In 2019, Animal Aid celebrated our 50th year of rescue and the completion of our shelter remodel.

Our open house to share the remodeled shelter took place in July, and what a wonderful celebration it was! We’re so thankful to the many, many people who made our two-year shelter renovation project possible and the end result beautiful: From our sponsors and donors who gave us their support and cheered us on along the way; to our volunteers who helped at every stage of the process as we navigated keeping the shelter open, accessible, and cat-safe during construction (not to mention enduring all of the construction noise with patience and kindness); to our community partners who helped advocate for our rescue through fundraisers, in-kind donations, outreach, and so much more. We hope you enjoy some of these photos from the day:

Then, in September, we held our 50th anniversary bash, Apawllo 50: On a Mission Since 1969. We’re grateful to everyone who joined us in person and in spirit! We heart you to the moon and back, we had a blast partying with you, and we truly could not fulfill our mission without you. Here’s a look back at our “launch” party:
Animal Aid came to life 50 years ago because of the passion and action of the Portland community and your commitment to enhance the welfare of animals. The support we’ve witnessed this past year and beyond has proven that spirit is alive and thriving. Thank you for going on this rescue journey with us and for making it possible for us to passionately serve animals and the people they love for 50 years and counting.
*Special thanks to photographer Elizabeth Gritzmacher for donating her time and skill to capture many special moments during both events!

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