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Tax time is upon us!
If you donated to Animal Aid in 2015 and need a year-end statement listing your donations, please contact Animal Aid at or 503-292-6628. Thank you for your generosity in 2015!

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Who Are We?

Animal Aid is a non-profit, no-kill organization that has been in existence since 1969. Our mission is to reduce animal birth rates and animal suffering through educating the public about spaying and neutering, offering financial assistance to community members who cannot afford urgent veterinary care, and finding permanent homes for animals in our care, including those with special needs (see our Heartstrings program). We house cats in our free-roam shelter and dogs (and a few cats) in loving foster homes. To learn more about our programs, CLICK HERE.

We thought we'd share what we've accomplished in 2012 as an organization with wonderful supporters that include you! CLICK to read more...

CLICK HERE to read an open letter to our supporters

Our Mission

  • To prevent and reduce animal suffering by providing assistance to abused, homeless, injured and sick animals.
  • To actively promote and encourage altering of all pets to reduce and prevent overpopulation.
  • To find loving, dependable and nurturing forever homes for animals in our care at the shelter and in foster homes.
  • To educate the public by teaching and promoting the ethic of compassion, respect for all animals, and the need to be kind and responsible stewards.

Our Beginnings

Every year in this country alone, close to five million dogs and cats are euthanized in overcrowded animal shelters and hospitals. Additional animals suffer and die needlessly in every neighborhood. This is not a new problem; it's existed since these animals were introduced into our culture.

About thirty years ago, Jack Hurd, a local talk show host, decided to do something about this situation. The idea was to find a way for animals to live long, normal healthy lives. Animal Aid, Inc., became the fruit of this desire to help alleviate the suffering and death of homeless animals. To learn more about this remarkable man, CLICK HERE.

Our Funding

The vast majority of our funding comes from private citizens through donations, bequests, and through adoption donations. We have started actively fundraising in the last couple of years and have also received one grant where we partnered with another small organization to provide spay/neuter funding for low income community members. With that grant we were able to alter 300 cats. We are looking into a grant that would provide the same service for dogs.

Please visit the links in the Helping Out: Financially section of the menu above to see if there is a good fit for your budget!

Our Staff

Our spending priorities are: programs and animals first, second and third. Staffing and office overhead, dead last.

Our governing body is a volunteer Board of Directors. We have a handful of part-time employees (including the Webmaster!) and a small army of dedicated volunteers of all ages and all skill levels.

To meet some of the volunteers whose energy and creativity make it all work, CLICK HERE.

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