Hard though it may be to believe, this fluffy boy has been with us since June! Here’s part of the reason why: Despite his attention-seeking behavior, sometimes Panda just doesn’t know what to do with all of your adoration once he gets it, which causes him to act out. During such moments of overstimulation, he may give you anything from “love bites” to bigger nips and swats, which is why he needs a home with a family experienced in the ways of sassy, mouthy cats and who can help him find his emotional equilibrium.

Think you might be that person or know someone who is? We hope so, because Panda truly deserves to be spoiled in a forever home of his own: Prior to coming to Animal Aid, he lived for years in his previous guardian’s garage. As we understand it, they believed him to be feral, and thus he experienced limited human interaction. The good news is that he had a warm, dry place to live, food to eat, and we believe his person probably did the best they knew how. But we can also imagine how this lifestyle contributed to Panda’s needy, anxious behavior.

At 20 lbs, Panda is a big boy with an equally large amount of love to give. There’s no place he’d rather be than a lap, and he is very skilled at giving you adoring looks with his soulful eyes. We’re sure you’ve already noticed his long luxurious coat, which we can confirm is even more majestic in person. A chatty cat, Panda loves to follow people around, weaving between your legs as he tells you about his day and to ask if it’s mealtime yet. Speaking of that, it’s important to know that Panda eats a prescription diet due to food allergies—thankfully, he is such a foodie that he doesn’t mind it at all and will usually ask for seconds. 

Diva that he is, Panda is looking to be your one and only, with no small children or other animals in the home. We also believe he would do best in a home where people aren’t away for a majority of the day so he can get enough attention to feel content. To learn more about Panda, reach out to us at adopt-cat@animalaidpdx.org to speak with one of our staff members. Or, if you think you might be the perfect home for Panda, fill out an adoption application here.

Are you ready to meet your match? Learn more about our adoptables online and complete an application to set up a virtual or by-appointment meeting with our staff or adoption counselors.

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