jul 14 2014 23:37:58 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 7/9/2014 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 7/14 email) "...owner was found. Happy ending for this kitty. :)"
Location: 45th and Julia, SW Portland (Bridlemile)
Description: 1-2 yr old male short-hair tuxedo, yellow eyes. Very friendly and well mannered. Plays with dead mice. No mirco-chip. :(

Cat LOST 07/12/11
Location: Anywhere
Description: Senior brown/black tabby. About 12+ years old. Missing for 3 years. Could be anywhere. White dot on the end of his nose, varying degrees of white on all four paws. Yellow-green. almond-shaped eyes, one pupil focuses off-center. Shy but loving when he feels safe with people. Was adopted from the Humane Society in Portland, OR in 2001. Microchipped, but may be registered as "Romeo" by the Humane society or "Hamish" by us. If you have seen him please let us know. He is much loved and missed.
Posted by:       at: Sun Jul 13 2014 01:28:49 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 06/30/2014
Location: West Linn--Salamo and Weatherhill Road
Description: Adult Orange tabby type--with white on chest. Seems friendly but scared...fairly thin. Has been eating well as I have been feeding and watering him. Actually, not sure if it is a male or female. Would love to find this guys family. Please email or call me if you think this is your cat.
Posted by:   503-780-2575    at: Sat Jul 12 2014 23:26:08 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 7/11/14
Location: Cedaroak area of West Linn
Description: Grey, fluffy male cat named Steel. His collar came off and was found by a neighbor. He does have a microchip. He's cautious but friendly.
Posted by:   503-703-1388    at: Sat Jul 12 2014 22:27:36 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 07/08/14
Location: Seaside, OR
Description: Orange Male cat, no collar
Posted by:       at: Sat Jul 12 2014 22:10:39 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 7/11/2014
Location: 2384 Julia goldbach ave ronkonkoma
Description: Black and white.....white paws nose half black and half white...he has a combination of a tuxedo.. Please we just moved here like 4 months and my kids and myself would really like to have him back home...thank you
Posted by:   5163134733    at: Fri Jul 11 2014 20:34:38 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Cat LOST 04/30/14
Location: Hillsboro/Tanasbourne area Cornell Road
Description: We lost our grey/black tabby cat. She is petite(about 9lbs)Short hair. Very sweet and a little shy.
Posted by:   541 979-8184    at: Fri Jul 11 2014 16:07:45 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 7/6/2014
Location: Oak grove/milwaukie
Description: Lost my baby girl Kierra. She just recently became an outside cat so she's not completely used to the outdoors. Please help me find her. The easiest way to know it's her is she has 6 toes on her front paws. She's white gray and black with light orange stripes. Thanks.
Posted by:       at: Fri Jul 11 2014 08:43:21 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 07/09/14
Location: SE 20th and Harrison
Description: Adult male cat with amber eyes and grey/black fur with some stripes, very friendly. No collar but clearly not a stray.
Posted by:       at: Wed Jul 09 2014 22:55:22 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 7/5/2014
Location: SW Portland/Bridlemile
Description: Huck is a one year old tabby with yellow/green eyes. He is grey with black stripes and a white underbelly and paws. One of his identifying features is a brown smudge on the right side of his nose, where his whiskers are. Please contact with any information! Kate
Posted by:   503-706-6630    at: Tue Jul 08 2014 10:55:27 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 07/07/2014
Location: Beaverton, Oregon
Description: Short-haired brown/gray tabby cat, with white bib and green eyes, looks like a male that is well fed and healthy looking. He/she has been in our backyard the past few nights and seems hungry.
Posted by:   503-702-3321    at: Tue Jul 08 2014 10:09:59 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND you tell me when you last saw your kitten
Location: SE Harold and 128th
Description: Little Grey and White Kitten. VERY friendly--this kitten has a human somewhere--she is sweet and used to people
Posted by:   503-446-0935 OR 503-752-9582    at: Mon Jul 07 2014 14:17:33 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 7/7/14
Location: Montclair Neighborhood, SW Portland
Description: Small, skinny, medium hair, Tuxedo Cat, approx. 5lbs, black head and black body with white chest and white paws, green eyes, no collar.
Posted by:   408-835-3961    at: Mon Jul 07 2014 13:51:56 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 7-6-14
Location: Sw Portland 10700 sw 42 nd
Description: Just shaved him all but his paws grey in color. Reward if found call me please 971-400-2920
Posted by:   9714002920    at: Mon Jul 07 2014 07:35:48 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 07/04/14
Location: Happy Valley, near the top of Mt. Scott golf course.
Description: Male cat found - looks like orange/black tabby. Distinctive markings. Green eyes. Neighbor found him inside their house earlier in the evening, then was wandering the neighborhood looking lost at dusk when fireworks were going off so we brought him in so he wouldn't get hurt. No collar/tags.
Posted by:   971.998.8500    at: Sun Jul 06 2014 15:25:31 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/02/2014
Location: 153rd Ave Beaverton
Description: Buff colored long haired older male cat has been declawed on front paws was wearing blue collar, likes to go into garages and under houses may be stuck
Posted by:   5035211579    at: Thu Jul 03 2014 10:08:45 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 6/17/14
Location: Beaverton 178th and Agusta
Description: Gray, 4 White paws, White Chest. Short hair, neutered, male. Microchipped. Almost 2 yrs old. Please return if you have him and/or thought maybe he was your cat. There are a few cats around who look similar. Reward. He has a very distinct kink in the end of his tail but you can't see it, only feel it.
Posted by:   206-963-2122    at: Mon Jun 30 2014 21:56:53 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 6/11/2014
Location: Singing Woods, Hillsboro, OR
Description: Small Calico/Persian long hair female about 7 years old. She never came home one night in early June.
Posted by:       at: Sat Jun 28 2014 23:45:51 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 06-28-2014
Location: NE 29th and Killingsworth
Description: Fluffy White brown and gray medium sized cat.
Posted by:   5034386504    at: Sat Jun 28 2014 08:07:03 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 5/18/2014
Location: Happy valley
Description: We have lost two cats. The first one was gone last month : a little white mixed with grey and black kitten with blue eyes. She's 8-10 months old. The second cat is long , skinny, with a mix of sand, white and orange. She has white mittens and yellowish eyes. She is a little over a year old.
Posted by:   5038103917    at: Fri Jun 27 2014 21:55:35 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 06/21/14
Location: Portland, OR (9th & Linn St. in Sellwood)
Description: Our friendly 13 year old spayed female dilute calico (gray/white/orange) Mike never came home one night and that is unusual. Please help bring our family kitty home.
Posted by:       at: Fri Jun 27 2014 21:27:30 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 06/20/14
Location: SE 30th and yamhill
Description: Female domestic shorthair tabby. Green eyes. Brown with black stripes. Pink nose rimmed in black. Black footpads. White on muzzle. Notched pinky toe on front paw (right I believe) with claw that doesn't retract. Golden brown belly. 7 years old, spayed. Please help me find her! I am devastated! Reward for information leading to her return home.
Posted by:   5413249464    at: Thu Jun 26 2014 21:31:46 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 06/20/14
Location: Hillsboro, SE 71st Ave and Ariel
Description: Hairy is a big short hair Siamese, 13 years old. VERY friendly. likes to follow people. has some swelling around eye lids. Super mellow personality. There were a lot of garage sales last weekend and I think someone may have taken him home. not chipped, no collar.
Posted by:   503-888-0537    at: Wed Jun 25 2014 22:09:57 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 06/20/2014
Location: Richardson tx
Description: I am looking for my calico kitty. She is small and almost 2. I hope someone can help me find her
Posted by:   2145334971    at: Wed Jun 25 2014 23:55:52 GMT-0500 (CDT)

Cat LOST 06/24/14
Location: NE Fremont & NE 43rd
Description: Our super sweet cat was last seen on NE 43rd Ave between NE Fremont and NE Beech on 6/24/14 at 1pm. Her name is Harley. She is very friendly and very chatty. She is a tortoise shell cat, a creamy low swinging belly, about 8 pounds. She is 9 years old. She has a red collar with a silver hexagon tag that has her name and our phone numbers. We are so worried about her! Please let us know if you have seen her or know anything about her whereabouts!!! Please call us, she needs her kidney medicine!! Alisha, 541-542-9122 Jacqueline, 410-458-4460
Posted by:   5415439122    at: Wed Jun 25 2014 19:22:17 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 06/11/14
Location: Wilsonville
Description: Long hair, Calico. Very affectionate. Found in Hathaway Apartment Complex.
Posted by:       at: Wed Jun 25 2014 16:41:25 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 06-05-14
Location: SE 109th and Harold
Description: Found- Male Tabby Cat-black, grey, orange/brown- some white around mouth-wide black strip down back and tail-likes to be petted- really wants to be back home-
Posted by:   503-771-8375    at: Wed Jun 25 2014 13:18:07 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 06/22/14
Location: SE 26th Ave/Stark area (between stark and Belmont)
Description: Orange and white sweet cat (tabby maybe?) Tail that has brown stripes. I'd say it's pretty healthy but I can feel it's ribs and hip bones, so I don't know if that's normal (I'm a dog person) Very friendly. Doesn't have any issue walking into a home. Recently I noticed the kid has an abscess tooth situation going on. Hope it's your kitty!
Posted by:       at: Wed Jun 25 2014 11:05:43 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/20/14
Location: Milwaukie near Oak Grove Fred Myer.
Description: MissGoogle is a black & white American Shorthair tabby, medium sized, with golden eyes. She is wearing a blue leather collar with green and red gems and a white tag with her name and phone number. She is very vocal, friendly and answers to her name.
Posted by:   9712587463    at: Sun Jun 22 2014 19:10:04 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST October 2013
Location: Nehalem Bay area, Oregon
Description: Large (20 lb) orange and white long haired cat. Disappeared as we just moved to the area. Did have a collar with WA state tag (either with WA address or WA rabies tag). Is chipped to a vet in Everett, Wa. Fixed. Any news appreciated.
Posted by:   425-258-9467    at: Sun Jun 22 2014 00:02:44 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 6/21/2014
Location: North Lombard and Fiske area
Description: Bear is a 15 lb. Maine Coon, likely lost around 10am today. He is very curious and affectionate towards people, so would easily approach a stranger. He can be rather adventurous as well so its difficult to know how far from home he may have wandered. He is all black with green eyes, a very silky coat, a long body, and a long fluffy tail. He also responds well to his name. A monetary reward will be given to anyone who can return him to me, as he is a very important member of our family.
Posted by:       at: Sat Jun 21 2014 11:20:40 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 06/18/14 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 6/21 email) "I found my cat Moldy, she was stuck in a neighbor's shed."
Location: SE 12th and Harrison Portland, OR 97214
Description: Moldy is a 10 year old tortoise hair cat. Her eyebrows are light tan and so is her chin. Her eyes are golden but sometimes greenish gold. She was last seen Wednesday the 18th and was wearing a blue collar with rhinestones, but she loses them all the time. She got into a tussle with another cat and may have run off or hid in someones yard or garage.

Cat LOST 06/16/2014
Location: Tualatin OR
Description: Our cat Athena has been missing for three days now. She was last seen at our home on McKinney St in Tualatin earlier this week. She's VERY friendly, about 10 pounds and on the smallish side. Has a collar with an RFID tag with her name on it. She was also chipped by Oregon Humane Society. Any information would be very appreciated.
Posted by:   5033140704    at: Fri Jun 20 2014 09:47:37 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 06/08/14
Location: NW 123rd ave portland OR
Description: Pure White cat with blue eye and green eye. Sensitive skin , may have sunburn on ears or nose area. Skinny , 16 years old.
Posted by:   5036448531    at: Thu Jun 19 16:26:13 PDT 2014

Cat LOST 06/14/14
Location: 2101 SE 135th st.Portland OR, near Lincoln Park Elementary School
Description: White fur near the skin that transitions to black fur at the tip, He looks like a black cat on the outsid
Posted by:   503-251-0069    at: Thu Jun 19 2014 13:39:23 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Cat LOST 06/12/14
Location: SW Champlain drive, portland
Description: 14-year old orange domestic long-hair cat, approx 15 lbs. Front paw hair nearly all grown-in from having been shaved at vet several weeks ago. Known as "Teddy" and sorely missed. Mostly indoor cat, very food-motivated, hugely affectionate to his family but likely skittish and possibly hostile to strangers. Is micro-chipped.
Posted by:   503-550-5504    at: Mon Jun 16 2014 12:41:20 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 6/11/14
Location: Durham Rd. and Copper Creek Rd., near Tigard High School
Description: Kona is a healthy, 11yr old female tortoise-shell. She has a collar and name-tag but no microchip. One of her ears is clipped. She is an outdoor cat, last seen on 6/11.
Posted by:   503-913-2593    at: Thu Jun 12 2014 16:20:14 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST approx 6/5/2014
Location: 78th/monroe/king rd
Description: Light creamy orange &white female kitty. No collar. Nala is friendly & beloved...
Posted by:   (971) 409-9004    at: Thu Jun 12 2014 07:17:01 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 06/09/14
Location: 36th St and Tanglewood way Salem Oregon
Description: 7y/o Savannah. Orangey /tan with black spots. Green eyes
Posted by:   (503)798-8129    at: Thu Jun 12 2014 07:01:47 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 06/03/14
Location: SE 19th and Tibbetts
Description: Female/fixed tan/mixed coloring med hair/fluffy big mane around face big tail with black stripes
Posted by:   503-880-8644    at: Wed Jun 11 13:13:54 PDT 2014

Cat LOST 6-6-14
Location: SW Portland
Description: Calico Female recently shaven, no collar.
Posted by:   503-504-8646    at: Tue Jun 10 2014 22:41:45 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 06/06/14
Location: SW 33rd Place and Vermont
Description: Male grey and brown tabby, neutered, around 12-13 lbs. Timid and will not approach people, may be aggressive if cornered.
Posted by:   415-794-7525    at: Tue Jun 10 2014 21:34:34 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 6-7-14
Location: West Slope Area - Portland
Description: Black & white (Tuxedo) (female?) , green eyes, kinda fluffy with a small patch of missing hair behind each ear (scratching?) VERY friendly and kind of a big cat. Noticed it in the backyard on Saturday, June 7. Seems well fed & healthy, like someone's cared for it. GREAT HUNTER!! Call if this sounds like your kitty - we cannot keep due to 2 special needs cat already in home. :-(
Posted by:   503-516-1039    at: Tue Jun 10 2014 16:09:18 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST Fri June 6, 2014
Location: One block N of SE 143rd Division St., Portland, OR 97233 (Harrison)
Description: Young male (intact) scheduled to be fixed, escaped my home or was stolen. :( Please return him.
Posted by:       at: Tue Jun 10 2014 07:18:01 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 05/21/2014
Location: Clackamas, near intersection of Sunnyside Rd and 132nd
Description: Ruger is approximately 10 months old, he is a neutered male short-haired orange tabby. He got out of the house on May 21st without his collar and he is not microchipped. He has white paws.
Posted by:   503-349-5535    at: Mon Jun 9 11:27:29 PDT 2014

Cat LOST 06/02/2014 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 6/16 phone message) "He's come home!"
Location: Alexia Auto Motors SE Powell Blvd Portland Oregon 97266
Description: His name is Chompers or Bubbies he comes to both. he is 18 lbs and is 3 years old. he is black and white (tuxedo) and was last seen the morning of the 2nd and he went missing around 10 am or a little after. He was last seen wearing a white flea collar with a purple heart with his name and our name and phone number on it. He was supposedly spotted on 118th by Division St. in Portland Oregon on the SE side in someones back yard the calller didn't say what time or exactly where. Went to go look twice to no luck in finding him. Please if anyone has seen him or know where he is at please call me. We miss him terribly and he's all that we got.

Cat LOST 5/29/2014
Location: 11735 Denny Ave, Port Orchard Washington SW
Description: Female Black and White Norwegian Forest Cat. With very long White whiskers, White paws, Green eyes, white chest and belly, white hourglass on nose, tip of nose is halo pink half black, very long black and white silky fur, tall erect fuzzy ears, long black silky fuzzy tail.
Posted by:   (360) - 874 - 2183    at: Wed Jun 04 2014 11:44:22 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 06/01/14
Location: SW 60th Place & SW Seymour in Bridlemile/Raleigh Hills area
Description: 17 y/o Black & White (Tuxedo) kitty. She has a half mustache (white) on right side under nose. Also right eye is filmed over (grey). She is small, only about 7.5 lbs.
Posted by:   503.847.6348    at: Wed Jun 04 2014 01:41:41 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 06/02/14
Location: NE Scott & 8th, Gresham
Description: Large Orange Tabby
Posted by:   5039644497    at: Tue Jun 03 2014 13:32:49 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND 06/01/14
Location: Beaverton/ hillsboro
Description: Domestic Short Hair. Female. Declawed front paws. Calico, mostly white with split face and adorable pink nose. No microchip but very friendly and affectionate. She was brought in to my work, a vet office, and will be sent to Washington County this week.
Posted by:       at: Mon Jun 02 2014 09:48:34 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 3/27/14
Location: SE 92nd and Rural Portland, OR
Description: Lost Domestic Short Hair female Tabby cat named Stella. She has black stripes and spots and a gray undercoat. She has white paws and a saggy white belly. Polydactly (extra claws) on all four feet. She was last seen wearing a collar with a tag and my contact on it.
Posted by:   5035488491    at: Sun Jun 01 2014 18:22:07 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 5/27/14
Location: Happy Valley (Happy Valley Heights)
Description: Tonka is an indoor/ outdoor cat that was last seen Tuesday morning of the 27th. She is a grey and white cat. Shes all gray on top and white on her belly and chest and has long puffy white chest hairs and a white stripe on her face. We really miss her and want her home.
Posted by:   5034900083    at: Sun Jun 01 2014 17:03:39 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 05/21/14
Location: NW Murray & NW Cornell (Cedar Mills neighborhood/North Beaverton)
Description: Our black & grey tabby cat (with orangey-brown undertones) with gold eyes has gone missing from the corner of Cornell & Murray. His name is Gato, and he is normally very shy and afraid of people. His brother kitty misses him very much. If you have seen him, please contact me!
Posted by:   5099516651    at: Fri May 30 2014 18:27:29 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 05/26/14
Location: SE 242nd Ave., Damascus, OR near Persimmon country club
Description: Fiona is a domestic female tabby, classic bullseye pattern, black, brown and tan coat, short to medium length, long tail, erect ears, spayed, 11 years old, petite in size, no front claws, not wearing collar, healthy condition, shy but friendly.
Posted by:   2817053196    at: Fri May 30 2014 14:44:50 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 5/29/14
Location: 20th and SE Tibbets Ave
Description: Charlie is a medium sized, orange long hair with white around his mouth, yellow/green eyes and a blue collar. He's been missing since early morning on Thursday the 29th.
Posted by:   503.928.9918    at: Fri May 30 2014 07:54:44 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 5/27/14
Location: Ne portland 41st &sumner
Description: White body with black ears and tail. two other small black spots on body. 3 year old male cat. Very friendly! No fear if people or dogs. Beloved pet of a 4 year old boy.
Posted by:       at: Thu May 29 2014 13:19:01 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 5/26/14
Location: Hilltop Oregon City
Description: Orange and White neutered male. Green eyes and green collar. has little black speckels on his nose and the end of his tale is kinked
Posted by:   503-582-3108    at: Thu May 29 10:18:35 PDT 2014

Cat LOST 05/26/14 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 6/1 email) "Uke has been found!"
Location: Hawthorne neighborhood of Portland (35th & Harrison)
Description: Tuxedo cat with all white belly, white paws, and white back legs. Has 2 microchips. Uke went outside our home near 35th & Harrison around 9:30pm on Monday, May 26th, and never returned. He's very shy and will probably be hiding somewhere and will not come to people. He is the love of my life and I will come anywhere to get him!

Cat LOST 5/22/2014
Location: Oregon City, Caulfield Rd. and Hwy 213
Description: Spayed Female had a pink harness on at the time with tags. She is micro-chipped. It is not like her to wander off and not return home. Magnolia, also goes by Maggie is a Orange Tabby with white markings. She is 4 years old.
Posted by:       at: Tue May 27 2014 18:29:58 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 5/26/14
Location: 11th & SE Ash
Description: Long hair gray/white/orange calivp
Posted by:   5033276273    at: Mon May 26 2014 19:41:38 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 05/23/2014
Location: 12948 SW 61st Ave. Portland, OR 97219
Description: Indoor cat. Short tail. White Underbelly. Orange, Gray, and white top coat. Pointed ears. Her name is Winifred (Winnie). Missing her dearly. Please Help. Thank you
Posted by:   971-404-4406    at: Sat May 24 2014 19:34:31 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 05/18/2014
Location: SE 38th and SE Ogden Street, Portland
Description: D.C. is orange and white with medium to long fur. He is mostly orange on the face with white down his nose and a spot on the right side of his face. He's pretty shy and very loving, please call if you see him around the neighborhood.
Posted by:   503-975-9614    at: Sat May 24 2014 07:00:29 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 05/20/14
Location: SW Alexander Street Between 170th and 185th Ave. Beaverton/Aloha.
Description: Big Black Cat with a droopy ear from nerve damage. He's about 14 years old. Our Bubba.
Posted by:   503-642-4111    at: Fri May 23 2014 18:40:18 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 5/23/2014 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 5/26 email) " came home this morning!"
Location: 89th and Alden
Description: Milo is an indoor only Orange Tabby striped tail with a white chest and feet. He got out of the house the night of the 22nd and we haven't seen him since.

Cat LOST 05/21/2014
Location: Happy Valley, OR on Holland Loop/Antea near 152nd. 1/2 mile north of Sunnyside Rd.
Description: Our elderly indoor cat, Tabor(a Black/White/Gray/Brown tabby), wandered out the house on Wed, 5/21. Tabor is inexperienced with the outdoors so is likely to be skittish around strangers. He has a hyperthyroid condition, which makes him very hungry and thin (8 lbs) for his larger length. Tabor is very vocal when asking for food. Please help us find him. Any sightings would be helpful. Reward offered!
Posted by:   503-816-6023    at: Fri May 23 11:05:14 PDT 2014

Cat LOST 5/21/14
Location: SW Portland by Lewis & Clark college off of Palatine Hill road near Brugger and Palatine crossroads.
Description: Petite, brown tabby. Green eyes. 14 years of age but very active and agile. White mittens with white bib and some white on face and belly. Spot of color next to nose and large black spot on hind paw. 11-13 lbs. His name is Hamlet. He is not chipped and does not have a collar, as he was supposed to be in for the night.
Posted by:   971-267-4450    at: Fri May 23 10:32:36 PDT 2014

Cat LOST 05/21/14
Location: Mountain Park neighborhood in Lake Oswego (Near Jefferson Pkwy & Kingsgate)
Description: Our male grey/black striped tabby was last seen Wednesday 05/21 near our home in Mountain Park. He is very shy but if you've seen him or have found him please contact me! Thank you
Posted by:       at: Fri May 23 2014 09:37:25 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 05/17/14
Location: West Linn
Description: Grey Male Tabby, 9 yrs old neutered and chipped. Last seen on Failing St. in West Linn.
Posted by:   503-201-7757    at: Wed May 21 2014 20:10:22 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 05/17/14
Location: 807 SW Hartley Ave Gresham Oregon (Near 182nd & Powell)
Description: Domestic Medium Hair Cat white fur with greyish/brown spot on face, grey tail, wearing a black collar with a name tag & phone number. Has a microchip. very talkative.
Posted by:   503-708-2808    at: Tue May 20 2014 18:29:53 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 05/17/2014
Location: Mapleton Dr. West Linn
Description: Tesoro - Shamash is a brown spotted Bengal who is very friendly and loving. He is our special need daughter's pet companion. He is a tremendous benefit to our daughter's health. Please contact us if you find him or see him. 503-699-6566 /
Posted by:   503 699 6566    at: Tue May 20 2014 09:57:04 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 05/15/14
Location: 805 Jack Street, Brooklyn, MD 21225`
Description: Silver is a short haired gray tabby with pale gray, "ghost" stripes. The ones on his front legs are almost invisible. His head, neck, and, back, are solid. His eyes are pale green, surrounded by equally pale yellow. When he disappeared, he was wearing a red fabric collar, with a bell. He doesn't have tags, or, a chip, but, he has lived with us for more than 7 months, and, is dearly loved. He is 10.5 months old, and, weighs in around 9 lbs. He looks thin, but, is very healthy. He was nuetered on 4/9/14, and, his scrotum is still shrinking.
Posted by:   410-570-7307    at: Mon May 19 10:25:53 EDT 2014

Cat LOST 5/17/14
Location: Sherwood oregon
Description: About 9 months, named Simba, orange short haired, pretty small still, no tags, purrs loudly, he has freckles on the inside of his mouth
Posted by:   5025446544    at: Sun May 18 2014 21:59:42 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST May 12, 2014
Location: Damascus, Or
Description: gray/black stripes, raccoon tail, white tips around face, male, 1 year, neutered, domestic short hair
Posted by:   5034108197    at: Sun May 18 2014 01:40:58 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 3 may 14
Location: delta park soccer field
Description: 3 year old female Siamese dark face tawny body she had on a pink collar with a bell and can be skiddish but is use to riding in a van she is fixed and has had her shots
Posted by:   3604306853    at: Sun May 18 2014 00:31:37 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 05/17/2014
Location: Ne 19th and Tillamook street, Portland. Or
Description: Savannah cat, small, distinctive markings.. Spots and stripes. Amber eyes. Walks and meows like a wild cat! Very sweet and friendly. No tag!
Posted by:   650-863-0902    at: Sat May 17 2014 13:45:48 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 05/08/14
Location: Madrona Drive in Oregon City (off South End Road)
Description: Diego is a 2-year-old neutered gray tabby. He doesn't wear a collar, but he has a microchip. Diego's meow is unusual--slightly higher pitched than most cats, and it almost sounds broken.
Posted by:       at: Fri May 16 2014 17:06:56 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST may13 2014
Location: SW Luradel & barbur
Description: Orange And White Cat, Skinny Build, Sort Of Long In Length. Very Friendly And Vocal, Green Eyes, Was Wearing A Clear Flea Collar.
Posted by:   5038400367    at: Fri May 16 2014 07:11:43 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 5_13_14
Location: SW Luradel And barbur portland
Description: orange And White Cat. Skinny Build, Sort Of Long In Length. Very Friendly And Vocal. Was Wearing
Posted by:   5038400367    at: Fri May 16 2014 07:07:33 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 05/11/14
Location: NW 24th and Lovejoy
Description: Kitty Mow Mow is a small, medium gray haired 4 yr old female cat. She has white fur on her chest and belly. She is also fixed. Very friendly with long whiskers and claws. Her eyes are bright green.
Posted by:   9712407131    at: Wed May 14 2014 13:16:49 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 05/13/14 HAPPY ENDING (from a 5/14 email) "My cat has been found"
Location: 127th and SE Hubbard (1 mile south of Sunnyside Rd)
Description: Black and white tuxedo, male, neutered, about 8 years old, 15 lbs, yellow/gold eyes, tall build, healthy weight, AVID microchip #041-863-367, very loud meow

Cat LOST 12/3/2014
Location: St james
Description: Male ginger cream tabby male 10 years old he has white feet and white chest please help me I think he is dead :-(
Posted by:       at: Wed May 14 2014 04:48:08 GMT+0800 (WST)

Cat LOST 5/11/14
Location: SE 43rd and Ivon
Description: 1 year old male color point cat. White/cream with faint grey tail/paws/ears/markings. Big and fluffy, very tame though likely scared. Has a collar and tags. His name is Merino - our kids really miss him!
Posted by:   503-841-8035    at: Tue May 13 2014 09:05:51 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND May 11, 2014
Location: Near S E 37th and Harrison in Milwaukie, OR
Description: This is a small young cat, grey and white, medium long hair, tame and friendly. One eye is black, dragging one hind leg. Very thin. I have a photo I can provide. I have a cat and cannot keep this one. I have given it food and water. I didn't check for gender. The sad little thing needs its owners.
Posted by:   503-786-0474    at: Mon May 12 18:37:41 PDT 2014

Cat LOST 05/07/14
Location: River Grove area
Description: 10 year old male. Domestic shorthair. Red/orange marbled tabby with white socks and chest.
Posted by:       at: Sat May 10 09:55:10 PDT 2014

Cat LOST 05/06/14
Location: Raleigh Hills/West Slope neighborhood
Description: Chester is a large neutered tuxedo cat. He has a pink nose with a small black spot on it. He is about five years old and was not wearing a collar.
Posted by:   5034217602    at: Sat May 10 2014 07:20:40 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 05/01/2014
Location: NE 38th and Knott/Grant Park area
Description: Chipped yellow male tabby. Very friendly and drools but can be shy as well. No collar at this time. Still evidence of scar on his farhead. Name is Makako and we want him home.
Posted by:       at: Sat May 10 2014 06:52:29 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 05/06/14
Location: NE Hollywood area near Sandy boulevard and 65th ave.
Description: Male 7 year old cat. Weight 11lbs.Looks like a Main coon. Has collar with tags.
Posted by:       at: Fri May 09 2014 09:59:05 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 5/6/14
Location: Beaverton/La Salle apartments. Closest major intersection is Murray Blvd. and Millikan Way
Description: Peanut was tracked by SAR(Search and Rescue)dogs from my apartment complex(La Salle) in Beaverton, to about half of mile away going towards Murray Blvd and Millikan Way. Peanut is a short haired Tabby with big, beautiful green eyes. She is small for her age; about 10lbs. She was born in summer of 2005, so she's apprx. 9 years old. Her collar is pink and studded, and has a heart shaped pink tag with her name(Peanut) on the front, and my name (Adrian) on the back of the tag along with an old phone number. New number 971-777-5521
Posted by:   971-777-5521    at: Thu May 08 2014 15:22:57 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST night of the 5th
Location: Ne 162 and Halsey
Description: Orange and white colored Persian mix missing. He may have been attackedby an animal, as we found an area of fur near our home. Very friendly, likes people. Please keep an eye out an email if you spot him. He's our best friend.
Posted by:       at: Thu May 08 2014 10:19:27 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 05/07/2014
Location: NE 84th ave and Multnomah St. Portland
Description: Nori is only 8 weeks old. He is grey with stripes with some white on his face and paws.
Posted by:   503-313-1318    at: Wed May 07 2014 11:37:06 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 05/04/14
Location: Garden Home in SW Portland
Description: Our orange tabby has been missing since Sunday after he went out. He is an older kitty and is thin. He is on meds for his thyroid condition so worried that he is not getting it. please contact me if you have seen him.
Posted by:   503-705-9017    at: Tue May 6 15:00:21 PDT 2014

Cat LOST 05/06/14 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 5/7 email) "Tucker has been found. He was sleeping in my roommate's laundry basket. Ugh, I'm such a crazy cat owner. "
Location: SE 35th Place and SE Division
Description: Brown short hair neutered male tabby with tiger stripes. He's got a kinked tail. His name is Tucker. He's very friendly, vocal, and affectionate.

Cat LOST 05/03/14
Location: 117th and Glisan
Description: Black and white female persian. Shaved like a lion. About 6lbs. Her name is Zoe and she is very friendly.
Posted by:   5415158527    at: Sun May 04 2014 11:02:26 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 5/1/14
Location: N. Commercial Ave. in Portland between Lombard and Rosa Parks going north to south. Major streets east to west are N. Vancouver and N. Albina.
Description: Gray short hair male tabby with black stripes, a small white "kerchief" and white belly and rusty undercoat. His name is Mojo and he is typically very friendly, may come when called.
Posted by:   503-750-9041    at: Sun May 04 2014 10:50:15 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 01/16/14
Location: SW McEwan Rd in Lake Oswego near the business area.
Description: Gray cat w/white chest. Very friendly. Possibly an indoor cat that got out due to his nature. Please send picture to identify. He really misses his home and loving from his family.
Posted by:   503-620-6174    at: Tue Jan 21 2014 11:36:53 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 1/14/14
Location: 26th and ne weidler Portland
Description: Grey, tan and white tortoise shell female spayed small kitty with green eyes. No collar or chip unfortunately
Posted by:   3602207520    at: Sun Jan 19 2014 16:16:23 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 01/17/14
Location: Dosch Road, north of Beaverton/Hillsdale highway near Albert Kelly park
Description: Fluffy grey cat with white chest and belly, very timid. Neutered male, 9 lbs., chipped. His name is Jimmy or Jim-Jim.
Posted by:   503.984.7554    at: Sun Jan 19 2014 12:57:14 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 01/15/2014
Location: 2031 SE Miller St Portland, Or 97202
Description: Male Maine Coon, Black and brown tiger stripe with white chest. Very long hair, He had a collar with his name (Andy) ad our telephone and last name. We rescueded him in early December.
Posted by:   5032300804    at: Fri Jan 17 14:29:42 PST 2014

Cat LOST 01/14/14
Location: Sw portland near Corbett /laview drive
Description: Black and white lost male cat. His name is remy - he's pretty big maybe 8 plus pounds. Very sweet and lost.
Posted by:   4158461375    at: Thu Jan 16 2014 22:47:06 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 01/10/14
Location: Off Wynooski and E 11th st. Newberg, or
Description: Male Tabby Cat Name is: Smokey Grey/White/Brown 7 1/2 years old Please if you have seen our cat Smokey let us know. He is an indoor/outdoor cat. I let him out on Friday afternoon and he has not come home. We have searched everywhere we can think of. It is devastating not being able to find him or know what happened to him. Our children have grown up with him and he is part of our family. If you see him please contact us right away.
Posted by:   5412952923    at: Thu Jan 16 2014 21:13:06 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 01/12/2014 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 1/16 email) "Well that didnt take long. We spread the word around the neighborhood and our little guy made it home."
Location: 97219, SW Portland, Maplewood area.
Description: Our male Tabby has been missing since Sunday this weekend. He is multi-colored mostly grey with tan/white on his belly, chest and paws. All four legs are solid colored (kinda tanish) from the paw about 1/4 the way up the legs. He is an outdoor/indoor cat that always comes in at night. We have not seen him since Sunday (1/12/14) and its VERY unlike him to stay out overnight. We are concerned for our little boy. Hope someone finds him, please help!

Cat FOUND 12/23/13
Location: Hocken Ave/ Beaverton
Description: Beautiful female, possible Bengal/ Tabby mix with a half tail. Very loving to humans but no so much with other cats. She in not neutered and looks like she's had babies in the last few months. Found her wandering my apt complex during the cold snap and have been caring for her since.
Posted by:   (503)975-1914    at: Sun Jan 12 2014 11:41:55 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 01/01/2014
Location: SW Capital & SW Alice around Woods Memorial Park
Description: Light grey with dark grey stripes on legs and dark grey spots on sides and belly. White paws, chest and belly. She is apprx. 9lbs with green eyes. Bengal/Tabby mix. No collar/tags.
Posted by:       at: Sat Jan 11 22:00:44 PST 2014

Cat FOUND 01/11/2014
Location: 178th and Division
Description: About 5:30 this morning I found a very young calico cat hiding under my BBQ on my patio. No tags, no collar, and no chip (I had her scanned)She is mostly white with black, orange and gray coloring. She is very friendly. She has a short tail that looks like it is big around and very furry, the rest of her coat is smooth. She talks a lot and has a very squeaky high pitched meow.It seems like she is someones cat, she loves people and is very sweet. Please contact me so this little kitty can get home to her people. Calico and tabby markings with a brown spot on the end of her nose.
Posted by:   (503)234-0050    at: Sat Jan 11 2014 19:10:48 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 01/03/14
Location: SE Mark Kelly Ct and SE Howard St Milwaukie
Description: Black Tortie female cat with a crook at the end of her tail. You must feel the end of her tail to find the crook.
Posted by:   503 654-1121    at: Sat Jan 11 2014 17:01:43 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND 6/1/2013
Location: Canby, OR
Description: Gray long haired cat We found a stray about 4 months ago, and he is still living with us. Unfortunately, he fights constantly with the cats we owned years before him. We’d like to find him a new home. Is there a list we could add him to of available kitties? I can provide a photo later as well.
Posted by:       at: Mon Jan 06 2014 08:49:19 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 12/21/13 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 12/31/13 posting) "Our 12 year old gray domestic shorthair was found this morning by our neighbor. We are very thankful and will have a Happy New Year for sure. He was missing 10 days and is thin and tired but he purrs, twitches his tail and is happy to be home."
Location: NW 28th pl. Portland,Oregon
Description: 12 year old male indoor gray domestic short hair with a surgical scar on his right shoulder. Because he is an indoor cat he is not wearing a collar, tags or a have chip.

Cat LOST 12/28/2013
Location: Vancouver/Salmon Creek, WA
Description: Name: Alice Description: Small, white, short-haired Siamese/Tabby mix. Female, neutered, blue eyes and dark brown w/ light brown markings. We lost Alice 12/28 as we were taking the Christmas tree outside. She escaped and hasn't returned. If you find her, please contact Beverly A.S.A.P. Thank you!
Posted by:   360-609-8288    at: Sun Dec 29 2013 17:25:54 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat SIGHTED 12/27/13
Location: 176th Glisan,(south side of Glisan) Portland, Or.
Description: An all black cat with a collar, was hit by a car in front of me. They just kept going, but I turned around to see if I could move the cat off the road, which I gently did-and onto the sidewalk, by the corner of 176th and Glisan. . The poor darling was still showing small signs of life, but had lost blood on the street. I had no way or resources to take it to the vet to be helped or put down. It was a hard decision, but in hopes that the owners would spot their cat, I let it stay there there. I hope someone with resources can drive by and attend to the needs of the animal.
Posted by:       at: Fri Dec 27 2013 21:28:02 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 12/19/13
Location: Bridlemile Area/SW Portland
Description: Small (8 pounds?) female Siamese, no collar, tan/cream/gray - "Olive"
Posted by:       at: Thu Dec 26 2013 14:37:35 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 12/22/13
Location: Off of highway 20 near the 50th mile marker between bend and burns oregon
Description: He is a large brown tabby with white paws and stomach medium length hair green eyes long whiskers extremely friendly name is Lolo. I was in car accident he wasn't hurt but got lost in all the commotion please help desperate to find him!
Posted by:   8318690880    at: Tue Dec 24 2013 14:53:56 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 12/22/2013
Location: 2320 NE Gile Terrace
Description: Panda is a 19 year old male domestic longhaired kitty. He has medium hair right now as he gets a lion cut in the summer. He is very frail looking and of small size. He has NO CLAWS and NO TAIL. He has dementia and often looks lost and/or meows very loudly repeatedly seeming disoriented. He has a mostly black face with white paws. His neck and under belly are also white and he does not have a collar but is microchipped. He was taken from the front of our house 12/22 by a couple of college girls who thought he had no home. He might have seemed lost and disoriented. HE HAS A HOME, PLEASE BRING HIM BACK. $50 REWARD
Posted by:   541.760.9704    at: Tue Dec 24 2013 00:54:18 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 12/22/13
Location: NE 18th and Bryant portland or
Description: Please help us find our missing cat, Catch. He is large (about 12 lbs) Grey/Silver with very faint stripes on his body with darker stripes on legs. He is neutered and about 5 years old. He does have a microchip but no collar. He also has a very small meow for such a big cat. We are hoping he might have gotten caught in a garage or outbuilding and is waiting for someone to let him out.
Posted by:   503 830 4536     at: Mon Dec 23 2013 20:59:13 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 12/16/13
Location: Bridlemile neighborhood. sw 45th ave near hamilton
Description: Ginger is a 4 year old orange and white domestic shorthair female. Microchiped but no collar. She may be skittish around people and dogs. Can be cajoled with food. She is usually outside only a couple of hours a day. Please call with any sightings...Thanks!
Posted by:   415-254-5706    at: Mon Dec 23 2013 20:31:30 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat FOUND 11/27/13
Location: Milwaukie - Thiessen/Aldercrest
Description: Orange Tabby Neutered Male
Posted by:   503 307-8698    at: Mon Dec 23 2013 18:15:25 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 11/28/2013
Location: Battle Ground Wa
Description: 2 year old female tuxedo short hair
Posted by:   360-281-3661    at: Mon Dec 23 2013 15:58:17 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 10/18/2013
Location: Beaverton, off SW Beard Rd.
Description: Medium length, black hair. Bright green eyes. Female. Still has claws. Pink collar if still on. She has a microchip. Name is Ciao. 8 yrs old.
Posted by:   503-975-4777    at: Wed Dec 18 2013 22:31:16 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat FOUND 12/ 18/ 2013 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 01/12/14 email) "He has gone to a new home in Washington."
Location: SW Portland, Hillsdale, near 'MARY RIEKE GRADE SCHOOL' - SW VERMONT & 13TH AVE
Description: He has short black with white hair and is -large -declawed -no microchip - He has black fur with a white tuxedo, a small white spot under his right nostril, white spot on tummy, white on tips of front paws, and white on lower back legs & paws. He's a loving, smart lap cat with a wonderful purr.

Cat FOUND 12/15/13
Location: 42nd and Powell Portland, OR
Description: Found a little black, shorthaired kitten or small cat. Probably 5 pounds. Please let me know if you think she is yours.
Posted by:   3107218132    at: Tue Dec 17 2013 15:00:13 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 12/9/13
Location: Knaus Road, Lake Oswego
Description: White with orange girl. Afraid of the indoors. Somewhat shy, previous feral cat.
Posted by:   5094498044    at: Sun Dec 15 2013 14:02:10 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND 12-14-13
Location: woodland wa by the motocross track niemi road
Description: kitten cream and grey possible Siamese mix with purple flea collar female 8-12 wks old very friendly likes big dogs
Posted by:   360-624-8744    at: Sat Dec 14 2013 21:19:51 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND 12/10/13
Location: Beaverton....156th off Blanton, Farmington RD, and inbetween TV Hwy.....St. Mary's Wood's Apt's area.
Description: Found, a beautiful soft tabby tiger stripped cat with some white. I coaxed her in to keep her from the frigid temps. Kitty is fed, warm and cared for. I'd like to get this kitty back to it's owner though. Call and give exact description of your lost kitty....there's more identifying marks. Jan....503-644-1444.
Posted by:   5036441444    at: Thu Dec 12 2013 19:18:39 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST December 11, 2013
Location: North Portland, in the St. Johns area on Willamette.
Description: He is a black and white male. Young about 7 months. A snuggler. His name is Jack.
Posted by:   9712677940    at: Thu Dec 12 2013 18:46:55 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 12/9/2013
Location: Lake Oswego, oregon
Description: Pure White male cat. From the first addition neighborhood in downtown lake oswego. Very friendly.
Posted by:   971-404-7062    at: Wed Dec 11 23:31:16 PST 2013

Cat FOUND November/December
Location: Yamhill
Posted by:       at: Sun Dec 08 2013 21:29:11 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 11-28-2013
Location: Approx 42nd to 33rd and Columbia Blvd near golf course and elk's club.
Description: male Blond tabby, some orange. He is vocal especially when spoken too. May be shy, but loves to hide under and inside cars. Never been gone more than 48-72hrs. It's been 6 days. Please help. His name is Butters and we love him very much.
Posted by:   5035289646    at: Sun Dec 08 2013 15:01:15 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 12/06/2013
Location: near NE 59th & Halsey
Description: Our beloved Antonio is out there somewhere in the cold. He is a tuxedo black & white domestic longhair with white paws, one with a black spot, and a he has a little black moustache.
Posted by:   503 358 7146    at: Sun Dec 08 2013 09:43:07 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 12/2/2013
Location: Off Bonita road in Tigard
Description: Large Maine Coon, has a bullseye pattern on sides. Green eyes and tufts of hair in ears. Very friendly, will likely approach anyone.
Posted by:   503-312-0684    at: Fri Dec 06 2013 12:45:08 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 12/04/13
Location: 20th and SE Claybourne
Description: black and white domestic short hair. Male. About 15 pounds, large body. About 4 years old. Cat's name is Neko.
Posted by:   503-810-7013    at: Thu Dec 05 2013 19:12:32 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 12/04/13
Location: Maple and Lee St Lake Oswego, 97034
Description: Bailey is a domestic short haired Bengal mixed tabby. Grayish brown with stripes. He is a very sweet and friendly cat. His right eye was injured and can look clouded over and pupil tends to be in a fixed half open position. He has a white bib and white paws.
Posted by:   503 636-3579    at: Thu Dec 05 2013 13:02:23 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 12/1/13
Location: Oregon city bedford drive
Description: L O S T C A T Phoebe is a large, Longhair white/orange cat with black mark over her left eye and Left ear her tail also has black. Last seen: Dec 1st, 2013 6:30AM (Bedford Dr. and Clairmont Ave.) all day or night: (503) 806-0545 Please call if you spot our Phoebe
Posted by:   5038060545    at: Thu Dec 5 11:02:46 PST 2013

Cat FOUND 12/3/13 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 12/6 email) "I found out that it was my neightbor's cat and I returned the cat to its house."
Location: ne Prescott and 82nd ave
Description: very friendly/small/female/gray/black striped cat/with white around mouth and chest/white paws/green eyes/tail is missing a huge chunk of fur in the middle---I cant keep the cat inside, so I plan on taking it to a shelter tomorrow.

Cat LOST 11-28-13
Location: SW Barbur Blvd Portland, OR 97219
Description: Butch is a 5yr old tiger striped tabby. He doesn't have on a collar cause he refuses to keep it on, but he is registered. He's an indoor/outdoor kitty who loves to explore. He's very shy and skittish to strangers. He may or may not come to his name. We miss him at home terribly. He went out on Thanksgiving morning and never came back.
Posted by:   971-221-5794    at: Mon Dec 02 2013 19:20:40 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/30/2013 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 12/15 email) "Thank you for your help out cat was found"
Location: Wilsonville, OR 97070
Description: Black and White medium hair, adult cat. Last seen near Pheasant Ridge RV Resort/RV Park, Wilsonville, OR. She is sweet and has been part of our family for about 10 years.

Cat LOST 11/29/13 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 12/9 email) "I found my pet today!"
Location: E. Burnside and 53rd st. Portland OR
Description: Yoda is a medium sized 5yr old orange neutered male tabby cat with a short crooked zigzag tail. He is wearing a collar with a blue lightening bolt print name tag that also includes my number.

Cat FOUND 11-30-13
Location: Sunset Springs & Central Point Rd. In Oregon City, Or.
Description: Black/White tuxedo type cat. Distintive markings. Very very sweet & friendly. Cant tell if its male or female yet. Call to identify as I will make absolute SURE your its rightful owner.!!
Posted by:   503-704-5804    at: Sun Dec 01 2013 15:49:54 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat FOUND 11/01/13
Location: Oregon City near the new high school on Beavercreek and Glen Oak
Description: Lovely black and white cat with distinctive markings, very friendly and sweet. She's been around the neighborhood for months and we thought she lived nearby. But now we believe she's lost.
Posted by:   503-294-5070    at: Sat Nov 30 2013 15:07:19 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 11/28/2013
Location: SW Portland, near Alpenrose Dairy
Description: Please help us find The Baby, who is a 6 year old black, male, neutered cat. He has a snip out of his right ear. He is an indoor-outdoor kitty, but mostly stays in the yard or on the bed. We miss him so much and want him to come home. We fear he might have snuck into someones garage while they were packing up to leave town for the Thanksgiving weekend. $300 reward if The Baby comes home! Please help, we miss him SO MUCH!!!!!
Posted by:   503.887.7001    at: Sat Nov 30 2013 14:55:01 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/29/13 HAPPY ENDING – (from an 11/30 email) "I am thrilled to report that we found our bullseye tabby cat Harry
Location: Hancock Ct. & 169th (near Halsey) portland 97230
Description: Bullseye Tabby, grey/black/white, medium hair (very silky), 9lbs, long tail, white feet except grey toe on right front paw, in-door cat so very skittish, goes by name of Harry. Please help us bring him home!

Cat LOST 11-27-13
Location: 7235 SE Madison St
Description: Song is a friendly black and white cat with a black crooked tail. He is an indoor/outdoor cat.
Posted by:   5039289759    at: Thu Nov 28 2013 17:50:45 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/26/2013
Location: NE Portland, Sullivans Gulch/Irvington Neighborhood NE 22nd and Clackamas
Description: Male Tabby with stripes and tortoise shell markings. For white paws and a striped tail. White on his chest and face. He is neutered, very friendly and talkative. He is an indoor/outdoor kitty. He is medium sized, has yellow green eyes and is wearing a black collar with a faded skull and crossbones design on it. He is pretty thin but it is just because he is so active. He is very well loved and cared for and on a special diet for urinary tract health. Please help him come home his family misses him!!!
Posted by:   541.490.6651    at: Tue Nov 26 2013 19:25:08 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/24/2013
Location: NE 42nd & Killingsworth
Description: MISSING CAT! Half Siamese/Tabby. Blue eyes with Siamese markings and orange highlights. Small nick on right ear. REWARD! She ran away without her collar. Please call or email if you have seen her or know where she is. Thank you!
Posted by:   503-989-9299    at: Mon Nov 25 2013 20:20:35 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat FOUND 11/24/13
Location: Tigard
Description: Found very friendly all-black neutered male cat. Very personable; jumped in my car! Currently boarding at vet's office for deworming etc.
Posted by:   5037401470    at:

Cat LOST 10/24/2013
Location: Happy valley, Mt Scott area
Description: She is a tabby cat who loves food (her name is also tabby) She is declawed in the front, and has yellowish eyes. A little pudgy and approcimately 13 to 15 years old. We last saw her Sunday morning then she disappeared. I hope my girl is safe feel free to contact me if there even was.a possible sighting! I can give a small reward if found!!!
Posted by:   503-944-9470    at: Mon Nov 25 2013 13:20:18 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/24/13
Location: NE Portland -- 14th and Brazee
Description: Neutered male with no collar or chip. He is white and brown/gray, short hair.
Posted by:   5032849176    at: Mon Nov 25 07:27:52 PST 2013

Cat LOST 11/21/13
Location: NE 10TH
Description: small long haired black and white cat. white paws and chin and wiskers. White diamond on chest. mostly black with big black fluffy tail.
Posted by:   503 995 3004    at: Sun Nov 24 2013 18:57:40 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/24/2013
Location: 35th and deer valley phoenix az
Description: our cats been missing a couple of days shes been declawed and can't defend herself she has one blue eye and one yellow eye answeres to mazy or scruffy pls call asap we miss her
Posted by:   6235807381    at: Sun Nov 24 2013 17:20:32 GMT-0700 (US Mountain Standard Time)

Cat LOST 10/15/13
Location: Beaverton on hawks beard st
Description: Female multi colored cat with extra toes on paws. Very skittish outdoor cat not likely to come to you.
Posted by:       at: Sun Nov 24 2013 12:06:45 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/21/2013
Location: Gresham Oregon (242nd & division)
Description: Black and white female cat aprox. 2 1/2 years old. Main color white, with black markings and black tail. Yellow eyes.Very sweet, missing her!
Posted by:   9712632013    at: Sun Nov 24 2013 11:37:15 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/21/13
Location: SE 9th & Marion St, Portland OR 97202
Description: Please help. On 11/21/13 (Thursday) around 6p our cat Harvey went outside and has not come back. He is a black, domestic short-hair neutered male with a small white patch of fur on his upper chest. It has been cold, so we are afraid he has ducked into a garage, shed, etc. Harvey is shy of people, but comes to a "smoochy" sound. He is large, very long, weighs about 17lbs, and has yellow eyes and long white whiskers. He is 6 years old. We miss him dearly and want him to come home! If you have any information, please reply to this ad or call/text 541-513-1433.
Posted by:   541-513-1433    at: Sat Nov 23 2013 23:43:40 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat FOUND 10/31/13
Location: downtown sw 5th and burnside
Description: female grey tabby stripes, green eyes possibly feral because right ear appears clipped
Posted by:   3038955637    at: Sat Nov 23 2013 10:27:43 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 9/18/13
Location: SE 28th ave and SE Salmon Ave.
Description: Birdie is a long haired calico. Mostly white with black and orange markings on her back and face and a black and orange tail. She is polydactyl on her front paws and one of her fangs is chipped. Had a black collar with a tag on when she left home. She is greatly missed. Please contact with ANY information.
Posted by:       at: Thu Nov 21 2013 19:53:00 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/10/2013
Location: NE 32nd and Fremont
Description: Polydactyl, tuxedo male cat about six years old. He is very sweet but can be skiddish at times. He tends to be very vocal. Neutered but no microchip. He is very missed. I had just relocated to a new neighborhood (32nd and Fremont) but he took off and may have tried to run back to the old house on Stark and 39th
Posted by:   503-757-1154    at: Wed Nov 20 2013 14:04:48 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/16/2013
Location: 97th avenue off of Foster
Description: Tigger is black, tan, and white. He has a ring tail and bullseyes on his sides. He is very skinny, he is on special food to try and gain weight along with Steroids for the same reason. He is 16 years old and looks it. He is very sick looking, but all we can do is try to help him, we love him and miss him. He has ID. Tags are #61118a.
Posted by:       at: Tue Nov 19 2013 22:37:33 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 11/12/13
Location: Gresham
Description: Male Neutered Cat with microchip. Looks like a bobcat. His ears fold inward, blue eyes, white paws, white muzzle, mostly gray with black stripes, white from under his chin throughout his belly, no tail. Goes by the name of BobCat. Please call if you have seen him or have him. Thanks!
Posted by:   503-866-1559    at: Tue Nov 19 08:16:07 PST 2013

Cat LOST 10/31/13
Location: SE 92nd at the Country Lanes Apartments next to the Bike Path (across from Steve' Imports) The address is in the 7000's on 92nd.
Description: His name is Boots and he is a blue eyed Burmese mix, he has a black face, 4 black paws, but his main color is brown and he has a white "ascot" just under his chin. He also has a few "chinks" on his ears. Please call 503-544-9774 if you see him or can get him.
Posted by:   503-544-9774    at: Mon Nov 18 12:13:04 PST 2013

Cat LOST 11/5/2013
Location: Damascus Oregon
Description: Large orange tabby!! Name is Atticus! Never been outside before ! Has upper left tooth missing! Walks with a slight limp! Please help us find him
Posted by:   928-230-2548    at: Fri Nov 15 2013 07:32:52 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat FOUND 11/14/13
Location: N. Central near Polk Ave.
Description: Small yellow-orangish tabby. Unneutered male. No collar/tags. Seems to be one year or younger
Posted by:   503-784-7630    at: Thu Nov 14 2013 19:04:44 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/11/13
Location: NE Portland
Description: He is 12 or so years old, a tabby, with no collar. He is a traditional looking tabby, short hair, brown, with black and white markings. Goes by Le Tigre
Posted by:   5039982537    at: Thu Nov 14 2013 16:50:16 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11-12-13
Location: 1426SE Liberty Ave Gresham 97080
Description: Silly is 10 years old She has never strayed from her home territory so we are hoping you have possibly taken her in. She is a medium haired satin blue point kitten. Raised entirely on a bottle she doesn't use her claws, doesn't acknowledge the existence or presence of other cats rolls onto her back when spoken to and loves being held upside down and cuddled. Like a kitten she is shy, frightened of loud noises and likely to hide under things. She will creep under tarps and blankets and lay flat undetected until stepped on. She fears cars and loud noises, but can't resist an open door. We are concerned she has found her way into a gardening shed, garage, or apartment and been closed/settled in. PLease be on the look out for our precious. We will gladly pay a reward.
Posted by:   503-308-2365    at: Thu Nov 14 2013 10:25:59 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat SIGHTED 11/14/13
Location: Northeast portland near Emerson
Description: This cat is a possible African serval, a beauty w distinct markings.
Posted by:   5033130863    at: Thu Nov 14 2013 08:24:45 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 10/05/13
Location: Happy Valley OR
Description: My orange male neutered tabby cat has gone missing! He has been missing since October 5th. He is an indoor/outdoor cat. He is tall but slim. He is mainly orange with a little white under his chin. His name is Doobie and he is very friendly to everyone, including dogs. He is very talkative and loves attention. He is almost 6 years old. He does have a micro chip but not with my current address and he was not wearing his collar. He liked to welcome himself into other peoples home and also has been known to get into neighbors cars. Please if you have seen him or know where he might be call/text or reply to this. I have posted multiple ads and posted flyers and no luck what so ever. If you have him and return him there will be no questions asked, I just want him home. My number is 5o3-954-o575. You can contact me anytime of day.
Posted by:   503-9540575    at: Wed Nov 13 00:35:06 PST 2013

Cat FOUND 11/01/13
Location: NE 49th and Alameda in NE Portland
Description: Neutered male spotted Tabby with very kinked tail (bent in half). Roughly 2years old. Green eyes. Very friendly.
Posted by:   503-317-0862    at: Tue Nov 12 2013 21:37:37 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat FOUND 10/24/13
Location: 11th and Jefferson Street, Oregon City
Description: All black cat with small white patch on chest, yellow eyes, neutered male, approx. 10-12 years old, maybe older, seems in relatively good health for his age, has a very distinctive "meow", and one long upper tooth that sticks out of his mouth. He is VERY sweet, I assume he's been fed people food because he begs at every meal. He loves to be next to me or on my lap. Very social, loving cat. He's very thin.
Posted by:       at: Mon Nov 11 2013 18:51:22 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/08/2013
Location: Hillsdale area of SW Portland
Description: Mostly white cat with one black ear and large black spot on back. Answers to his name: Turkey. On the heavy side (approx. 15 lbs.).
Posted by:   5033146780    at: Mon Nov 11 14:58:48 PST 2013

Cat SIGHTED 11/11/13
Location: SE Division
Description: There are at least 11 cats behind my work that have been multiplying over the last few months. I know these cats live in a storage cube and are not being cared for. The newest kittens are just days old. They are not very aggressive but malnourished and in need of immediate care/ neutering/ spaying. I'm unclear what options I may have as someone who is trying to help these cats survive winter. -Jon Edmondson
Posted by:   8479038757    at: Mon Nov 11 2013 12:28:54 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST November 8 2013
Location: Outer SE Portland
Description: Predominately black with a white patch on chest. Seven toes on each front foot. Female, spayed.
Posted by:       at: Mon Nov 11 2013 08:24:20 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 11/09/13
Location: SE Portland, 105th Ave. & Pine St., Near Mall 205
Description: 2 year old ragdoll cat, part Siamese part Persian. Creamy grey with dark face, ears, tail, feet, and belly. Her name is Paris. Medium length very soft fur with bright blue eyes.
Posted by:   503-880-8669    at: Sun Nov 10 2013 18:21:11 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat FOUND 11/8/2013 8:00pm HAPPY ENDING (from a 12/13 email) "Happy Ending! Owner found and returned safely!"
Location: SE 46th Ave between Hawthorne and Madison
Description: Medium-sized all black cat, puffy tail.

Cat LOST 10/22/13
Location: Warner Parrott area of Oregon City
Description: Beautiful gray bengal striped neutered cat. About 7 years old. Lost in the Warner Parrott/Canemah Ave area of Oregon City. No collar.
Posted by:   503-867-2982    at: Wed Nov 06 2013 19:48:47 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND 10/03/13
Location: SE 67th Ave and SE Duke St Portland Or 97206
Description: Black and white. Round black patches on back and sides. White nose and white face with small black snip on right cheek. Black tail. No collar. Will not allow me to get within 6 feet without hissing and backing away.
Posted by:   503-820-8331    at: Wed Nov 06 2013 12:11:59 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 10/21/2013
Location: CAMAS - NW s8th Ave and NW Norwood Ave, near Dorothy Fox Elementary and Shell Station.
Description: Black/Brown/Grey Striped Tabby. Male (neutered). Has / Had a Silver Dog-Bone shaped Tag with "Miroe" and 760-977-0653. Very friendly. Family misses him very much. Please call if possibly seen or found. Thank you. Scott 760-977-0653
Posted by:   760-977-0653    at: Wed Nov 06 2013 12:45:47 GMT-0500 (EST)

Cat LOST 10-31-13
Location: SE Powell and 22nd portland
Description: Orange male. white belly. red collar with red bell. name: Dusty
Posted by:   9018969777    at: Tue Nov 05 2013 13:25:17 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 10-21-2013
Location: Pease rd. Cross street McCord Rd. Leland Rd is the main rd. Oregon City, Oregon
Description: Domestic longhair, white with black patch markings, black nose, small smudge on left upper lip & has a butterfly marking on the top of his head in black.
Posted by:   503-704-5804    at: Mon Nov 04 2013 18:09:36 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 10/27/2013
Location: 185th/Walker road area
Description: Male Domestic shorthair. Brown with black stripes. White fur around mouth only. No collar or microchip. Friendly. 3 boys miss him very much.
Posted by:       at: Sun Nov 03 2013 20:35:17 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat FOUND 11-2-13
Location: Colton/Molalla
Description: Found very sweet, intact male black cat. Does not appear to be very old. Looks like he has been on his own for a while. He is a lover, good with cats and dogs. This is why I think he is no ordinary stray. Very sweet guy.
Posted by:   503-550-2803    at: Sun Nov 03 2013 14:31:52 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND 10/31/13
Location: downtown portland sw 5th & burnside
Description: small female grey w/black stripes tabby right ear is clipped no collar
Posted by:   3038955637    at: Sat Nov 02 2013 18:49:24 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 10/21/2013
Location: Wilsonville / Boeckman Creek-Town Center area
Description: MILO: Lost collar, microchipped. Male orange ginger short-haired tabby, medium size, 5 years old, small feet, knock-kneed, pink nose with black markings, chronic eye condition with tearing (area may look dark and crusty) Please call or text! $100 reward
Posted by:   5037033504    at: Sat Nov 02 2013 17:10:11 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 10/31/13
Location: Sydney Lane, Happy Valley Oregon
Description: We lost a large (20 lbs) old (15 years) long hair neutered male cat named Auggie from our Happy Valley home on 10/31/13. We will offer a reward to anyone who provides information leading to his recovery.
Posted by:   503 8949696    at: Fri Nov 01 2013 12:27:44 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 10/22/13
Location: Holmes, NY(Bundyhill)
Description: TOMMY: White and grey cat. About 1 year 6 months old. Was wearing a green flea collar when he disappeared.Very friendly. He's a very loved family member.
Posted by:   845 222 7248    at: Thu Oct 31 2013 22:24:44 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Cat LOST approx.1mth
Location: Webster and thiessen rd like 2 block up thiessen
Description: thiessen blackband white male nuetered cat very friendly.his name is WIZ we miss him so much. we think he must have gotten in someones car truck or u haul he loves getting in peoples cars.
Posted by:   9716788034    at: Wed Oct 30 2013 05:42:11 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 10/24/2013
Location: SE 43rd Ave & SE Rhone St - Parking lot of Creston Park
Description: Walter is a male, orange and cream striped tabby, sleek, shy, squeaky meow, about 10 pounds, long tail, no collar but has an Avid chip
Posted by:   5037573914    at: Tue Oct 29 2013 21:58:49 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 10/26/13
Location: SE 77th @ SE Division
Description: Our girl Willow got out(FRI 10/25/13). She's an indoor cat with her brother (pictured). She's a gold and black spotted/striped Bengal. She has all of her claws and while mostly friendly, can be standoffish to strangers. She has a Microchip ID: 985121008682815 $100 Reward! Please call or text 503-756-7227.
Posted by:   5037567227    at: Sun Oct 27 2013 09:43:06 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 10/22/2013 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 11/21/13 email) "Torti came home 11/19/13"
Location: NW Portland near NW 23rd & Irving
Description: Small, spayed female tortoiseshell very friendly inside cat. Slipped our when guest leaving house Tuesday evening Oct. 22. Has microchip, but no collar or tag. Torti has never been outside before, so probably scared and not able to find her way home.

Cat LOST 10/21/2013
Location: Camas, NW 28th Ave and NW Norwood, near Dorothy Fox Elementary and Shell Station
Description: Grey/ Black / Brown adult (neutered) Tabby cat. Has / had a silver dog-bone shaped tag with "Miroe" and cell 760-977-0653. If possibly seen or found, please call. Family misses him.
Posted by:   760-977-0653    at: Sat Oct 26 2013 12:11:12 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 10/21/13
Location: Oak Grove
Description: Pure black year and a half old cat. He has long legs and a long tail. He's neutered and very sweet, if skittish. He was last seen wearing a blue collar with polka dots and a bell. I love this cat so much and raised him since he was found at about 4 weeks old under a dumpster. Please help
Posted by:   9712273674    at: Fri Oct 25 2013 21:23:48 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 05/12/13
Location: S.E. Brookside Rd. Milwaukee
Description: Tiger is a silver short hair tabby. He has golden brown eyes. I named him Tiger because his markings are of a Tigger. <3
Posted by:   971-275-3012    at: Fri Oct 25 2013 16:24:01 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 10/23/13
Location: 3531 Se 64th Ave. Portland, OR 97206
Description: Please help us locate our missing and probably very scared cat Poster. He is a completely black, long haired, bushy tailed Norwegian Mountain Cat with golden/yellow eyes. He does not have a color, but is very friendly and usually will approach most anyone, especially if you have food. We recently moved to this location about a week ago from the NE and he escaped yesterday morning on my way out to work. He has been an indoor/outdoor cat for over 3 years, but is not in a familiar environment and was still adjusting to the new house. If you think you see him, please call any hope that he is still around our neighborhood would be greatly appreciated.
Posted by:   5039566339    at: Thu Oct 24 2013 12:21:31 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 10/21/13
Location: In Milwaukie Oregon off SE Jennings and Scrutton Lane
Description: 3 years old Orange/White Cream-sickle colored. His name is Jameson and has yellow eyes. HE is very loved and missed everyday. Not like him to disappear.
Posted by:   5036549523    at: Thu Oct 24 2013 07:47:36 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 10/11/2013
Location: West Linn
Description: A 7 year old black and brown Siamese mix, very vocal and beautiful!
Posted by:       at: Wed Oct 23 21:11:10 PDT 2013

Cat FOUND 10/4/2013
Location: Oak Grove
Description: Black non neutered male about 4-7 months old. Great personality, friendly, litter box trained, but not able to climb down from tall trees! :)
Posted by:       at: Tue Oct 22 2013 23:59:15 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 10/17/13
Location: 223rd between Stark and Burnside
Description: Grey, very bright Green eyes, short-hair, blue collar, pink heart tag with name, phone number, and address.
Posted by:   5039336027    at: Mon Oct 21 2013 21:58:29 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 10/15/13
Location: BArbur blvd & 19th (sw)
Description: Lola is a short-hair, female vlack cat. She has red highlights in sunlight, she is small- around 10 lbs, give or take. She's adopted, no collar but micro chipped, and has been an indoor cat since adoption. Her demeanor is friendly towards people, but hisses at other cats. There are bumps on her head, and around the neck- but she does not have fleas. Will update with a pic asap, thanks!!
Posted by:   (503)481-7896    at: Mon Oct 21 2013 17:13:16 GMT-0500 (CDT)

Cat LOST 10/20/13
Location: 3333 se Cesar Chavez blvd, Portland or. 97202
Description: 5 month old female Golden Bengal kitten. Someone didn't shut our backdoor all the way and my kitten wandered out of our apartment early Sunday morning. She is super important to me and I'm devastated. She's never been outside before. Please let me know if you've spotted her or know where she is. Reward will be given. Lisa @ 5o3-789-9946 tag: cat, kitten, bengal, leopard, exotic, se, pdx
Posted by: lisa   503-789-9946    at: Mon Oct 21 2013 10:47:46 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND October 19, 2013
Location: Sherwood
Description: Soft gray and white cat (shorthair). Pretty green eyes and blue collar with several tags and bell. It is very friendly and has a big meow! Misses his home.
Posted by:   971-998-6522    at: Mon Oct 21 2013 06:39:59 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 10/05/2013
Location: 185th & Pheasant Lane - Pheasant Park area
Description: Chipper,male neutered cat, ~10 yrs. old, missing upper right canine. He's mostly orange with a white bib and paws, some white on his face. He has a chip which has not been updated. Don't have the number. He was my father-in-law's kitty. Long time family member and very loved and missed.
Posted by:   (503) 642-3873    at: Sat Oct 19 15:49:56 PDT 2013

Cat FOUND 10/18/2013
Location: Sterling Point Apts
Description: Tortie,about 2yrs old with one leg all light brown/orange
Posted by:       at: Fri Oct 18 2013 18:44:46 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 10/06/2013
Location: Vancouver's 703 E 29th and G street
Description: Distinct markings: Jazz has an amber fleck (redness) under the iris of his left green eye.
Posted by:   360 334 5031    at: Fri Oct 18 2013 00:59:44 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 10/15/13
Location: Portland Ave & Birdsong in Gladstone, OR
Description: Siamese cat, male, cream (almost white) in color, 18 lbs, blue eyes, 11yrs old. Stripes on legs and tail
Posted by:   503-997-4110    at: Thu Oct 17 2013 04:47:15 GMT-0700 (PDT)

large medium-gray tabby short-hair, bright blue eyes

Cat LOST 10/11/13
Location: SE 118th & Bush St.
Description: Our feline family member is missing. Jake has always been an indoor cat. I'm afraid that since he is afraid of new people & loud noises... he is overwhelmed out there somewhere & afraid to try to find his way home. Please, if you are anywhere near SE 122nd & Powell, please check your sheds, garages, under decks, etc. We are offering a reward for the return of our boy Jake. Our family is trying to stay positive... Jake come home. ♥
Posted by:   503.760.8921    at: Wed Oct 16 21:13:50 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 10/13/13
Location: Aloha/cooper Mtn
Description: Male black and grey tabby with green eyes. Missing his right hind foot so he walks with a limp.. He's very friendly and his name is Ruby. He went missing overnight please help us find him! He's very missed.
Posted by:   5033072875    at: Sun Oct 13 2013 18:00:49 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 10/10/13
Location: S.W. Portland near Barbur Blvd and Bancroft
Description: 2 yr old grey and white male cat. Grey on his back and white on his underside starting between his eyes. Large but lean. No collar.
Posted by:   503-270-6422    at: Mon Oct 14 2013 23:58:40 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 10/07/2013 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 10/19 email) "Lost black cat 'Mittens' has been recovered, per Craigslist update. He was in the care of some people who found him 6 blocks from home, who posted an ad."
Location: Fishers Landing, Vancouver, WA
Description: Black cat (with brownish). His name is Mittens, he is 2.5 y.o., microchipped. Very trustful, loving and curious. Has bushy tail and round eyes. Please contact me if you know his whereabouts. Thank you!

Cat LOST 10/08/13
Location: NE 78th and Fremont (between Fremont and Sandy)
Description: short haired tuxedo cat, all four feet are white. his name is jack, and he's pretty docile, although he can hiss pretty loud. he's harmless.
Posted by:   216-390-0566    at: Wed Oct 09 2013 09:16:51 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 09/11/13
Location: Molalla
Description: Large Grey and White Neutered Male Maine Coon Cat. He is about 20 pounds, with four white feet, white chest and a distinctive white stripe on his nose. He is friendly and was adopted as a stray so he knows how to get around, may be in a barn or outbuilding. Will answer to "here kitty" and is VERY food motivated. Loved and dearly missed.
Posted by:   971-285-0217    at: Wed Oct 09 2013 08:11:33 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 10/07/2013
Location: SW Florence Ct Gresham OR 97080
Description: We are looking for our pet, Little Black Monster, who got out Monday Oct 7. He is all black. Some other distinguishing features are: He is about 12 lbs, has yellow eyes, a small tear on his right ear tip and a few white hairs on his back leg. He is shy of strangers, but has a sweet temperament.
Posted by:       at: Tue Oct 08 2013 16:13:52 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 10/04/13 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 10/14 email) "He finally came home unharmed. And we are so glad and grateful that he is home safely!"
Location: SE Stark St & 158th - 160th
Description: Lost an orange/white male cat. His name is Charlie and can be skittish and scared. He is a picky eater and mostly likes wet food. We just moved to this area from SW Barbur area so he doesn't know the area well. Last seen on Friday Oct 4, 2013 around 2:00 p.m.(he was up high in a tree due to dogs chasing and barking at him). Charlie has a sister kitten and family that misses and loves him very much.

Cat LOST 10/02/13
Location: SW Cornelius Pass and Baseline: Lexingon Park (Kenneth Ct)
Description: Butch: small, shorthaired Orange and White, Gold Eyes, wearing a Black Collar and is 5 months old. Very curious, loud meow, doesn’t come when called and is micro-chipped.
Posted by:   503-747-8096    at: Mon Oct 7 18:46:23 PDT 2013

Cat FOUND 10/06/13
Location: 175th and Pronghorn Ln. Cooper Mountain area, Beaverton, OR.
Description: Light red/cream long haired with green eyes. Has been spotted in Sunrise Heights neighborhood past few months. Scared but will come the the porch and have been feeding. Coat is in poor shape and is hungry.
Posted by:   503-891-0829    at: Sun Oct 6 22:35:04 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 10/02/13
Location: Se 39th Hawthorne
Description: Short haired with male cat with cream stripes, blue eyes, about 7 years and 14 pounds. He is very loving and missed dearly
Posted by:   5414904025    at: Sun Oct 06 2013 13:30:55 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND Oct 5, 2013
Location: Tigard area
Description: Found cat. Probably missing for a few days. Skinny, but well mannered. Playful & purrs. Inquisitive. No chip. Claws have been trimmed recently. Unknown if runaway or dropped off. 2 months old (approx). Please send pics for verification. Will answer any & all.
Posted by:       at: Sun Oct 06 2013 08:50:03 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 10/2/2013
Location: Se 41st and lincoln
Description: Short haired white/cream male cat. Very sweet and can be vocal (especially when scared) his name is Milo with the nickname buddy and should respond to either. Please help us find him
Posted by:   5037031712    at: Sat Oct 05 2013 10:57:30 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 9/19/13
Location: Portnomah Park (Portland OR)
Description: Name: Sachi Age: 4 Gender: Neutered Male Sachi is an all black cat with large greenish/yellowish eyes. He was last seen around Portnomah Park on 9/19/13 Thursday night. He wears no collar but is MICRO CHIPPED. If you happen to see him or have any information/evidence PLEASE CALL ANYTIME, DAY OR NIGHT: 503-939-6747 There is a $MONEY REWARD$ given if the cat is found and brought back home! He is very loved and we miss him lots! It was a full moon on Thursday which I understand can affect cat's behaviors.
Posted by:       at: Sat Oct 05 2013 07:48:33 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 10/03/13
Location: Murray RD/cedar hills area
Description: White cat, very malnourished, looks as if it has been missing for several months. Email me with questions and description of your missing cat.
Posted by:   5038332663    at: Fri Oct 04 2013 13:40:46 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 10/2/13 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 10/8 email) "Cat found 10/2 at 43 and Division has been reunited with its owner."
Location: 43 and division
Description: Long haired, creamy color with brown on its paws, face , and tail. very friendly, blue eyes

Cat LOST 09/29/2013 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 10/4 email) "I just want to let you know my cat finally came home."
Location: Oregon city
Description: About 10 year old short hair Siamese male cat about 20lbs and He has blue eyes.

Cat FOUND 10/3/2013
Location: Beaverton - SW 155th and Sexton Mountain Drive
Description: I found a stray kitty last night who had evidently been hit by a car in the middle of 155th in Beaverton in the rainy weather. Took her to emergency vet clinic in Tualatin. Nothing broken but was dazed and had a gash by her eye. A pretty little gray tabby. Vet assesses her as a stray, no chip, covered in fleas, one missing tooth and some other broken teeth, likely not socialized. Vet says that it's likely the county won't take her as her prognosis for adoption is not good. We called the clinic this morning and she made it through the night! But it's likely she will be put down as they don't have a place to keep her either. Unfortunately don't think she will fit in our household with our 2 terriers.
Posted by:       at: Thu Oct 3 13:08:30 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 10/01/2013
Location: NE 60th Ave and Siskiyou
Description: Calico/white female cat who is missing one of her hind legs; very skittish. REWARD!
Posted by:   3476455889    at: Wed Oct 02 2013 14:16:31 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 09/28/13
Location: SW Martha and SW 18th, Hillsdale
Description: 7 year old tabby scottish fold. big eyes, folded down ears. His tale is shorter, and straight
Posted by:   5037306015    at: Wed Oct 02 2013 10:13:44 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 09/22/13
Location: 18325 NE Glisan St Portland
Description: Her name is Sylvie. She's an 7 year old gray white and black tabby cat. With greenish yellow eyes. She's very chubby and short in length
Posted by:   971-344-6189    at: Mon Sep 30 2013 22:11:04 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 09/22/13
Location: 18325 NE Glisan St Portland
Description: Her name is Sylvie. She's an 7 year old gray white and black tabby cat. With greenish yellow eyes. She's very chubby and short in length
Posted by:   971-344-6189    at: Mon Sep 30 2013 22:05:09 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 9/28/2013
Location: SE river rd/milwaukie/oak grove
Description: 11 yr old female brindled tabby with some orange. Mostly gray/brown. Her name is Ella and she is a strictly indoor cat that ran out late sat night. Please call if you see our girl
Posted by:   615-424-2251    at: Mon Sep 30 2013 14:54:11 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 9/22/13
Location: Fishers Landing, SE VANCOUVER WA
Description: Gentle big male Ragdoll. He has a white triangle on faco, pink nose, blue eyes. White on chest and feet. Tiger stripes on his forhead. Little voice. Indoor kitty, won't know way home or how to protect self. Large cuddlebug. Heartsick over loss. Please help!
Posted by:       at: Sun Sep 29 2013 19:09:36 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 09/23/2013
Location: SE 20th and Powell, Portland Oregon
Description: Male medium long grey hair cat with cream on tummy and bib.
Posted by:   (503) 803-3964    at: Sun Sep 29 13:34:01 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 07/25/13
Location: Damascus Oregon, off Royer Rd
Description: Female, part Bengal, part tabby. Light grey, brown with black stripes, Like a raccoon. Yellow, gold eyes with white around her mouth and eyes, and goldish colored tummy and chest with spots. Very sweet and comes to the name Thomas. Loves to cuddle and plays fetch, especially with hair bands. Loves to be near and play with water.
Posted by:       at: Sat Sep 28 22:06:05 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 09/18/2013
Location: 50th ave and W Baseline Rd Hillsboro, OR
Description: LOST Feline FAMILY MEMBER - Name: Midnight
Color: Black Domestic Shorthair
Age: 16
Eyes: Green
Weight: 10lbs
Where: She got scared and ran into the WOODS at the end of 50th Ave and Baseline Rd, Hillsboro, OR 97123 behind the COMMONS AT CREEKSIDE apartment complex, She may be in or around Commons at Creekside, she lives in a unit within that complex or she may be hiding in the woods area
CHARACTERISTICS: Her fur is black, but shines brown in the light with grays mixed in She has a hanging tummy due to being spayed She is very vocal and makes cooing noises She has some health issues including: a condition that causes her to lose weight, a cyst at the base of her tail, dental decay, and sensitivity to touch
She loves to eat: chicken, pineapple, yogurt, cereal milk, tuna, cheese She may come up to you if you are eating or offering food, she will flirt with males and may approach men easier than women, children and loud noises scare her
If found Please contact Mellissa at 971-258-4012 or Thom at 971-570-7054
Posted by:   9712584012    at: Fri Sep 27 2013 12:50:46 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 9/22/13
Location: SE 56th ave., Hillsboro Oregon
Description: 'Carmel Pincherson' Our beloved and much missed cat disappeared last Sunday afternoon. My 8 year old daughter is so completely devastated. She cries constantly and can't sleep or eat. 'The Pinch', her beloved cat is a unique fellow. He lays on his stomach with his back legs out behind him. My daughter calls it his 'swimming frog'. He's neutered, orange and white short haired and around 1 year old. PLEASE help us bring THE PINCH home!
Posted by:   503-356-8890    at: Fri Sep 27 10:10:11 PDT 2013

Cat FOUND 08/15/13
Location: Canby
Description: FOUND possible Maine Coone, yellow green eyes, declawed neutered male. Cats can travel I just took him from someone who said he has been hanging around outside for about a month. Even if you live a ways away don't pass the ad, he may be yours. I will require proof of ownership. Please call with questions. He is about 5-8 years old.
Posted by:   503-263-4969    at: Wed Sep 25 18:51:55 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 9/20
Location: Gladstone Oregon Around the Gladstone High School area
Description: White with blue eyes and rust color on body and ears. Siamese flame point mix his name is gizmo and he's about a year old. Very loving and likes to talk a lot has a slightly cracked voice Was last seen wearing a red collar.
Posted by:   503-810-6486    at: Tue Sep 24 2013 06:38:01 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 09.18.2013 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 9/27 email) "Mika, lost on 9/18, has come back home!"
Location: Vancouver, WA (Pinebrook Neighborhood/124th Ave/NE 8th Pl)
Description: Name: Mika (Mee-kah). 7 yr old male, 11 lbs, black/gray/green tabby, green eyes. New to outdoors. Most likely is still wearing a silver colored collar with a bell and phone number taped to it. Left home 9/18 and never came back. If you live nearby, PLEASE check your garages and sheds for a scared cat! We miss him. Please e-mail or call with any leads! Thank you.

Cat LOST 09/21/13
Location: SW Portland (near 33rd and Illinois St)
Description: Bob is a BIG black cat with extra toes on both of his front feet. He doesn't have a collar, but is very distinctive-looking. He is long and plump--he ways close to 20 lbs. PLEASE help Bob find his way home. We miss him! Call/text/email Natalie (503) 459-8731. Thank you.
Posted by:   5034598731    at: Mon Sep 23 2013 14:19:14 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 9/16/13
Location: Rhododendron, OR
Description: Albert is a large, shorthaired Black cat. He is approx. 15 lbs. (over weight with sack that hangs from belly, yellow eyes. Friendly cat that is rarely afraid of dogs or humans, however, he does not liked to be picked up.
Posted by:   503-277-8547    at: Sun Sep 22 17:40:19 PDT 2013

Cat LOST Sept. 13, 2013
Location: Meadow Ct./Marquam Circle, Molalla Oregon
Description: Padma is a female cat of golden brown color, with black leopard spots and red highlights. She is slight of build, roughly 8 years old, and very healthy. She may or may not come to strangers when called. Padma left her home when her owner was having some landscape work done (heavy loud equipment), we believe due to the noise and disruption. We have been Padma's caregivers for the past few months (though she remained in her own home). Her owner has since moved and we are desperately trying to find her. If anyone sees her please contact us! We miss her very much.
Posted by:       at: Sat Sep 21 2013 18:24:42 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 09/20/13
Location: SW Capitol Hwy Portland, OR
Description: Black and white short hair young female (less than a year) with green and white flea collar. All paws white. White streak up center of face and nose. Tail is black and she has a white stripe around left rear leg. Tummy is white. This kitten is also hurt -- she has an open wound near her rectum that is raw but not bleeding.
Posted by:   503.793.3297    at: Fri Sep 20 17:44:58 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 09/14/2013
Location: Multnomah Village, between Barbur Blvd and Capitol Hwy
Description: Male tuxedo cat with pink nose.
Posted by:   9253361111    at: Fri Sep 20 2013 10:34:41 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 09/11/2013
Location: 137th Ave. near NE San Rafael/ NE Halsey
Description: Olivia is a silver gray/grey domestic short hair spayed tabby cat approximately 8 years old. She is wearing two collars: one is cloth with a small silver bell & the other is purple plastic with a clear buckle. She is likely hiding and scared, possibly mewing (we found her as a stray this way years ago). She went missing from our new home. Thanks for helping us find her.
Posted by:   5032908255    at: Thu Sep 19 2013 00:47:42 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat SIGHTED 09/18/13
Location: Clackamas County College campus
Description: Grey & white stripped tabbycat. Seen on campus near Niedelmeyer center at night.
Posted by:   503 922 9496    at: Wed Sep 18 2013 21:21:53 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 09/07/2013
Location: Olivers Restaurant, Jean Rd, Lake Oswego
Description: Gray with little brown on his back, long hair,10 years old male. Usually shy, scared of new people and loud noises. Indoor/outdoor cat- always home at night. Did not come home 9/08/2013.
Posted by:   503-453-5130    at: Tue Sep 17 2013 16:44:01 GMT-0700 (PST)

Cat LOST 08/05/13
Location: SW Vincent St ,Beaverton
Description: 14 yr old Balinese,Seal point, he is missing all his back teeth very friendly, he only weighs 5-6 lbs.
Posted by:   971-221-7872    at: Sun Sep 15 2013 14:13:30 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 9/9/2013
Location: SW Portland, Multnomah Village area. Off Capital Hwy between Multnomah & Barbur Blvd
Description: Safari is a jungle looking cat. Multi colored, brown, black & orange. Long haired. She had a leopard collar with her name on it. she has been missing since Monday night (9/9). Please let us know if you've seen her.
Posted by:   5038887634    at: Sat Sep 14 2013 14:39:25 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 09/13/2013
Location: Linwood Elementary Neighborhood Redwood Avenue Milwaukie, OR
Description: 5 Month old Siamese kitten with beautiful blue eyes, long tail, has a black collar on with no tags. :(
Posted by:   503.423.7520    at: Sat Sep 14 2013 14:09:06 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 9/14/2013
Location: sw brooklawn ct and sw 189th., Aloha
Description: all white Persian, smaller in size, very loving cat
Posted by:   5033561834    at: Sat Sep 14 12:48:01 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 09/14/2013
Location: sw brooklawn ct and sw 189th ave., aloha
Description: small, younger Persian, all white
Posted by:   503-356-1834    at: Sat Sep 14 12:45:56 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 09/08/13
Location: Lake Oswego, Oregon
Description: He is a 5-year tuxedo cat, mostly black, with 4 white paws, white muzzle, a black chin patch and yellow eyes. His name is Houdini. He does not have a collar.
Posted by:   503-347-1000    at: Thu Sep 12 2013 11:28:12 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 8/27/13
Location: Bethany Lake/West Union/Rock Creek area, N of 26 off 185th street
Description: Brown tabby oriental shorthair, huge batlike ears, long whippy tail, slinky body, short slick spotty striped coat, last seen bolting towards Bethany Lake (West Union and 185th street).
Posted by:   5033139760    at: Thu Sep 12 2013 10:11:11 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 07/11/13
Location: NE 12th Ave and Alberta, Portland OR
Description: Jones is a black and white Tux cat, approx.2+ yrs old, no collar, no chip. May have snuck into friends' car and gone to above address unkn to driver. If you have him, please let me come get him and bring him home. If you see him, please call also. He's used to coming to just me, but may get hungry enough to go to someone else for food. Thanks.
Posted by:   360-591-6177    at: Tue Sep 10 2013 13:52:23 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 09-05-13
Location: SW Taylor's Ferry Rd and Lancaster rd.
Description: Siamese/tabby mix. Mostly cream colored with slightly darker points. Blue eyes. Female. 8-10 years old. Friendly.
Posted by:   5034816154    at: Tue Sep 10 2013 13:06:57 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat SIGHTED 09-08-13
Location: Columbia Park, North Portland
Description: Really cute, mostly white female(?) small cat with flat face (Persian?) and big light blue eyes. Nose is pink and black. A little bit of gray around face, ears and neck. Dark gray stripes on tail. Nervous around people, but will hang around while keeping her distance. Meows back when talked to. No collar. Hair is short, maybe long hair that was shaved or a Persian short hair. I took some pictures I can text. My neighbors noticed this cat several weeks ago, and said there is another similar cat with her, possibly a sibling.
Posted by:   503-490-4219    at: Tue Sep 10 2013 10:48:11 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 09/06/13 HAPPY ENDING (we hope!) – (from a 9/10 email) "cat found"
Location: Oregon City Mt. Pleasant Grade School
Description: Tabby Orange & White Blue collar/tag cat is named "ELI" he will be scared as he only goes in our fifthwheel camping and our home. never outside. he has been de-clawed front only and has kink in his tail at the end when you pet him you will know. I will give a 100.00 dollars to who brings him home. he does have a micro chip as well

Cat LOST 8/24/13
Location: Holcomb and Bradley, Oregon City
Description: Older Manx short hair tabby black/white neutered male. White hind legs and 2" tail. Left ear slightly scared and shy. Picture posted on Craigs list.
Posted by:       at: Sun Sep 8 10:50:33 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 9/3/2013
Location: SE 48th ave Portland Or 97215, Center neighborhood. Between Belmont and Stark.
Description: Cinnamon is an indoor cat without front claws. He knows his name and is very sweet and gentle. He is orange striped especially around his tail and has a patch of white fur under his face. He is not thin, but medium weight and 9.5 years old. He is a beloved member of our family. He slipped out the front door on 9-3-13.
Posted by:   503-206-3904 971-212-3698    at: Thu Sep 05 2013 13:19:21 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 9/1/13
Location: N Watts St. and N Interstate Ave. in Kenton, North Portland
Description: Breed: domestic medium hair / Maine Coon mix Color: Brown tabby (brown/black stripes) Name: Lucius Sex: Neutered male Collar: Missing, but licensed in Mult. County Microchip: Yes, 24PetWatch brand Other features: VERY thick bushy tail; pink nose; white around nose/mouth; large paws and ears; gold-green eyes Lucius is a very beloved indoor-only cat who was spooked and escaped from the home we just recently moved to. Last seen on 9/1 at about 7:30 am running east on Watts St. He's sweet but shy of strangers and has never been outside. He will be hiding, probably in our home neighborhood in thick bushes / in spaces like a garage, shed, basement, attic, etc. Please look in these spaces and contact us if seen! 503-706-0616 or carao[at]oregonhumane[dot]org. Needs a special diet to stay healthy; please help us bring him home quickly.
Posted by:   503-706-0616    at: Thu Sep 05 2013 08:51:14 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST July 25, 2013
Location: SE 16th and Claybourne, nearest major cross street is SE Bybee and SE Milwaukie Ave in Sellwood, Oregon
Description: Manx, No tail, torti (black/brown/tan), green eyed, had collar with id, but not microchipped. Cautious of strangers but suspected she was picked up maybe even listed for sale as Manx's sell for a good profit.
Posted by:   503-875-5066    at: Tue Sep 3 11:13:29 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 09/02/2013
Location: SE 41st $ Steele/Mitchell
Description: Medium long, brown, black, grey & white hair, male neutered cat. Missing since around 3pm on Monday 9/2/2013. Name is Ziggy Bob. He is usually within a block from home, between Steele & Mitchell, from 40th to 42nd Ave. Please help me find him.
Posted by:   503-777-5518    at: Mon Sep 2 22:44:21 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 09/01/2013
Location: Council Crest/Healy heights
Description: Medium hair white cat with blue eyes and orange tips to ears and tail. Ski dish to strangers but docile when comfortable.
Posted by:   503 -265-8524    at: Mon Sep 02 2013 22:09:24 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 09/02/2013 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 10/9 email) "The owner was located".
Location: Downtown Portland/Jeld-Wen Field
Description: Black Kitten Found 9/2/2013 - Kitten was specifically found by residents of the newer condo and apt complex located north of Jeld-Wen Feild. The kitten was noticed by the whining and meowing sounds. It was discovered that the Kitten was hiding in the engine area of a parked car. Several attempts were made to summons the kitten out of danger. The kitten was brought back to a safe place for shelter. We are seeking the possible owner and/or new home the the Kitten.

Cat FOUND 08/31/13 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 9/12/13 email) " the finder of this cat took it to a vet, where it was scanned for a microchip. The cat ("Alvin") was subsequently reunited with its owners, a month after he went missing. - Info from a Craigslist ad"
Location: Reed college (Blue Bridge), Eastmoreland, Southeast, SE Portland
Description: Wandering back home through Reed College campus (near Eastmoreland), I came across a group of students who seemed to be followed by an orange neutered tomcat with a freckle in its right eye at 10:50pm Saturday Aug 31st. The cat kept meowing, looking around, and following us. It honestly seemed lost, but not too distressed. I wasn't sure if it could find its way home, so took it back to my apartment for the night. There is one or two other peculiarity that the true owner can identify. Though it has a healthy weight and is well groomed, it may have a respiratory infection, because it has been releasing snot.

Cat LOST 8/30/13
Location: Off West Stark Street Portland, 97229
Description: Grey Tuxedo, she has a white chest and white paws and yellow eyes. She's very vocal and super soft. Her name is Amelia.
Posted by:   5035390631    at: Sun Sep 01 2013 10:27:36 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 8/28/13
Location: oregon city evangelical church.. in oregon city
Description: smaller female tortie all black nose. very vocal and sweet..
Posted by:   5032081545    at: Thu Aug 29 2013 22:09:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 7/21/2013
Location: Kelso,wa.
Description: Black American shorthair lost at riverside animal hospital on Allen St.
Posted by:   360-560-5818    at: Thu Aug 29 2013 07:25:57 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 8/28/13 HAPPY ENDING – (from an 8/28 email) "Rusty the cat has been found!"
Location: ne rosa parks way and ne 7th ave
Description: 3-year-old short hair tortoiseshell, answers to the name "Rusty". She is orange and black, with a black face and a long striped tail. she has light green eyes and is fairly large, with a long body. the outdoors are new to her, so she gets easily spooked!

Cat SIGHTED 8-26-13
Location: 125th and se reedway
Description: Younger adult tabby with no tail. friendly, hungry, a bit scared.
Posted by:   503-839-5879    at: Tue Aug 27 11:21:53 PDT 2013

Cat FOUND 08/12/2013
Location: hearthwood area vancouver wa.98684
Description: young male strays gray tuxedo 5 -6 mos. light gray and white tabby 4-5 mos.
Posted by:       at: Mon Aug 26 2013 21:57:11 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 08/12/13
Location: 142nd and Keyes Vancouver wa.98684
Description: 2 young unneutered males Gray tuxedo , very shy Gray and white tabby with a flea collar , friendly These are hungry strays not ferals.They are older kittens. Tabby is about 4-5 months old. Tuxedo is about 5-6 months old. Male ferals are terrifying them outdoors.They come to feed in early hours.Enter our house and are so hungry! Tuxedo feeds daily but the younger tabby is not so brave.I hope they are chipped.If I capture them I will bring them to a vet for a scan.If you respond and have a photo I can better respond back.
Posted by:       at: Mon Aug 26 2013 21:42:31 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/25/13
Location: SE 16th and Claybourne in Sellwood, cross streets Bybee and SE Milwaukie AVe.
Description: She is a black/brown/tan female tail, shy of people...often hides in blackberry bushes
Posted by:   503-875-5066    at: Mon Aug 26 2013 13:40:43 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 08/25/13
Description: Approximately 10 week old female tuxedo kitten, mostly black, white paws, chest, belly medium hair, long white whiskers, orange eyes.
Posted by:       at: Sun Aug 25 2013 22:53:49 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 08/24/2013
Location: Near Clackamas Town Center, Fuller RD and Causey Ave
Description: Female, brown and yellow tabby with some Red spots. Responds to Avycen. Approach slowly, she is very shy.
Posted by:   9714008171    at: Sun Aug 25 2013 16:04:32 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 08/16/13
Location: SE 80th and Mill St
Description: Cordell has been missing since Friday 8/16 in the evening. He is extremely friendly and affectionate. He was last seen with a silver collar and star shaped tag. He has BRIGHT blue eyes that are crossed. He's a Lynx point siamese and is 14 yrs old.
Posted by:   503-453-0758    at: Fri Aug 23 2013 16:19:49 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 08/21/13
Location: Escaped from family van in NE Portland: either near WOODLAWN Park (NE Oneonta & Claremont) or possibly near OREGON Park (NE Irving & 29th)
Description: Calico with multi-colored w/black, brown & orange on back & top of head. Belly, paws & mouth are white. See pic! Polydactyl. (extra toes!) She was wearing silver chain collar w/ purple heart tag. Reward! Daughter is heartbroken :(
Posted by:   5032881313    at: Thu Aug 22 2013 17:57:32 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 08/15/2103
Location: Oregon City Hillendale on Whitney Lane
Description: Vlad-14 years old, Looks like Long Haired Siamese. Cream & Brown Seal Point, Blue cross eyes, missing a few front teeth. AVID Microchip. Missing from Whitney Lane in Oregon City.
Posted by:   5032587264    at: Thu Aug 22 16:11:27 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 8/13/2013
Location: Milwaukie Oregon
Description: White underside up to chin brown with patches of white on body grey and tan stripes on face legs and tail. Very sweet mellow cat. not wearing a collar. he is about 3 1/2 years old and his name is Spice.
Posted by:   503-867-4709    at: Thu Aug 22 12:50:59 PDT 2013

Cat FOUND 08/19/13
Location: Vancouver Wa. (Steamboat Landing neighborhood)
Description: Young male shorthair, neutered. No collar or chip. Bicolor, white with charcoal (dark gray markings) extremely friendly, likes other cats and is ok with friendly dogs.
Posted by:       at: Thu Aug 22 2013 08:49:28 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 08/21/13
Location: SW Spring Garden and 35th
Description: FOUND - all-black female cat in SW Portland in Multnomah Village, walked up to us at our house tonight 8/21/13 near Spring Garden Park, very friendly, young and approximately a year old, clearly a house cat and litter box trained, no collar, poofy tail. Looks to have been lost no more than a few days.
Posted by:       at: Wed Aug 21 2013 22:27:12 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 08/20/13 HAPPY ENDING – (from an 8/28 email) "I just wanted to let you know that my cat Shawn has returned home! Thank you so much for providing a place to help owners locate their lost friends. Sincere good luck to all the other owners searching for lost pets."
Location: SW 30th & SW Vermont, Hillsdale area, Portland
Description: Lost indoor male calico shorthair. Dark/light brown on back, white on belly. 12-13 pounds. Green eyes. Notch in one ear. 3 years old named Shawn. No collar. Has microchip. He's skittish at first, but very affectionate once he's comfortable.

Cat LOST 08/10/13
Location: Hillsboro OR
Description: Large male tuxedo, black/white, 10 yrs old. Distinct spot on roof of mouth. Very social & approachable, loud, long meow. Thought to have been transported (accidently or not) off his Hillsboro street between 10 am and 3 pm Saturday, Aug 10.
Posted by:   503-730-5294    at: Tue Aug 20 11:27:35 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 8/19/13
Location: Westmoreland, Portland Oregon
Description: yellow male cat, chipped and has/had a collar, name is Marmalade. Marmalade ran away from my friends house at 19th and Yukon where he was going to stay for a month or so. He is shy, a little grumpy but not mean.
Posted by:   503 753-7747    at: Tue Aug 20 2013 08:29:22 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST aug-1-2013
Location: damascus oregon 222nd av off hwy 212
Description: lost "LUCKY", black/white tuxedo cat, has id chip, vet's will check for free, may or may not come to you but wont bite,short hair, was 14 1/2 lb's. we have lost our other half, please help us bring him home, thank you
Posted by:   503-658-6382    at: Mon Aug 19 15:26:53 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 08/16/13
Location: Sweetbriar Court, Portland Oregon, Zip Code is 97221
Description: She is all black and has short fur, and responds to the name "Twinkle". She is also chipped and has a red collar with a yellow tag. She is a shy cat that is a year old, and she is very friendly.
Posted by:   503-477-5144    at: Mon Aug 19 2013 13:48:26 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 08/04/2013
Location: Happy Valley, OR
Description: Female Brown/Black Tortie cat - 8 yrs old. She is small so she looks younger. Last seen at home - 119th Ct in Happy Valley. She has a small white patch on her chest. Her name is Star. Please let us know if you have seen her at all.
Posted by:   609-558-7565    at: Mon Aug 19 10:47:45 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 8/13/2013
Location: Wood Ave, Milwaukie Oregon
Description: He is white with tan, and grey strips on his face, legs and tail. He has blue eyes, dark brown ears and big dark brown patches on his body. He is vey friendly and would walk up to anyone. he is about 3 years old and is not wearing a collar. His name is Spice and we miss him dearly and we are so worried about him. Please contact me with any information. Thank you!
Posted by:   503-867-4709    at: Sun Aug 18 16:47:14 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 08/15/2013
Location: NE 80th Ave near Failing St.
Description: Small black and grey tabby with a tan belly and green eyes. Neutered male. No collar, but has a chip. He was an indoor cat, but had been on the back porch before. He is very friendly towards people and is very quiet.
Posted by:       at: Sun Aug 18 2013 16:41:09 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 08/15/13
Location: NE Oregon x street 65th
Description: Female Persian Kitten/Cat, about 2 years old. Last seen August 15 at 65th and NE Oregon. She has been outside before, but never overnight. No collar, but she is microchipped. Please call/text/email us at 503 901 9263 or Email:
Posted by:   5039019263    at: Sun Aug 18 2013 09:42:51 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 8/13/13
Location: SW Taylors Ferry and 52nd Avenue, Portland
Description: Mooshu is a Lynx Siamese with bright blue eyes. Light brown with dark brown markings. Super friendly. Neutered and microchipped male. Therapy cat to a young boy. Desperately needed back in our lives. Last seen on SW 52nd Avenue near Taylors Ferry Rd. in SW Portland.
Posted by:   503-477-0870    at: Sun Aug 18 2013 09:31:40 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 08/14/2013
Location: Happy Valley - OR (Chelsea Morning Dr.)
Description: 2 years old male. Black/brown/white Main Coon tabby markings. Very friendly. No collar. He has micro chip.
Posted by:   503-590-4836    at: Sun Aug 18 08:39:49 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 8/16/13
Location: SW Capitol Highway between Brugger and Baird
Description: Skinny orange tabby, male, approx. 7 years old. Declawed (not by us!) Somewhat skittish around people.
Posted by:   9194528359    at: Sat Aug 17 2013 21:13:23 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 08/16/13 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 8/19 email) "Found the owner"
Location: Main Street apartments Tigard
Description: Small grey tabby male kitten about 11 weeks old. Copper eyes with collar on.

Cat LOST 08/15/13
Location: West Linn near Parker Rd
Description: Bogey is a extra large, shorthaired Ginger (orange) Tabby w/ Light Brown Stripes, Amber Eyes, White Paws, Maw, and Underbelly, and No Tags or Collar. Timid, may run from strangers. $100 reward!
Posted by:   503-218-2411    at: Sat Aug 17 2013 18:41:27 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 08/15/13
Location: 65th and NE Oregon Street
Description: ROCKET: ESCAPED Persian Cat, about 2 years old. Very sweet and loving. Tortie color with a 'poodle' cut. Rocket is microchipped, but does not have a collar. She has been outside before but not overnight. Please help us find Rocket!
Posted by:   5039019263    at: Sat Aug 17 2013 09:09:43 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 08/16/13
Location: SE 162nd and main
Description: he is flampoint pretty much white with orange down his back and ears. he almost none stops purs and just wants loves all the time he is about 14 pounds now so he is a bigger cat. He. Is neuter but has no tags sadly and his name is Claymore.
Posted by:       at: Sat Aug 17 2013 00:38:31 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 8/5/13
Location: Lakeview Blvd. and Jean Way near Pilkington in Lake Grove/Lake Oswego
Description: Flametip Siamese mostly white with orange tabby markings. 13 lbs or so, very sweet but pretty skittish until he gets to know you. High pitched meow, missing teeth, and my sweetest cuddler. Please let me know if you have seen him or know anything about what has happened to him!
Posted by:   503-853-2076    at: Fri Aug 16 2013 10:03:43 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 08/08/13
Location: n portland at williams and russel
Description: my boy is a 15lb big boy he is a orange and white tabby and he is 11 years oldhe is by baby and i miss him alot
Posted by:   503-206-4627    at: Tue Aug 13 09:06:44 PDT 2013

Cat FOUND 08/11/13
Location: Forest Grove
Description: I first started seeing this pretty Blue eyed kitty a few months ago in the vicinity of C St between Pacific and 19th although I've seen her go farther south. But she finally got brave enough to come for a meal and some love. She is not micro-chipped, not sure if she is spayed, the vet thinks she is young. She is a sweet girl who has blue eyes that look a bit crossed. She has a grey tabby tail with light tabby head and legs. Her body is a cream color with bits of white/beige/grey. She has a soft meow and just need some love and groceries. It's clear she needs and wants a home.
Posted by:       at: Mon Aug 12 2013 21:39:37 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND Prior to July 2013
Location: Vancouver WA 98664 Near 10th St and Ellsworth
Description: Small Calico female cat, black orange & brown. Very sweet, likes to jump onto shoulders! She seems young. Was VERY thin and had been missing(without a home) for a long time. She has a unique feature, other than sitting on shoulders, that will identify her so please mention that to claim her.
Posted by:       at: Mon Aug 12 2013 20:50:10 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST lost 8/8/ 2013
Location: N.E. Klickitat and Siskiyou Streets near N.E. 33rd Ave.
Description: Lost small Persian cat w/ bright yellow eyes. Sara is very shy around strangers, she is very loving though and likes to have her armpits scratched. If you have any information please let me know.... my husband and I are very attached to our baby Sara.... we're offering a reward for the person who finds her, or has any information in regards to her disappearance. Thank you! Best always, Kelli
Posted by:   503-288-8821    at: Mon Aug 12 2013 14:39:30 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 8/3/2013
Location: Sandy Oregon
Description: Black, female, spayed. My cat Melody Marie has a tiny white tuff of white on her chest and slight white hairs in her ears. Her eyes are bright yellow/green and her coat is very shiny. Her tail slightly curves at the end making a "hook" and she is declawed in the front paws only. I will do just about anything to get my cat back. If you can help me find her, I will be so grateful to you.
Posted by:       at: Mon Aug 12 15:45:12 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 08/10/2013
Location: Oregon City, next to Chapin park near South end rd.
Description: Light orange almost cream colored, blue eyes, very skinny due to thyriode problems,very skittish, name is Odysseus or Oddy for short
Posted by:   9714047363    at: Mon Aug 12 2013 14:07:24 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 08/09/13
Location: Oregon City, OR - Frontier Pkwy, Meyers, Linn Ave, Wesley Lynn Park
Description: Flame Point Siamese, White/Cream with orange stripes on face, blue eyes, neutered male, scratched chin, saggy belly, very friendly but does not like loud noises. Went missing Friday night, 8/9 when the thunder storms hit. Please help us find him as our children as devastated and so is his companion cat. Please call anytime day or night, we don't care, we just want him back: 503-702-2809 or 971-263-4653. Thanks
Posted by:   503-702-2809    at: Sun Aug 11 21:25:17 PDT 2013

Cat FOUND 07/29/13
Location: Scappoose, OR
Description: Found a sweet little girl in my backyard. She is a long-haired tortie with a silky white tummy. Very friendly and wants to go home.
Posted by:   971-678-2197    at: Sun Aug 11 2013 20:33:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 08/03/2013
Location: 26th and Multnomah St. (Sullivan's Gulch)
Description: My cat AMOS has been missing since Saturday morning (8/3/13). He is a black and white long-haired cat with yellow eyes weighing somewhere between 12-14 lbs. He has a distinctive white upside-down heart shaped marking on his face. The last time I saw him he was wearing his red break-away collar with a bell on it outside of my house in the Sullivan's Gulch neighborhood. He is microchipped and is completely up-to-date on all vaccines and rabies shots. **PLEASE check under decks, cars, bushes, and in sheds for him. He's extremely friendly and I'm hoping he is just nearby and hiding. For sightings please call! Thank you!
Posted by:   860-690-0550    at: Sun Aug 11 2013 20:32:27 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 8/10/13
Location: NE PDX, 128th & Halsey area
Description: I've been feeding a light gray tabby, older kitten, intact male. He's friendly and wants to stay but my 3 other cats won't tolerate him. He's not feral. I'll try to get a picture.
Posted by:       at: Sun Aug 11 20:24:58 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 08/05/13
Location: 165th & sw Vincent st,Beaverton,or
Description: 14 yr old neutered male Seal point Balinese. missing back teeth but has all of his fangs. Very friendly, cannot chew dry food, pain in the backside. (but aren't all children) House cat
Posted by:   971-221-7872    at: Sat Aug 10 2013 15:56:39 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 08/06/13
Location: outside our house on Sw Meade Court Near Canyon Drive and Scholls Ferry Road
Description: Beautiful brown and black tabby. Cheetah is about 7years old. Her tummy is spotted and hangs down a bit. She knows her name but may or may not come when called.
Posted by:   503 291-7845    at: Sat Aug 10 2013 11:27:30 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 08/05/13
Location: NE Broadway and 34th in Hollywood District of Portland
Description: Lost on August 5th, She is basically an all Black Cat, Except she does have one distinctive, small, white diamond patch of fur on her neck. Her ears are straight. We live on NE Broadway right off of 33rd. Her eyes are yellow. Her name is Alice. She is 3 years old. She is an outside cat. Perhaps you know her? Most people in this neighborhood do. I am moving soon, and Alice and I have to go! Please help me find my kitty!
Posted by:   817-584-1744    at: Fri Aug 09 2013 12:52:50 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 08/06/2013 HAPPY ENDING – (from an 8/10 email) "The owner has been found and has picked up the cat (positively identified)."
Location: SW Portland (West Portland Park area)
Description: Female, grey, long-haired, very sweet. No chip, no collar. Vet says probably about 4 years old. Not a large cat, currently at ~7 lbs. Has large paws with tufts of fur growing between toes. Had been treated for fleas at some point (greasy fur on back of neck).

Cat LOST 08/08/2013 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 8/12 email) "Hi, good news we found Max."
Location: SW Buena Vista/SW Vista intersection
Description: Max: long-haired, white belly with brown face and stripes. Distinctive markings, beautiful male, older cat. About 10 pounds but lots of fur makes him look bigger.

Cat LOST 07/31/2013
Location: Beaverton, Oregon
Description: Name: Persimon No collar. Male and has a microchip he is a orange tabby with no white spots. He is usually friendly but sometimes scared. His eyes are green. Shorthaired with white whiskers and a couple black ones. He has a tan birthmark on the back of his neck.
Posted by:       at: Thu Aug 8 18:12:21 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 08/08/13
Location: NW Portland
Description: We adopted this 7 year old beautiful female cat. She has blue eyes, mostly white fur with 2 heart-shaped brown patches and alight orange patch. She is very friendly and meows when talked to, but she was a little timid and afraid when we adopted her. So, she may be afraid of strangers. Please contact this email if you have her.
Posted by:       at: Thu Aug 08 2013 16:38:42 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND August 6, 2013
Location: SW Portland, Burlingame neighborhood, SW Terwilliger & Taylor's Ferry
Description: Very sweet, young, grey-striped, male cat found wandering in a parking lot late at night. He has a black collar with a bell, but no info on the collar. No microchip, and not fixed.
Posted by:   5038362503    at: Wed Aug 07 2013 18:06:49 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/27/13
Location: NW 48th Ave & Woodside Terrace, just off West Burnside near border of Multco & Washco counties
Description: Our cat Fred has been missing since July 27. He's a tabby, mostly gray with a mix of brown, black and white (around the mouth and neck), green eyes. He doesn't have a collar but he does have a microchip. We live in Northwest Portland on Northwest Woodside Terrace. Our street is just off of West Burnside at NW 48th Ave.
Posted by:   5032284116    at: Wed Aug 07 2013 12:52:25 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 08/05/2013
Location: SW Portland Spring Garden Taylors Ferry
Description: Grey cat with a little bit of white on her back from getting older. She is about 13, no collar and will most likely not let you pick her up. Her name is Lily and is about 13 lbs.
Posted by:   503-880-4504    at: Wed Aug 07 2013 11:29:58 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 08/05/13 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 8/26 email) "This cat was reunited with its owner. She had become locked in a garage 2 miles away from home. A Craigslist 'found' ad led to her kitty."
Location: Rosemont Bluff / Montavilla Neighborhood
Description: Small, female tri-color cat. She's got short legs and a little head but a bit of a belly. She's maybe 6 or 7 pounds, is tri-color (white-orange-brown). Her name is Canchita ("con-CHEE-tah").

Cat LOST 08/05/13
Location: Happy Valley, Oregon
Description: All white with gray/black smudge over left eye. No collar or chip. Very friendly with women but leary of men. Very shy but sweet. His name is Cranky and we miss him terribly.
Posted by:   503-708-9243    at: Tue Aug 06 2013 21:16:17 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 8-5-13
Location: Bell Road between Wilsonville and Sherwood
Description: Cat almost all white, very friendly, blue collar. Has distinctive spots you describe.
Posted by:   503-625-6807    at: Mon Aug 05 2013 23:15:19 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 07/30/2013
Location: Garden Home/Multnomah Village
Description: Long hair tabby/rag doll.
Posted by:       at: Mon Aug 05 2013 22:49:31 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 080113
Location: 126th & Monterey King City near Crown Center
Description: Black female cat spot of white on chest. Declawed front only. Not shy with company but indoor only so may be scared outdoors. Doesn't like to be picked up but loves cuddling on laps.
Posted by:       at: Sat Aug 03 2013 22:00:02 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 08/01/13
Location: Damascus/Clackamas/Carver
Description: Orange and white neutered male. Very distinctive white smudge on side of nose. A big, fluffy, plumed tail. His hair is medium. He has an ID chip but no collar. He is very shy around people. Sweet and loveable. His name is Nigel.
Posted by:   503-421-3072    at: Sat Aug 03 2013 18:20:09 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 7/31/13
Location: SE 82nd Drive Clackamas
Description: Short haired black and brown, PURPLE COLLAR, almost 1 years old
Posted by:   5034460876    at: Sat Aug 03 2013 16:27:44 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 07/3/2013
Location: corner of 42nd ave and Mason Lane in Milwaukie oregon
Description: He is a fixed orange male tabby. He is 2 yrs old. Medium size. He has several freckles around his lower lip if you pull it back you can see them. He loves to chase sticks if you drag them on the ground.
Posted by:   971-279-3294    at: Sat Aug 03 2013 12:00:02 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST July 26, 2013
Location: East HWY 84 Rest Area in Boardman, Or
Description: Female Siemses Cat, 21 months old, bright blue eyes, all half white paws, large cat, white coat, black mask, black ears and black tail, short hair. Her name is Fingers and she was last seen in Boardman, Or East HWY 84 Rest Area. Scared of too many cars/trucks. If found, please email me, thank you!
Posted by:   360 334-5539    at: Fri Aug 2 21:09:25 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 07/31/2013
Location: Wichta Ave and King Rd in Milwaukie, Oregon
Description: My kitty, Mugen, ran off when we brought a new dog home this week. He's primarily an indoor cat and not very street wise. We last saw him early Wednesday morning, 7/31. He's a Lynx Siamese which means he's light colored (white) with some faint gray (grey) stripes, dark tail, and blue eyes. He loves his little chihuahua friend and his grown up people but he's not very fond of big dogs or small children. If you find him, please respond to this post. I miss him and am very worried about him.
Posted by:   5419145097    at: Fri Aug 02 2013 17:37:43 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 7/11/13
Location: SE Portland, Lents area
Description: Small Siamese blue eyes brown face and tail. Young age.
Posted by: Mary   971-266-9919    at: Thu Aug 1 13:37:47 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 07/24/13
Location: 41st Ave and SE Pardee Street
Description: Poncho is a large ALL black cat that was last seen on SE Pardee Street wearing a brown collar with all updated information. He is microchipped. He LOVES people and should respond to his name. Please contact me with any information. Thank you so much....I miss him!
Posted by:   760-846-6041    at: Thu Aug 01 2013 00:24:03 GMT+0700 (WIT)

Cat LOST 06/20/2013
Location: 87th Between Foster and Holgate
Description: Bobby is a little over 8 years old. He is somewhat timid and can be easily scared. However, he likes to travel around the neighborhood usually w/in 2 mile radius. In the past, he'd be gone for about 2-3 days during spring and early summer but always came home. He does not like having a collar, so he never wore one. I would greatly appreciate your help in finding him.
Posted by:   971-244-2771    at: Tue Jul 30 2013 23:14:07 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 7/28
Location: 50th and Salmon
Description: Lost Puffy white and brown (mainly white) Cat named Savage. May have been scared of fireworks. has a light meow. Please help her find her way home. Last seen Monday the 29th.
Posted by:   503-367-5924    at: Tue Jul 30 2013 14:34:45 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST lost 7-20-13
Location: Tigard Or
Description: Gray small cat with black striped and gray spots. Chain collar with a heart that says little one. She has a bald spot on her left hip and no tail as she has had surgery after being run over. Please help. If you can give me her back I promise a reward. She is my friend and we are disabled recovery partners. Im pretty lost right now...
Posted by:       at: Tue Jul 30 2013 14:03:03 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/29/2013
Location: Happy Valley -Between Idleman and Johnson Creek, 5-5:30am taken
Description: Grey Long Hair 19 years old. Beautiful Long companion for our Family., Miss her dearly. REWARD FOR HER RETURN OR INFORMATION whom took her from our Driveway in the early morning between 5-5:30AM.
Posted by:   503.307.4135    at: Tue Jul 30 07:53:43 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 07/22/13
Location: Cherry Ave. & Holmes, Oregon City, OR
Description: Black and white, short haired cat, green eyes, long white legs, black tail, lean, about 8lb., black spot on her belly, timid especially of dogs/children. Female, 13 years old. Needs medication & prescription food (science diet I/D)
Posted by:   503-579-7713    at: Mon Jul 29 2013 11:33:44 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Posted by:       at: Sun Jul 28 2013 13:18:27 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 7/27/2013
Location: University Park/N Portland
Description: Older neutered male siamese/bicolor mix lost near the University of Portland. Mostly white cat, brown on his back, black tail with a spot of white on the end. Sometimes answers to Marco.
Posted by:       at: Sun Jul 28 2013 08:22:11 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/22/13
Location: 145th and King Rd., Happy Valley, OR
Description: 2 year 4 month female, domestic long hair cat. Tortoise shell color. Very loving and affectionate.
Posted by:   5034816101    at: Thu Jul 25 12:16:09 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 7/23/13
Location: SE 39th and Salmon
Description: Large orange tabby, male and about 6 years old. Long, wild tail and small white spot on tummy and under chin. Recently dematted, so he has some shorter fur on lower back. No collar, michropchiped. Can be very friendly, but has tendency to scratch when wants attention or gets too excited and doesn't really like being picked up.
Posted by:       at: Thu Jul 25 2013 10:51:13 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST Long haired burmese
Location: Oregon city. Barclay hills
Description: Our dear cat, Pretty, went missing on 7/20. She is a light Burmese mix. Long hair, ivory colored fur, Grey feet & long bushy grey tail. Please call or text. She has a light baby soft green flea collar on.
Posted by:   503 593 4394    at: Wed Jul 24 2013 21:46:21 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 7-21-2013
Location: 7400 SW Barnes #1072, Portland
Description: Medium hair, all white, blue eyes, pink paws,ears & nose. Chipped. Very sweet. Missing 5 teeth. Was wearing a black flea collar
Posted by:   (575) 770-2187    at: Wed Jul 24 2013 15:33:45 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 7-23-13
Location: lynn & park Oregon city
Description: black & white short hair female spayed, 15 years old, no collar... shy and hides! needs medications and is on a restricted diet. Please Help!
Posted by:   503-860-8026    at: Tue Jul 23 13:30:30 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 07/07/13
Location: Netarts Oregon
Description: Large Maine Coon neutered male, is chipped, long hair, greys, browns copper tint. Has 6 toes on front paws. Was wearing red collar with 2 bells. Five years old. Extremely friendly.
Posted by:   503 780 0851    at: Tue Jul 23 08:56:29 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 7/15/13
Location: SE 19th street off Regner, greshan
Description: Neutered male, dark grey with black markings short-haired tabby cat. Brown nose and underside/tummy. (underside patterned with what resembles leopard print)Green eyes, 9 years old, extremely friendly. Answers to bear-bear. Reward offered if brought home safely. He is my family, had him since I was 5. If found, PLEASE contact me at or the phone number listed below.
Posted by:   5038530261    at: Mon Jul 22 2013 20:49:48 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 07/21/13 HAPPY ENDNG – (from a 7/22 email) "Our cat has been found! Yay!!!!"
Location: Mt. Tabor, SE 55th and Sherman (near SE Division)
Description: Small adult grey cat. She is short haired with white markings on her feet and chest.

Cat LOST 07/16/13
Location: Mt Tabor/Montavilla
Description: We lost our sweet cat on July 16th. He is a short-haired orange tabby (no white on his body). He loves people and is very friendly, but he may be a little nervous at first since he was an indoor kitty. His size is medium-large and he's about 10 yrs old. He is microchipped but was not wearing a collar. Please, please contact us if you find him. We really miss him and want him back home. Reward given for his safe return - no questions asked. Thank you!
Posted by:       at: Sun Jul 21 21:14:26 PDT 2013

Cat FOUND 07/20/13
Location: Portland
Description: Balinese cat found in Portland OR
Posted by:   5034497884    at: Sun Jul 21 2013 12:37:05 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/17/13
Location: First corner of Stone Rd. near Hazen Rd. in warren
Description: Calico female domestic medium hair with only three legs. She is 14years old and extremely friendly. She wasn't wearing a collar. We are offering a reward if she is found. We dearly miss her.
Posted by: Lynn   503-327-9110    at: Sat Jul 20 2013 22:57:35 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/20/2013 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 7/20 email) "We found our kitten"
Location: Bull Mountain; Tigard, Oregon
Description: Short-haired, gray-striped male kitten (11-weeks old). M marking on forehead. Wearing a light blue or turquoise colored collar when last seen.

Cat FOUND 7/20/13
Location: ne flanders near 47th
Description: we found an orange long haired kitty, very friendly, in our backyard this morning. the cat stayed there most of the day, seems had been well taken care of. we think someone must be missing this kitty. let us know if you are!
Posted by:       at: Sat Jul 20 2013 19:35:18 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/18/2013 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 7/24 email) "Cat returned home!!! :)"
Location: Tolkien Heights/Westview Lake Oswego, OR
Description: *LOST** Female Russian Blue. 4-1/2 Years old ~9 lbs. Last seen Thursday night 7/18 wearing green collar and tab with name/address. Thank you.

Cat LOST 07/18/2013 HAPPY ENDING (I hope?) – (from a 7/31 email) "FRANK HAS BEEN FOUND!!! .. thank you so much and good luck to the rest of the cat owners :( "
Location: Oleson and Terri Ct near Garden Home/Beaverton Hillsdale
Description: 4 yr old buff beige/blonde long haired Male... doesnt answer to much but his name is Frank. He is about 20 pounds and either super loving or super aggressive. He is an indoors only cat and is never allowed outside so he will be scared. He is very loved and if anyone finds him please call ANYTIME of day or night. Thank you.

Cat LOST 07/05/13
Location: Canby, OR
Description: 2 year old neutered small male! That is mostly orange with some white on his tummy and mouth!
Posted by:   503-502-9949    at: Wed Jul 17 2013 22:32:11 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 7/15/2013
Location: Beaverton, OR
Description: Orange male Persian with a short groomed lion cut, he has a big ball of fur on his tail. His name is Garfield and he is 11. Last seen in the Arbor Reserve town-homes off of Bronson Rd. We are moving to Illinois in 8 days are desperate to find him. Please help. Reward!
Posted by:   503-250-0021    at: Wed Jul 17 2013 20:43:27 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07-13-13
Location: SW Portland
Description: Our sweet, short-haired black kitty with a small spot of white low on her chest, Dolly, went missing on SW Barbur Blvd. We have reason to believe she was picked up by someone, so she could have traveled further. She would most likely be anywhere in SW or inner Portland (UPDATE: she may also be in the Beaverton/Hillsboro area). We're offering a cash reward, no questions asked. She is pudgy, very sweet, but can be skittish. Please email or call if you've seen the kitty in this picture, thank you.
Posted by:   503-459-8496    at: Tue Jul 16 2013 20:24:30 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND 7/15/13
Location: NW 25th and Johnson
Description: Grey tabby, older, missing tooth, very loving.
Posted by: Bill   971-219-9282    at: Tue Jul 16 2013 19:46:54 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/10/13
Location: NW 24th and NW Kearney St
Description: Lost female calico cat. Micah is grey and orange with white paws and belly. She is 1 year old and about 11 lbs. She is very sweet and extremely missed. No tags, but is wearing a white flea collar. Last seen late at night 07/10 and has not been home since. Any information on her whereabouts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help!
Posted by:   9493825585    at: Tue Jul 16 11:37:10 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 7/12/2013 HAPPY ENDING (I think?) (from a 7/13 email) "We found her in a neighbor's driveway."
Location: NE 16th & Killingsworth Ave, Portland
Description: LOST small silver/grey longhair tabby with a cloudy right eye, no teeth, and a small cut in her ear. Her name is Bawbwa - she has no collar. She went missing around 6:30p on 7/12/2013.

Cat LOST 7/09/13
Location: SE Roethe Pl Jennings Lodge, OR 97267
Description: Male Brown & Black Tabby American Shorthair
Posted by:   503-799-5010    at: Sat Jul 13 2013 02:03:53 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 6/26/2013
Location: Dartmouth, Gladstone
Description: Calico, short hair,white on bottom half, black,orange top half. Black patch on left eye. She is shy, but sweet. Hates the road and cars. Her name is Jackie. She is chipped. Please call or email with any information. Our family just isn't the same without her. Thank you for any help you may be able to provide.
Posted by:   503-927-1195    at: Fri Jul 12 2013 13:48:04 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/06/13
Location: Tigard, near Bull Mounting (Palermo and 163rd Terrace area - near Roshak)
Description: Black female, approx. 14 years old. She has some white "old age" spots on her body. Strictly a house cat, somehow got out of house and is missing. Front declawed. Has back claws.Name is Sara. She is skittish around strangers.
Posted by:   503.709.4308    at: Fri Jul 12 09:14:31 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 07/08/13
Location: NW portland
Description: male Siamese neutered, white diamond between eyes with black tail and white paws named Damien.
Posted by:   5033083061    at: Thu Jul 11 2013 16:23:20 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 7/9/2013
Location: SE Harold/SE 62nd Avenue
Description: Our elderly kitty went missing on Tuesday, 7/9. He is buff colored, VERY skinny, severe eye/nose allergies, loves attention and will dance, purr and walk closely to you. In his old age he isn't as handsome as he once was but he is VERY loved and VERY missed. I fear he may have wandered off to pass away as some kitties do. He usually sleeps on our back deck and comes back in. He had NEVER left our backyard. If you see him please let us know.
Posted by:       at: Thu Jul 11 14:25:28 PDT 2013

Cat FOUND 07/01/2013
Location: Wilsonville
Description: Found at corporate campus at Wilsonville. Siamese mix female, short hair, likes people, approximately 5-7 years old, no chip or collar, fixed. Needs home. She has been taken to the vet and appears to be healthy. She is well behaved and litter trained.
Posted by:   971-2196823    at: Thu Jul 11 11:54:07 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 07/04/13
Location: SW 18th St and SW Mill St Terr in Goose Hollow downtown Portland
Description: Lost female black and white tuxedo cat. Petite, short-hair, white gloves, green eyes,13 years old but seems younger, spayed, no collar, scraggly meow, talkative. Last seen July 4 leaving the front door of her home in Goose Hollow near the US-26 Vista Ridge Tunnel. *REWARD* Please call 503.730.1380 if you have seen her!
Posted by:   5037301380    at: Thu Jul 11 10:01:41 PDT 2013

Cat FOUND 7-7-2013
Location: SW Pdx, Raleigh hills, Renee Drive/Canyon Drive
Description: Female, 1-3 yr old, Calico/tortie medium hair length, has been sleeping and hanging out in our front yard. Very thin but feed her and gave her water. No Chip confirmed by RH vet today. Acts at point she had a home. Can send pictures if you are missing this sweet girl
Posted by:   5033181010    at: Wed Jul 10 2013 18:21:30 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/05/13
Location: Beaverton- near SW Butner Road and SW Frenwood Way
Description: Hank, our indoor cat, got out of the house on 7/3/13. He is a smoke grey domestic shorthair neutered male that looks very similar to a Russian blue. He has a white spot on his chest. He is a good sized cat and does not have a collar. He is very shy and may be hiding. I did see him in a neighbors backyard on 7/5/13 but haven't seen him since.
Posted by:   503-313-2007    at: Wed Jul 10 12:56:08 PDT 2013

Cat LOST May 312013
Location: Metcalfe Ontario/ outside Ottawa south area near Mitch Owens and Greely Ontario off Ivison drive
Description: Female Siamese Cat 13 Years Old blue eyes Chocolate Point name responds to is sparky likes to sit on a window Ledge owners Peter James Kerr and Anne Marie Kerr last seen May before June
Posted by:   (613)724-8256) or (613)821-0143 or (613)224-3777    at: Wed Jul 10 2013 08:25:25 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 7/3/13
Location: Inner SE Portland
Description: We last saw Sammy on 7/2/13. She normally doesn't venture far from home and is an indoor cat. She is chipped but refuses to wear a collar. She's about 4 years old and 12 lbs. dark grey or black and light grey and white. Probably wont come if you call her but loves treats and food. If you see her, please call 503-348-3702. Miss her so...
Posted by:   5033483702    at: Tue Jul 09 2013 19:40:57 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 06-27-2013
Location: 2118 18th ave #4 Forest Grove, OR
Description: Quite large, male, white,his prominate color w/black to dark gray markings. Medium size head,very long body type,approximatley 10-12 lbs. Has only been with older gentleman,will not be thinking of being friendly, as I picked him up in Longview,WA at the hospice that his owner was at. Kept him in the house a week but he was a outdoor cat and so I let him out. Spotted him a few times over 3 days, then he disappeared.
Posted by:   503-443-8557    at: Tue Jul 9 13:04:50 PDT 2013

Cat FOUND 6/30/13
Location: River Grove elementary School Lake oswego OR 97035
Description: Kitten about 9 or 10 weeks old probably
Posted by:       at: Mon Jul 08 2013 13:40:13 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 7/6/2013
Location: NW Portland
Description: neutered small ruddy colored male Abyssinian. Black tip on tail, yellow eyes. Indoor cat escaped to outside.
Posted by:   503-241-1251    at: Mon Jul 8 13:09:40 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 07/05/2013
Location: SW 85th Ave in Garden Home (Cross Streets SW Alden/SW Oleson Rd)
Description: Our beloved indoor cat Simon has been missing for 3 days now - the morning of July 5th he snuck out the back door and into the neighbor's yard. He had done this before but we were always able to go get him and bring him back. He scampered away too fast this time and we are frantic with worry at this point! Simon is a 3 year old neutered male brown short haired Tabby with white paws and white on his chest. He's very outgoing and friendly and he knows his name. He will come when called especially with the word "treats" - please call or text us day or night if you see and/or find Simon.
Posted by:   503 432-9761    at: Sun Jul 07 2013 23:57:56 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/04/13 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 7/8 email) "FOUND HIM! he came home last night tired, dirty and hungry. Thanks for your website and all of the great support and ideas for looking and where to look/ how to post!"
Location: Ne Portland, x streets=42nd and Prescott, Campaign St Campaign St
Description: Black Cat -no other markings, Male, Slim with a long tail, medium build, athletic, well kept has a black and white checked collar. no chip (yet) no tag-kept losing it Friendly, 6 yrs old, neutered

Cat LOST 07/05/13
Location: North Portland, Rosa Parks & Interstate
Description: Our skinny black and white cat was last seen on the evening of July 5th. We thought he was inside when we went to bed, but he is nowhere to be found. He had a collar with rabies tag. He is chipped, but the information is outdated. He is 16 but is often mistaken for a kitten. He requires a special diet. Please contact us if you have found or seen him. Thank you.
Posted by:   5039019187    at: Sun Jul 07 2013 10:59:51 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 07/06/13
Location: NW Portland/Beaverton- Bethany area
Description: Solid black medium hair female. Unfortunately didn't have on her collar or tags. Long & lanky build.
Posted by:       at: Sat Jul 06 2013 22:41:39 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 07/6/13
Location: Oak Creek , West Union , Laidlaw
Description: He is a domestic short haired male cat. He is a black and white tuxedo cat. Very friendly, but very scared of loud noises. His name is Kenai. He ran off when the kids were doing 'pop pop' fireworks.
Posted by:   5035760250    at: Sat Jul 06 2013 22:20:22 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 07/05/2013
Location: North Portland/Arbor Lodge
Description: Found neutered male cat. He is a shorthair black and white, tuxedo type cat. He does not have a microchip or collar. He was clearly someone's cat at some point, but it appears he's been on the streets for some time. So even if your cat has been missing a while but this description fits, please send me a picture or description of your cat.
Posted by:       at: Sat Jul 06 2013 16:40:58 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 7/4/2013
Location: Oregon City, OR
Description: Found cat female, 6 - 12 months old. Light colored. Small. No tags, collar or chip.
Posted by:       at: Sat Jul 06 2013 15:20:49 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 7/3/13
Location: SE 50th and Steele (near Woodstock Park) Portland
Description: Her name is Peach and she is a 1 year old female snowshoe siamese. She is very small and looks like a kitten. Dark legs, tail, and ears with white feet and body. She has distinctive markings on her face- her nose and mouth are split down the middle, half white half dark. She has light blue eyes. She is usually shy and skittish of strangers, and I think she was scared off by fireworks. She has no collar, but is microchipped.
Posted by:   541-890-7066    at: Sat Jul 06 2013 13:12:06 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 07/02/2013
Location: Near Mt. Hood Community College
Description: Oscar is a Gray cat, husky size and will respond to "kitty kitty kitty" in a high pitched voice. If you see him please let me know, he is a friedly cat do not be afraid to approach him. He loves tuna treats.
Posted by:   5037093664    at: Thu Jul 4 15:47:42 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 07/03/13
Location: NE 9th & NE Brazee in Irvington
Description: Lili is a six-year-old spayed female shorthair with a solid gray coat and gold eyes. She weighs about 15 lbs and has no markings other than some faint stripes on her tail. She answers to "leelee" and meows loudly. Lili may become aggressive if she's frightened, so don't try to catch her, but please, please contact me if you have seen her.
Posted by:   503-358-2174    at: Thu Jul 4 02:09:10 PDT 2013

Cat FOUND 6/3/13
Location: St John. Lombard and Leavitt
Description: Found cat. very skinny, probably has been lost for a while. Calico/tortoishell, with white underside and legs. Female.
Posted by:   5034389292    at: Wed Jul 03 2013 22:22:12 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 07/03/2013 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 7/3 email) "Sativa has been returned home safe and sound."
Location: Parkrose: NE 116th & NE Fremont Ct
Description: Sativa is a petite light & dark gray, tan speckled female cat (spayed). She's friendly, but may be frightened as she is an 'indoor' cat. She has white markings on her face and chest.

Cat LOST 07/01/13
Posted by:   (503) 995-0604    at: Wed Jul 03 2013 12:33:27 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND 06/20/13
Location: West Linn off Bluegrass
Description: Large Male grey Tabby. striped tail. Not afraid of dogs. Very affectionate. Not chipped. He has beautiful eyes.
Posted by:       at: Tue Jul 02 2013 10:20:43 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 7/1/2013
Location: NE 59th Ave & NE Hassalo
Description: Long haired, female maine coon by the name of Gretchen. She is mostly black and brown with a very tan stomach. She is somewhat nervous around new people. She is a large cat, around 13 pounds but it is hard to tell with all her hair. She has very intense, big eyes and is likely hiding. Please contact me if you find Gretchen. Thanks
Posted by:   8455942450    at: Tue Jul 02 2013 06:17:18 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 6/28/2013
Location: SE 15th Ave & Center St (Brooklyn School Park)
Description: 4 year old female, medium build Medium haired with black and caramel pattern (black face except large x-shaped caramel area between eyes from forehead to mouth) Black long tail Green eyes Brown sparked quick release collar with gold tag (may have come off)
Posted by:   9715447601    at: Mon Jul 01 2013 17:13:09 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND 06/15/13
Location: N Lombard and N Wall Street/Portsmouth Neighborhood
Description: Beautiful Grey/Black Tabby, male, bigger frame. Probably about a year old. Very friendly with humans, vocal. Not sure if he's got a microchip - will take to vet to check and update post. Will also try to take picture
Posted by:       at: Sun Jun 30 2013 20:27:40 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 6/26/13
Location: near Quatama Trimet Station : Beaverton, Tanasbourne area, Arbor Crossing Condos
Description: Niko is a White and Orange short hair neutered male. Very Friendly. Probably a little skittish being outside. 7 yrs old.
Posted by:   503-931-2227    at: Sat Jun 29 2013 13:51:53 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 06/25/13
Location: Bethany
Description: Puka is an 8 year old female outdoor cat. She loves to be around people, especially kids. She still has her claws and when she disappeared, she was wearing a fabric collar holding a magnet pendant for her locking cat door.
Posted by:   541-400-9968    at: Sat Jun 29 2013 08:11:55 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 06/27/13
Location: NE Hancock and 33rd Ave. in NE PDX
Description: Name: Sasha Sex: Female Age: 1.5 years Breed: Domestic Med. Hair / Maine Coon Mix She knows her name somewhat well, (still learning), very affectionate and playful. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!
Posted by:   503-863-6348    at: Fri Jun 28 2013 16:39:55 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST mid May to Memorial Day
Location: Dale Ave, between Barlow and 22nd Streets in the Hyland nieghborhood in Beaverton.
Description: medium short-haired black cat, 5 to 8 years old. Has a white patch of hair on chest. Is micro-chipped.Pharoah drools when he's getting love. We miss him. He didn't come home from his Spring excursion this year.
Posted by:   5036417572    at: Fri Jun 28 2013 13:12:42 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND 06/16/2013
Location: SE Oatfield Road, in Oak Grove/Milwaukie area
Description: Beautiful male gray and white tuxedo cat showed up in our yard and is living under our tree and in our hedge row. Has obviously been a pet and is lost or has been abandoned. Thick short fur, beautiful eyes, white feet and socks and talks a little bit. I have been putting out food for the last week and it has taken to sleeping on our porch.
Posted by: Karen   503-830-8454    at: Thu Jun 27 18:46:19 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 06/26/2013
Location: 185th st & walker rd Beaverton/Tansbourn area
Posted by:   503-899-7812    at: Thu Jun 27 17:30:15 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 06/21/13
Location: Eastmoreland-By Reed Colleg.
Description: Gray and whit male Tabby. Has a distinctive white O on its side. Also was wearing a purple collar. The cats name is Bodhi and is friendly . He is not a fulltime outdoor cat. Only is out short amounts of time.
Posted by:   503-806-7899    at: Thu Jun 27 2013 11:00:09 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 06/11/13
Location: SW Miles Street & 26th
Description: Short-haired. Tortoise-shell (Black & Orange-Brown) Small to medium-sized. Female. B Erect-pointy ears that are all black on outside, white on nose black.spayed. Was wearing a purple break-away collar. Very affectionate & sweet. Vocal. Will come when you call her with 'psss pss pss' cat-calling sounds, and also clapping and whistling. Responds to being called "Mamma" but also called 'Crookshanks'. Will put paw on you and kiss you on nose and lips. indoor-outdoor kitty.
Posted by:   404-93502152    at: Wed Jun 26 01:44:51 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 06/13/2014
Location: west linn cedaroak robinwood area
Description: male neutered short hair maine coon cat. about 1 year old now has collar and small bell. name jacks. white underneath and gray with black stripes
Posted by:   541-255-7377    at: Mon Jun 24 14:21:36 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 06/17/13
Location: 45th and Vermont
Description: Brown tabby. Goes by the name of Max. Has a black stripe down the middle of his back. Was a little on the plump side but may have slimmed down since his disappearance. Very friendly. Has microchip. Please contact me if you have seen him. We miss him very much!
Posted by:   (503) 806-2001    at: Sun Jun 23 2013 16:22:09 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 06/15/13
Location: Gresham, Oregon, near 5th & Hogan
Description: Name: Tigger Orange, Male, Neutered, No collar, golden/orange eyes. He's small/medium sized with large ears, and a small crook at the tip of his tail. He has white whiskers with one or two black ones. He is normally sweet and very friendly. Please contact me if you find him! Thanks!
Posted by:   5037588444    at: Fri Jun 21 2013 19:07:30 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 6/17/13
Location: SW Miles and Virginia, Johns Landing Lair Hill area
Description: Very large, 17 lb white with black spots female (spayed), one black spot shaped like heart on her side. Name is Shenendoah, very friendly, 4 yrs old
Posted by:   503-341-1435    at: Thu Jun 20 10:57:21 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 6/17/13 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 6/20 email) "We found chicken, our lost Bengal cat!"
Location: NE 93rd and Sacramento, Rocky Butte
Description: Silver female Bengal with black spots and a fluffy yellowish white belly with black spots. Golden yellow eyes. 8 lbs, fixed, microchipped, goes by the name of "chicken" very vocal, friendly, always been indoors so she could be very scared, disoriented, etc.

Cat FOUND 06/16/2013
Location: 0216 SW Seymour Ct. Portland Oregon (off of Macadam)
Description: Guessing about 9 months old Female Medium length hair/ Calico Yellow eyes Leaving two identifiers out to protect from predators.
Posted by:   503-477-5097    at: Tue Jun 18 2013 13:00:50 GMT-0700 (PST)

Cat FOUND 06/13/13
Location: Se 21st & TV hwy, Hillsboro, OR
Description: exotic looking cat with brown and black fur. Long, sleek build.
Posted by:       at: Mon Jun 17 2013 19:49:28 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 6/8/2013
Location: Beavercreek OR on S. Creek Rd. closest intersection is StarView Lane
Description: Tuxedo grey and white male (neutered) cat, 12 yrs old.
Posted by:   503-709-3104    at: Sun Jun 16 2013 09:58:45 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND 6/11/2013
Location: 10th and SE Haig st Portland 97202
Description: Small long hair grey female with white feet and other parts. Sweet.
Posted by:   503 502-4556    at: Sat Jun 15 2013 17:04:57 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 05/30/13
Location: St. Johns/N. Portland N. Edison & N. St. Louis
Description: Binky is a very large (about 17+lbs would be my guess), friendly, laid back cat. His fur is short to medium in length and is mostly orange but white on his chest and paws. He is around 7 years old and has been neutered. We are not 100% sure on the date he disappeared because he has always been a free-spirited cat given to wandering around the neighborhood and hanging out at various neighbors' houses, sometimes for days at a time. But it has been a couple of weeks now and none of his usual repertoire of neighbors has seen him in a while either. Binky has been with us since he was a kitten and we miss him so much. We are very worried & heartbroken without him.
Posted by:   503-349-8437    at: Fri Jun 14 2013 15:58:29 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 6/9/13
Location: Hillsdale, 25th and Bertha Blvd.
Description: Tiger is fluffy with medium hair, his back is mostly black with light brown. He has white on his throat, belly, and feet. Very skittish but is friendly and coy, may not let you touch him but he'll show you his belly. Last seen at home. He is 8 years old, neutered. Indoor/outdoor cat. He has a black leather collar with studs and a purple ID. Any info is deeply appreciated!!
Posted by:   541-399-4754    at: Fri Jun 14 2013 01:21:52 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 05/2013
Location: Location:aloha
Description: Tortoise shell has orange stripe down her nose, she has leopard spots on her sides, and an orange striped patch on one side of her chest. We lost her between moves in the last week of April 2013 at Country Woods Apartments on SW Shaw St. & 178th. We've been looking for her at our previous apartments on Kinnaman & Farmington, & atvStonecreevj
Posted by:   5034430675    at: Thu Jun 13 2013 06:38:09 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 06/10/2013
Location: SE Portland, Flavel area (54th and SE Lexington St)
Description: Very affectionate, sweet young female cat (~1 yr old?)- Mostly Gray with tan spots (dilute tortoiseshell) and white tummy and under chin. Green/yellow eyes. Absolutely mellow and loving. Quiet little meow. Unable to feel chip nor spay scar, but I am no expert. :)
Posted by:       at: Wed Jun 12 16:19:26 PDT 2013

Cat FOUND 6/11/2013
Location: NE 4th Ave, Hillsboro, Oregon. Near Jackson School Rd and NE Grant.`
Description: Small all black. About 1-2 years old. May have recently had kittens (unsure about this). She is very friendly and and trusting of people and other animals.
Posted by:   503-810-6187    at: Tue Jun 11 2013 11:24:16 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 06/10/2013
Location: Sellwood Oregon
Description: White Persian friendly cat. It snorts allot.
Posted by:       at: Mon Jun 10 2013 21:11:25 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 06/04/13
Location: SE Martins Street, Lents Neighborhood
Description: Male orange and white cat. Named Steve. No collar or tags. Declawed front paws. Main color orange tabby with white on chest, belly, shoulders, haunches, legs and chin. White and orange striped tail. Often has brown discharge from eyes and nose. Went missing near Foster Feed & Grain, but a lot of construction vans were on the street that day, so he may have been transported elsewhere.
Posted by:   408-348-1659    at: Mon Jun 10 2013 13:41:56 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 6/8/13
Location: Nw 21st and kearney, portland or
Description: She is a small black and white kitty with small paws. She is timid but sweet. And most likely very scared. We lost one furr baby to the fire.. Please help us find her. Thank you.
Posted by: Zoe   503.810.0088    at: Sun Jun 09 2013 17:52:54 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 05/01/13
Location: NW Cornell Rd by Tanasbourne Area
Description: She is an older Tabby. She goes by the name Taffy. She is a smaller petite lady. She is shy at first but will warm up to ppl. She is greatly missed.
Posted by:       at: Sat Jun 8 20:00:35 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 06/01/13
Location: neighborhood of Terra Linda and Mayfield also could be Near Mayfield and Walker. Near Ceder Hills Park, Center Street Park and CE Mason Wetlands Park Could also possibly be by The Arts and Communication Academy or Beaverton TC
Description: Answers to "Bitty" and/or "Princess" Lean medium build, 3 years old Fluffy long hair Black with more brown highlights on legs small white patch on front of chest Smaller paws Long fluffy tail Friendly and vocal Microchipped in between shoulder blades, can feel small bump there She is a therapy animal, any information would help. If found CASH REWARD!!! Another ad has also been placed on Craigslist, number 3854729720 Please email via ad or text to contact number
Posted by:   9714090583    at: Sat Jun 08 2013 14:59:24 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 06/07/13
Location: SW Murray and SW Scholls Ferry, Ruby Tuesday
Description: Found a cat near murray and Scholls in beaverton. Unsure of gender. The kitty is black and white, short- medium hair, with sort of a white triangle on it's face. Yellow/green eyes. Very sweet and loving, and extremely chatty.
Posted by:   541-968-9822    at: Sat Jun 08 2013 09:55:35 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 03/01/13
Location: Ladd Hill Rd. in Sherwood
Description: Gray cat, has been hanging around for a couple of months (date above approximate), finally got brave/lonely enough to let us approach it. Very sweet and affectionate, but nervous. Obviously has been around people before, so hopely someone is still looking for it.
Posted by:   (503) 625-6259    at: Fri Jun 7 16:19:45 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 5/29/13
Location: Near West Tualatin View Elementary School, West Haven area
Description: large slender black cat with green/yellow eyes, male (neutered), large teeth, tipping on his ear, small patch on chest, not declawed, friendly, Name: Wizzy, has Avid microchip but to past owner, FIV positive; have posted to Washington County and Craig's List
Posted by: Jennifer   503-799-8016    at: Thu Jun 06 2013 16:06:15 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 06/04/13
Location: NE 64th and Failing Portland, OR
Description: brown and black tabby male, 17 yrs old, a bit skinny.
Posted by:   5034735875    at: Thu Jun 06 2013 13:16:28 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 06/03/13 STILL LOST 09/12/13
Location: SW Portland, off Oleson, Hideaway Park (Garden Home area)
Description: Kazul is a largish black and white neutered male cat, about 9 years old. He has black down two of his paws, but white feet. He is primarily an indoor cat, but apparently got out on Monday night, June 3rd.
Posted by:   503 753 9695    at: Wed Jun 05 2013 20:23:30 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 06/03/12
Location: Sw Terwilliger & 8th Avenue
Description: Beautiful, friendly, long-haired cream-colored male. Neutered, no collar. Medium build, maybe 8 pounds, very sweet boy and not like him, at all, to not come in after lolling in the yard all day. REWARD. Named Skippy.
Posted by:   5039770477    at: Tue Jun 04 2013 22:50:03 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST May 29, 2013
Location: NW 32nd and 34th and Vaughn St. Portland, OR
Description: 5 yr old neutered male tabby. sleek of build, very shiny coat. White chest, paws and a white smudge on bridge of nose. Has green eyes. His name is Pete or Peter and he is very social. Loves to investigate things. Extremely curious. Pete is about 5 years old and he also has quite a long tail with a white tip on the end,
Posted by:   503-224-4412    at: Mon Jun 3 12:24:59 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 5/28/13
Location: SE 29th/Balfour, in Milwaukie
Description: Sparta is a beautiful grey tabby, with hints of Maine Coon. Her ears are tipped with hair like a Main Coon, but she is a small cat. She has a white mane, white paws, and is grey and black striped. She was lost near the Milwaukie Grind coffee shop.
Posted by:   503 313 4943    at: Mon Jun 03 2013 12:19:48 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 06/02/13
Location: 52nd and Foster, SE Portland
Description: Big orange tabby, approx 17 pounds. Indoor cat, has a green collar and a black heart name tag with his name and number. He is mostly striped, with some spots on his belly. Probably hiding out in a backyard nearby.
Posted by:   503 680 7614    at: Mon Jun 03 2013 12:03:39 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND 05/31/13
Location: Milwaukie, OR
Description: Update** Porter has been found. He came home on his own Friday night. Thank you to all that helped look for him!!
Posted by:       at: Mon Jun 3 09:44:19 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 5/31/2013
Location: Canby, Oregon
Description: He's a 8 year old, dark brown/golden tabby. He has a black leather collar on him with orange rhinestones , his name is Kail . He has no ID on that collar! He was lost this morning at 10037 S New Era Rd, Canby, OR Hes an inside only cat, on medication and needs help!
Posted by:   (805) 304-8073 or (503) 446-9653    at: Sun Jun 02 2013 17:47:34 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 5/24/13
Location: Lake Oswego at the corner of SW Orchard Hill Rd and SW Boones Ferry Road.
Description: Mufasa is a short-hair, neutered, multicolor (white, black, grey, brown) tabby cat with yellow-green eyes. He has a 'beauty mark' on his left cheek and a quarter-sized black spot on the bottom his rear right foot. He was not wearing a collar.
Posted by:   503-746-3967    at: Sun Jun 02 2013 14:57:45 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 05/28/13
Location: Wilsonville or Tualatin
Description: Name: River Medium-long hair, gray tabby, neutered male. Microchip. Call 24 hours: 503-682-4553 or 503-915-1314
Posted by:   503-682-4553    at: Thu May 30 2013 17:34:03 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 05/28/13
Location: Washougal Wa 98671
Description: black and white kitten 12 weeks old with a tail that is about half the length of a normal cat or kitten his size
Posted by:   541-400-8816    at: Thu May 30 2013 10:48:45 GMT-0700 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 05/24/2013
Location: Milwaukie/Happy Valley Area
Description: 15lb brown/gray Tabby. Big yellow eyes and large chin. Neutered male declawed in the front. Microchipped but no collar. Inside cat but escaped. Name: Porter
Posted by:   503-544-1755    at: Tue May 28 09:57:26 PDT 2013

Cat FOUND 5/27/13
Location: Milwaukie Oregon
Description: I have found Tommy agin..He came to my house tonight and your phone number has been removed due to the fact he had been returned to you..Please contact me or leave you phone number for me..tommy ..grey tux ..milwaukie
Posted by:       at: Mon May 27 2013 22:34:57 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 05/27/2014
Location: St Johns, North Portland, N Willamette and Alta.
Description: gray kitten with white paws. green eyes that are slightly crossed. very playful and friendly.
Posted by:   503-380-7345    at: Mon May 27 2013 22:22:25 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 05/20/13
Location: Beaverton, Oregon
Description: Greyish, Brownish, white stripe tabby with big blue eyes that are crossed like a siamese! young male cat, VERY sweet.
Posted by:   5039757458    at: Sun May 26 2013 17:31:19 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 04/13/13
Location: Banks, Oregon
Description: My beautiful Bengal, Raja, went missing on 4/13/13. I know it has been several weeks but I just can't give up on finding him. He is about 12lbs.. He is a marbled "Snow" Bengal and has blue eyes. Please email me if you have ANY info. Thank you!
Posted by:       at: Fri May 24 2013 15:21:08 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 05/19/2013
Location: Aloha, Oregon Cooper Mt.
Description: Mike my large male short haired cat is missing somewhere near 185th and Rigert Road. I would assume he is near northridge neighborhood. He has no collar and is not declawed. He is neutered. He is blonde with a white chest and is very large. He is super friendly and loves people. Please bring him back to me!!
Posted by:   5037081094    at: Thu May 23 2013 21:33:55 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 05/18/13
Location: Barrows & Walnut, Tigard-Beaverton
Description: Young female <1-2 yrs.long haired brownish/black tabby
Posted by:   5035793505    at: Thu May 23 2013 16:19:24 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 05/20/2013
Location: Sw Barbour Blvd multnomah county Portland Oregon
Description: He's black with a white spot on his chest he has a lion cut. A sparkle collar with information on it. Please return we love this cat dearly he's family not an animal to us.
Posted by: Holden Rangel   916-384-8032    at: Thu May 23 2013 15:17:32 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 05/20/13
Location: SW 39th & Hamilton St
Description: gray/white/black/brownish tabby with lots of stripes. white belly and paws. spayed female. small, around seven pounds. has a microchip, but is not wearing a collar. her name is mowser, and she may answer to mow-mow or moo-moo. she is an inside cat only, but escaped. thanks for your help!
Posted by:   5039808201    at: Wed May 22 2013 15:51:01 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 5/19/13 HAPPY ENDING – (from 5/21 email) "He has been found!"
Location: Tigard Oregon
Description: Shorthair domestic tabby. Gray, black, brown, male, neutered, microchipped

Cat FOUND 05/10/13
Location: Clackamas - 82nd & Johnson Creek Area
Description: Long haired gray and white cat found hanging the house. No microchip, but very sweet so we think this must be someone's baby.
Posted by:       at: Mon May 20 2013 11:34:20 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST early May 2013
Location: ?
Description: Nala is a female brownish tabby. Please help us find her. She has been missing for 3 weeks. Please help us find her!
Posted by:    503-722-5331, 503-449-5856    at: Mon May 20 2013 08:47:38 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 05/14/2013 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 6/23 email) "Beatrix was found and is now safely back home!"
Location: Oak Grove (River Road and Courtney Avenue area)
Description: Lost Black and Orange Tortoise Shell. She is a nine year old, spayed female. Her markings are only black and orange. She is medium sized, but somewhat chunky. Her fur is short, smooth, and shiny - if she hasn't gotten too dirty while lost. The pads of her paws are mostly black, except for her back right paw pad which is totally pink. She is normally really friendly, though she might hiss or runaway because she's frightened. When comfortable, she answers to the name Beatrix, or Fatty Catty. She has no microchip or collar, so she might have been mistaken for a stray.

Cat LOST May 16, 2012
Location: 7400 block on SE Monroe street Milwaukie, OR 97222
Description: Last seen May 15 (Wednesday) around 7:30 p.m. sitting on driveway. Only has one eye, white chin and belly. Predominately grey. Very shy and but may come to Tom-Tom. 11 months old, very small and slim. Does not have a microchip, or any identification. Has not been fixed.
Posted by:   503-201-7961    at: Sun May 19 2013 18:47:18 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 05/19/13
Location: Zurich Ct & Carlin Blvd / 209th & Farmington / Cross Creek South / Aloha, Oregon
Description: White / cream colored w/ greenish eyes bengal cat, spotted (looks like leopard spots) medium sized male handsome, pretty "RASCAL" may respond to name Zurich Ct & Carlin Blvd / 209th & Farmington / Cross Creek South / Aloha, Oregon $$$ CASH REWARD
Posted by:   541-212-6938    at: Sun May 19 2013 18:22:44 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST May 9, 2013 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 5/25 email) "Our missing cat Panda has been FOUND!!! After missing for 2 weeks and 2 days, she returned home this morning on her own. Thanks!!!"
Location: Cedar Mill/Bethany
Description: Black & White female, medium length hair, 5 years old, microchipped, last seen wearing blue reflective ID collar. She is missed very much!

Cat LOST 05/08/2013
Location: NE 112th & NE Sandy Blvd, Portland
Description: Bagera is a 1 year old neutered male. solid black medium hair. Long neck hair. Weighs 11 pounds. Stand on high legs close to 2 feet tall. Has baby meow. Only eats can food.
Posted by:       at: Sat May 18 2013 09:50:16 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 05/11/13
Location: NE 85th Ave and NE Russell St
Description: Chloe is a 3 yr old dilute tortoiseshell. squatty body with a stubby tail. Medium length hair, green eyes. very shy with strangers, kids and noise.
Posted by:   503-703-0764    at: Fri May 17 2013 20:15:23 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 05/07/2013
Location: SE 28th Place & Powell Blvd.
Description: Leo is a Tuxedo kitty with a milk mustache. He sort of prances when he walks/runs. He is very skittish, but friendly with people. He tends to be hissy with other cats and dogs, but ultimately runs away. His brother got out a couple years ago, and was likely mistaken as feral/a stray. Please help me find him!
Posted by:   2095730783    at: Tue May 14 2013 14:07:50 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 5/10/13
Location: Bethany - NW West Union and Laidlaw Rd.
Description: Lost Black and White Cat - Part Persian, has yellow eyes. Last seen Friday evening 5/10. Please call me if you have any information.
Posted by:   (971) 226-8973    at: Mon May 13 2013 14:23:14 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 05/01/2013
Location: North Portland: Peninsular & Terry
Description: Young tabby, skinny and otherwise appears healthy. NOT feral, well socialized, has been seen in neighborhood for past six months. Likely abandoned - no neighbors identify cat as theirs. Help?
Posted by:   5038235054    at: Mon May 13 2013 11:59:42 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 05/11/13
Location: 6th/ murray beaverton
Description: Last seen around 6th/ murray beaverton oregon. I've been in beaverton visiting. While staying at my friends house one of my two INDOOR ONLY cats escaped [they're brothers] sometime after I went to bed around 1 in the morning. my friend who was awake at 7am says they recall seeing my missing cat but since my cats are related they have very similar markings and its easy to mistake one for the other. his name is berkie he is silver and white with a little tan. he has a grey silver coat with white and tan dots on his belly, he has white socks on his feet, white on his nose and a white collar. he has no collar on 5036196881
Posted by:   9716452002    at: Sat May 11 2013 20:14:40 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST march
Location: Oregon city
Description: 13 lb, male 4yrs old black and white. semi med to long hair. has white blaze down nose the normal marking but has black bottom lip and chin. very sweet .alot of white on right front leg.
Posted by:   503-577-0506    at: Fri May 10 2013 00:09:02 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 05/01/2013
Location: Sherwood, oregon
Description: I found a small female kitty in my backyard in sherwood oregon. She's probably around 7 months to a year old. black and white. She's very shy and will come to food. She only recently let me pet her.
Posted by:       at: Wed May 08 2013 14:14:27 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 05/07/13
Location: SW 30th and SW Illinois street
Description: Echo has a white belly with black and grey striped markings on top. He is affectionate and will probably come to his name. He is a large cat and approximately 3 years old. He had a black collar with a tag and a bell but I am not sure if that might have come off. it is unusual for him to not come when called.
Posted by:   503-816-0798    at: Wed May 08 2013 11:33:33 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 05/07/13
Location: Milwaukie Oregon Courtney Avenue and McLoughlin Blvd
Description: Medium Hair Male Black Cat New collar with bell, reflective strip, and stars printed on it. He is fairly large already but, will be 7 months tomorrow. His name is Friday. One of his first few outside adventures so he may be nervous.
Posted by:       at: Wed May 08 2013 07:48:29 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 05/06/13 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 5/8 email) "My cat was found!!! Last night at 2 am in a neighbor's garage."
Location: SE 55th Avenue and Ankeny Street
Description: Female Tuxeudo cat who is black with white bib, chin and white on her toes. Has a small white dot under her nose. Belly is gray and black tiger pattern. She is 3 years old, 8 pounds and named Karma. She is cautious, but warms to people. Has a microchip but no collar.

Cat LOST 5.6.13
Location: Lost on SW 38th. By SW Marigold, and SW Taylor's Ferry.
Description: Domestic Short Haired Tabby. Male. Approx. 10 years old. Fixed. Lost tail. Looks like a Garfield cat yet black and brown.
Posted by:   503.319.1596    at: Mon May 06 2013 07:45:41 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 02/01/13
Location: Alma WA RV Park
Description: This is a kitty that was posted on this board as lost but I cannot find the post. email me for the URL since the board here won't allow me to post it. This cat was Found in Feb/2013 at the Travel Inn RV Park in Elma, WA. She belonged to a couple who were RVing with her 2-3 years ago at the Travel Inn in Elma, WA. Somehow she ended up outside the RV and was lost. Her family spent an entire year looking for her, but with no luck. This beautiful kitty was recently trapped as part of spay/neuter program. Evidently she has been living as part of a feral cat colony. She is NOT feral. She was recognized by two long term Travel Inn residents as the long lost cat. It is believed her owners are a couple that live in the Seattle area with a son in the Montesano area. Her people are RV owners and loved this cat dearly. This kitty is a sweet but very scared girl. She is not microchipped. Please help us find the couple this cat belongs to. If you recognize this kitty or know who might be missing her, please contact Community Cat Outreach at 360-292-9401 My husband & I camp often in our travel trailer with two dogs and two cats. I can't imagine what this poor cat and her owners have gone through in her absence. I would be devastated if we lost one of our babies, especially so far from home. It would be a horrible nightmare. I pray they are reunited. Please spread the word to any cat or RV loving people you may know. Someone must know these people and the sad story of their missing pet. If she were mine, I would be eager to see her and have her back with us. Please pass this along. Thanks for stopping by. -- Jan ♥♥
Posted by:       at: Mon May 06 2013 00:00:43 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 05/04/13
Location: NE Portland (70 and Sandy)
Description: Persian cat, white/red, VERY flat face. 2 years old. Archie
Posted by:   646 241 4966    at: Sun May 05 2013 22:07:18 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 04/17/13
Location: SW Vermont Street - area around SW Community Center/Gabriel Park
Description: old male (approx. 15)brown tabby, short hair, white sox on feet, one eye odd coloring, kink on end of tail, no collar. Domestic/feral mix.
Posted by:   503-522-6100    at: Sun May 5 13:06:48 PDT 2013

Cat FOUND 4-23-13
Posted by:   5039955766    at: Sat May 4 07:19:24 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 04/30/13
Location: Last seen at SW Brugger St and SW 55th (near Taylor's Ferry and 55th)
Description: Jasmine is a 3-year-old blue/cream tabby with a cream chin. She is wearing a black collar with yellow and white flowers, and had her tags on it. She is a little shy at first, but is usually affectionate and friendly. She is microchiped - ISO # 982 000190548817 Please call if you find her or her collar. Thank you!
Posted by:   503-703-4937    at: Wed May 01 2013 19:17:23 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 4/27/13
Location: West Slope Portland - Canyon Dr
Description: Black and white short-haired male cat. Approx 1.5 years old. Goes by name "Sammy". He has a distinct black spot on nose and green eyes.
Posted by:   (503)327-8486    at: Tue Apr 30 2013 15:31:42 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 4/27/13
Location: Gresham, OR
Description: Smaller cat, female, spayed, 8-10 pounds, brown with black stripes, yellow/green eyes, short hair, small clip on her ear.
Posted by:   5037589509    at: Tue Apr 30 2013 11:36:47 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 04/21/13
Location: NW Green Mountain Rd @ Linklater, Banks, OR 97106
Description: OZ the ADVENTUROUS CAT Brown and Black Tabby w/ White belly, legs, and face Tabby Patch on Right back leg Pink Nose "Egyptian" eyes, green Black tufts on the tips of his ears Neutered Male About 5 years old Usually very friendly Went out on Sunday night and has yet to return. May have gotten accidentally locked in neighbors garage, barn, or vehicle. If he was hurt he could have hidden somewhere safe from predators. -possibly in a tree, or in/under a man-made building Cats usually stay silent when they are spooked, until they get too hungry/thirsty. Email or Call if you are in the Banks area and: -hear Mysterious Meows (we will come do the work of looking) -see a cat (dead or alive) that fits the description and photo Jasmine: 208/301.8357 Jesse: 503/707.0675
Posted by:   (208) 301-8357    at: Tue Apr 30 2013 11:13:12 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 04/28/2012
Location: Ladd's Addition/SE Portland/7 Corners
Description: Very Large Red Tabby Cat - 20 pounds. Short hair, yellow eyes. Very friendly, but might be scared. Will respond to food.
Posted by:   503 872-9680    at: Sun Apr 28 2013 15:43:11 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 4/16/13
Location: SW 55th & Taylors Ferry Portland Oregon
Description: Responds to "Tweak" she is a tabby with orange markings. 10 years old and weighs 13 pounds. Purrs a lot.
Posted by:       at: Thu Apr 25 2013 20:42:51 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 4/20/2013
Location: Reflection at Happy Valley across from Clackamas town center
Description: Black with a white tuxedo, white paws and a white on the chin. only a year old house cat and he is not use to being out side. very vocal and loving
Posted by:   503-750-6661    at: Wed Apr 24 16:29:56 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 4/21
Location: Nw 92nd and nw Cornell
Description: No collar, black and white house cat Named Bella. She is microchipped. Mostly white face with a black marking right under her chin. Please help! Reward.
Posted by:   503-358-2653    at: Tue Apr 23 2013 22:01:15 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 3/25/2013
Location: SE Orient & Chase Rd, Gresham May have been sighted btwn Sanctuary Church & Oregon Developmental School
Description: Grey back,ears & tail/white underbelly and bottom half of legs. His face is mostly gray, with two white cheeks where his whiskers are & a small white stripe up the right side of his nose. Looks gray from the back, lots of white from the front, with bit grey fluffy tail. His name is Monster, and may be a little wild by now, but comes to clicking sound and he has a foot fetish. Much rather be petted with a foot than your hand. If you spot him, please call me, I go out looking almost everyday!!
Posted by:   971-678-4928    at: Sun Apr 21 16:42:14 PDT 2013

Cat FOUND 04/18/13
Location: Kennedy Crt and Wilshire Portland OR 97229
Description: relatively small house cat, no collar.
Posted by:   503 206 7881    at: Fri Apr 19 2013 19:55:46 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 03/15/13
Location: fairgrounds area, canby, oregon
Description: orange swirled,pink nose, male, almost 2 years old, very timid,
Posted by:   503 266-1904    at: Thu Apr 18 2013 07:04:14 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 03/15/13
Location: fairgrounds area, canby, oregon
Description: orange swirled,pink nose, male, almost 2 years old, very timid,
Posted by:   503 266-1904    at: Thu Apr 18 2013 07:04:14 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 04/01/13
Location: Just outside of Lincoln on Old Cheney
Description: Orange Male Tabby with white chin, chest, and socks. Answers to the name Gilbert. If you have any information on him or think you might have seen him please let me know. He was last wearing a black collar with little paws on it.
Posted by:       at: Wed Apr 17 2013 19:45:23 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 04/13/13
Location: SE 42nd and Powell
Description: He is a grey and white, long hair, fluffy, 2 year old, medium/large sized, neutered male. He has a black collar, tags and a microchip. He is also missing the tip from one of his ears. He was just adopted from the Oregon Humane Society on April 10th and got outside a couple days later. I saw him in the neighborhood on Saturday, but could not catch him, and he probably doesn't know his way home.
Posted by:   360-977-3207    at: Wed Apr 17 16:24:05 PDT 2013

Cat FOUND 4/17/13
Location: Albany area, gas station parking lot on highway 34, Corvallis/Lebanon exit just off I5
Description: Cat was very hungry, wandering among moving cars, almost got into my car, when I opened the door. Attendant said he'd been in the area a few months. Male. Long hair. Light orange. No white. Good Size. No collar. Currently in my garage. Could possibly have been dumped at nearby Safehaven Humane or been lost from a car at one of the freeway gas stations.
Posted by:       at: Wed Apr 17 2013 01:26:32 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 04/16/13
Location: Milwaukie Oregon
Description: Larger long haired domestic cat. Black and white stripes goes by Buffy. She is an indoor cat with a microchip and my daughter will be devastated if we can't find her. Please help! 503-875-6099
Posted by:   5038756099    at: Tue Apr 16 2013 15:20:23 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 4/11/13
Location: NE Mallory Ave at Dekum
Description: My 10 year old short haired domestic male tuxedo (black and white) cat went missing near NE MLK and Dekum. He is friendly and vocal and may be ill as I found blood in his stool while he's been gone. He was last seen Thursday evening 4/11/13 outside of my house on NE Mallory Ave. Please contact me if you have any information. Thank you for your time and attempts to help with search.
Posted by:   (912) 381-5898    at: Mon Apr 15 2013 22:34:51 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 04/07/2013
Location: Happy valley / clackamas oregon
Description: White and gray long haired Siamese. Gray tail. Gray paws. Gray markings on face. Polydactyl. 7 toes on each front paw 6 toes on each back paw. Blue eyes.
Posted by:       at: Mon Apr 15 2013 02:34:08 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 04/12/13
Location: Nw upshur and 28th, Portland OR
Description: female Black cat, around one year old, relatively small. Three white bits of fur on underbelly (next to armpits and above crotch). May come to whistling.
Posted by:   914-413-2621    at: Sat Apr 13 2013 12:17:27 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 4/2/2013
Location: evanston wyoming
Description: pure gray cat male brown eyes very friendly
Posted by: Dustin   679 2546    at: Tue Apr 09 2013 23:15:58 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 02/18/13
Location: SW 139th Way & TV Hwy
Description: Adult, spayed, declawed, female Siamese cat. Light cream colored with chocolate brown face, ears, legs, tail. Blue eyes. Litterbox trained, somewhat friendly, flea infested. Gets along with one of our two cats so we cannot keep her. Hopefully we can find her owner.
Posted by:   503-997-6179    at: Sat Apr 6 18:00:23 PDT 2013

Cat FOUND 4/2/2013
Location: Northwest Hillsboro, Oregon
Description: Black kitty with green eyes. About 9 months old. Short hair (all black) with long bushy tail. Very young kitty and very affectionate.
Posted by:       at: Fri Apr 5 17:30:18 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 04/02/2013
Location: NW Kearney & 21st St, Portland
Description: Seal Color Blue eyed Ragdoll has wondered outside of his home on NW Kearney. He’s the sweetest guy who’s never been outside. He answers to the name of Harry or Mr B. His 16lb and 6 years old… we miss him dearly  Please call 310-994-2045 if you know where he is or have seen him or anything that could help
Posted by:       at: Thu Apr 4 10:52:38 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 04/03/2013
Location: 1642 SW Hewitt Troutdale OR 97070
Description: Our cat was lost Wednesday afternoon. He is an indoor cat and is very afraid of the outside but probably got curious. He is very loving but is probably scared. He is ALL black with an extra toe on both front paws. Male/nuetered
Posted by:   5034078661    at: Thu Apr 04 2013 10:11:47 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 04/03/13
Location: Holgate & 118th.
Description: Domestic short hair male cat, tiger stripe. He loses every collar, so does not have one on. Brown and black with striped tail and head. More orange on belly, light colored chin.
Posted by:   5033173902    at: Thu Apr 4 09:59:32 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 03/29/13 HAPPY ENDING – from a (4/3 email) "Our cat has returned."
Location: West Hills/Sylvan area
Description: Spayed male grey striped tabby with white markings on the nose and paws. Has a slight kink at the tip of his tail. Approximately 10-12 pounds with a long lean build. 2 years old.

Cat LOST 3/31/2013
Location: SE 32nd and Clinton st
Description: 8 year old fixed female Tabby. Large cat with black and brown striping. Has a white belly and white at the end of her paws. Also has a white blotch on her nose. May have wandered into an open garage. Her name is Chuschu (Chew-Shoe) and she is friendly but timid.
Posted by:   541-740-5100    at: Tue Apr 2 16:39:11 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 03/31/13 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 4/3 email) "...our cat has been found."
Location: SE 70th and Woodward Street Portland, OR
Description: Bengal Male Cat, 9 years old, Bright green eyes- think he may have been picked up.

Cat LOST 03/11/13
Location: se 66th and Foster
Description: Gray long hair cat wearing a pink cheetah print collar with light gray-green eyes. She is 12 years old and spayed. She is skittish but sweet. Her name is Sai (pronounced sigh)
Posted by:       at: Tue Apr 02 2013 15:15:15 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 3/30/13 HAPPY ENDING (from a 4/1 email) "Finnegan FOUND!"
Location: SE 87 Avenue and SE Main, Portland
Description: Silvery grey cat, neutered male, about 5 months old. Very friendly, may have wandered into an open garage. Soft, medium fur, gold/brown eyes. Very much missed and loved.

Cat LOST 08/01/2012
Location: 252nd Gresham, OR 97080
Description: gray and white male cat, stubby tail, missing tooth, declawed, neutered, 16 years old.
Posted by:       at: Sun Mar 31 16:13:52 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 03/27/2013 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 3/29 email) "Our cat came home late last night, thankfully!"
Location: Raleigh Hills area in Portland (near the intersection of SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy and SW Scholls Ferry Rd.
Description: Our black cat named Guacamole has gone missing. He is solid black with green-yellow eyes. He has very soft medium-short fur. He went missing the night of 3/27/13. He usually wears a green collar with a bell, but it may have come off (it is a stretchable collar that is meant to come off so it doesn't strangle him if he gets caught on a fence or something). We miss him very much.

Cat LOST 3/11/13
Location: SW 55th ave and Texas St., Portland OR 97219
Description: Lost our beloved Bengal / Tiger striped cat. He is about 7 yrs old, muscular and lean. He is a hunter but very affectionate with people. Last seen on Monday at SW 55th ave and Texas st, running west. If seen, please take him in and contact me asap. Thank you!
Posted by:   503-381-3851    at: Thu Mar 28 2013 01:06:07 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 03/15/2013
Location: from ne 165th & Glisan st
Description: orange & white tabby young (10 months)neutered male...his name is Cookie...he also responds t0 Stanley.
Posted by:   5039540628    at: Wed Mar 27 2013 22:29:20 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 03/17/13
Location: SW Portland
Description: Gray-and-white tuxedo cat with yellow-green eyes. His name is Louie and he has a microchip and is neutered. He is very affectionate and curious. He is 3 years old and weighs 11 pounds. He lives in Burlingame. I miss him terribly. Please help if you've seen him!
Posted by:   860-306-7991    at: Mon Mar 25 2013 12:40:04 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 3/23/13
Location: Raleigh Hills
Description: Small brown cat (6#) female short hair cat.
Posted by:   5034778692    at: Mon Mar 25 2013 11:55:42 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 03/15/13
Location: last seen at SE 26th + Powell Blvd
Description: Grey short haired, neutered male with white chest and white belly. Approx 4 years old. No collar. No ID chip.
Posted by:   503-409-1574    at: Fri Mar 22 2013 12:22:12 GMT-0700

Cat LOST 3/18/13
Posted by:       at: Thu Mar 21 2013 10:36:03 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 03/18/2013
Location: SE Henderson St SE 52nd cross street.
Description: Button is a two yr. old fixed male He is a domestic long hair tabby Quite large at about 17lbs.His belly is blond his paws are black and so is his tail. He has brown black and rust markings. He is very beautiful with big green eyes. Please help me bring my fur baby home.
Posted by:   503-446-0667    at: Wed Mar 20 15:55:56 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 3/18/2013
Location: unknown, portland area, possibly sw
Description: Black and white short hair female. she is 7 years old and built petite with a small bone structure. She's black on the top with a white underbelly. Her tail and most of her front legs are black and her back legs are white. Her face is mostly black with a white chin and a little smear of white that comes up the right side of her nose. If you have seen her please contact me - there is reason to think she may have been dropped off in an unfamilliar neighborhood by a malicious individual she is very shy and probably frightened - she has always been an indoor cat. She is loved and missed immensely and wants to find her way home
Posted by:   503-245-1098    at: Wed Mar 20 03:06:35 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 03/01/2013
Location: Mt. Angel, OR
Description: Grey/silver male tabby cat. He is neutered, and almost 7 years old, with golden eyes. He is a naturally thin cat, and fairly long. He has short hair. One of his top canine teeth was broken several years ago. And he has a scratch looking mark on one of his ears. Very loving and friendly, but can be timid at first. The biggest cuddler ever, and puts up with anything from anyone. He let's my two year old daughter do anything and everything to him.
Posted by:   503-302-6394    at: Tue Mar 19 2013 01:32:27 GMT-0700 (MST)

Cat SIGHTED 03/17/13
Location: North Atlantic Ave., 6800 block, Arbor Lodge neighborhood
Description: Large cat, buff/champagne-yellow color with striped tail, seems lost and hungry
Posted by:       at: Sun Mar 17 2013 19:01:27 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 3/13/13
Location: SE 77th and SE Knight; was sighted on 3/14/13 at SE 76th and SE Tolman
Description: 16 yr old female cat - white with grey face, ears, tail Persian; very thick cotton like hair. She's an indoor only, very small cat, no collar. Name is Micaya. She got out of the house, and was last seen at SE 76th and Tolman area.
Posted by:   503-810-8338    at: Sun Mar 17 17:41:55 PDT 2013

Cat FOUND 03/16/13
Location: SE 122nd and Boise St, Portland
Description: Grey and cream tabby kitten with collar. We think it's a female, about 5 or 6 months old.
Posted by:   707-832-9880    at: Sun Mar 17 2013 16:36:34 GMT-0700 (PST)

Cat LOST 03/12/13
Location: 1150 schukart lane, lake Oswego
Description: Medium size, all black, short hair Siamese
Posted by:   9719986717    at: Sun Mar 17 2013 15:19:22 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 03/15/13
Location: Lake Oswego
Description: Orange (Yellow) Tabby Female Shy Is not afraid of dogs REWARD
Posted by:   5037017444    at: Sat Mar 16 22:29:43 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 3/10/2013
Location: Lake oswego , or
Description: Siamese type cat 2 years and male. Blackish tail and paws and face and everywhere else white.
Posted by:   9712050141    at: Sat Mar 16 2013 13:03:02 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 03/13/13 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 3/14 email) "My cat came home !"
Location: SE Woodstock and 60th
Description: 7 month old orange cat, unneutered, white on chest and paws

Cat LOST 03/09/13 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 3/14 email) "She has been found."
Location: Tamarack Lane, Lake Oswego
Description: Older, gray, long hair, thin cat named Lucy. Very friendly, has thyroid disorder.

Cat LOST 03/11/13
Location: 169th SE Division St
Description: Petite grey tortoise shell calico persian female cat. Please call if you have seen her.
Posted by: Melissa   971-261-8792    at: Wed Mar 13 2013 10:53:04 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat FOUND 3/1/2013
Location: Shari's at SW Murray and SW Allen, Beaverton
Description: Calico female, short hair, smaller size, very friendly, but very hungry. She followed me to my car when I stopped to pet her, she was crouching in the bushes looking scared. I can't keep her as she doesn't get along with my cats, still trying to find the owner. She seems to be about 5 years old, has a broken canine tooth and some scars on her nose, so has been on her own for awhile, perhaps! Still friendly, looking for love... is she yours?
Posted by:   503-686-1665    at: Tue Mar 12 2013 11:26:41 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 03/10/13
Location: SW Portland on Cheltenham Drive
Description: Male grey cat with green eyes. Approximately three years old. Short-hair. Broad face. Has license tag and ID tag on a black collar and is chipped.
Posted by:   503-381-2767    at: Mon Mar 11 21:22:10 PST 2013

Cat FOUND 03/07/2013
Location: On Dubarko Rd. near the playground, in Sandy, OR.
Description: Long haired, white with big grey tabby splotches, very sweet, good in a cat carrier, no chip.
Posted by:   509-432-9143    at: Mon Mar 11 21:56:53 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 03/08/13
Location: Home 5740 Sw Cheltennham Dr
Description: Grey male 3 year old cat shorthair. Tagged and has ID on his collar.
Posted by:   5039779977    at: Mon Mar 11 2013 09:06:34 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat FOUND 03/10/13
Location: 1915 NE Weidler St, Portland
Description: Found a one eyed, blue bell on the collar, no tags cat. Has been hanging around all day on our porch in NE Portland.
Posted by:       at: Sun Mar 10 2013 14:47:03 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Cat LOST 03/06/13
Location: gresham at ne 5th
Description: Lost black longhair with grayish white undercoat,long fluffy tail,male maine coon very shy and skittish approx 1 and half yrs old
Posted by:   5035442411    at: Sun Mar 10 2013 14:46:43 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Cat LOST 03/07/13
Location: Tigard, Oregon
Description: Jimmy is a cream & white persian kitten - born in October 2012. He was last seen at his home on Katherine Street in Tigard. Please call if you have seen him. Reward
Posted by:   503-579-5216    at: Sun Mar 10 11:30:04 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 03/08/13
Location: Terra Linda Condo's
Description: Large Black and White male cat (Tuxedo) white on chest and paws. 15 years old
Posted by:   503-724-8515    at: Sun Mar 10 09:14:17 PDT 2013

Cat LOST 03/09/13
Location: NE 61st and Thompson, Portland,Oregon 97213
Description: Female nuetered Manx (No tail) cat. 10 years old. Blue and creme colored. Very thin,weak,wobbly, left eye closed due to tumor in left ear. Had collar on with our phone numbers. Sometimes answers to "Kittie" or "Nettie". Please help, she needs her medication.
Posted by:   503-281-0699    at: Sat Mar 9 10:31:54 PST 2013

Cat LOST 3/8/13
Location: NE 14th Ave and Skidmore
Description: Gray and white spayed female tuxedo cat. 12 years old, goes by the name Pasha, very shy. Has white milk mustache and stomach, but lower stomach is missing fur because she licks her belly too much. No collar, no microchip, indoor cat. Please help me find her!
Posted by:   703.509.6457    at: Sat Mar 09 2013 09:03:39 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 02/26/13
Location: Portland, Oregon behind Westview High School
Description: LOST CAT. Male. Named Yuki. White with grey patches on face and paws. Last seen Tuesday 2/26. Please contact 503-828-8953 OR 503-547-9259 if you have any information. Text is available on both numbers. PLEASE CONTACT IMMEDIATELY!!
Posted by:   503-828-8953    at: Thu Mar 07 2013 19:43:59 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 02/24/2013
Location: Between Vancouver-Portland
Description: Missing beloved Kitty. Charlie is his name and he is all grey/blue, but has some darker markings on his tail,legs,and head. He is 1 years old and fixed. No collar. Could be anywhere between Vancouver and Portland, Oregon. Got an old box spring picked up and he may of been inside of it. Have a wide search area and trying to find my baby.
Posted by:   360-936-1656    at: Mon Mar 04 2013 14:56:14 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 03/02/2013 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 3/4 posting) "She came home!"
Location: Bull Mountain area
Description: Our Chloe has been missing since 6:00 P.M. 03/02/2013 in the Alpine View part of Bull Mountain. She is a tabby cat approximately 7 years old, 12 pounds and has a microchip, but no collar. Please help thank you!

Cat LOST 03/04/13
Location: NW Lovejoy Stree x 10th - The Pearl District
Description: Its a female cat, undefined breed, 7,7 lbs, her name is Teodora. She has greyish/whyte/black hair, white paws, blue eyes, black nose and a black spot below the nose.
Posted by:   9712707433    at: Mon Mar 04 2013 09:35:00 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat FOUND 2/16/2013
Location: N. Portland
Description: Long-haired red/white/beige male cat. Showed up on our block two weeks ago, returned the following Sunday, then came back every day. This boy was distressed and in need of assistance. Had him vet checked/scanned/tested and vaccinated, and have basically adopted him. If you're missing a cat (no microchip) and can describe in detail AND PROVE that he belongs to you (vet records, etc.) please contact us.
Posted by:       at: Sat Mar 02 2013 17:14:20 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 2/22/13 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 2/28/13 posting) "I am glad he is back."
Location: NE Oregon St. Portland OR
Description: My cat got lost the night of 2/22/13, he goes by Kiss-Kiss. Long tail, erect ears, somewhat pointed. Male tabby cat, light brown fur mixed with grey color, black stripes. He is polydactyl cat, meaning 5 claws, looks like a human hand. American shorthair.

Cat LOST 02-18-13
Location: SE 119th/Division
Description: Black and White Male Tuxedo med. hair neutered male, white socks, white nose and mouth area, white stomach, black tail and back, white whiskers. 14 lbs, 7 yrs old.
Posted by:   503-703-4224    at: Tue Feb 26 2013 23:17:57 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 02/23/13 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 2/24 email) "I found my cat"
Location: NE Hoyt and Randall near NE 28th and Sandy, Portland
Description: Black and brown male tabby cat, American shorthair, lost Saturday evening 2/23 at NE Hoyt and Randall. Name is Kudu, but may not come to that name when called. Approx. 8-9 lbs, long tail, big eyes and erect ears. Wearing Multnomah County Animal Shelter tag and Avid tag on green nylon collar. Thanks!

Cat LOST 02/23/2013
Location: SW Portland, Hillsdale Neighborhood, Near Rieke Elementary School
Description: My cat got out sometime during the night last night (2/22). She is fairly friendly and will normally respond to Willow or Meow Meow, especially if offeedr food. She is an older (starting to gray a little), long haired blonde female cat that is huge (15-20 lbs). I believe that she is a ragamuffin or ragdoll breed. She unfortunately doesn't have a collar on and is not microchipped, her most notable feature is her size and the stripping on her face. She is part of the family is dearly missed.
Posted by:   (435) 229-5167    at: Sat Feb 23 2013 22:25:58 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 2/13/13
Location: SE 160th and SE Powell
Description: Male Manx. Grey, Black and some white. White feet.
Posted by:   503-946-8455    at: Tue Feb 19 2013 13:55:04 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND 02/02/2013
Location: SW Shattuck Road (near Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy)
Description: Medium sized female tabby. Thick fur tan and black fur and green eyes. She is friendly and doesn't seem to have a home. (see attached photo) We already have a cat so we cannot adopt her.
Posted by:   5034777895    at: Mon Feb 18 2013 12:01:36 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 02/17/13 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 2/19/13 email) "Abby is now home! She was about 4 blocks away."
Location: Rose City Park
Description: Abby is a domestic medium haired cat, brown and black. She was wearing her collar with her name/address and county license. SHE HAS ALMOST NO TEETH as they had to be pulled after being rescued from a cat hoarder. She has a gravelly meow.

Cat LOST 02/17/13 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 3/2/13 email) "I just wanted to let you know that we have Tom back. A nice woman found him and recognized him from my posting. She was so nice and took such good care of him. We got him back yesterday. I'm so grateful for her kindness and care. And I'm so glad to have my Tommy back! Thank you for helping facilitate our reunion"
Location: Milwaukie
Description: Tom is an adult(about 4/5 years), male, gray and white tuxedo cat. He is neutered and has scars on his ears and around his neck and chin because he has a flea allergy. He's very sweet and when he is scared or wants attention he meows like a little kitten. We were moving him from Robinette Ct. to a new house on Brewster pl. He dashed out the door at the new house and hasn't been seen. We're hoping he's making his way back to the old house. Please let me know if you find him. We miss him terribly.

Cat SIGHTED 1/17/13
Location: N. Portland Dwight Avenue
Description: Super fluffy domestic long-haired cat. White with orange patches. Kitty has been hanging around the church lately and seems VERY scared, but friendly (it's obviously someone's cat!) We fed kitty (male or female?)and made a little bed outside hoping s/he'll come back so we can get her somewhere safe. if yours, please respond!!!
Posted by:       at: Sun Feb 17 2013 19:50:05 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 2/12/13
Location: Downtown Tigard: Main street and Commercial
Description: Female, spayed, has all claws, Long-haired Persian mix with a long nose,amber/gold eyes, and Tortie coloring: black, brown, gray, orange and cream. She has an orange small vertical stripe on her nose and forehead and her right paw has a distinctive orange and cream marking. Well groomed so that her undercoat has been mostly removed due to flea issues and her belly has been trimmed to about one inch long and the color patches are more obvious. She loves belly rubs and playing with pens. She had gained weight after her flea treatment and is due for another as well as she was lost heading to the vet for a parasite infection(the one where they leave what looks like "rice" behind where they've laid.) Medium in size and about 4-5 years old. She's a sweetheart who thinks she's queen and purrs a lot.
Posted by:   5037803683    at: Sun Feb 17 2013 14:23:44 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 11/10/2012
Location: Jenkins and Edgemoor in Beaverton, or
Description: He is a snowshoe siamese and tabby mix. He has baby blue eyes and a white strip across his face. He is neutered. He will have a scar on his shoulder. He was taken to the vet just before he disappeared and had staples due to a fight. They were removed. He has a gray stripped tail and face and has siamese markings on his side. He has white feet.
Posted by:   971-222-8926    at: Fri Feb 15 2013 12:55:01 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 02/11/13
Location: Scappoose, Oregon near 4th and Elm.
Description: She's a long haired calico, her belly and chest is mostly white, her nose is orange, the area around her eyes are black going up around the ears, she has an orange tip on her right ear, she has a very full and bushy tail. All four paws are white, she has an orange area on her front left paw above the pads on her paw, her front right leg is black on the front, her back paws have orange areas, she has a black spot on her bottom right lip, and just under her nose she has a black and orange small spot on the left side.her back is mainly black Andy orange.
Posted by:   503-608-0669    at: Fri Feb 15 2013 11:11:57 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 02/7/2013 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 2/20/13 email) "He came home last last night."
Location: Tanasbrook Condominiums Shorewood Ct. Backing to Emerald Place Apts on NW 173rd
Description: 9 lb. Seal Point Siamese cat. Dark face and back. Four white paws. He is a fixed male cat with a chip. About 4 years old. He is an indoor cat that escaped. He is kind of jumpy around loud noises and children.

Cat LOST 2/12/2013
Location: SW 24th & Eastwood Ave, Gresham
Description: Male cat - 1 1/2 years old, answers to Eddie, grey tortoise shell with white belly.
Posted by:   503-793-8239    at: Thu Feb 14 2013 09:11:43 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 2-13-2013
Location: NE 60th Ave Hillsboro, OR.
Description: Mostly White with large black fur around his back and sides. Black tail, mix of black and white fur on his face, greenish eyes.
Posted by:   541-829-3365    at: Wed Feb 13 2013 16:50:11 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND 2/11/2013
Location: Garden Home area of SW Portland
Description: Russian blue shorthair. Female. No collar or microchip. 9.85 lbs. Beautiful yellow/green eyes. She has been living in our garage since late November, but only recently warmed up to us. Very sweet but shy cat. Vet said she is not spayed or was spayed young as they could not find a spay surgery scar. If it helps to identify her- the vet said her canine teeth were fractured, but have healed. Please don't hesitate to contact. We love her dearly and want to find her owner if she had/has one.
Posted by:   (503)332-2347    at: Mon Feb 11 2013 13:51:06 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST Feb. 7, 2013
Location: corner of S.E. Roberts and S.E. Liberty St, Gresham
Description: Bingen is a huge (about 20 lbs) Norwegian Forest cat with very long brownish fur and muted black stripes. His front paws are white and have been declawed. His face is white and he has a light colored tummy. Overall, you could mistake his body for a raccoon. His tail is a real feather duster. He disappeared from his bed on my front porch sometime between 9 PM on Wed., Feb. 6th and 9 AM on Thurs., Feb 7, 2013. Very sweet and slow-moving. Please call if you sight him. He is greatly missed.
Posted by:       at: Sun Feb 10 2013 11:53:42 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND 2/3/13 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 2/12/13 email) "We finally caught him and got him scanned for chip ... Galileo should be back at his home this evening."
Location: 45th and Vermont area
Description: There is a very large (most likely male) persian lengthed hair (super poofy) Orange striped tabby with white socks on its feet trying to adopt a home for the last week just west of 45th and vermont. The owner of the house would like to find its owner. You can contact her at 503-244-2536 if it sounds like your cat.Awesomely lovable kitty for sure and deserves to find it's home.

Cat FOUND 02/08/2013
Location: Near Lakeridge High School.
Description: Small, brown/orange/white calico kitten, approximately 1 year old. White belly and chin area, white paws. Brown spot over left eye, orange spot over right eye. Yellow eyes. Found with abrasions over nose and below right eye.
Posted by:   425-772-2198    at: Fri Feb 08 2013 14:47:51 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 2-4-13 HAPPY ENDING (from a 2/12/13 email) "Hi! I’m delighted to let you know that Pebble has found her way home! : ) I think it’s because her favorite human walked all over to give her a trail to follow back. : )"
Location: SW Boones Ferry Rd. Tualatin, OR
Description: Pebble hasn't been seen since Monday. She's scared of the outdoors and usually never leaves the apartment. We think a maintenance person accidentally scared her out. She's white with large light-ish calico patches, a grey one covering her right eye and an orange one covering half her left eye with white on the bottom half of her face, paws and belly. She's timid and sweet and very, very soft. Her buddy, Chaos, now sits on the porch, waiting for her to come home and won't come back inside. Please help if you've seen her!

Cat LOST 02/02/2013 HAPPY ENDING – (from a 2/5 email) "Cat is found."
Location: SE 37th and Clinton
Description: Our 9 month old kitty, Anyanka or Boo has gone missing on or around Saturday, February 2, 2013 from SE 37th and Clinton. She is a domestic, medium to long hair, black and white in color and very sweet. She was not wearing a collar. We really miss her dearly.

Cat LOST 02/02/2013
Location: Bethany
Description: Gray female tabby cat. 14 years old. Wearing a black collar with pink heart tag with the name Sterling.
Posted by:       at: Tue Feb 5 10:10:19 PST 2013

Cat LOST 02/03/13
Location: SW Portland Gabriel Park area vermont side Near 45th and Vermont.
Description: A Male tabby with orange tail with stripes. A large orange patch on his back going upto his head with more stripes on his head. His snout is white as is his belly feet and legs. He is a larger short haired cat and is Super friendly. I really miss by best friend.
Posted by:   509-420-0071    at: Mon Feb 4 18:23:27 PST 2013

Cat FOUND 02/04/2013
Location: Mountain Park
Description: Petite gray female cat found this morning. She is very sweet and affectionate. No collar no microchip.
Posted by: Michelle   503 381 4839    at: Mon Feb 04 2013 10:38:11 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 1/21/13
Location: SE 31st Ave and SE Hawthorne St
Description: My little girl is a brown and black tabby named Angel. Her nickname is Snooter and She is petite in size. She is 8 months old and is fixed. Her black stripes are more defined then you see most of the time.
Posted by:   9712226089    at: Sat Feb 02 2013 12:35:46 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Repost: Cat LOST 08/02/2011
Location: SE Orient Drive
Description: Lexi has been missing over 1 1/2 years. We still think about her, miss her and we continue to hope. If you have any news, please contact us. LEXI Female VERY DARK TORTOISESHELL Last seen the beginning of August 2011. Wearing a turquoise and white flowered collar with a heart-shaped tag, engraved. Small in stature. Makes interesting noises when jumping up/down from furniture. VERY TIMID around strangers, could easily be mistaken as feral.
Posted by:        at: Fri Feb 01 2013 19:33:08 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 01/12/2013
Location: !32nd Ave North of Sunnysie Rd Happy Valley
Description: PJ is a neuterd male orange tabby with distinct striping about three years old. He is often skitterish around people he doesn't know so may not let you approach him. We really miss him and need to have him back home.
Posted by:   503-698-6513    at: Fri Feb 1 09:51:39 PST 2013

Cat LOST 01/29/13
Location: 22nd and Ne Davis Street off Ne Burnside, Portland, OR.
Description: 6 month old long hair/maincoon mix missing. Very sweet, but may shy around strangers. Please contact with any information.
Posted by:   484-467-0412    at: Thu Jan 31 2013 11:00:09 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 1/28/13
Location: SE 66th/Holgate
Posted by:       at: Mon Jan 28 2013 18:16:45 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 01/26/13
Location: NE 12th and Thompson (Portland)
Description: Pink color with black tag that says her name, "Danger" and with my phone number. She is long haired greyish and diffuse calico coloring and very sweet toward humans. Please be in touch with any information.
Posted by:   503-312-6114    at: Sun Jan 27 2013 13:20:30 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 1/22/13
Location: 13750 SE Laurie Ave Milwaukie, OR 97222/ Cross road is Courtney and River Rd.
Description: Star is a brown short hair with distinct stripes, black tipped tail and green eyes. She is 5 years old and is fixed. She is very sweet but will not approach strangers easily. Please call me if you know anything or have seen my Star. We love and miss her desperately. 503 957 0917 or 503 309 6638. Thank you
Posted by:   5039570917    at: Fri Jan 25 2013 14:05:20 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat SIGHTED 01/23/13
Location: Forrest Heights Oregon
Description: Bailey is an orange cat and she is about 3 years old. She ran out last night (01/23/13) and did not come home. She does not have any experience being outside and usually comes to people when coaxed. She was last seen in the forrest heights area of portland
Posted by:   480 773-5376    at: Thu Jan 24 2013 12:04:03 GMT-0700 (MST)

Cat LOST Jan 15, 2013
Location: Happy Valley
Description: 10 year old Tabby loving male. His name is Bandit, and he has six toes on each of his front paws. He wears a purple collar (very frayed that's gotten puffy but our phone number is on the inside). He loves running water for his drink which means the sink. So I taught him to drink in the bathtub :o)
Posted by:   503-777-6534    at: Tue Jan 22 2013 07:48:24 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

tuxedo with white muzzle, gold eyes

Cat LOST 01/17/13
Location: 99th and se holgate.
Description: black and white tuxedo cat, short-haired with white feet. answers to beastie. he is not neutered yet, as we have not had him long. he was a cat abandoned by the neighbors when they moved out. he is maybe a little more than a year old. he has gotten a bit fat over the winter, so he probably weighs about 12+ pounds.
Posted by:   5038398872    at: Sat Jan 19 2013 12:33:43 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat FOUND 01/01/2013
Location: Lake Oswego, Oregon. Upper Dr.
Description: Dark Orange with white bib and paws. Hungry, out long enough to have become boney. Responded to feeding and soon allowed petting, so cat did get captured in a carrier January 15, and is now inside, out of the cold. Well-mannered, intelligent.
Posted by:       at: Wed Jan 16 2013 21:10:50 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 1-12-13
Location: SE Powell/Division
Description: Lost Female black/white tuxedo cat. Has a black nose and beard and wearing a flea collar. Shy and meows loudly. She is 16 and on a special diet. Needs to come home ASAP.
Posted by:       at: Wed Jan 16 12:36:42 PST 2013

Cat LOST 12/29/12
Location: SW Portland
Description: "Misty" is a shy male cat. He resembles a Siamese. Very beautiful. Light colored body, dark ears and tail. Weighs less than 10 pounds.
Posted by:   5038167040    at: Tue Jan 15 2013 12:23:07 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 9-20-2012
Location: Oregon or Nevada
Description: I lost my baby on the move from Tennessee to Washington somewhere near the Nevada border or before prineville or (he got out through a hole in the motorhome we didn't know of). He is a beautiful very large long haired black and white tuxedo cat. Fixed. 5 years old. Four white feet chest and on head. He had a red harness at the time. If you have him I would find a way to get him to me. Or if you want to keep him I would want to see a photo and know he is being taken care of.
Posted by:   5099945938    at: Mon Jan 14 2013 20:23:18 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat LOST 01/08/2013
Location: Gresham, Dawncrest 222nd/Regner on 16th ct
Description: Grey Male, neutered, clipped left ear, eye injury left eye, Very pretty grey with tawny large circles on each side, white back legs with oval grey markings. Friendly with dogs and cats, adopted 2 mths ago, almost a feral cat, got out dog door 1/8/13 and has been gone since. Quiet squeak for a meow. We really miss him!
Posted by:   503-803-9264    at: Mon Jan 14 12:31:22 PST 2013

Cat LOST 01/05/13
Location: SW Portland, OR 60th Shattuck and Illinois St.
Description: Please help us find our darling black cat! We miss him terribly, this is not like him. He is the cat who is always wanting in if he is out, and out if he is in. He left Saturday night and is now pushing a week... He is about 3 years old, has a white spot on his chest, he is a fit cat, fairly large sized for his age with a teal collar and a heart shaped name tag that has the human society's name and number on it that we adopted him from. He is micro-chipped as well, but please keep in mind it may have disintegrated or moved to a spot on him where they don't normally scan. Our handsome kitties name is Royal. PLEASE, if you have found a black cat, or have ANY information regarding ANY cats that fit the description provided, PLEASE LET US KNOW. Thank you.
Posted by:   5032464354    at: Thu Jan 10 2013 14:35:19 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Cat LOST 1/1/2013
Location: SE 99th ave/Cora
Description: All white male, large. Faint black marking on top of head in shape of a 'y'. Very friendly, has red collar. Answers to the name of WhyNot.
Posted by:   503-760-1264    at: Sun Jan 6 10:00:10 PST 2013

Cat LOST Btwn 9/12-10/12
Location: Gresham Oregon
Description: My cat is missing due to left w son as my patents were in intensive care in California not sure of exact date but i know when i came home for two days in October she had been missing they were afraid to tell. Please if you know anything that helpse find her 200 reward she is white w silver grey black strips green eyes raccoon like tail pattern and very silly fur i had her 8 yrs she is my baby her name is Sabrina 5032091191 or 9712123107. Pls help me
Posted by:   5032091191    at: Sun Jan 06 2013 07:49:04 GMT-0800 (PST)

Cat FOUND 01/01/13
Location: West Linn, OR
Description: Male, 6 mos, all black, medium fur, small stature, very sweet/social, neutered.
Posted by:   5039982891    at: Wed Jan 02 2013 21:55:42 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)