The Basics: MEOW! I’m Cooper, and I’m super duper! I’m a few years old, but I act like a kitten in a lot of ways. I have unlimited energy, and I go, go, go! I need a home that has a lot of time to play with me and hold me. I am very talkative, too.

I have what is likely a food allergy that made me scratch the fur off the back of my ears. It’s growing back now, but I need to stay on a limited ingredient prescription diet (Royal Canin Potato and Duck). I also had some ear inflammation previously, and I went to a specialist who ruled out an ear polyp or anything major, so it seems like that was related to my food allergy as well. When I play hard, my breathing gets a bit rough and that’s part of my allergy as well.

Likes: I love playtime!!! I love food!!! I love you!!! I will come running from across the room and jump into your arms and rub all over your face (sometimes I will give your chin a nibble even).

Dislikes: The people at the shelter thought that with my abundant energy I might like another cat friend; unfortunately, I cannot respect my friends’ boundaries because I am such an extrovert! I just am too excitable and even the most tolerant, wrestle-friendly cats here have been upset by my constant play attacks which can get a bit rough.

Looking for: A home that will give me lots of attention. I need someone who is not gone from home longer than about 6 hours a day.

My estimated birth date is 3/1/2018.

All of our animals are vaccinated, treated for parasites, microchipped, spayed or neutered, and cats are tested for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) and feline leukemia virus (FeLv). All animals receive any necessary veterinary care (dentals, etc.) until the time of adoption. 

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