Animal Aid operates a shelter in SW Portland and a foster network throughout the metro area. We acknowledge that our rescue work takes place on the unceded territories of the Atfalati, Cowlitz, Umpqua, Molalla, Southern Kalapuya, Rogue River, Chasta, and the many Indigenous nations of the Pacific Northwest, and that our ability to establish our organization on this land has come at dire cost to its original inhabitants through genocide, forced removal and relocation, and assimilation. Animal Aid recognizes these original stewards and their continuous connection to these lands, water, wildlife, and communities since time immemorial, and we seek to pay our respects to them, show our support to their descendants, and honor with gratitude their ancient and sacred grounds.

 Learn more about these Indigenous communities and their histories here:

 Cowlitz Indian Tribe

 Confederate Tribes of Grand Ronde

 Trail of Tears: Forced relocation of the Confederate Tribes of Grand Ronde

Learn more about which Indigenous lands you are currently living on here:

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