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If you donated to Animal Aid in 2015 and need a year-end statement listing your donations, please contact Animal Aid at or 503-292-6628. Thank you for your generosity in 2015!

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The Animal Aid Fund for Urgent Veterinary Care

Inspired by our founder, Jack Hurd

Veterinary bills can be a challenge in the best of times*. Animal Aid, working exclusively through the recommendations of participating veterinarians, assists community members who are faced with urgent and overwhelming veterinary expenses.

But the demand is huge and our resources are not. Please give us a hand – every single dollar donated to the Animal Aid Fund for Urgent Veterinary Care goes directly to work. Your gift today will save a life tomorrow.

Who gets this assistance? People going through bad times, seniors living alone, single parents. For some, the single source of emotional warmth in their life is their companion animal. These are people who care deeply for their friends. And when that friend is suffering, these people suffer right along with them – all the more so because they don't have the resources to pay for needed care and are faced with the specter of having to put their best friend to sleep as the only way to ease their pain.

A sweet older gentleman, Dinky was left outside and alone when his people passed away. Through the kindness of a neighbor and his new foster mom, he was brought to safety inside. While in the process of helping Dinky find a new home, it was discovered that while he only had four teeth, they were rotted and had led to multiple sores and infections in his little mouth. In urgent need of an extraction, the AAFUVC was able to help!

After being a star patient, Dinky was a new kitty! His mouth healed and even without teeth he manages a big kitty smile.

“I can't thank you enough for helping to get this poor little guy on the road to recovery by stepping in when he needed help that I couldn't provide. Your kindness and generosity for an older, suffering kitty means the world to me, and gave Dinky a second chance at a good life.”
                           ~ Dinky’s foster mom, Jen

More good news from Dinky: he charmed not only his foster mom and dad but their other kitties also (who hadn’t been hospitable hosts!) and has become a furrever member of the family.

*CLICK HERE to read Jaques Von Lunen's article "More financially distressed owners leaving pets at shelters" in the Living section of the February 24, 2009 edition of The Oregonian – including information about our Fund for Urgent Veterinary Care!

Deb Wood, pet columnist* CLICK HERE to read Deb Wood's column "Pet owners, plan on vet costs" in the Living section of the May 6, 2008 edition of The Oregonian – including information about our Fund for Urgent Veterinary Care!