Basics: Hola! I am your new mejor amigo, Sebastian! I was scooped up off the streets of Mexico and made my way up to South Pacific County Humane Society, where I quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite. There, I was diagnosed and treated for anaplasmosis and ehrlichiosis due to a tick bite. I was treated for a few months, but still tested positive for anaplasmosis despite never displaying any symptoms. The vets think I carry an antibody to the disease and will continue to test positive, but I am a healthy and active pup otherwise! I do have some mild environmental allergies that caused some itchy, irritated skin. The vets

All of our animals are vaccinated, treated for parasites, microchipped, spayed or neutered, and cats are tested for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) and feline leukemia virus (FeLv). All animals receive any necessary veterinary care (dentals, etc.) until the time of adoption. 

recommended the common allergy medication Claritin to be given as needed, and all the itchies went away!

I wasn’t a fan of shelter life, so some of my fans at SPCHS reached out to Animal Aid, and I have been the happiest dog ever since! I have spent time in two foster homes, and some of the ways my foster families have described me include: Loyal, easy-going, happy, resilient, gentle, really smart, ready to learn new tricks, has great manners, curious, and “whoever adopts him is going to be very lucky”!

Likes: I like destroying stuffies, going for walks and jogs, cuddling (once I have had time to know you), hanging out with my family, and getting my zoomies out around my foster’s yard. I have been to a few outdoor dinner patios and behaved appropriately, so long as other dogs respected my personal space and didn’t bark at me.

Dislikes: Too much handling! I need some time to get to know you before I feel comfortable with you handling me, so please take it slow. I wouldn’t do well with young, active children. I also am not a fan of other dogs! You may notice some scarring on my face which is most likely from some minor scuffles as my time as a street dog. I would really appreciate being the only dog in the home. I have been noted to startle when seeing stranger dogs on walks and when they bark at me. I also can get growly and possessive of my people with other pups around – I want all the attention to myself, por favor!

Looking for: An active, easy-going home, that will devote all their love to me and spoil me with all my favorite toys and adventures! I am a sensitive guy who has had a rough start at life, I am more than ready for someone to be as devoted to me as I will be to them.

My estimated birthdate is 8/1/2017 and I’m about 53 lbs.

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