Zelda – Foster or Foster to Adopt!

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Zelda. I am currently looking for a new foster home or a forever family to call my own! I’ll be honest, I’m uncertain around new people… but as long as we can have a slow introduction, I can show you my spunky personality!

I am working through some social anxieties, but my fosters are doing really well to help me learn some coping skills. My doctor says I need to lose a little bit of weight as well, but it’s easy to shed the pounds since I really enjoy going on long walks. We are hoping to be able to find me a foster that would be comfortable either fostering me through reactivity training, or someone who
would be willing to do a foster-to-adopt if the home is a good match long term!



All of our animals are vaccinated, treated for parasites, microchipped, spayed or neutered, and cats are tested for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) and feline leukemia virus (FeLv). All animals receive any necessary veterinary care (dentals, etc.) until the time of adoption. 

Due to my uncertainty around new people and animals, I would feel most comfortable living in a home with only adults. I’m not living with any other animals currently, but I’m willing to try!  If I’m going to be living with any dogs, I’ll need to meet them on neutral ground first before going home with them.

As I mentioned earlier, I enjoy long walks around the neighborhood, but I love playing at home too! Squeaky toys are super fun, as well as fuzzy ones I can carry around the house. My fosters say I’m really smart, and love trying to figure out different commands and activities that test my big brain.

Likes: My people! Nothing lights up my world more than the love of my favorite people: I like to be around my people always and request that I get to sleep right next to you…I guess you could say I’m a “velcro dog”! I am looking for a home where I have someone to be around with for most of the day!

Dislikes: I can become reactive towards new people coming into my home. This is something we’re working on, and will be starting training as soon as I can get into a new foster home!

If you’re interested in adopting or fostering me please fill out an adoption or foster application. Thank you!

Birthdate:  7/1/2018     Weight: 30 lbs.

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