Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access

Animal Aid’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and access began in June of 2020, in the wake of a new wave of the social justice movement in the United States brought about by the senseless and targeted killings of countless members of the BIPOC community. We’ve created this page as a public platform to share our journey and to keep our work transparent, accountable, and accessible. We welcome and hope for feedback on our initiatives, as we recognize we are still learning (and always will be)—as well as unlearning, as a white-founded and white-led organization that has benefited from our particular privileges—and that there will no doubt be areas for improvement in our work as we seek to uncover our biases and grow to acknowledge and serve the full spectrum of our community. Please reach out to us at contact@animalaidpdx.org or 503-292-6628 with your thoughts. We value your voice. 

Black Lives Matter Statement

Racism exists. Our system is inequitable. Black Lives Matter. We should have shared these words before now—not just during the weeks preceding, or in past years. They should have been a part of the mission of our organization since day one…

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Indigenous Land Acknowledgement

Today and forward, we acknowledge the Indigenous lands on which we live and give thanks to the many nations who have nourished and protected it for so long. Animal Aid recognizes these original stewards…

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DEIA Committee Charter and Application

The DEIA Committee will spearhead Animal Aid building a more diverse and inclusive organization through ongoing, consistent, and courageous education and evaluation of our programs and operations through…

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