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Animal Aid in the Community

Animal Aid and its volunteers actively support other animal welfare groups in the Portland Metro area:

Washington County Oregon

Animal Aid is a member of the Washington County Animal Protection Multi-disciplinary Team (MDT), a group that brings the county shelter, local law enforcement, domestic violence professionals, and nonprofit animal welfare groups together to address problems of animal abuse and neglect within a larger social framework.

Vision Action Network's Cameron AwardThis year the Vision Action Network of Washington County recognized the MDT by awarding it the 2013 Cameron Award for Outstanding Community Collaboration!

Animal Aid, who has played an active role in the MDT since its inception, is proud to be a part of the team and honored to receive this prestigious award. Check out this great video which was included in the ceremony when the Vision Action Network presented the MDT with the 2013 Cameron Award. 

In just three years, the MDT has changed Washington County in fundamental ways. It has educated people in key positions – and the community as a whole – on the link between violence toward people and animal abuse. It has created a safe haven so that no person has to choose between the safety of a pet and leaving a domestic violence situation. It has created a team approach to animal crime investigation and prosecution that is creating extraordinary results. And, amazingly, this has been accomplished without dedicated funding.

Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland

Animal Aid is a proud supporter of ASAP - the Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland.

Our financial and volunteer support for ASAP's "Spay and Save" program will help ASAP to achieve its goal of reducing euthanasia by spaying and neutering an additional 10,000 cats and kittens per year!

Six of our Animal Aid volunteers participated in ASAP's "Spay Patrol" outreach program on MLK day.

Fences for Fido

Animal Aid is delighted to expand our partnership with Fences For Fido!

We are providing them a grant in 2012 that will enable them to spay/neuter more of their clients' dogs, and in January we were able to donate several hundred pounds of much-needed dog food that their volunteers can distribute to low-income dog guardians.

In addition, the garage space FFF rents from us provides safe and affordable storage for building materials and dog supplies. This gives them the flexibility to buy in bulk and accept more donations – and thus, more quickly, replace the prison of a chain with the freedom of a fence for hundreds of dogs in the Portland metro area.

Portland Animal Welfare (PAW) TeamAnimal Aid Sponsors (and helps staff!) a PAW Veterinary Clinic!

On Super Bowl Sunday, ten Animal Aid affiliates joined other volunteers at the monthly Portland Animal Welfare (PAW) Team clinic, providing essential veterinary services and needed supplies for the animal companions of some of the metro area's most vulnerable residents. Clients, all of them living well below the poverty level (and many of them homeless) were given access to a full range of basic vet services, ranging from routine monthly flea/parasite treatment to full vet clinic visits for animals with urgent medical needs.

About 100 animals were seen, including more than 50 clinic visits that provided a full veterinary exam, medications, and treatment in addition to flea meds and vaccinations.

At the last station, clients were encouraged to license their cats and dogs, and most did. Clackamas, Clark, Multnomah, and Washington counties all provide discounted licensing to PAW Team clients; this is an important step in keeping these animals with their caregivers and ensuring their safety.

Clients are given the opportunity to visit the PAW Team "shop" before they go, so most of them left with a supply of dog and/or cat food, plus collars, harnesses, crates, toys – and, most important, warm coats and blankets to keep the animals comfortable on cold winter nights. One of the best things about the day was seeing so many dogs enter the waiting area already decked out in new jackets – volunteers started early, scouting the line in the parking lot and supplying warm, waterproof gear to dogs, and blankets for cats and clients! We also watched for dogs wearing inappropriate collars, and provided them with safe and comfortable harnesses in place of choke chains and prongs.

In addition to sending volunteers, Animal Aid was able, through a grant from its Animal Aid Fund for Urgent Veterinary Care, to provide financial sponsorship to the February clinic. We hope to continue this partnership – PAW Team is doing wonderful work, and we are proud to be able to help them!

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Animal Aid Volunteers In the Community

a girl with her dog and cat We are proud to be an active member of Washington County's Animal Protection Multi-Disciplinary Team, formed to identify tangible ways to protect human and animal victims of violence. During November and December 2010 our volunteers helped build five new dog runs so that domestic abuse victims could bring their pets to Monika's House, Washington County's only domestic violence shelter.

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