Dog Surrender Inquiry Form

Animal Aid accepts owner-surrendered dogs on a case-by-case basis, as our space for rescue dogs is limited to what foster homes we have available. Depending on why you are considering rehoming your animal, you may find some of the resources in our Rehoming Resources Packet or Veterinary and Financial Services Packet helpful, as these outline alternatives to rehoming and assistance available within the community.

We understand that giving up a beloved pet may become the only option, and when our capacity allows us to do so, we want to assist the community in providing a smooth rehoming process for you and your dog(s) during this emotional decision. In order to do so, our surrender inquiry process can take a little bit longer. This is in part because Animal Aid does not house dogs at our shelter; instead, all of our dogs live in foster homes until they find their permanent home. 


Step 1: Fill out the Surrender Inquiry Form

Animal Aid wants to set each and every dog up for success from the first day in their foster homes, so before filling out the application below, please be prepared to provide us the following:

      1. Any/all medical records (e.g., spay/neuter and vaccination history).
      2. Any/all behavior history, training, and/or modifications (e.g., resource guarding, mouthiness, reactivity, housetraining, separation anxiety, behavior in the car, behaviors with children, other animals, males, females, etc.)
      3. The dog’s diet and any allergies.
      4. The dog’s daily routine.
      5. Favorite toys, treats, exercises, games, etc.
      6. A photo of the dog, if possible.

Please note: Animal Aid cannot currently take in any dogs with a bite history or severe aggression towards strangers.


Step 2: We will reach back out *if* we can help

Once we have your application, we will review it as soon as possible. The information you provide is key to helping us understand if we are able to assist you and your dog. Due to the high number of requests we receive, please note that we will reply to you only if we believe we may be able to help. As a reminder, our space for rescue dogs is limited to the foster homes we have available. As such, we encourage you to continue contacting other rescues and shelters in the meantime. You can find a selection of local rescues and shelters in our Rehoming Resources packet linked above.

If we think we can help, we’ll reach out to you with any additional questions and for a more detailed conversation. Finally, we will set up a meeting with you, your dog(s), and the prospective foster family to ensure the foster is able to safely care for the dog.

Please note: This form is an inquiry only and the surrender process is not complete until all of the criteria above has been discussed with an Animal Aid representative and the animal has been legally signed into Animal Aid’s care.

*If you encounter any issue filling out this form, or if you are reaching out to us about a dog you adopted through Animal Aid, please email


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