Hi there! Looking for the most beautiful and sweet companion? I am the girl you’ve been searching for! My name is Annie and I absolutely ADORE people! It really doesn’t matter who you are, I easily wiggle up to you for pets and belly rubs, and in return I’ll give you lots of kisses! 

I was originally rescued from the streets of Mongolia when I was young, then I made my way to the States, where I learned more of the comforts of being a house pup. I have had lots of big changes in my life, and it’s important to me (and all my supporters at Animal Aid) to find a place I can call home forever!


All of our animals are vaccinated, treated for parasites, microchipped, spayed or neutered, and cats are tested for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) and feline leukemia virus (FeLv). All animals receive any necessary veterinary care (dentals, etc.) until the time of adoption. 

I love to be with my people and don’t mind at all when we have guests over to the house—the more people, the more love I get! My favorite word is “walk”, and I will get the wiggles and prance around if I hear you say it.

I have a high prey drive and I am very dog-selective, so I need to be the only animal in the home. I’ll keep the squirrels away from your yard, that’s for sure! My foster mom says that I would thrive in a family home, surrounded by people who love me. 

Likes: I love cuddles, belly rubs, laying out in the sunshine, treats, and tearing up new squeaky toys! I also love to chase, and one of my favorite new toys is the flirt pole! I’d enjoy going on as many walks as you’d want to take me on, but don’t worry if you forget: I’m good at reminding you! 

Dislikes: While I have learned to like a couple dogs in the past, it takes a lot of time, training, and patience. I was picked on by a pack of dogs in Mongolia before I was rescued, which likely has led to my uneasiness around most other dogs. I prefer to be the only dog in the home. I have also been noted to whine and cry a bit when I am left alone—I just really want to be with my people! 

Estimated Birthdate: 3/1/2015   Weight: 48 lbs


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