Santa Claws recently visited our shelter to bid our cats a meowy holiday and listen to their wish lists. No surprise: A furever home was at the top of everyone’s list! Help us make these kitties’ dreams come true by sharing their stories this season and new year:

Photos by Leisa Refalo. Thank you, Leisa and Santa Bob!

Some cats, like Jess, were more interested in Santa’s play time skills.

Henry had been compiling his holiday list for a while…

…He had lots of ideas to share with Santa…

Santa was a little overwhelmed, but Henry was purrsistent.

Benny can be shy, so he needed a little time to warm up to Santa…

Treats always help, though!

At first, Tati was like, “Who dis?”

Santa explained he was working hard to find her a furever home soon.

Tati thought that sounded pretty great and was starting to like this Santa fellow.

Sabrina was just happy for some scritches from Santa.

Kiwi asked Santa for a pony and was less than pleased by his incredulous look in response.

Tigger loved snuggling in Santa’s lap.

Kahlua was fascinated with Santa’s velvet suit!

…And not amused when Santa told him they both have the same chubby cheeks!

And when Penelope saw Santa…

…It was love at first sight!

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