Tilly is a chug—a chihuahua/pug mix—who had been living on the streets of Portland with an injured eye for an unknown period of time. As a stray, she first arrived at Multnomah County Animal Services before being transferred over to Animal Aid.

Among her initial care needs, Tilly was battling kennel cough and a poor appetite, her damaged eye had to be removed, she needed a dental, and at around 12 years old, she still needed to be spayed. It was during this final operation that the vet discovered tumor cells.

It was a lot to go through, and Tilly was traumatized.

When Tilly’s foster-turned-forever parent Cathy Filgas first brought her home, “she was scared of everything,” Cathy said. “I had to hand-feed her kibbles for two weeks.”

Tilly has come a long way since then. Her fear has subsided, and as Cathy shared, “She’s feeling very comfortable—she rules the roost! She’s named after the Tillamook Lighthouse, because like a lighthouse watch, she keeps one eye on you all the time.”

Tilly loves petting from anyone. If they stop, she will gently put her paw on their hand, asking them to continue.

“She knows how to work a room,” Cathy said. “She’s very gentle and sweet. She’s a charmer. Everyone who meets her, loves her.”

Tilly is also fascinated with fire engines: When she hears one in the background, she starts a low bark. As the siren becomes louder, she begins to howl, and her howl is a fire alarm.

Cathy and her husband, Shoaib, adopted Tilly after her second surgery. During that first surgery, her vet removed 12 teeth. Then she returned to be spayed and to have a suspicious lump removed from her tummy. “After it was biopsied,” Cathy said, “it was found to be a malignant mast cell tumor.” The vet continues to monitor Tilly’s tumor cells, and the good news is that none yet require surgery.

Cathy and Shoaib recently added a new pug puppy, Ollie, to their family, and Tilly has taken to the role of older sister quite well, instructing Ollie on both proper dog manners and when it’s time to play. Thanks to the love and support from Cathy and her family, Tilly has a happy forever home.

Is there a happy tail in your home? We’re always excited to hear how our former Animal Aid cats and dogs are doing! Email us at contact@animalaidpdx.org with the mews and pupdates, and don’t forget to share a photo or two as well, please and thanks!

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