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Hard Choices – Finding a New Home for Your Companion Animal

  • CLICK HERE to download a document which examines the issues and options you should consider as you work through the decision to find another home for your animal companion.

Finding Pet-Friendly Housing

For pet owners, the inability to find pet friendly housing is one of the leading causes of animal abandonment. One useful resource is https://www.apartmentlist.com/. After entering the Zip Code for your area you can modify your search for just pet friendly housing by checking the “Pet Policy” option from the “Advanced” tab at the top of the page..

Pet Boarding Facilities We Can Recommend

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County Animal Control / Shelters

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Local Humane Societies

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Other Rescue/Shelter Resources

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Medical Issues

Emergency Medical Care and Transportation

Routine Medical Care

  • Choosing a Vet by Kind Planet
  • Care Credit Loans
    Care Credit is a low-interest credit card for medical or veterinary use only, and is accepted at a variety of local clinics. Clients must be approved, and the card may only be used at participating veterinary clinics. Call 800-677-0718 or visit their Web site for more information.

Insurance Options

  • 2014 Pet Insurance Reviews
    The Reviews.com research team compiled a list of 22 pet insurance companies and then selected 12 of the best to review based on 52 pet insurance features. Note: Animal Aid does not endorse any specific insurance plan.

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Population Control (Spay/Neuter Options)

Why This Is So Important!

Be Part of the Solution – Local Options

  • "Spay and Save!" The Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland (ASAP) offers $10 spay/neuters year-round for cats and kittens of low-income families* in the Portland Metro area (Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas or Clark County). Multiple cats/kittens and stray/feral cats welcome!
  • Oregon Spay/Neuter Fund Program coupons and instructions.
    The Oregon Spay Neuter Fund coupon is accepted at several area clinics in and around Portland, as well as in the Willamette Valley – check the list on the coupon. There are no income restrictions required to use the coupon, and there are no additional charges for spaying animals that are pregnant or in heat. Several clinics that accept the coupon are able to spay and neuter
    feral cats. Contact the clinics for details or to schedule an appointment.
  • The Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon is a trap-neuter-return (TNR) program for feral and stray cats living in Oregon. The goal of the program is to reduce suffering for existing feral cats and prevent the births and suffering of future generations. The program's services are targeted for feral cats who have caregivers feeding them. The caregivers trap the cats, bring them to a clinic, and return the cats to where they are being fed with a commitment to feed the cat(s) on a permanent basis.
  • Care Credit Loans
    Care Credit is a low-interest credit card for medical or veterinary use only, and is accepted at a variety of local clinics. Clients must be approved, and the card may only be used at participating veterinary clinics. Call 800-677-0718 or visit their Web site for more information.

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Disaster Planning

Monique Balas, Pet Columnist for The Oregonian

Recent years' somber events remind us that it's time to update the contents of our own 72-hour emergency preparedness kits. Remember, as you watch the TV coverage of Japan, that the Pacific NW is its seismic twin...

What! You don't HAVE an emergency preparedness kit?

  • CLICK HERE for a checklist that will help you get started on what you will need to provide for your companion animals.
  • CLICK HERE to visit the Disaster Preparedness page on the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association Web site, which includes information on planning for larger animals.
  • CLICK HERE for a checklist for you and the two-legged members of your family.
CLICK HERE to see a sample of what should appear on your Pet ID sheet Click to see a sample of the photo ID sheet you can create for your pet
  • Click on one of these images to take a look at a sample Pet Photo ID Sheet (which disaster preparedness agencies recommend you have) and CLICK HERE to download a Microsoft Word 2003 document that will get you started on creating one for yourself.


Not all disasters are large-scale – personal disasters are just as devastating!

  • CLICK HERE for an In Case of Car Accident form to have filled out and findable in your car.
  • CLICK HERE for a sample of a Durable Power of Attorney for Pet Custody and Care in the State of Oregon, which will allow a person of your choice to act in your behalf if you are incapacitated.

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Low-cost Microchip Identification Options

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Lost and Found Questions 

Organizations with Online Posting Capabilities:

Excellent Reference Material:

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General Resources

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Good Reads for Current or Prospective Pet Owners

    Fido's City Guide - Everything Canine in the City!
  • Fido's City Guide encourages online participation with its multitude of blogs, calendars, events, and contests. Dog owners will find this an excellent reference.

  • The local publication Spot Magazine. Companion and working animals are important, beloved members of the family, and Spot Magazine is the one-stop resource for information, ideas,and events of interest to these animals and their people.
  • The PortlandPooch.com Web site is chock full of information of interest to – you guessed it – Portland dog owners. A good reference for everything from pet-friendly businesses and lodging to events and dog parks.
  • A strong supporter of local rescue organizations, Tails Pet Magazine and Web site has an excellent local branch "celebrating the relationship between pets and their people". The event calendar and articles help animal lovers connect with local opportunities.
  • Dos and Don'ts of Pet-Keeping by PetStation
  • PAWS Resource Library

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Pets and Children

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coyotePets and Wildlife

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Feline Topics

Onychectomy (partial toe amputation erroneously called "declawing")

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Canine Topics

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