Find a new best friend!

Give a "Gift from the Heart" Certificate!

A Gift from the Heart certificate

The rewards of sharing a life with a pet are great.  Rescued pets make great companions, please make the choice this holiday season to adopt rather than buy a family pet.

Do you have room in your home and heart for a new furry family member this holiday season?  Please search Adoptable Pets or visit the shelter to learn more. We are eager to find loving homes for the homeless animals currently waiting for their forever home. 

Do you have a loved one who may benefit from the companionship of a pet?  Just as people, each pet has a unique personality and individual needs.  At Animal Aid, we take those personality traits and needs seriously and are eager to meet with you and your loved one to find the right life-long pet companion! 

As exciting as it may be to surprise your loved one with a pet this holiday season, we recommend careful consideration and discussion about each pet’s needs in comparison with the pet guardian’s lifestyle and needs prior to adoption.  Please consider A Gift From the Heart

 A Gift From the Heart is your pledge to the recipient that you will cover the adoption costs of a shelter animal.  Your loved one will work with an Adoption Counselor to find just the right pet companion.  This is not only a gift from the heart but also the gift of life. 

Sound like a perfect gift for your loved one? 

  1. Click here to download A Gift From the Heart certificate.
  2. Print the certificate and fill in your loved ones name on the “to” line and yours on the “from“ line.
  3. Wrap your gift with an assortment of pet toys or supplies.
  4. Present your loved one with the gift! You could even offer to go with them to search for their new companion.