Cindy is looking for a patient, long-term foster or foster-to-adopt home, preferably with someone with bully breed, herding breed, or general dog-behavior experience as Cindy has a lot to learn! Cindy needs an adult-only home. We believe Cindy warms up fastest with female handlers, however, she is gaining trust with our male volunteers every day. 

Cindy was picked up as a stray and spent around half of a year at a shelter in Washington when we met her. The busier shelter life took its toll on her, and over time Cindy began to behaviorally decline becoming overly jumpy, mouthy, and stressed. Be sure to check out the videos of all my improvement below! 

All of our animals are vaccinated, treated for parasites, microchipped, spayed or neutered, and cats are tested for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) and feline leukemia virus (FeLv). All animals receive any necessary veterinary care (dentals, etc.) until the time of adoption. 

Cindy has some nips on her record including some that broke the handler’s skin, but she has never had a bite that deeply punctured. Cindy is already a master at the muzzle and we have seen drastic improvement since beginning training and medical treatment. 

While Cindy has improved with the help of many dedicated volunteers at our emergency kennel at Animal Aid, we are hoping to find an experienced dog handler to be able to provide Cindy more consistency to keep up her behavioral training. We also are looking for someone who can love on her 24/7 while she recovers from orthopedic surgery later this year. Cindy has hip and knee joints that pop out of place in addition to ligament tears that likely cause her discomfort. We believe many of Cindy’s handling sensitivities and “unpredictable” nips were due to her being in pain – she was awfully good at hiding it! 

Cindy’s Opportunities for Growth with a Foster:

Handling sensitivities 

  • Cindy is getting treated for an ear infection and awaiting an orthopedic exam to assess her hip and knee joints.
  • She has nipped when being reached over, as well as when she’s been pet in certain parts of her body (ears and rear, especially).

Barrier Reactive 

  • Cindy has a pretty loud bark that can be intimidating to some, and she loves to bark in the yard at external sounds or at most stimulus passing by.
  • She needs proper introductions to new people or else she will continue to get frustrated and reactive when she is held back by a barrier. 

Overall under-socialized and fearful 

  • Cindy has improved tremendously since we first met her and now that she’s had the chance to get used to the busier Portland area. However, she can loud bark, pull, and become reactive to new stimuli.
  • She is still getting used to a lot in this world and needs some help learning not everything is so scary! For example, she was fearful of voices on the radio before we taught her it was nothing to fear!

Cindy’s Pawsitive Points:

Cindy is incredibly smart! 

  • Too smart for her own good we like to think! She is looking for someone who is willing to be patient, open-minded, and give her the time she needs to properly trust and understand how to behave with people. 

Cindy is a people person! 

  • She likes to know where everyone is at all times and prefers when everyone is in the same room. 

Cindy is a great adventure partner! 

  • While she occasionally pulls at a squirrel, bird, or slow-moving vehicle, Cindy walks really well on-leash and does not generally pull too hard. She loves to adventure and work her nose! 

Cindy LOVES other dogs! 

  • Once her medical needs are better understood, we’d love to set Cindy up with some structured play dates so she can get some of her playful puppy energy out with another mouthy dog and not a human. 

Looking For: Someone who can provide the patient home to allow Cindy to build trust, train, and heal! We know Cindy will thrive best with a person who can give her the time to build trust and work with our team of trainers to get this girl to a more well-rounded, comfortable state. We would especially love to place her with someone who has some familiarity with bully and/or herding breeds as she displays many behaviors common to the breed! 

His estimated birthdate is 4/28/2019 and she is about 56 lbs.


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